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The Game of love Teaser ( dialogue part)

April 15, 2014

Act 2
Scene 1

Spain Bilbao

Gina was sitting across the table from Javier who has just come from practice and Javi found Gina home early and the house is suspiciously clean “Hey honey” she said

Javier: hey babe” he replied taking note of the clean house and dinner

Gina: how was your day at work?

Javier puts his bag down and is confused.” It was okay why you are home early”

Gina: I just wanted to see you I missed you “Javier picked up a vibe that just did not seem right.

Javier: we are engaged you just saw me this morning ,been away for five months cause of work which I get it it’s your first night back babe…Gina what’s up you seem on edge tonight and your making little to no eye contact

Gina looked guilty and was not herself “ so” after she said that she made little to no eye contact with Javier

Javier sits next to her and tries to figure out what the problem could be “Gina look at me honey what’s bothering you tell me what has gotten you so worked up” Javier hugs her “talk to me.”

Gina: could not look at him “No I cannot let go of me” she ran upstairs in tears ,Gina couldn’t bring herself to tell Javier what was wrong she was afraid ,afraid she would lose the man who had shown her nothing but care and affection.

Javier: followed her he sat next to her on the bed and decided to poke her “ okay since you won’t tell me what is up well ,work was interesting(looks distant) I kind of mentioned to Maxamillian that you were coming back home and I was so excited cause it’s been five months since we had that fall out

Gina: and?

Javier: I am so happy we are on talking terms again he has this look about him when he knows something

Gina: really

Javier: yes he told me that you have been banging some other guy when we decided to take a break from each other not once five times, of course, I told him he was lying, you would never do something like that to us we are a team we just had a commitment ceremony to declare our love for each other

Gina: yes

Javier: is there anything you want to tell me, because Maxamillian was sure that, you were being unfaithful (he looks her straight in the eye and he sees the truth before she could say anything) tell me he is lying and fibbing through his teeth

Gina: puts her head in her palms and doesn’t deny that She cheated) I slept with my co-star yes Max is right he wasn’t lying (Looks at a heart broken Javier I honestly didn’t …

Javier: Honesty don’t talk about being frank (in tears and angry and helpless at the same time) how could you do that to us (he heads for the closet and starts packing his bags)

Gina: honey stop what are you doing, I thought telling you the truth will make you understand why I did what I did and respect more

Javier: there is no respect in cheating (while packing all his stuff) yeah once I can let it slide five times that, that Gina makes you a first class bitch, I gave you nothing but love and affection, yes I might have been a bit evasive or distant that is because I was not playing my best game and getting flack for not performing at my best, hell you were not even supportive, you know how that hurt?

Gina: how can I be when you just wouldn’t talk to me?

Javier: I asked you to try understand that I was having an off season not jump into bed with the next guy who promises you the world

Gina: so I guess you want your ring back (Goes to him)

Javier: oh that too you know I wanted to give you my grandmothers ring and I traveled how far yet you insisted on getting your own keep it I don’t want it, In fact I really don’t want anything of yours anymore(she tries to touch him he pushes her away) do not come near me , don’t even touch me.

Gina: Javier listen, try and understand what I was going through

Javier: well Gina I tried but I cannot what you did is beyond forgivable

Gina: at least tell me where you are going to stay

Javier: none of your concern as far as I know it we are over we have been back together for how long, how long, Gina

Gina: 3 years engaged five months

Javier: yes every night you came home and told me that you love me, you lied.

Gina: fine the shooting of the film was near home, at least I was here

Javier: no you were not you were far away I am not sure I’m ever going to love again.
First, Karin, Victoria, Harley, and now you.

Gina: I’m sorry
Javier; no , no, no sorry is when you accidentally trip someone ,not break their heart on purpose (takes his bags) I’ll send for the rest of my stuff later,(he heads for the door and takes his loft keys and leaves the house key )
Gina: your loft is not ready yet
Javier: I’ll think of a plan
Gina: Max has a full house
Javier: trust you to know that. Goodbye Gina have a nice life alone without me ,funny thing is that my brother warned me about your antics and cheating ways and I stood up for you and you made me believe that it was you who was innocent all that time Ricardo was telling the truth .You just drew the last straw.

Gina: he did make a pass at me. Who wouldn’t?

Javier: don’t lie about my brother

Gina: where are you going to stay?

Javier: with my brother and his kids don’t try getting me back
Gina: fine leave Javier you are so going to miss me
Javier: no I’m not; I never thought I would see the day when I would say this to you

Gina: what (looks remorseful) tell me

Javier: I just don’t love you anymore .Good bye

Javier leaves and goes to Ricardo’s house, he apologize and ask his forgiveness, for not believing him and he would really love to be friends with his brother.
Ricardo forgives him and they build up what was broken .Ricardo introduces Javier to Maria and the kids (2 girls) he gets a warm welcome.
Javier stays as a guest and quickly becomes part of the family, like Iris he throws himself into his work and calls it quits on love.

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