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Being Patient and Waiting on God ( My long overdue post) ;)

April 30, 2014

Issue: Being patient and waiting for God

God does not play hide and seek  with us. Everytime the topic of being patient and waiting on God comes up most people think that God is playing hide and seek with us, but yet waiting on God and being patient  simply means that God is preparing you for the battle ahead . Be it crisis, life problems,or work issues. 
 God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers .
It’s not about what people are saying or whose moving ahead in life . It is about  what you do during the time you are waiting for your turn. when you are constantly asking when is it my turn , you are counting other peoples blessings instead of your own. Seek first the kingdom of God he won’t play hide and seek he takes pleasure in blessing you.Take Job and  Paul in the bible. They are perfect examples of two characters who waited and were rewarded for their  patience. Job’s story is one of loss , conflict, faith and restoration and Paul’s story is about imprisonment , trust,stamina  and hope.
Both Characters had one thing in common… endurance.
How it works for me  
I have been through a period of waiting , and being patient on God for a while now and well after “waiting” and being patient on God I came up with a four step formula that’s always worked for me: 
1) Encounter
2) Undergo
3) overcome 
4) Conquer
  • when you encounter a situation or facing  adversity of some sort; you need to take it with in your stride and take life as it comes and undergo whatever it is you are facing .Once you undergo , you are able to overcome , hence when you’re going through something you are able to go through and “break through”. once you have overcome the experience you are able to conquer what you encountered and since you have experience you know how to handle  the same problem with ease.
>>> Once the one thing you are afraid of ,happens to you … your never afraid of it happening to you again. (for example I was afraid of failing and hearing the word no. After I failed more than once, I began to accept that everything happens for a reason. Either to build you up, strengthen you or bring you closer to God) 
>>> You never know what kind of soldier you are until you go to war.But as long as you have faith in God and wait  on him with faith and hope you will be able to endure any obstacle that comes your way. Remember what Paul said in his first letter to the  corinthians 15:10; “By the grace of God I am what I am and God’s has not been without effect”. However Job who was always in conflict  with God said,”as long as I have life i will forever praise the Lord”( Job 27 :3). I read somewhere that you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. 
So with faith wait on God although it may seem like he isn’t there when we are facing adversity and  going through turmoil… He is always there ,he just needs your faith, endurance and trust. He did say after all my plans are to prosper you and not harm you.
Bible verses:
 Romans 8:28
Jeremiah: 29:11

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