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SAME DIFFERENCE -BY KGALI CLAIRE MMUOE Chapter 11 All rights reserved © #KCMmuoe 2016

Chapter 11
All rights reserved
© #KCMmuoe 2016

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There are times when you feel like the person you are with is not really the person you should be with . I call it the wrong kind of right .
Dare I say Luke Stevens … Of all the guys I’ve been with and mistakes I’ve made when it came to love, he is by far a lesson I’m still learning. Not taking anything away Brent … We almost lost each other. If Seppi and Seppi junior didn’t intervien ,then all would have been lost. I’m not comparing Brent and Luke but if wasn’t for Carlo aka Seppi junior talking me down on the night we had the mother of all arguments. I would have taken the decision to raise Andy alone and annulled my marriage .

It happened six years ago… I still remember it like it was just yesterday.
It was three months after we lost Andrea and I’d been sick all week. No seriously; I wasn’t feeling well that week …I was nauseous , dizzy , and my iron levels were super low which was weird cause I always watched what I ate…

The day before I was supposed to go home, out of nowhere I picked up an ear, nose and throat infection so I checked in at the local hospital. Turned out I had a mild case streps . I had initially thought I had an ent problem but it was my throat acting up and I was feeling feverish. I was given amoxil and told to rest…I could speak but it kind of hurt to swallow. The media conference had ended on that day and I was due back home the following day, but I didn’t have the energy to travel or do anything the following day . I called front desk in the morning to extend my stay, luckily the company had booked two extra days, my then boss Mr Rossi was a darling , he still is . Over the years we had developed a father daughter like relationship. Even when I resigned and started my own consultancy company he called me in when he needed help. He always made sure that they extended any trip in case we needed to submit reports or go exploring. I woke up late monday afternoon with a mild headache and I was hungry … On top of everything else, I was moody , irritable and missed every text , DM, tweet , post and call from Brent… I had a valid reason as to why I had pulled the radio silence card on my husband. When my phone rang , I picked it up without looking to see who it was. I was outside on the balcony eating my branch and enjoying my view, which was a lake reflecting the mountain, clean air , quietness and sounds of nature. It was already three in the afternoon and my body felt like it had been through the ringer. I answered it with my groggy voice.
” Clara speaking.”

“Hey… Its about time.”

The moment I heard his voice ; I knew who I was talking to .I took a deep breath remembering the date and day.

“Hey… I’m so sorry. ”

“Where are you? Your flight just landed and you were not on it. I’ve been waiting for more than two hours and you haven’t returned my any of my calls , answered any of my messages and you didn’t call to say good morning . What’s going on? I deserve to know.”

“Please don’t get angry at me. I know I was supposed to be home three hours ago. ”
I was starting to sound worse by the second and my voice was fading.

“I checked into the hospital last night… I switched my phone on silent when I was getting checked and didn’t bother to switch it back on.”

“What was wrong?”

“I had streps… It still hasn’t cleared up. I took some amoxil I just woke up thirty minuets ago.”

” This is unlike you. Are we okay ? ”

“Yes we are. Why wouldn’t we be unless you are being suspicious … And if that’s the case; I would like to know why?”

” You are in no position to be asking me anything right now.”

“Brent I just told you what happened and I am still feeling horrible . Listen I don’t want to argue or fight okay babe… I just miss you. The next plane leaves this evening and …”

Brent let out a sigh of frustration and it sounded like he was pounding something

” I don’t care when the next plane is leaving. I needed you last night and you weren’t there . I needed to talk to you. ”

” Where are you right now?”


“I don’t want you to hurt yourself and call it a hunch if you will but I get the feeling that you are near by?”

“Clara.Are you having me followed?”

“No just a feeling. A gutt feeling to be exact. Which is never wrong”

” Who is he ?”

“Who babe ?”

“The guy you’re with ?”

“No one … Brent what’s wrong? ”

” I just panicked and I was afraid something might have happened to you. Luke called me. He said I should enjoy the time I have with you cause he wants you back.”

“What has he got on you?”

“The fact that I’m a Perelli and that he will ruin me . Our families haven’t exactly gotten along with each other .”

” I know … What’s going on ?”

I heard a knock on the doo,r putting my now cold cup of tea vanilla chai tea down. I paused for a moment , killed the call cause I knew my husband like the back of my hand and opened the door to a battered and bruised Brent he had fresh cuts on the side of his eye and a busted lip. With no hesitation I hugged him and he hugged me back. Walking into the room he sat down looking angst. I went to the mini bar pulled out the ice tray popped the ice onto a mini towel and by the time I turned around he was sitting on the edge of the bed with the towel on his eye .As talkertive as he was before. He said nothing , until I sad beside him crossed legged on the bed and played along .Five minuets was all he could take. He turned around wrapping his arms around my waist , kissed me breathless and he spoke…

“I lost all self control when Luke insulted me lastnight. We ended up in a fist fight outside. Carlo stopped me before I could break his arm…”

I looked into his eyes and so something I hadn’t seen in a while … Fear and regret.

“Brent … What happened next?”
Brent put both his palms on his hands and started sobbing , which in turn set off alarm bells that something serious might have happened

“Raphael saw everything and had me suspended.”

“You’ll get something. You are a good O.P. What made you snap.”

I touched his bruised jaw and he flinched .

“Luke said he saw you and Carl together and that you and him were more than close . On top of that he said you two used to date. Is that true?”

Brent looked half betrayed and half angry.
I slid off the bed stood up and paced back and forth in front of him

“Back in first year we had a thing. Nothing major . We both agreed to be friends and never bring up our dysfunctional relationship again .”

” He still has feelings for you. He asks how you are doing and if we are okay. Do you still love him?”
Brent stood up and stopped me midway from pacing, forcing me to look at him.

All of the sudden I felt light headed
” I love you. I married you. What he and I had is in the past . My future is with you. I cannot believe that Lu…”
Before I could finish my sentence I hit lights out.

I woke up in a hospital room that was all pink and machines beeping. Brent was brooding which wasn’t a good sign at all. I could tell cause he was fiddling with his watch . Right on cue a resident doctor came in all bubbly and cheerful . With what I thought was an ultrasound machine.

“Good you’re awake . How are you feeling Mrs Perelli .”
Brent snapped out of his broodey mode and focused on me ,then the doctor .
“I’m fine…”

“She’s okay what’s wrong with my wife… Or should I call your director and ask her…?”

“Brent stop. You’re being mean … ”
I shot him a disappointed look his grip on my hand tighten . He was afraid but hid it so well.I could see right through him. His eyes were blood shot red .

“Teresa what’s going on why am I here.”

“You passed out , and your husband almost lost it … But he calmed down . I’m going to double check if the results are saying what I think they are saying.”
She lifted my shirt and squirted some blue gel on my tummy. It felt cold and slimy . She moved it around and we heard it … The sound that changed everything … Our lives as we knew them were never going to be the same…
Brent looked at me stunned … Teresa was smiling and I was elated. The infestation of joy that was inflicted my soul was out of this world . It was like falling in love again…

Present. Day
My husband was still in the private room I had been transfered to . The minuet I opened my eyes I saw him with our baby girl we both spent time with her before Andrew and Carl came through .Andrew still mad at his father . Brent told me that he dreamt I was talking to him and they both kissed and made up, but it was a far cry to what I knew my son was thinking. He was sitting with Carl playing a game on his tablet when his eyes shot up and he saw I was awake he came running to my bedside and Brent helped him up. He kissed my forehead as a sign to let me know he was thinking of me.

” Mommy . I love you”
He gave me a hug.
“Andy . I love you more angel. ”
He looked at me about to cry.
“What’s wrong. You know you can talk to me ?”
“I know that Brent left you when you were pregnant with me.”

“Andrew Joseph,James Carlyle Perelli. ”

Andrew gave me oh jelly beans I’m in trouble look.


” His your father . You don’t address him by his first name.”

“I’m sorry Mommy … I’m sorry daddy.”
I brushed back his curls with my hand and soothed him with my other hand .

” Its okay son I still love you .”

“I know dad. Uncle Carlo told me you almost died for me.”
I lifted his chin and looked at him .

” Your daddy was afraid angel . He didn’t know how to react and aunt Jen was feeding him lies.”

“And daddy ate the lies .”

“More like almost believed them.”

“So he came back , and was with you when I was born.”
“Aha he even took a bullet for you . ”
Andy looked at Brent in shock and remorse
“How come he has never shown me the scar…?”

I looked at Brent and he nodded

“When you’re old enough to understand . He will tell you. ”
Carlo stood next to Brent .

” Seppi your dad is a hero.”
He turned around and held his hands out to Brent.

“I’m so sorry daddy . I just didn’t understand.”
Brent picked him up and gave him a hug

“Its okay gooner I still love you . We all do and its never going to change. ”

“Even with Andrea?”
“We love you both the same Seppi .”

I smiled at Brent and he winked back…
I mouthed I love you to Brent and he whispered back;
“I love you with all of my heart.”

*A/N I still haven’t told you about six years ago… I’ve only told the story in bits and pieces. The full story will be told. Thank you for reading 🙂 any feedback is always welcome*

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Chapter 10
All rights reserved
© #KCMmuoe 2016

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In a moment everything can change… You blink and your whole life is turned upside down, you blink again and you cannot believe what’s happening to you. You blink a couple more times and looking from the outside in and inside out, you have lived so many lives ,executed so many roles , put out fires that you didn’t start, fought and won wars that you never initiated , and learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you right…Then you learn to breathe easy and count your blessings.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Brent , Andrew and our new edition to our family … I know I gave birth…via C section. I had flashbacks of everything that happened.
I remember Carlo pulling me out of his car , flashing lights , florecent lights, machines beeping,needles and well lala land. Its funny how you have flashbacks that feel like dreams of what happened in the past.You can hear what’s going on around you, and who is saying what… But you have to will yourself to wake up and after trying to jack all the switches …your body decides to catch up and you discover something amazing you are alive.

Looking up the only thing I see is soft white floresent lights and I know I’m alive… cause my room smells of roses and orchards. I can feel someone’s hand holding mine too. I shift my head slightly and I see a head full of floppy curls. It can’t be my husband. He ties his hair up when he works… I know cause the last time he had his hair short was six months after Andrew was born.
Our son always latched on his hair;be it tired up or worn loose he would either be pulling or chewing his hair.Wierdly enough he knew his father by his hair, voice ,face and heartbeat.

When he cut his hair Andrew didn’t want to be held by him he cried every time. .He would scream cause the only way he was able to identify his father by touch was by his hair, only when he started talking he calmed down. There are moments as a parent that you treasure;moments of laughter
,joy ,love ,contentment, and peace . I had taken a picture the other day of Andrew sleeping soundly on Brents’ shoulder . He was reading him a story and both of them hit lights out. More and more each day Andy looks like Brent … They are both my life I love them so much.

I’m also thankful to God for giving me Brent. I’m not perfect and I’m very hard on myself.
He is the one person who can see right through me and keep me from falling over the edge.
There was a period when I called it quits on everything including love. When I became friends with Brent all that changed.
I guess heartbreak changes people in the strangest of ways … I didn’t believe my heart would heal but he always spoke to a part of me that I have always been afraid to show, and through his persistence ,patience and understanding nature over the years we have developed an unbreakable bond . My heart was able to heal and piece by piece the titanium shield I put around my heart began to break down.
Even when I was feeling guilty for past mistakes he still accepted me foe what I did and loved me regardless…
I guess the question is … When did I you know?
How do you know the person you are with is it. The answer is simple.
When you can be unapologetically yourself and be loved unconditionally.

I still remember the day Brent found out about Luke.The guy who came before him.As far as this story goes , let’s just say I didn’t deserve to be treated the way I was … You can forgive someone so many times before you realize they will never change.

It was a chilled Saturday morning and I somehow hit lights out hard from the night before and my muscles hurt. Mainly because Brent decided it would be much more fun to have cardio coffee sessions indoors, and try a new method of having fun. I had forgotten I had left my phone on when I snuck out of bed to go get cleaned up.
Brent was still sleeping.He is a heavy sleeper and besides my phone was on silent, or so I thought.When I walked out of the bathroom behold, Brent on my phone looking all tense and all sorts of angry. My phone was on loud speaker and he had his back turned to the door. It then dawned on me that I forgot to put it on silent.

” Luke what the hell do you want with my wife to be? I’ve seen all of your texts and heard your voice notes. ”

“You don’t deserve her she belongs to me . You also haven’t asked her to mary you so I can still take her away from you. Once she finds out what kind of guy you are.”

“She already knows about Jen and the stuff I did I told her everything. She loves me I’m pretty sure of that .”

When I wrapped my head around what was going on I retracted back into the bathroom and stood behind the door of the vanity room and listened in.
“Yes blah ,blah, and blah. Spare me the I’m so in love talk . When will you realize you don’t have her. I’ve known her longer than you.”

“She lives with me and Andrea loves her. So get this through your thick skull, I’m the face she sees in the morning and evening. We are an item. She loves me and I love her. I’m going to marry her.”
I air punched in looking at the mirror smiling … But my victory was short lived ,cause of what I heard next.

“You know she broke up with me; cause I wasn’t honest with her about my feelings for Summer. She forgave me . You I’m not so sure .”

“What are you talking about? You know nothing.”

“When Clara finds out about what you did.”

“I know about you and Kat . She doesn’t and the fact that she is her best friend and you two at some point were buddies and not just any kind of friends …”

“Where are you going with this ? ”

” You and Kat used to be friends with benefits before Timothy happened . ”

“You wouldn’t dare tell Clara. Don’t you dare.”

I peaked out and Brent was raking his hand through his hair . He still had his back to me . So I tiptoed into the closet which was next to the vanity room dropped my gown in the basket and got dressed . I needed to deal with what I just heard my best friend and boyfriend used to be coffee buddies . Kat owes me an explanation . I am so angry at the both of them for keeping the secret from me.
It wasn’t cold that morning it was autumn . I had decided to wear blue flare leg jeans , white sneakers ,a white top and a grey Arsenal hoodie … Courtesy of boutique ala boyfriend closet.

I tied my braids up into a neat coiled bun and grabbed my bag. By the time I had finished dressing up Brent had hung up.I wasn’t angry I just needed an explanation, and I couldn’t face Brent or I would explode into an anger rant. I couldn’t understand why he kept it from me and we had been together for a year. Kat and Tim were married already.
Oh my word Tim knew too. At that point I had one mission in mind … Get downstairs ,into the SUV and drive…
I remembered thinking to myself ; why… Am I doomed not to have a relationship that doesn’t involve a friend betraying me with the person I’m in love with.
The only reason I broke up with Luke was because he led me to believe that we could be together ; meanwhile he had feelings for Summer who he had known longer than me. He promised me that there was nothing going on , he swore up and down that Summer meant nothing.
I being indulgent took his word. It wasn’t until I saw them both when we went clubbing and I caught Summer snogging Luke and both of them declaring their love for each other . That night I lost the man I loved and let go of a friend. I cried an ocean of tears for three months and got over the whole au deal. As soon as Brent and I started getting serious and going out as a couple, Luke started texting me non stop… He got treated for his stalker syndrome. He became obsessive and I ignored him his obsession and compulsive behavior set off alarm bells.
Once he set his mind on something he was fixed. He fell for summer and I let him go. When he called the other day I sent all his calls to voice mail. I was snapped out of my recollection of events when I heard Brent call my name .

“Clara doe ? Clara where are you !?.”
I kept still until I heard the bathroom door open.I ran out the main bedroom and pulled the door handle at first it wouldn’t budge cause Brent locked it last night, I twisted the nob underneath, pulled the door handle again, and ran downstairs. We kept the car keys in the cabinet by the garage door.My car was parked outside cause I had to oversee a project for work later on in the day, and go to a popular food market with Brent for brunch. I unhooked the keys and headed for the doors ,I knew Brent was thorough so when he finally decides to use his phone to track me , it would tell him I’m sill in the house and he has a smart system he can control… Which I also had the codes to.
When I opened the main door I ran down the stairs , almost slipped but made it to my car.
I had two phones so as soon as I put my key into the ignition my phone rang . I answered the call without looking .

“Clara speaking.”
The person on the other end sounded calm.
“Where are you going?”
“To see Kat …”
“You heard the conversation … I know or you wouldn’t be running. Come back and let me explain. Kat and I happened a long time ago. It doesn’t compare to what I found in you and what we have. Luke is sick… Mentally and he needs help .I knew something was up last week so I did some digging. I called Leo … His with him as we speak.”

I took a deep breath and rested my head on the steering wheel.

“Why didn’t you ask me?”
“I was afraid you were going to run.”
When I lifted my head he was in front of the Jeep headed to the passengers side he knocked on the window and I opened for him. On that day the man I knew who kept secrets told me everything . We spent three hours talking about stuff he was afraid to tell me for fear of me running… I ended up staying …
Fast forward to now . This moment.
The moment my eyelids flutter open to lock eyes with my husband. Who has cut his hair and has an overnight stubble.Brent planted a kiss on my forehead, on my cheek and one on my hand .
I smiled at him.
“Brent wolf .”

“Clara doe.”

“Where’s our son?”

“With his grandfather and sister. His giving me the silent treatment.”

“Carlo saved our child.”
“I know . Hush don’t speak you need your rest.”
He looked like he’d been through hell.

“I’ve had enough . I need you . ti amo sempre ”

Brent kissed me and I kissed him back.

“ti amo sempre Clara Mia .”

“What’s wrong ?”
“I was afraid that’s all and now I’m thankful.”

“I love your new haircut.”
“Surprise… Good morning” Brent kissed me again.

“Good morning Mr Perelli and just so you know this doesn’t make up for you not kissing me good morning… The other day.”

“Three days ago . I just want to enjoy and live in this moment of peace…”

*A/N . Thank you so much for reading. I will be editing this chapter again :)*

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All rights reserved

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Chapter 9

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Just as Timothy was about to tell me what was going on. Andrew came running down the hall . I picked him up and gave him a hug . I love my boy and his mother so much. To think I almost lost both of them six years ago , triggers feelings of melancholy. He sat down on my lap and talked to me with a very serious face.”

“Daddy I have a bad feeling.”

“Yeah I’ve also had it too Andy. I’m so sorry we left without saying goodbye to mommy. ”

“Apology accepted. Just as long as I get to see her soon. Where is she?. ”

“She was on her way with uncle Carlo. ”

“What do you mean was? She should be here my App says she is here.”

I went into my pocket and showed him ,his mothers phone which was gray.

“Okay dad then if you have her phone you should know where she is right?”

“Uncle Carlo had it when I saw him.”
My son looked at me with curious and confused eyes .

“Was he with mom?”

“No my boy… Remember the accident you saw when you were on the way here?”

He got off me and out of the blue he snapped at me crying and he raised his voice . Which was unlike him.

“Mommy … No no it can’t be. I hate you for this morning, I hate you for being with aunt Angela when you were upset with mom! …
I hate you so much for walking out on mom while she was pregnant with me …”

He put his hands on his mouth to show he said something he shouldn’t have but said it eventually and ran to Gio crying. I gathered Angela must have told him about. What happened six years ago .
I shook my head and started crying . We’ve been on good terms lately and knowing how he felt at the moment hurt me to the core. I tried to touch him but he wouldn’t let me he ran behind Gio.

“Andy where is this coming from? ”

He closed his eyed and peaked behind Gio’s leg.

” A very angry place in my heart . I don’t feel like talking to you. I want uncle Carlo …Gio take me to him . I’m very sad at daddy.”
Gio did what he wad told. I sat back on the chair, put my palms in my face and started shaking and crying. That little episode my son just had was a first, I was hurt by the fact that he found out I walked out on his mother… When she was nine weeks pregnant with him. What matters is that I admitted to screwing up badly and made it up to Clara in more ways than one.
Angela is devious… His outburst must have triggered something in me , cause the next thing I knew I was having flash backs of my fight with my parents….

Monday May 8 1995

It was a normal evening in the Valdez household I had soccer practice and I had great news. I couldn’t wait to tell the family. At first I was shocked that I got picked, but what made more sweeter was that, they picked me.

I was running a bit late cause I had missed the bus that would ensure; I got home put my dirty clothes in the laundry, get cleaned up and have dinner . I had gotten into the habit of doing my homework in the bus since I was always the last to get dropped off.
By the time I got home I thought it was way past dinner time and it usually meant I would actually have to eat dinner alone. Mom wouldn’t let me sleep on an empty stomach. Call it hunch but something felt offish when I stepped into the house.

“Mom, Dad, Laura I’m home!”

“Don’t call me that you are no son of mine!”

It suddenly dawned on me that my father had been drinking and he was drunk. There were days when I would avoid him, but as soon as I went through to the kitchen to go get my dinner which I assumed was in the warmer, I was really hungry and I knew I missed family time.

Next thing I knew I was pulled by my soccer jersey and punched in the gut. I remember the anger in what I thought then was my father’s eyes .

“You are no son of mine . You look like him.”
I was thrown against the pantry door and bumped my head so hard everything went blank.”

I opened my eyes again and my mother was telling my dad to get out and that if he doesn’t not only will he lose his daughter but her as well. My dad left and my mother helped me up and gave me a pack of frozen peas for the bruise on the side of my forehead. She gave me a hug and looked at me with a tear stained face. It was right then and there that I decided I would never be the man my father was. He was the perfect dad until a couple of years ago when he decided to turn to the bottle .

Just the other night I had thrown a punch at him and aimed for his eye. With success I managed pry him of my mother who he was beating up for no apparent reason.
Laura was in and out of the house with her boyfriend so she never noticed anything . In her head everything was fine. When I told her what was happening she just simply said ; couples fight and mom and dad are no exception they are just going through stuff a phase to be exact. Phases pass this one stayed and got worse.

On Tuesday I woke up to a quiet house. Mom had been making pancakes and the cereal was already on the table . She looked much more relaxed and calmer than yesterday. While we were eating breakfast I tried to lighten her mood.

“Mama I made the soccer team yesterday I’m sorry I was late for dinner.”

She kissed the top of my head and smiled at me. It was the happiest I’ve seen her in a while.

“I’m so proud of you my boy.”
“I also made captain… I hope dad will be as proud of me as you are and call me his son. Why does he think I’m not I don’t know. ”

My mother gave me a serious look. I knew the look all too well. The question was did I want to hear what she wanted to say …

“Maxi… Your father is… He is not…”

My mother was about to tell me something before we were interrupted . My skin crawled with fear and my heart started beating so fast I started gasping for air.
“That’s enough . Shouldn’t you have school to get ready for Brent? ”

My mother held my hand and winced at me .

“Yes sir good morning. I was just saying goodbye to mama .”
I ran upstairs; picked up my satchel, and duffle bag. When I ran back down I was met by my mother at the door. She walked me to the bus stop and helped me fix my tie ,knelt down and looked up at me with both hands on my shoulders…

“Maxi … Whatever happens from here on out. Know that I love you with my whole heart and its for the best okay?”
I hugged my mother and she hugged me back

“I love you mommy . ”
“I love you too son. I’m going to ask you a tiny favor .”
“Anything .”
She looked at me closed her eye and shed a tear. Automatically… I wiped her tear and smiled. She smiled back.

” I know you have the position you’ve always wanted and worked hard for… But I’m going to ask you to say goodbye to all of your friends.”

“Why mom?”

“If we stay any longer with your dad … I’m afraid you’ll become the man he is and worse.”
I started to cry shaking my head .

“I’m trying to understand but I can’t.”
“I’ve already packed some of your stuff Mima will be here when you get back from school.”

I took a deep breath and saw the bus coming from the corner of my eye. I was gutted but I knew deep down she wanted the best for me and my sister .

I kissed her goodbye and went inside the bus crying.
She waved goodbye and I waved back . I could never be angry at my mother ever . So I did what I was told and when midday struck instead of class I was transported home… By my fathers’ partner and what I saw changed my life forever…I was never the same after that day.
All I remember was saying sorry kneeling in a pool of blood next to my mother . I should have been there , I should have been there to protect her . He shot her, why didn’t I stay?… I’m so sorry mama I truly am…
*end of flashback*

-Present day

I was shaking and crying saying I was sorry when Timothy shook me still. Once I came back he gave me a hug and a cup of tea…

“Tim I have become what I feared the most, what my mother feared. My own son hates me right now.”

I took a sip of my tea and a deep breath.

“Brent he was going to find out sooner . He snapped that’s all. You can’t keep stuff from a boy like him. He is also like his mother, and even though Angie told him out of spite Andy always looks at both sides. He will come back to you.”

“What’s going on? Give me some good news please . Anything. ”

“Before you say anything more. You need to stop blaming yourself for your mother’s death… It wasn’t your fault . You couldn’t have predicted that your step father was a monster, to put it lightly . As long as your biological father is still around ,any memories you think you might lose or have forgotten abut your mother, he won’t hesitate to fill you in . He is a wonderful man. That I do know cause he helped our family when all seemed hopeless .

“Timothy where is my wife?. You are beating around the bush. ”

“Which bush? ”

I couldn’t help but chuckle . Tim was my sounding board , no wonder I picked him as my best man he knew how to get to me . He was like a brother in more ways than one.

“The elephant in the room.”

“Oh you mean your sexy elephant who isn’t an elephant? Regardless you know how to pick and you picked the right one.”

“Hey. I love her .”

I lightly punch him on the shoulder.

“Get up I need to show you something. A miracle…”

I got up and started walking feeling all sorts of feelings; hate,love,regret and gratitude. We were walking into the maternity ward. We walked into the pre mature birth section we stopped by a baby with light brown hair and blue eyes she looked like … Me and the unmistakable birthmark on her tiny big toe…

“Am I an uncle, did Carl have a baby?”
I was pulling Tim’s leg… I am in awe.

” No.Congratulations . You have another baby and she looks just like her mother … However she has your blue eyes and its safe to say this one … Is also yours.”

“Don’t start… ”
I looked at her through the incubator, she was so tiny … My precious princess as much as I was overcome with joy I was missing my wife and I wanted to see her .I looked at Tim and he nodded .

“Theresa is with her. She’s one hell of a fighter that one. A few cuts and wounds but Carlo saved her and your princess , Angela is the casualty. ”

Without hesitation I headed to where Clara was … And behold Andy and Clara were talking. I stood by the door and just watched .

“So you mean daddy didn’t mean to leave.”
“Yes angel.”

“Then why?”

“He was afraid of a lot and he had just lost Andrea. ”

“I thought daddy was a tough .”

“Even everyone including heros are entitled to a bad day.”

“I don’t want to be mad at dad.”
Andy gave Clara a hug and she hugged him back. I walked to where they were and I planted a kiss on Clara’s head and Andy hugged me too.

“Daddy I’m so sorry. I was mean. I don’t hate you. I love you too.”

The infestation of joy in my soul was increasing and I just had to tell Clara. I put Andrew down and he went to Gio.
“Its okay my boy . Uncle Carl and grandpa are here, you want to go say hello?”

“Aha see you soon daddy.”
“See you soon my boy.”
As soon as Andy left I locked eyes with my wife.

“The last time you had your hair like that was before Andy was born, I like…”

“You do?”

“Aha and Andy is starting to look like you.”

I sat down on the held her hand and kissed it.

“I also know someone who looks like you too…”

Clara threw me a confused look

“Hah who on earth?”
I smiled and kissed her and she kissed me back. Instinctively she touched her tummy.

“I know what we have, and not having.”
I saw panic set in Clara’s eyes and she started to cry.

“Where’s our baby … Perelli what the hell happened. ?”
I hugged her held her close and soothed her.

“Hush my babe its okay our baby girl is okay… All is okay.”
She lifted her head kissed my jaw and looked at me . She was worried . I knew cause she was searching my eyes for answers .

“Your brother is okay. He saved me , he saved our baby … What aren’t you telling me husband…?”

I raked my hair back , and looked back at Clara who gave me the tell me all I need to know look.

“The person who tried to kill you died. ”
She got off me and started sobbing on my shoulder .

“I don’t feel like being alone. I’m so glad you are here .”

“There is no place I’d rather be …”

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Chapter 7

#songs #AdamLambert. – Better than I know myself
#TheScript #Army of angels

I’m not perfect .I’ve always said that; perfection isn’t perfection unless there are imperfections visible… So we are all imperfectly perfect .

There are some moments in life when you feel undeserving of what you have or like a total loser.I’ve had many of those days and weeks ,when I sometimes feel like I’m not being a good enough mother to my son , or perfect wife to my husband . When you wake up in the morning and wish you could fall back to sleep cause you hate feeling like you are failing at a role you should perfectly fit into cause you’ve had enough practice, however you still feel like you are always falling short .

I guess we all are entitled to have a bad day … At some point our super hero masks and capes come off and surprisingly enough we discover what we suspected all along, that we are human.
Brent has a way of getting me out of the black hole I sometimes fall into. He has experience in that department . I could be so quiet ,calm or cheerful and he always sees right through me. He won’t push me , he would give me time to sort my feelings out , help Andrew with his projects, and then focuses on us.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks . Brent was working at the sports injury center again, and he was happy to be doing what he loved. He had left before cause of an incident that happened that was beyond his control.

I on the other hand was elated he was doing what he loved. He had all but decided orthopedics wasn’t his passion and he was wrong. I think he decided that after losing Andrea.
He goes all dark and moody towards her birthday, and most of the time I have to get him to open up and talk to me over the years it has gotten easier we just talk and celebrate her life.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the shattered window incident . Thank goodness everything has calmed down. Work wise I needed to talk to Carlo about the design of the fitness facility on the land that Kat and I bought just an hour outside town .
Carlo and I haven’t had time to just sit and catch up as friends. We became friends after the weekend Brent asked me to move in with him. His practically family now my brother in law to be exact ,and although his older than Brent who is five years my senior he is an amazing guy and like my husband a chef in the kitchen and a cool guy.He has the same modality as my husband; they were both fixed ,inflexible, loved fiercely ,protective and loyal. Difference was that Brent was a water sign and Carlo an earth sign.

I understood Carlo and he got me. I remember six years ago when he was giving Brent a lecture ,about walking out on me and treating me unfairly. I’ve never seen Carlo angry but he was fuming on that day he confronted him .
Brent had messed up so badly I wasn’t even sure I was going to take him back but Carlo talked me down. It took three months for me to come around and I had cut all contact with Brent … It hurts just to think about that low point ,when I was ready to call it quits… But I can’t think about that now. Its bad for the baby I have to think happy thoughts …

When I arrived the restaurant wasn’t full . It was just after mid morning on a Tuesday afternoon and Carlo knew that the gym wouldn’t be as full. As soon as I went through I took a seat and just as I was about to send a message to Brent to remind him of our visit to the doctor … I was distracted by someone I didn’t expect to see.

“Oh my word are you a sight for sore eyes.”

“Well you are a sight for sore eyes too.”

” I guess congratulations are in order…”

“Thank you .”

“No ,no I’m the one who should be thanking you and Andrew.”

“Why? ”

” You have an amazing son . He showed me something that I didn’t recognize at first but now I do.”

“Slow down … What did he say?”

“He told me about you and Brent and how the both of you sort out problems. I tried the method he gave me and it worked… ”

“So can you explain punching my husband?”

He looked embarrassed and remorseful

“He was drunk and kissed my girl. I try avoid violence whenever I can but Jen and I have come so far. Even after kissing Brent who she told me was her ex fiancé she made it clear that she feels nothing for him. ”

I cringed and took a deep breath, I was feeling a bit of discomfort on my tummy but everything seemed okay , I was in pain but I knew how to hide and handle it well.

“I’m so sorry.”

“No don’t be you have nothing to apologize for. Brent said sorry. Why he has you I don’t know. When I saw you, with him I actually felt sorry for you cause it must be hard to wrap your head around that my girlfriend used to be his. ”

” I know and she is a hard limit . ”

I had a feeling that my husband wasn’t okay . Call it a radar but I could always sense when Brent was in trouble.

” Is that going to affect any of our chances of being friends?”

“I don’t know but I’m not up for another round of Jen James being an issue in my life especially now.”

I hit the send button on my phone and dropped it in my cyan blue tote bag

This guy took my hand and kissed it then looked at me. I sat back and took a deep breath. Why am I catching warm feelings for a guy who isn’t my husband. I love Brent. This guy he is trouble, big trouble.

“I understand and its okay.I just feel like we don’t need to miss out on being friends just cause of our partners. ”

I took my hand back and placed it on my heart. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw Carlo from the corner of my eye charging towards us .

“I love my husband, he for some reason , maybe Jen … doesn’t trust you . He thinks you are out to get back at him for smooching Jen.”

“Clara you helped save my relationship. I cannot not be friends with you. There has to be a way. Brent isn’t a saint you know and he isn’t what you think he is.”

I winced at him and shook my head

” Juan you are an amazing guy ;but I can not take this… Whatever you want to call it any further. I knew that Brent kissed Jen before I met you at the roof top, and for the first time in a long time I have the man I married back. ”

“You honestly don’t feel the fire between us? I can see it in your eyes… Even when you were with Brent. You felt something for me. ”

“I can’t answer that but I did feel something. I felt pity for you. Jen has wanted Brent back for a while now, and she is struggling to accept that he is married to me . She backed off after an incident at the hospital. She is Brent’s half sister. He didn’t know but found out.”

My eyes weren’t playing tricks on me after all. Carlo made it to where I was sitting he looked distressed.

“Good afternoon Carlo ”

“Juan hello.I’m happy to see you are you well?”

“Yeah I am and I was just leaving. Clara it was good to see you. Hope to see you again.”

Carlo sat next to me slid his hand around my shoulder, kissed my temple, and looked at Juan.

” You two know each other?”

As calm as Juan was, he became unsettled in a jittery kind of way, like he had to run as fast as he could.

” Yeah I met her at the hospital when your sister was giving birth.”

“How is Jen by the way ?”

“She’s ok speaking of my wife to be, I have to go meet her for lunch. Clara keep well and Carlo talk to you soon.”

Juan couldn’t get away fast enough … I turned around to look at Carlo.

” What just happened?”
Carlo looked at me and smiled

” Let’s just say Juan has special powers that can make any woman go ga ga over him and I don’t want you to fall for his charms. ”

” Wow and you don’t possess the same kind of powers ?”

I looked at him quizzically

“Well… When it comes to you all self control goes out the window. We all can’t explain how my brother ended up with you but he loves you. When he introduced you at the braai. I knew …”

” Knew what?”

“You were the Doe at the mask party. ”

“I thought…?”

“Brent wasn’t the only guy you danced with . Yes you were all upstairs but you came down to help Raphael with something …”

I started to remember the party, which by now was a blur.

“Oh I remember he sent me a text to watch the bar for him while he went to sort out the kitchen. It was fun.”

“I wanted to make my move then but my brother…”
I put my right hand on my tummy and lifted my left hand

“Who is now my husband . What is it with you men today first Juan now you. Telling me all this … Is there something in the water ? ”

Carlo laughed and held my hand

“. Ha ha no. I just think Brent is a lucky guy. I also see why he chose you. ”

I put my hands again on my tummy rubbing it in circular motion . It felt like a contraction only this time the pain was unbearable.

” Aaah! Oh my my word that hurts. ”

Carlo got all panicky .

“I’m getting you to the hospital.”

“Nah ah I’ll be okay. Ouch!”
The pain came back stronger this time

“Then I’ll drive you home… After I get you to the hospital and you are not going to argue with me.”

” I have to go fetch Andy from school.”

“I’ll have one of my drivers pick him up and bring him to us. ”

Carlo picked up my bag ,slid his arm underneath my knees and carrie me to his car . Not taking any chances he put me at the back of the car and drove to the hospital. We had reached a four way stop when I got a call from Brent.

“Carlo did you call your brother?”

“No but he called and told me this morning to keep an eye on you . He had an uneasy feeling. His had it all morning .”

I smiled and answered the call

“Hey honey bee ?”

“Hey babe are you okay . I’ve had a terrible feeling all morning . ”

“Maybe its because you woke up and didn’t kiss me goodbye this morning. You owe me big time.”

“You looked peaceful I didn’t want to disturb you. Are you driving?”

“Nope I’m at the back of your Carlo’s car his driving me to you… I’m putting you on loud speaker .”

“Hey Carl what’s going on bro?”

” Your wife is in pain and she says its nothing .”

“It’s braxton hicks.”

“She was screaming…”

Carlo was so calm … We were fifteen minuets away

” I got your text my babe . I can’t wait to find out if we are having a girl or boy”

“Me too I can’t believe we waited seven months… No thanks to you not wanting to know.”

” I have to go check up on a patient. Love you much see you soon .”

“Love you more . I’m missing you so much we are only ten minuets away.”

“Aww babe I can’t wait to see you … Carlo see you soon and thank you.”

“No problem bro .”

I hung up and sent another text to Brent.

” See Carlo I’m okay.”

” Ha ha braxton hicks ?”

“Hey they are painful.”

“Brent adores you, you are his life . I’m so happy he has you .”

“I’m so happy he found you.”

“Will it ever happen for me ?”

I smiled at him looking at the mirror

” It will just keep the faith. God has someone for you. You just need to trust that it will happen at the right time. ”

Carlo took his eyes off the road and smiled back at me

“I’m thankful for you.”

“Me too…”

We had reached the final block and four way stop when I heard screeching tires and smelt burning rubber. Behold Angela’s car was speeding down the road. It was her car cause it had her name and our surname on the number plates . The last thing I remembered was Carlo looking to see if the coast was clear so he could swerve but the traffic had already increased on both. sides. I managed to un click the seat belt but by the time I tried to move it was too late … All I remembered was Angela’s angry face and Carlo screaming Clara watch out . I remember an air bag blowing up and white light…

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Same Difference -By- Kgali Claire Mmuoe
Chapter 5



I heard Brent call my name but I couldn’t move… What was happening …
My whole body was riddled with shock , my head started to hurt out of nowhere… The last thing I remember was walking into the kitchen and something flew right threw the window shattering the glass I dropped the cup and all I heard was the smoke alarm . We live in a safe area and we have state of the art security on the complex. What the hell was going on … I was on the floor . All I remember was something painfully piercing through my clavicle . Oh hell no , no , no ,no … Our Baby … Brent has been through hell he can’t go through losing someone again let alone two people. I thought they caught the guys who killed his parents and sister. It was related to something in his family … Every time I asked him about it he just got all agro. When I told him six years ago that I was pregnant with Andrew … He snapped and went Hulk angry… I can’t think about that now.

I sent up a silent prayer … God please let our baby and Brent be okay . Please let me get through this…

“Clara! No no ! Not you, come on now, come back to me you are not going to leave me… I will die.”

Brent I’m not leaving you. Why can’t I respond … Slowly I started drifting away.

“Fight come on babe … Don’t you dare leave me. Andrew needs you, our baby needs you, Clara doe I need you, Open your eyes … ”

Oh fudge sticks dipped in mint chocolate its happening again … I’m fading away…


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Chapter 4
*Song : Westlife – Us against the world.*

They say a man is only as strong as the woman he loves… I didn’t expect to fall so hard for Clara . To be honest when she said yes , I was totally taken by surprised. She was dubbed as the toughest nut to crack by some of the guys and girls I knew… It didn’t register properly until the day after the first dinner party when I was playing host and chef that she was it.
She had been quiet all night but she seemed to be at peace . She and Andrea got along like milk and oreos. My niece rarely laughed when she was with other people and getting her to eat was always a mission… Clara did that with ease; there were a couple of times when I had to call her cause Andrea just wouldn’t touch her food. If she was away I would skype her and I would have Andrea talk to her and after thirty minuets she would be ready to eat .

Even with our son she always knows how to stop him from pulling the none sens he does when he has to eat.May be I’m too lenient with Andrew but she doesn’t confront him … She just simply sits down with him and we all eat as a family. I asked her the other night ; how on earth does she get our son to eat.
She just smiled at me and said ; she includes him in food preparation and cooking . Once a kid knows that they are part of creating something they find it easier to enjoy what they made, cause in their eyes they put a lot of work into the meal and they take pride in what they did . She also went on to tell me that validation and acknowledgment goes a long way. I later understood what she meant later as time went on.

I’ve been through my fair share of dark times and challenges .I’ve always come across as this tough guy who is over protective, extreme, intense, and emotionally cold. The only people I was super vulnerable emotionally my family, girlfriend, and best friend Timothy.
Jenifer was wild and she enabled me to be an out of control guy who didn’t care. The lifestyle I led was not the kind I would have loved my children to lead.I still can’t believe that I was such an idiot.

When Andrea told me she had found a perfect match for me , I laughed at her little did I know that she was right from the word go. I didn’t see it then but with much patience I eventually saw it…

I remember the first year of my relationship with Clara… She and Andrea grew fond of each other , you could say Andrea had an affinity for Clara , she naturally liked her and grew to love. her as time went on .

We didn’t live together which was a challenge for me , although it made me appreciate what we always had and still have that much more.
I can’t explain it but as far as feelings go … I fall in love with her everyday and its never going to stop not by a very long shot.

It took us a year after I told her I was in love with her to get her to move in with me, another year to ask her to mary me.Throw in one more year of couples counseling and Theology of the Body; which came in very handy in the long run .
Our relationship was far from easy . She was color blind which made things easier for me cause she saw me as a person and loved me for who I am. Interracial relationships aren’t easy socially with me being white and her being black she chose not to pay attention to nay sayers and so sayers. She saw me for me and loved every part including my dark parts.

I on the other hand had to adapt, cause I had never crossed the color line. Being from the same faith made it easier in a way. She was also very supportive ,steadfast and kind.
I tend to worry a lot about people I care about especially the ones I love .
Losing Laura was unexpected we had been through a lot together as siblings she always had my back… Even when I was with Jen and I knew she was bad. I miss her so much , but now looking back now she gave me the gift of overcoming

I was doing okay after a while until Tim told me about someone I just had to meet. Andrea had gone to Mima and I had the whole weekend to myself. Every last week Andrea went to Mima; and every last weekend I would be dragged out of the house by Tim to go have a good time at an event or club. There was a theme event on that winter weekend it was an animal mask ball in support of endangered species .

When we arrived . Tim introduced me to Kat. As soon as I met her , she was very welcoming and warm . We were lucky enough to get a private room courtesy of Tim who organized the room knowing how much I didn’t like crowds.
Kat introduced me to her friend. When I turned I couldn’t see her face cause of the doe mask on, all I saw was a tattoo of the zodiac star sign cancer on her shoulder blade , I saw it on the reflection of the two way glass ..
She had an LBD that complimented her body very well … She had well toned broad shoulders , firm arms but no muscles,a small waist and broad hips. The dress did her justice but I wanted to remove the mask she made sure I got no where near her face . She was in and out of the room twice. Once to answer a call and the second time to go downstairs. She wasn’t still most of the time, which gave me the impression she was either not interested in me or she was busy having fun downstairs.

Everyone was having a great time . Me included , but for some sort of odd reason I was missing the girl I just met.
She was different which was refreshing , we spent what seemed to be like hours talking about sports and food. She smelt of cinnamon mixed with some other woody node I couldn’t identify but she smelt intoxicating ely good when she gave me a hug, before she went out. Fifteen minuets after she left I decided to go looking for her … I asked Kat where she was and she pointed up .
I went out taking the lift to the rooftop as I went up it got quieter and quieter until there was less noise. I opened the door to find Clara on the grass lying face up with both hands on her tummy . Call it a somatinc reaction but I went into anxiety and panic mode at the same time and I ran to her side .

My breath went shallow , I started shaking and I zoned out for a moment going back to the day I lost both my parents. Flashbacks of flashing lights , blood stained walls , gunshot wounds, and dead bodies came back to me. As a boy I couldn’t understand what was going on why I could never speak to my father or mother ever again. I had snuck passed everyone to see what was going on . Both my parents were lying face up in an unnatural state with their limbs in all sorts of angles . On that fateful day I prayed … I prayed so hard that if they both open their eyes I will be a good boy.All I was told was that it was a brutal burglary that resulted in a tragedy. When Laura found me all I could remember was her tear stained face .I was caked in blood… My shirt, shoes ,pants and my hands were soiled in my own parents blood. I started brushing Clara’s forehead and feeling for her pulse on her neck with my other hand .

” Clara are you okay! You can’t leave me I just met you . Come back… Come back to me!. ”

When I snapped out of my episode Clara was already soothing me … She gave me a hug kneeling next to me and I had her in my arms.

“Shh its okay I’m not going anywhere ware wolf . I know the moon is full tonight but I didn’t know it makes grown wolves cry . Hush its okay I’m alive. Its okay. Are you okay?”

“What where you doing lying there so still no movement , you scared me… I thought …”

“I was just enjoying the night sky and oh the infinity pool has a calming effect on me and since we are in Joburg not the coast I love being outside when everything is still. I grew up here so … I know how to find peace in chaos .”

I let go of her and looked at her doe mask but I could see her eyes…not her face .”

“Thank God . I’m sorry if I freaked you out.”
“You didn’t Brent wolf ”
“Clara doe”
” Thank goodness someone gets that I’m a doe… You know some guys say dear and I get a tad bit annoyed.”

I couldn’t explain it that night or morning, there was something calming about her voice , that soothed something in me.

” There is something calming about your eyes… I could look at them all night if I can only…” I tried to touch her mask but she ducked and kissed me instead and I kissed her back . She pulled back and looked at me immediately putting her fingers on her lips .

“I shouldn’t have done that. This is so wrong on so many levels. You just reacted to something clearly something from the past.The look of terror in your eyes a moment ago gave it away. You were shaking…We just met five hours ago I don’t know you, but I am undoubtedly attracted to you so much so that I kissed. You . ” She stood up grabbed her heels and sat on one of the huge pool side couches that overlooked the pool reflecting the city lights . I sat next to her touched her shoulder and made her look at me only this time my mask was off.

“I’m not sorry we did. Clara doe . Usually chicks freak out on me when I have a somatic reaction … I work in the medical field … You just handled my episode like a pro … Which leads me to believe you’ve been through some sort of trauma that you have delt with . ”

I turned her face gently and like many times before I knew that I was spot on . She bit her bottom lip shut her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Brent now isn’t the time.This is me being polite… You look adorable without the mask. ”

Clara started rubbing her arms up and down. I had a jacket on and being the guy I was ,took it off and wrapped it around her .

” Since you refuse to remove your mask … I have another offer for you. Clara doe.”

“Fair enough since you have no mask and wow you have blue eyes . Seriously which chick would drop you… Or say no to you .”

“I’m looking at her right now and I want to be part of what she was doing before I kinda went into shell shock.”

” Aren’t you going to get cold .”
“No and stop evading my offer.”

” I will remove my mask on one condition.”
“Name it.”
“Sure Brent wolf … Close your eyes and lie down, don’t open them until I say so…”

I layed down and closed my eyes . Part of me was angst in a good way.

She gave me her mask and layed next to me .
“You’re not bailing on me are you.”
“Na ah. The stars come out round about this time . Okay are you ready.”

” Always.”
“Open your eyes .”
The second I opened my eyes I was in awe . I had seen stars in the evening but never paid much attention until the moment Clara started telling me about the constellations and stories behind them. It was on that night that I knew I wanted her to be a part of my life … A permanent part. She ended up sleeping on my shoulder that morning … She had drifted unexpectedly…

It’s been two weeks since we came back from the hospital .That night in particular I had fallen and never stopped falling . When I asked Juan why he was doing what he did. He told me he liked my wife and my son was a pleasure to talk and hang out with . He made it clear that he meant well.
As for my wife she was the calmest she had ever been which in turn set off alarm bells .
Andrew was due for a visit to his grandmother Clara’s mother , see Mima was in Cape Town so Andrew usually went there on holiday.After we both dropped Andrew off. I wanted to go out on a date with my wife a proper date. She was mostly quiet on the way , so quiet that she fell asleep . I didn’t notice until I looked across and fell in love again , with a sight I rarely saw . Clara looking relaxed and in lala land . She was a light sleeper but given what we’d been through I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned into a heavy sleeper.

I decided to take a detour home, tomorrow was another day . When we got home she woke up and was still quiet. When we got inside the house I made her a cup of hot chocolate and some chocolate brownies I went back upstairs into our bedroom and set them by the table by the window and she was on the bed. Something was wrong…

“Claire doe?”
I sat across her on the Bed it , it was evening when we came back
“Brent wolf…?”
“What’s wrong? You have this habit of going all quiet and you’re not the type to confront when something is wrong… ”
She looked at me with tears in her eyes, which confirmed something was wrong.

“I can’t do this anymore.”
“What do you mean us? I love you I won’t let you go”
“Na ah … I love you way too much.”
“What happened before we left? What did Kat say ?”
I leaned over to hug her and she hugged me back.
“Angie lost her baby and I’m scared she is going to go crazy and harm our family .”
I held her lose…
“She won’t , I will do absolutely anything and everything to make sure she doesn’t come near you or our kids. I will protect you. What ever it takes I will. Remember one of the songs I chose for our wedding playlisyt when we got married.?”
She pulled back and un crossed her legs a put one hand on my shoulder and the one with her cast on my torso she kissed the crook of my neck and looked at me.

“Us against the world?”
“Yes my babe us against the world. I don’t ever see the day that I won’t catch you when you fall… ”
” I’m still falling Brent … I don’t think I’ll recover…”
She stood up and went to the table and I followed she sat down on my lap and started drinking and eating.

” Dejavu the last time we sat like this was when you were pregnant with Andrew when we made up . I promised you then I would never let you down and I won’t .”

Clara looked at me with a glint in her eyes , I knew the look all to well.

“Honey bee , I have an ache that you can only remedy…”

“Are you sure we don’t need a doctor?”
I smiled back at her and she got off my lap clearing the table
“I’m looking at the right one who just happens to be a physio a very good one in fact. We are so due for a make up session …”

” Correction … Sessions and I don’t want to get you sore .”
” Who said anything about getting me sore … I love the pain you inflict on me . If I had a problem I would speak .”

She leaned down to kiss me and made her way out.

“See you in a bit ?”
She nodded

“See you in a bit .”
She left the door open and I walked into Andy’s room only to find two blue glasses . We had a cookies and milk date last night and we bonded over our scars . By the time I went back into the master bedroom Clara had hit lights out …
I made my way down the hall en rout to the kitchen .

Everything was quiet until I heard my wife scream and glass breaking . I ran as fast as I could downstairs , I was running down the stairs when I heard a bang!…

“Clara ! Honey ! Where are you!”
She didn’t answer …
Panic set in and all I could see was smoke and broken glass …

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Same Difference -By- Kgali Claire Mmuoe

Chapter 2


Kat came through again to get Andy in the morning.
We had spent the whole night talking about how he got the name Andrew funnily enough I was remembering the time I fell in love with Clara and out of love for good with Jenifer.

I had everything going for me. My soon to be wife Jenifer who was wild in more ways than one ,was busy with our wedding plans . We had already come up with a color scheme .I think the color was silver an red. Everyone and I mean everyone asked what I saw in her. I simply replied and said I’m in love and she rocks my world. I guess the one thing that attracted me to her was her party all night sleep is for the dead attitude. As “cool” as she was; my grandmother had called a couple of times to express her displeasure at her behavior,and her lack of regard for others . The conversations always ended on a sad note.
Did I care … Nope. At that time it was all about me, my life my rules, and Jenifer means well she’s been through a lot.I mean party kind of trouble that involved cops .
She was well off ,always been. She never had to work for anything literally always got anything she wanted. When I asked her out she said yes . Imagine the elation I felt when she said yes.

It was during the rehearsal dinner when I got the call .
My sister Laura and her family were due to come through an hour before we began… But failed to pitch . Andrea was in an out of hospital the whole week . I even had the chance to see her when I took time out from the Sports Center. I was sad she couldn’t make it but I called her before.

Mima made it to the dinner but she wasn’t herself. When I asked her what was wrong . She shook her head and told me something didn’t feel right. She told me that my big sister wasn’t answering her phone. Laura was usually quick when answering phones . Be it when I was in trouble or needed a lashing or attitude adjustment , she wouldn’t go to bed until she had talked sense into my thick skull or talk to me .

I had switched my phone off cause Jen didn’t want me to be distracted. I told her I had to keep it on in case Laura might call for directions since the venue was secret . She still insisted I switch it off. I remembered I left my phone in my blazer and it was upstairs in our room.

I dialed Laura’s emergency number . I only had it since what happened, when the unthinkable happened. She didn’t pick up. We had talked earlier on in the day. She also asked me if I really wanted to marry Jen cause she was playing mean and she was horrible to Andrea.

I said yes we had and argument which led to Mima calling me and telling me what she thought. Then again I was stubborn.
I rang the number again for at least fifty times… Still nothing .
I had been outside for thirty minuets when I saw Mima start to cry. Which in turn set off an uneasy feeling in my gut…
I rushed back inside and to give her ,the phone. When I found my blazer upstairs I fished my phone out of the pocket. I had a red dress shirt on and black slacks. Jenifer didn’t realize my absence but as soon as she came in, I was on the phone. I still remember the look she gave me when I told her ; I think we should postpone the wedding … She lost it as in went crazy . She even went as far as warning me if I left she would never forgive me . On that night I packed my stuff and left her . As blind as I was when I fell in love with her … My eyes were wide open….

The months that followed were the darkest I had ever had . Make that the second at that time.

If you’ve ever gone through something tragic or lost someone close to you … The pain is unbarerable … The only feeling you want to feel is the feeling of being numb . Not feeling anything is good actually cause I don’t have to worry about the hurt that comes with the realization of loss and the fact that… The horrible fact that you are never going to hear that person , laugh again ,Speak , smile , tell you everything will be okay, remedy any sort of pain you’d be in ,and most of all tell you how much they love and cherish you unconditionally.

There is a saying that my sister used to use it never made sense to me after we lost our parents … I remember it so well … And on my wedding rehearsal dinner night it made total sense to me. We fought earlier in the day I was angry at her, she was annoyed with my behavior. I wanted to call her and tell her that I’m sorry and maybe she was right … I shouldn’t be rushing into marriage with a woman who doesn’t really like my family .

The drive to the hospital that night was the longest . Mima was fast asleep in the back of the car. She had requested I drop her home first cause she was tired and needed rest . Before she drifted off we made peace . When we reached the house . She thanked me and told me to straighten up and fly right and that she was happy to have the old me back.The hospital was fifteen minuets away from the house.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to be told and what was going to happen. When the doctor told me the news about ; Laura, Caleb and Brendan, my whole world stopped turning . All I remembered was what Laura said…
“Brent you don’t miss the water till the river runs dry.”

In the midst of everything falling apart and in place at the same time. I fell out of love with Jenifer, started flying right , became a father and mother to my niece . Married a woman who changed the way I saw things.
Lost my niece a year into our marriage and almost lost my wife and my son due to my issues and now … Now I’m praying to God that my wife wakes up so I can make things right with her …

Out of curiosity and needing to know what was really going on . I reached for the medical chart that was at the foot of the bed. Before I decided to pursue the arts I was in the medical field so understanding what was on it , was like understanding why humans breathe and absorb air.
I couldn’t believe what I saw… I really wanted my wife to open her eyes … I sat back down and held her cold hand,kissed it and looked back at her. I kissed her forehead before I went out to get coffee and a bite to eat . I knew if she found out I wasn’t eating she would guilt trip me with good reason.

When I returned I came back to an empty bed and her stuff gone . I asked the nurse in charge what was going on and she told me she was gone.

” What do you mean gone. Hah what? Gone as in gone home or as in moved .”

“Moved to another room sir . A private room.”

“Then show me where she is. Now! ”
The nurse flinched at my response and showed me . I ran inside and she was awake and smiling at a bird flying on to her windowsill.

” Hey bird fly free pigeon please don’t harm me .I’m scared of you .”
My wife had ornithophobia … A severe case in fact. She was afraid of birds. What surprised me was that she was talking to what scared her …

“Honey bee?”
I ran and in and gave her a kiss and she kissed me back.

“Hey husband .”
She pulled back and looked at me …
“I’m sorry.”
I said trying to hold back the tears
” I love you .”
She said to me and I smiled back
“I love you more.”
Loving Clara was easy its always been easy. I am thankful for everything right now.

” Brent all of the sudden I feel like having one of Andrew’s peanut butter and jam with banana and jelly beans Sandwiches.”
I stroked her arm the one that didn’t have a cast on .
“I know . ”

“I was going to tell you”

“I’m sorry for pushing”
I started crying. Clara wiped my tear .
“Don’t be I love it when you push harder.”
She cracked a mischievous smile and I kissed her again .
“Ha ha ;this is a dream right ? Cause I’d like to do more than push …”

Clara pinched me

” Ouch ! Okay I’m not dreaming. ”

“Glad you realized that smarty… We need to talk.”
“Eight weeks ago? Are you trying to …”

“Yes. Brent Carlyle Rosaneri.”

“Mrs Carlyle Rosaneri…”

“I’m pregnant…

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TBT The Game Of Love

The Game Of Love By Kgali Claire Mmuoe
The Game Of Love By Kgali Claire Mmuoe
Chapter 16
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Iris and Javier sat across each other. She was sitting with her legs crossed in the middle of the bed wearing Javier’s white crew neck t-shirt and black PJ shorts . Javier was leaning on the head board topless with his grey yoga pants on smiling.

” You know my white V neck looks better on you than it does on me. ”

“Crew neck babe its round at the collar. Although I wouldn’t be able tell the difference too ;cause the shirt is wearing me .”
Javier played around with the hem of the sleeve, which exposed Iris’s shoulder; he saw the scar that chilled him to the bone.

” I thought all t shirts were V necks besides you look good in anything you wear… Thank you ”

“For what ?”

Iris tucked her hair behind her ears and looked at him smiling.
The kind of look that made his heart skip a beat. She had always that effect on him even when he had the most horrid day ,seeing her erased any traces of sadness. He always felt like he was in a non judgmental zone;secure ,wanted and loved around her.

“For not being afraid and showing me your scars…and your forgiveness Your version of events were scary to be honest and messed up.

Javier knelt in front of Iris and put both his hands on her waist.

“I’m alive that’s all that matters.”

When Javier looked at Iris; his face was riddled with guilt and remorse.

“I should have been there…”

Javier started to cry and Iris unfolded her legs knelt in front of him and wiped his tears. Javier held her for what seemed to feel like a long time.she leaned back to look at him.

” How were you to know. Half the time I tried to contact you after what you did; to tell you what had really happened , I got threatened . I stayed in contact with your mother cause she knew the truth.”

“I got angry every time she mentioned you or talked about you . Then she told me she would try and accept my relationship with Gina cause you have moved on . Her heart was breaking on the day she told me she won’t bring you up in any conversation.After I told her I won’t come home if she was going to guilt trip me .”

“On the night I talked to her; I decided to go out to a party and that’s when Bryce and I happened. He and I clicked. It felt good again to feel rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns inside my heart and smile again. Before I knew my heart started beating properly again it wasn’t just pumping blood.”

“Gina changed me and not in a good way.My heart ached when you left. I wanted to tell you that I forgave you and that I believed you.”

“But you didn’t instead you broke my heart even more when you threw me out in the cold. I wanted to go back to the loft go talk it out with you ,tell you what you saw wasn’t what was really happening. Tiago needed a friend . He was our friend. ”

“I didn’t kick you out.”

Iris threw her hands in the air calmed down and folded her hands in def fence . As relaxed as Javier was before he became all tense again.Iris stood up and moved to foot of the bed .

“You did . What do you call having my bags packed by Eva and telling her to tell me that you never want to see me again and that I should find somewhere else to sleep cause I wasn’t welcome anymore, oh and to add insult to injury. Gina walked out in your sweatshirt only … And you… You came out …”
Iris was pointing at his body . It took a minuet for Javier to realize what she meant.

” Oh yes … I remember now but I didn’t see you. Why didn’t you alert me. I was in my boxers cause my joggers had gotten wet with hot chocolate. I didn’t tell Eva that. She’s been my minder for years hell she loved you she sill does.”

“She wasn’t herself that day… Whatever Gina said to her must have struck a cord. Cause she was cold . I had never seen her so afraid and on the edge.”

” She wasn’t the same after you left. She went back home to the wine farm. My mother gave me an ear full about Gina ,but still … I wouldn’t budge and well I went down the wrong path. I’ve been mending broken relationships for the past six months. Except for one that still eats at me ”

“Which is…”

“The one with you. Hell you even forgot that I existed .”

“Javier being kicked out in the cold having to find a new place to in a foreign country is pretty traumatized. Luckily I had back up. I booked into a guest house and stayed there till I could book a flight back home.”

” I’m so sorry, I truly am… It’s always been you”. Javier cleared his face again and began to walk after her after her. Iris had t. he door half open when Javier’s phone rang and with a quick glance he saw who it was and answered .

” Not now Gina . I’m busy. ”
When he looked up Iris had gone to the next room. He knocked on the door but there was still no answer . He opened the bedroom door and. Saw his t-shirt folded neatly with Iris’s other stuff he heard the shower running and decided to wait until Iris got out which was 30 minuets later.He was still in his yoga pants.

When Iris walked out only to find Javier in her room she went about her afternoon getting ready for dinner and ignoring him. She was again livid at him and he knew why.

“Iris are we going to this again. I said I’m sorry.” Iris gave him an impassive look and still kept quiet.
“The silent treatment isn’t going to work. You are going to have to talk to me at some point . We are going to dinner .”
Iris broke her silence…

“You can go with Gina. I’m done with this …”
Iris sat down on the chair and saw Javier’s somewhat peeved reaction on the mirror.
She still had an impassive look on her face

” No you’re not. You’re not running. Not this time . You always run when you refuse to acknowledge your feelings , or admit that something is wrong …”

” Oh yes and you’re Mr know it all right… ”

“Iris stop .Stop it with your sarcasm.”

” What is it that you want from me? ”

“For you to stop running.”

” I don’t think that’s possible considering you aren’t done with Gina “…

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Brent’s #POV continued

“Brent I can’t. I can’t tell you. Clara has to tell you herself . ”

“Kat please . I’m begging you . Tell me anything, something, anything.”

I sat down and leveled with her and looked at her strait in the eye. She closed her light brown eyes and looked at me .

“She wasn’t feeling well before she left, I made her promise to get checked out. The day you had an argument about that model was the day she found out. She told me about the fight you also had when she got back. When Tim called me and told me what happened with Andy. I came down only to find out about the fall. I’m so sorry. Clara sent me a file which I sent to you and by the looks of things… you haven’t opened it.”

“You’re still not telling me what I need to know kat.”

“You are a smart enough Carlyle.One gem of a guy, an awesome father and as much as you pretend to be all tough and unbreakable … You are a sensitive caring softie… Read your messages. Open the file I sent the answer you seek is there.”  

” She’s lost weight and she opted for tea this morning instead of the usual cup of coffee. She also slept longer than usual.”

Kat stood up walked towards the door and turned on her heel.

“You’re very observant…”

I took out my phone and downloaded the Mp3 file I hadn’t checked my phone since I fought with my wife
I stood up and looked at Kat again.

“I know I tend to get impulsive at times. I just hate not being able to prevent bad stuff from happening.”

“She loves you she really does. Whatever happens please don’t give up on your love. I’m going to check on Andrew and explain what’s going on. Help him make sense, not that his confused but he needs to understand the situation. ”


I sat down and listened to the file through my earphones. It sounded like a heart beating very fast and when I checked the date, it was the day Clara and I had a screaming match over the phone and on skype later on… Whose heart beat was it cause Andy’s birthday was in September…

I couldn’t take being in the waiting room any longer and I really didn’t want to start crying in front of people I didn’t know. I ran to Tim’s office into the bathroom, cleared my face and made my way the ICU. I had a feeling… call it some kind of connection I had with Clara but we always knew when we need each other.

How do I tell her how the only thing that’s plaguing my mind is the look on her face when she told me she needed air .Her tear stained look… and the fall.     

I made it to the room she was transferred to. I had waited long enough and the Dr told me a couple of things.

First of all my wife was out of danger, she had a broken arm and a couple of bruises. Her skull was okay it was okay she didn’t lose a lot of blood as initially thought from her cut. He congratulated me again.  

I said thanks but why?
The fear of not knowing got to me because he wasn’t saying anything.

 I asked him again and he massaged my shoulder as a gesture of comfort, all I got was a grimace he said he was sorry they did all they could. The rest is up to Clara.
I walked into the room where they kept Clara all I could see was her body lying motionless, she had a bandage around her head and a pink cast on her arm. The only motion on her body was the rise and fall of her chest. She was breathing on her own which was a good sign. I was about to switch off phone when it vibrated. I had a message from my agent and the notification that my file was complete.

He had told me that there was an audition today that he thought I could ace. When I texted No he replied by saying I could kiss my career goodbye. I told him I could care less. My wife and son are in the hospital.
I texted back again that; he shouldn’t bother calling me his fired.

Eight weeks ago we came from holiday and we were okay as in we needed time away from everyone and everything. Our son stayed with both his grandmothers.
We had fun as a couple it felt like we were on our honeymoon again.

To come think of it she was sick after date night before she left two weeks ago for work, and. She looked pale when we were fighting over skype. A tear escaped my eye as I thought about all the hurtful things I said and what a scum I was…

I turned away from the window only to see Andy about to cry standing by the door with Kat holding his hand .

” Daddy what happened to mommy ?”
He ran to me and I sat down with him on my lap. ”

“Mommy got hurt but she will be okay my boy.”
He looked at me again and was about to cry.
Kat left and Andy and I were alone with Iris.
I wrapped him up warmly with the scarf I found in Clara ‘s stuff.

“Aunt Angie said you are never going to be my dad again and that I am mistake. I called mommy and she made me feel better.”

” I love you my boy. I will always be your daddy.”
I gave him a hug had he curled back into my arms. After 10 minuets he asked me something I hadn’t noticed.

“Daddy we support a team that wears red and has a gun picture why does mommy have a Chelsea scarf?…”
“What ?.”
He showed it to me and laughed
” Look dad Chelsea..?”
I took the scarf off him and gave him mine

” Son…”
“We do not support that team . Blue is a very depressing color.”

“Then why does it smell of mom?”

I chuckled
“That’s the million dollar question angel.”
Where did she get it and what happened at the roof top was the next thought that crossed my mind…

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I tried to get Clara to come around she wasn’t budging. All I saw was her body in an unnatural state . She turned around but lost and lost her balance. Fell over the banister, and landed on the floor. Angela had accidentally knocked her over when she walked out the bathroom door .

 The moment I saw her fall was the moment I realized how much she has always meant to me. Everything that has happened and everything that we had been through flashed right before my eyes.

All I did was run after her. I shouldn’t have worked her up or pushed her to tell me what she was keeping and why was Andy in on the secret.


Angela was standing there looking scared that she might have done the unforgivable. I screamed my lungs out I screamed so loud for help and Angela ran out and called for assistance. In no time Timothy came through and called in another doctor. A minuet ago she was okay there was nothing wrong. How could things go so wrong so fast? I was only trying to get my wife to tell me what was going on.

I couldn’t get the image of how she fell out of my head.

She was pushed over the banister hit her head mid fall and fell on the floor.One flight of stairs one too many .


I have never been so scared in my life. I could only name one incident but I had two major things that were preventable happen.
Clara was transported to the O.R. and I had to wait outside Tim was around and he was trying to make as much sense as I was of what the hell just happened. Numb … That’s the only feeling I felt .

Tim stood in front of me and winced 

“Brent I don’t know what to say or do.” He gave me a hug and all I could do was cry on his shoulder.

“My wife… was okay… just a while ago. How? How could all of this happen when all was okay.”


I was speaking in between sobs and I was so thankful my friend was there.


“ Andy is coming around you should go be with your son Carlyle .Any news on Clara I will let you know okay and you can use my office to clean up and get on a fresh set of clothing .

I have shirts and jeans. Katherine and I are not fighting again I’m just giving her space. She is busy with some project and I’m at the guest house. Andrews’ condition wasn’t as worse as we initially thought. He did react to the penicillin but recovered. He has a recurring lung infection. He must have picked it up from school. He will be okay. I know cause I’ve had a patient his age come in with the same condition. I wanted you and Clara to stop fighting hence the lie”

“Wait you said it was serious. Please take me to my son. When my wife wakes up and she will pull through. I need to give her good news.
I can’t do anything cause, I know she is getting the best care all I can do is wait. I’m not leaving this place without her she is my life.”

 “I understand before we go I found this…”
“Wait she still had has this…”
“Yes after all this time. ”
“I gave it to her when we first started going out… Well when we had our first fight.”

I took it from his hand and put it in my pocket

“I remember… For some sort of odd reason you thought she picked Nathaniel over you, and you she played you . When truth was …”

“She had asked Nathan to make us matching bracelets with the words love endures. Love never fails.”

“Yes Brent . We knew that Nate was good at what he did and you moved out of your way just in time.”

“Clara is it for me .”
Timothy gave me a hug and I remembered why we were always the best of friends.

” Yes. She has always been it. She will pull through … She has to .”

I wiped a tear with the back of my hand and followed Jonathan to the pediatric ward to go see Andy.
I could not explain the surge of relief that rushed through me when he opened his dark brown eyes as I walked into the room. I sat beside him on the bed and gave him a hug and a kiss. His face wasn’t pale and he was breathing on his own. Tim walked out and gave me some space with my son. 

“Andy you scared me half to death buddy.”

Luckily he pulled through. I was half happy not fully happy cause my wife was in ICU. How do I tell my son that his mother is seriously hurt cause of me.

“I’m sorry daddy. I love you. I forgive you. ”


I sat down on the chair next to his bed held his tiny hand kissed him on the forehead and looked at him.

“It’s okay son. I love you very much and don’t keep anything away from daddy even if you are mad at me okay.”

Andrew nodded his head and closed his eyes for three seconds and then looked at me. He had his mothers’ eyes a jab of guilt pierced through me…
“Daddy mommy and I had something to tell you. Where is she? I miss her. Isn’t she supposed to be back? I thought I heard her come in my room…”

I knew this was coming. How do I tell my boy that her mother is hurt and I put her in danger. I started crying again and he continued… He started stroking my other hand with his tiny palm 

“Daddy it’s okay don’t cry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
 Mommy and I were going to tell you good news. Where is she? I want to see mommy.”

I let go of his hand momentarily and cleared my face by with my palms before I noticed a handkerchief with a calligraphy letter K on it sewn. I took it and wiped my tears with it. To my surprise it was Kathy. She came in the nick of time.

“Hey Andy” she smiled and my son smiled back at her.


“Hey Aunt Kathy; dad doesn’t know a thing about the surprise, where is mom? I promised. She said she had two she told me one”

I shot Katherine a confused look.

She sat down on the other side of the bed and Andy turned to face her. 

“I know both angel but she has to tell you the other one. We can tell your dad.”

Andrew nodded and turned to face me.

“Daddy; mommy built a new house.” My son cracked a smile and I had blank look on my face. That is when Kate stepped in.” 

“We both bought an estate Brent. Clara was working on something. Something to help you… she noticed how upset you were and how discouraged you were feeling“

“Wait a minute what?”

“We both own a business at home. She left the job and we started to work together on a project. She takes care of the Sports and events side while I manage corporate functions.”


“Mommy said not to tell until we are together. Where is she?”


My phone vibrated in my pocket and Tim’s name was on the message banner that appeared on my screen. It simply said .Clara is okay congratulations. I would come tell you in person but I’m needed at the O.R. Katherine will be there soon. I love you bro.

I put my phone in my pocket and kissed my son on the forehead, and stood up. 

“Katherine we need to talk outside. Andy daddy loves you my boy don’t you forget that.”

“I love you dad. Thanks Aunt Kathy”

“Welcome Andy. See you soon. Get some sleep .Your daddy isn’t going anywhere” Andy nodded okay and we both walked out to the waiting room ,there  were  only two people . The only noticeable guy was the dude my wife smiled at.

“Brent what is it? What’s going on?”


I sat down to gain composure cause I’ve been through a lot in a short space of time. From almost losing my son, to my wife falling and oh wait being congratulated for what… That was the confusing part.


“Having Andy was nothing short of a miracle. Clara almost died but she made it.

How long have you known ?”

“What are you talking about ?”

“Don’t do this … Not right now when I need clarity…” 

Katherine sat down and took a deep breath . This wasn’t going to be good , she was the most strait forward tell it like it is , this is what you need to know now ,and I don’t care if you like it or not person… But she was acting evasive.

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**A/N * Chapter one is coming soon..



I started playing with my wedding band twisting it around. It was as if Brent knew I was about to make an impulsive decision. I always fiddled with my ring when I was so infuriated with Brent, it was a telltale sign I had enough.


He had pointed out that when we had a dispute with regards to problems that we talked out. He could sense my aggression or frustration and he didn’t need to say anything because he could hear my heart. Brent knew me so well… and I knew him too.

I tried to speak but my words never caught the air. I put my hand on my chest ,bowed my head, and with the other hand I waved signaling I can’t take anymore. I walked towards the door turned around and looked up.
Automatically I started fiddling with my wedding ring.

 Brent and I were connected in more ways than one.
I always felt him before he walked to where I was.
In the house;or at a party. It was almost an instinctive feeling I had that told me to look up… and when I did he was there looking at me too.


The feelings that followed were almost like fireworks that were ignited in my veins. They were volcanic. He would always stop what he was doing, smile at me if who he was talking to was an important contact. He’d leave a conversation with his friends to just keep me company or steal me away from a group of friends to either sneak in a kiss or just hold me cause he missed me.

He was the man I had for the longest of times prayed for.



He stood up from the chair; he walked towards me until we were standing face to face. I could feel his warm breath against my cold forehead; goodness I missed how good he smells, how good he always smelt…He smelt of cinnamon mixed with a hint of ginger during winter, and in summer he smelt of citrus nodes.


 I loved how much power and command he exuded and still does. Regardless of how I was feeling my heart started racing in a good way. He cupped my face and wiped away my tears. As soon as I could see clearly I saw that he was hurting as much as I was; but instead of looking at a pair of dark blue eyes that had no light four weeks ago … I was looking at a pair that had fire in them. The man I married was back. He was the only guy in the world who had the power to calm me down when I was close to losing it.


My hands were yellow from the cold outside. He took off his Arsenal hoodie and wrapped me up warmly.


“Thank you “

Brent cradled my face in his hands. Gently swaying me to look at him. I didn’t want to fall to pieces but Brent has seen me at my worst. This was nothing compared to us going through hell. However; this was a hell of a different kind that we needed to walk through.

“You know me better than I know myself. I want you to never doubt that you are the only woman in the world who gets me in a million ways and that you are my better half.” Tears started streaming down my face on to his hands.

 I wrapped my hands around his wrists . He was still wearing the bracelet I gave him to celebrate our first anniversary. It only seemed like it was just yesterday when we went on our first date.

“I guess I’m still learning. Perfect is far from what I am. I’m only human. ”


“Clara you are perfect for me in every way. My heart beats for you and Andy”

“Oh my word you’re going to, make me cry even more. After what’s been going on it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle.”


 “Don’t cry sugar; when you cry it makes me cry twice as much, and when you hurt it hurts me too twice as bad. I love you and our son too. I carry your heart in my heart always”

 Brent said the last sixteen words with a raspy voice; he even started crying too. I removed his hands from my face and wiped his tears. He smiled when I touched his face and wiped his tears. He responded by wrapping his arms around my waist and leaned down to kiss me. I kissed him and hugged him back.


 I hadn’t realized how much I missed him until that moment, the moment we kissed. I hated fighting with Brent. He was my other half and as much as we have been through hell and back together we always found our way back out of whatever obstacle we were facing.
“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

” Oh please don’t mind me. ”

Angela retorted by scowling at both Brent and Clara.

” Honey suckle…”

“Honey bee.”

“I don’t have the energy to argue with Angela right now … Andy needs us.”

Brent kissed my forehead .

” Okay my babe.”. He then turned to Angela.

” Stay away from my family. I don’t care if you are family, don’t you dare pull the stunt you pulled… Then you will know how ugly I can get when you threaten my happy home.”

We walked out leaving Angela seething. She got the message loud and clear that there was no stopping both of us.

 We were connected in more ways than one. No matter how hard she had tried Brent and I found our way back even stronger.


We were on our way back to the waiting room when I saw him… The guy from the roof top. He was watching a man who was happy to have a baby girl, his eyes were crimson red he looked hurt, in pain, and agony. My heart broke for him. How could such a sweet kind man go through such emotional torment. 

The second I looked at him and made contact he faked a smile and grimaced. Brent had my hand in his and we were walking together hand in hand. He was still in shock after I kissed him back. He just needed to sit down and settle down, I could tell by his rapid breathing. He expected me to run but I didn’t.


I genuinely smiled back at him and mouthed; I am sorry .Are you okay.

He shook his head and mouthed back thank you. Brent turned and looked at the man who looked in distress. He was about to say something when Timothy came through looking all sorts of grim and stressed.

He didn’t make any eye contact with me .Brent pulled me by the waist and he held my hand tightly. We both sat down .I was as calm as can be given what had just happened ,but Brent being Brent was not taking any  chances when it came to Andrew.

“Tim what’s going on with my son?”

“Your son is very ill … Now I need to let the both of you know that we have the best pediatric doctors on his case. We hope he will be okay . I know Andrew doest react well to penicillin so we are getting him the alternative. He has a bacterial lung infection. Its the third case in as many days .I will tell you anything once I get feedback okay…”

“Thanks Tim. ”

Brent started crying out of the blue. He seldom cried. He was allergic to penicillin from a young age… he thought Andrew wouldn’t have the same reaction. Tim turned his attention to Brent

“Brent I would never give you the run around when it comes to Andy. I know the last word you want to hear is hope and all you want is surety. I can’t promise you that… he almost didn’t make it but he will be okay .He will. I will do everything in my power okay “

Tim nodded and made his way out.


Brent cleared his face and turned his attention to me and the look on his face said it all. He was afraid something was going to happen to our son and what killed him was the fact that he was powerless.

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the crook of his neck and on his jaw.

I missed  him so much that all I wanted to do was just be in his arms all day and all night and never let go. Besides we were due for a makeup session a very serious make up session; but our son came first no matter what. He knew about the surprise I had planned for his father, we talked in detail and he agreed to keep the secret.


“hey babe he will be okay ,he has to be , we have a lot to discuss .I know you really hate being in a state where you feel like you can’t do a thing…but he will be okay ,he has to be.”

Brent turned to look at me with worried eyes. First of all he was worried that I hadn’t slept properly in the past twenty four hours, secondly he was feeling guilty for reacting the way he did when we had the argument, and thirdly I could tell by the way he wouldn’t let go of my arm he was afraid of the unknown . He pulled me closer to him and looked at me.

“You are so calm about this whole situation. Knowing you, you would have already lost it. You’ve had a hectic couple of hours… I want us to work things out. Come to a point where we just know how to deal.

I know when you are this quiet or calm you are about to tell me something huge.”


I got off Brent and kissed his forehead. I swiftly stood up and started walking towards the stairs again. I seriously have to think about another walk out plan cause this habit of running upstairs is getting old.

“I need to go upstairs to the ladies, I feel nauseous… “

 I actually did feel nauseas and I hadn’t eaten which was worse.

“You are keeping something from me what is it. I know when you are running or trying to hide… That man did something to You.

Better yet let’s pretend you never slept with him or let him touch you!”

Brent didn’t buy my story. He stood at the foot of the stairs and he had stopped chasing me. I started crying again I was afraid and the only thing I knew that was safe was to run. I trust my husband yes but when his all sorts of afraid and uncertain; he can be annoying.


“I cannot be angry with you. Please don’t do this not now. Andrew and I had something to tell you. I can’t until he is okay. How many times do I have to tell you that nothing happened? I can’t talk to you when you’re like this. You sure do have a knack for pushing too hard.”

“If not now then when hah? Cause we both know something has changed, and it is not because Andy is fighting for his life.

 I have to deal with you being half way across the world. What’s even more worse is that I am going out of my mind, no wait half crazy, cause I’m seeing pictures of you with some model, living it up. I am your husband. I need you, more than that I need you by my side not in some guys arms!”

I threw my hands in the air and turned around and ran up, I needed fresh air again and ran up and he followed me… but stopped.   


I was wiping my tear stained face; when the bathroom door swung open unexpectedly, I was pushed and I somehow lost my footing. The last thing I remember was seeing Angela’s face Brent saying watch out and then there was blackness.


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SAME DIFFERENCE – BY #KgaliClaireMmuoe


I ran as fast as I could upstairs. When I finally made it I took a deep breath and took in the beautiful view. The city was lit . The teeming traffic looked like a swarm of fire flies going in two different directions, I don’t know what it is about moving cars that is so calming in a bizarre way. The sea has the same effect on me . I took in a second deep breath and the icy cold air hit my nostrils; my throat felt like it was on fire. It was scratchy before but
 it was getting bad. Brent had told me before we took Andy in that I was coughing all night, he thought it was nothing . I had difficulty swallowing my coffee this morning but still it could be anything. I took another breath and ended up coughing .

” That sounds pretty bad .While you’re here get it checked before it gets worse. ”
A husky voice came out of nowhere … I thought
I was alone but I wasn’t . He took off his blue scarf and wrapped it around my neck . He was tall dark and devilishly handsome .He smelt of cinnamon mixed with vanilla. His dark brown hair was curly and his light brown sad eyes were blood shot red. Clearly he had been crying when I came out the door . I swallowed hard before I could speak.

“Thank you . To what do I owe such kindness ?”

“Nothing really.”

I looked at him and winced . I really shouldn’t be having such feelings of warmth and fuzziness for a perfect stranger.

“You’ve been crying your eyes are red . Either the team you support lost. Someone took your favorite snack,or maybe it has to do with a girl.”

” You had me at thank you, and your last answer was the correct one. ”

“You love her?”
I sat down on the bench and he sat next to me

“With all of my heart, but she just broke it. ”

“If I’m being invasive…”

He took both my hands into his and looked at me. This is wrong my heart shouldn’t be beating this fast . As fast as my heart was beating I was overcome with calmness. I have my wedding ring on thank heavens. I love my husband ,my husband… What’s his name again I can’t have mini amnesia not now . Not when guy is being friendly with me . Oh hell; I’m struggling to construct proper sentences.

“No, no, you’re not . You are a welcome distraction . A beautiful one in fact.”

I leaned back only to cough again.

“You’ll have to excuse my irritating cough.”

He took out a pack of lozenges honey flavored . I could tell by the yellow color.

“This should help ease the pain.”

“Its helping. Nameless and mysterious guy.”

” My name is Juan .”
“Clara. Taylor . Nice to meet you Juan”

He took my hand and kissed it.

“Your husband shouldn’t have left you alone; I sure as hell wouldn’t if you were mine.”

“I ran out on him . We had an argument.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too . What really happened?”

“The girl I loved slept with my best friend . Lied about it and I went through all the feelings and preparation for being a father . Only to find out that I’m not going to be one. The child isn’t mine.”

He covered his face from the embarrassment of tears that had sprung from his eyes .I gave him a tissue .

“I’m so sorry. You seem like an amazing guy. She was a fool to do what she did . I’m sure you can forgive .”

He lifted his head .

“How tell me how?”

He blew his knows and wiped it clean

” Love forgives and heaven knows I’ve forgiven my husband more than once and he has done the same for me. Try again . I love Brent he loves me that’s all that matters .”

“What if he has a child by your best friend. What then?”

“Love the kid like my own … Oh and forgive .”

“You’re helping…”

“I’m glad and you’re helping too.”


“You just reminded me how much of a believer in love and forgiveness I am. Love endures all things and never fails. ”

Juan cracked a smile

“Love is, love knows .”

We both laughed.

“How do you heal a breaking heart?”
“Clara how do you heal a broken one”
We both stood up and hugged each other

“You love again. Juan”

I was about to take off his scarf and give it to him.

“Keep it … You need it more. ”

I un -clipped my rosary bracelet put it in his hand and pushed back his fingers .

“Keep this for when you really need to talk to someone who knows. I have to go.”

I ran towards the door

“Hope to see you again angel. ”

“Who knows …Keep warm. Bye”
I ran back downstairs .

It had already been an hour since we took our son in and besides being on edge; I was starting to get frustrated and feeling angst.  Brent had gone out to fill out some forms wen I left and he was taking longer than expected. Maybe cause I walked out on him while he was talking, but I was angry with good reason .I needed to cool off so did Brent.


 I finally couldn’t stand being alone in the waiting room, so I went to the coffee machine. I decided to take the short cut, which meant passing through the maternity ward.


I was shivering cold and needed to get warm, my fingers had already turned yellow from the cold and the air-conditioning inside didn’t do a great Job in warming me up either but the scarf Juan gave me was serving its purpose.

I was stopped on my tracks by something I saw at the corner of my eye .I knew the laugh from somewhere so I decided to walk towards the door. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw…

“Brent; do you want to hear her heartbeat? She is yours you
know; we created something beautiful while your wife was away.”

“Wait are you sure this is my child? Because I remember that night we didn’t sleep together, I need to ask the doctor some questions cause this lie of yours might cost me my marriage. The child isn’t mine and Andrew isn’t … a distraction he is my son I love him and his mother.”


I walked even closer cause, I had found Brent and the root of the problem as to why he was behaving the way he was.

The Doctor came back from the other room and said something that tore me apart.

“Well aren’t you the cutest couple ever. Brent Angie has told me so much about you and everything that’s been burdening you, especially that absent wife of yours. At least you told Angie what your problems were. She is lucky to have you…I mean what kind of a woman leaves her son and husband behind to go work. Angela; remember you told me what Brent said? ” 

“Yes. He mentioned what would happen when Andy gets sick and your exact words were that I quote; our marriage might as well just be over and our son is better off with other people … Clara and I might as well be strangers”


I had heard and seen enough. I couldn’t believe my ears at the same time my heart was breaking. I walked into the room and Angela gave me a smirk and Brent had guilt written all over his face.

“I will leave all three of you alone. I have to go refuel Angela; please don’t leave yet.” 

I looked at Brent strait in the eye. I had never felt so betrayed and heartbroken at the same time on top of that our son was fighting for his life and here he was with the woman, the other woman who he claimed he had never slept with. Part of me believed him but the other part of me was in doubt.


“Hey cousin I agree with Brent; you sometimes don’t deserve to be Andrews’ mother. Brent is getting a chance to be a father again and this time he will have me.”


“Angie I am more of a mother to my son than you’ll ever be I raised him and maybe when you have this baby, you will understand  the meaning of provision and loving someone more than life itself, he is the apple of my eye. I am not about to justify to you why my son means the world to me. I cannot believe we are family”


I swallowed the lump I felt on my throat cause I couldn’t let her see me at my weakest.

Two weeks ago Brent and I fought… We rarely fought; but on that night he was so angry. He had every reason to be but it was an honest mistake… Someone took a picture that he misinterpreted, even when I was cleared of any wrong doing.


“Well if that’s the case why is it always Brent who is there for your five year old and you are nowhere to be found when he needs you hah, what if he falls ill and you are half way across the world and Brent is lonely again. Look at you… I wouldn’t be surprised if you were on something… Your eyes are so red you don’t deserve the life that you have!”

Her words were like bullets to my heart. She was being brutally mean but… They somehow hit home.

I was getting more annoyed of Angela by the second and she didn’t know what she was talking about. It was when I bit back a curse and couldn’t hold back my tears; that’s when Brent interjected. I didn’t have the energy let alone the strength to fight back. I started to feel a bit light headed and physically ill.

“Angela please keep quiet you don’t know what you are talking about and you don’t talk to my wife like that. She is the woman I love with all of my heart. You caught me at a time when I was feeling pathetic about myself. You used that to make me believe we slept together. I just passed out that night. I was out of it.


  I went through the smart system security footage … I am not the father of your child. You left before dawn and I don’t know what you said to my son cause he has been all moody since that night.

Hell he even refused to talk to me for the past two weeks since then. I am not the father and as soon as you get it through that thick skull of yours, you will realize that you need help.

 You will leave my family and I alone I just checked the dates and the baby you are carrying isn’t mine he , so stop it right now. You have no Idea what Clara and I have been through. I want to work things out with her”

“Oh really … That’s not what you said last night” 

“Brent what’s Angela talking about?”

“I called her after our fight. She reminded me how much I loved you”

I walked to the window in the room and took a painful deep breath and turned around to look at a smug Angela and my stressed husband…
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The past two weeks have been hectic. My wife had been away for so long, just to have her in my arms peaceful and in lala land is like a dream to me.

The past three days must have been hell for her and to think that I caused unnecessary drama. The argument we had over the phone was brutal. I was shooting bullets from my mouth and I hated myself afterwards. Clara wouldn’t talk to me or answer any of my texts and to top it all off Angela ;who is not such and angel is causing discord between us.

I need to find the man I once was, the man my wife married and my Son knew.
With her I always find myself. I married her for a reason … for many reasons. Half of me is her and half of her is me and my son k symbol of our love is our son. Andrew. Who was nothing short of a miracle .


They both mean the world to me I’d be a mess if I lost both of them. I wanted to make love to my wife but she hit lights out after I literally carried her over my shoulder from the guest room to our bedroom. We both fell asleep… well she fell asleep before me. Damn jet lag I could have had great make up sex with my wife, sleepy sex is an option… but I am not that selfish, she needs her rest.

 Thank goodness she is off for the next couple of months. I just hope I can redeem myself or better yet make it up to her by making her a meal or setting up date night. Flip as if losing my job and being in and out of jobs wasn’t that bad. Money has never been a problem for both of us and she gives me what I need and want; spiritually, mentally, physically …with no questions asked. I am thankful for her period.



It was 5am in the morning and knowing my wife she would have already been up jogging. She was still asleep and I wanted to hold her like it was the last time we were ever going to be together.

That’s what it feels like every time we fight. I am always afraid of losing her… Even worse I cannot imagine her loving someone else.
She knew about Angela and her tricks and she knew I would never cheat on her. That woman needs a wake up call, there is only one girl for me and she’s right here all mine .


Andrews’ room was right across ours so if anything would happen or if there was any sign of him waking up I would hear. He too had a knack for getting up early like his mother. Just the other day he made me his famous jelly bean, peanut butter and banana sandwich with warm milk for breakfast and told me that Clara said he should feed me if I don’t wake up after nine in the morning. Amazingly it tastes pretty good.

I missed Clara waking me up with kisses and breakfast in bed. Something was up. I was up early and both sources of my joy were not.


The house was silent and then out of nowhere I heard a loud thud across the hall. It sounded like something had fallen. Clara’s eyes flew open and she jerked out of my arms and out of bed ,ran to Andrews’ room and followed her…


“Andy. I’m here what’s wrong angel?”

“Mommy you’re back I missed you so much.” 

She ran his side and he was shivering, this was the second fever in as many days and I had kept it from Clara. Tim told me he was okay and I should just keep an eye on him. If the same symptoms occur again I should call him. He had picked up something from school and he was cleared and healthy. I still feel bad for keeping information from my wife, she should have known but I was angry and acted on impulse.



“ I missed you. Mommy I hurt everywhere I don’t feel too good.”

Clara took Andrew in her arms and tried to soothe him . She gave him a kiss on the forehead and I could sense that she was scared.

“I’m here my boy , daddy is here too. All will be okay”

Andrew started crying. It wasn’t a normal cry it was a cry of agony and pain; I knew the cry so well cause I heard it five times and the last time was a couple of days ago.

When Andy had settled down and his fever wasn’t high we both walked back into the bedroom I closed the door behind me, sat next to her and gave her a hug . She started sobbing on my shoulder and all I could do was just be there for her.

” Honey bee I know you’re overwhelmed right now , but all that matters is that you are here.”

“The last time he got hurt or fell ill I wasn’t here. You know how guilty I still feel and now his got a fever again. We need to call Tim . I want our son healthy and happy.”

” I know .Tell you what he seems to be okay for now so ,how about we get cleaned up and spend some time together with him. We’ll call Timothy okay ”


“You’re not a bad parent. You’re a phenomenal parent . Who deserves a gold star.”

I kissed my wife , we both got cleaned up and had some breakfast.

 The next couple of hours that followed were the scariest in my life. We both ran to Andy’s room when we heard him cry. When I opened the door, and flicked on the light switch and Andrew screamed again. He looked like he was in pain and his rapid shallow breathing wasn’t a good symptom. With no hesitation I ran for the ear thermometer and Clara took his temperature; it was well over the limit for a boy his age.


“Honey Drew doesn’t look like himself, complained of chest pains before you came back.
On the way back from school yesterday; I tried to talk to him but he just wouldn’t he gave me one word answers. His teacher told me he wasn’t himself again during school and play time when I asked him what was wrong… he refused to talk to me after we had an argument. He takes the one word silent treatment from you.”


The moment I saw the look in Clara’s eyes my heart sank. The last time I saw her in such a state was when Andrew fell off his bike and broke his arm. I was being vigilant but Andrew insisted he leave him alone to ride the bicycle. He was determined. A trait he picked up from me.


Being five years old he had picked up some mannerisms and was starting to develop his own personality. He had Clara’s eyes, my nose, my dark features and smile. He also had a tendency; manipulate any situation to make it work in his favor, another thing he inherited from me. He was every bit Clara’s as well as me. He was a sensitive soul as much as he loved to explore and read, he also had a quiet side to him.


 We both knew that something was wrong. His high fever, cough and mucus color were dead giveaways. We rushed Andrew to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital we called Tim, he was Andrews’ doctor. In no time we made it to the hospital and Drew was taken in.

If you would have asked me in the morning when I woke up if I was okay … I would have said yes without a shadow of a doubt.

 I was looking out the window in the waiting room thinking about Andrew. Clara was distant and moody. I could tell cause she was quiet and she was sitting down looking at the swing doors which meant she was far away. I thought she needed alone time but she needed me, I could tell by the way she was sitting. She had her chin on her knees and was in fetal position. With no hesitation I sat next to her.


“Honey… it’s not your fault “I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She let go and hugged me back.


“I am so scared and what worries me is that this could have happened while I was away.”


I looked into Clara’s eyes and she continued to probe


“Brent what aren’t you telling me?”


“Andy had an infection last week. He was cleared by Tim and I was fighting with you on that day. I was so angry about the rumor and the pictures I saw. I wanted to get back at you”


“Our son isn’t a weapon to use against me when you are angry. I told you nothing happened between me and that guy. Nothing he was drunk and I just happened to walk in his direction and he kissed me. “


She stood up and broke my shackled embrace and walked to the door that led to the staircase. The look on her face said it all.

I was over reacting to something that happened accidentally and out of her control.


“Oh just like you kept quiet for a month when you knew you were pregnant with Andy“


“That’s not fair”
She shot me a dagger look…


At that moment Clara looked like I just slapped her and knocked the wind out of her at the same time. I was angry at her for something I did and if she hadn’t picked that up; she would sooner.


“Is it really”


“I was on an assignment for that month and I couldn’t get hold of anyone. Including you hence I told you when I came back.”


I held back a curse and walked towards her but she lifted her hands in defense.


“Don’t even try… and we have been married for what… six years.
I had a feeling last night that you were keeping something from me. I want you to come clean… “


It was freezing outside and she started walking. She was headed out and she was in no condition to be out in the cold. She was coughing all night.


“Don’t walk away while I’m…”
I barely finished my sentenced when she ran out. I let her go so she could sort out her feelings . I knew her well enough to give her time.

I remembered that Angela said she wanted me to see her. She had sent me a text earlier that she would be around the hospital and I had to come.

That woman has caused more harm to my family than good. Part of me wanted to run after Clara and tell her that; I am sorry for being a jerk and I should have told her what was going on.

The other problem solving part of me wanted me to sort the problem that was Angela. I made my way to the ward which was just down the hall.

There was no news about my son and I didn’t want to go crazy waiting. Timothy would have already told me something but it was too soon…
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I needed to check on our son before I hit lights out. He was asleep when I passed by his room on my way up to the guest room. I didn’t want to wake him up he was probably tired from the day’s activities, and by the looks of things he was reading and fell asleep. I tiptoed into his room. Switched off his night lights and put his book by the table.


I decided to take a shower and change into my pajamas. I unlocked the door only to find Brent trying to fight off sleep, but he was clearly fighting a losing battle. He looked so adorable. I have to admit; I missed waking up to his gorgeous face every morning since I was away.


When his eyes flew open he leaped off the bed, walked towards me, and  he gave me one huge hug and I hugged him back.


“I don’t like fighting with you, let alone argue with you. I guess I’m afraid of losing you. I missed you. ”


With my head buried in his chest I muffled back


“Me too … I missed you more.”


I lifted my head looked at him… I saw worry in his eyes. Brent isn’t one to just worry, even though I have a bit of O.C.D he never worried unless there was good reason to.


“Andy went to bed earlier he said he was tired. He said he didn’t feel like talking to me. Something is wrong. I don’t know what Angela said to him, but he was too quiet and that’s unlike him cause we raised him to speak his mind and tell us how he feels always.”

“He clearly doesn’t feel like fighting with you. You know how he gets when he feels you have done something wrong. He face timed me yesterday before I got on the plane back home.  “


“Then  you should know what’s going on with our son because he normally waits up for you and sleeps an hour later, I didn’t even read him his bed time story.“

“He read to himself. He will come around and soon you will be buddies again.”


We both walked to the couch by the window. It overlooked the mountains and city lights. We sat down face to face like we always did when resolving matters. He held my hand and kissed it. For some sort of odd reason I felt butterflies in my tummy.


“I miss how you always smell of caramel and chocolate in the evenings.”


He nuzzled my neck and then kissed it.


“I miss how you always smell ginger and cinnamon mixed with mint.”

He lifted his head and stole a kiss, and then looked at me again. I could tell he was nervous about something.


“I’m sorry”


“There’s nothing to be sorry for. I love you and I get why you are frustrated .Give it time babe. That’s what we’ve done till now. We have Andrew as proof.”


“Honey bee…”


He sighed, and gave me a puppy eyed look which tugged at my heartstrings. He knew I couldn’t resist his sad eye look…


“Sugar…? What is it, what’s wrong?”


I looked at him gingerly …

“You are not sleeping in the guest room tonight you are coming to our bed with me.”


Ah as expected. Like I ever get to have a say in anything that happens in this marriage… Wait I do and I love playing my power cards when he least expects. Then again he is chivalrous …


“And what if I say no…? I’m not going anywhere…”


“I mean it honey bee. Don’t make me beg .”        

” Nope I’m not going anywhere. ”  

I thought I said that with as much conviction I could master .
He stood up and pulled me by the hand, picked me up with minimal effort and then he threw me over his shoulder.

“I never take no for an answer and we have a lot of catching up to do and I really want to show you how much I missed you.
Oh wow and we need to feed you . Where has the rest of you gone to ? ”

“Really? ”  

 He picked me up and carried me on his shoulder let out a chuckle while he walked us out of the guest room and en rout to our bedroom.

” I was going to spank your booty just for fun, but there is no butt to spank… and you are lighter than normal. ”

“The rest of my weight has gone to you , scaring the jellybeans out of me. The fight we had over the phone three days back wasn’t pretty. I couldn’t eat properly. Let alone sleep.”

“Am I forgiven?”

” Well, you have me over your shoulder upside down with your arm around my thighs…”

“Which are sadly slimmer.”


I stretched my arm and spanked him on his backside and he stopped abruptly. He returned the favor by spanking me back.

” Hey I do the spanking mind you wife”

“Well you spank like a girl mind you husband.”

“Clara answer my question…? Goodness you know how to change subjects at will.”

“All was forgiven when I landed. ”

Brent breathed a sigh of relief and continued walking.

“Thank you. Now we have some catching up to do… ”

“That we do husband… two weeks is a very long time. The list of things I want to do to you… wait are you building muscle? ”

” I guess you’ll just have to find out now won’t you.” 

“Sarcasm isn’t your strongest trait and my head is starting to hurt babe.”

“Almost there honey bee.”

We made it to the main bedroom and he closed the door, with me still on his shoulder.
He threw me on the bed, pinned both my hands on the side of my head, he then towered over me and I responded by wrapping both legs around his waist.

He started trailing kisses all over my jaw line and neck. He then stretched my hands over my head stood up at the foot of the bed and took off his long sleeve thermal top reveling his well ripped torso and the two tattoos underneath his left pictorial where my name and our son’s name were inked.
He got the first one when we got married and the second when Andrew was born . When he turned back I was sitting up with my legs crossed admiring the view.

“So you have been working out.”

“You like?”

“I love. ”
I walked off the bed and face him . Stood on my tiptoes put both my hands on his cheeks and kissed him . He kissed me back with more passion and hunger this time.
It was when we were back on the bed when started un- buttoning my PJ top that’s when I think I passed out…

Call it jet lag or exhaustion ,I was so tired and when my body gave in it gave in. I was in dream land before I knew it. The last thing I remember was Brent kissing me goodnight telling me that he loved me with all of his heart.

He did what he always did when I was upset, and that was kissing my blues away and making me feel wanted in more ways than one.
Of the all the times we almost called it quits, we always found a way to get back to each other stronger than before, call it a cycle if you will or fate we always found a way back to each other.


To tell the truth I had a feeling he wasn’t disclosing everything.

I guess the passed two weeks gave our marriage a bit more character.
I fell asleep peacefully in his arms only because I felt safe with him and only him.

No guy had the effect Brent had on me, no one in the world got me like he did. He has always been there. He shows up, protects, provides, and guides. Above all that I know him like the back of my hand. I am his and he is mine and that is also reflected in our son he is a combination of the both of us.

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*A/N Brent’s POV is coming up soon…*




I was once told;every season has a reason , nothing lasts forever ,the sun always follows the rain, and if things don’t work out the way you want them to… They will work out the way the universe intended .

If what I just said was true; why the hell am I in pain every time I go to sleep? Not physically though but emotionally.
I try to forget the day I fought with Brent but I can’t… The day burns at the back of my memory . Hell maybe I should just take him back and tell him ;let’s give it another try .There has to be a perfect reasonable explanation for what we are going through… We can try again.

” Clara come on you are over reacting okay. Angie and I were drunk; I told her a number of times that she wasn’t the one. I love you . We are married for love sake . I would rather take a stray bullet, or jump off a cliff than sleep with her.
We have a son . A beautiful, smart ,intelligent baby boy. I love both of you with everything in me, every cell in my body … Angie means nothing to me , we only kissed and I passed out that’s all.”

“Brent if that’s the case , then why the hell is she claiming that the kid she is carrying is yours. I want to so believe you , but I cannot after I found you two together … Three times Brent.
I get that I don’t have a normal nine to five job. You knew what you signed up for when we got together . I have been nothing but supportive and faithful.
I know its hard that your are not getting any work for now but things will look up. We are a team; I cannot believe we are having this conversation again…”

“You tell me things will look up… But how can they after what happened. I have become a stay at home dad. Don’t get me wrong as much as I love spending time with my son , I also want to provide for my family.
It has been six months since I can do stuff .Yes the family card is there and I can get whatever we need or want… But it isn’t my money . Well half of it isn’t ”

Brent fiddled with his watch strap. A habit he wasn’t aware of, but a dead giveaway that he was starting to either; get frustrated, or about to lose it, and do something he would later on regret.

” Babe you know what’s mine is yours, I would never make you feel inferior. I know it has been so hard for you to go through what your going through. If I could take the pain away or make you feel better … I would .I would do anything, but that doesn’t excuse your behavior. ”

I couldn’t hold back the hurt and pain I felt. It must have somehow reflected in my eyes because they were starting to burn with tears. All we were doing lately was fighting . I knew Brent wouldn’t cheat or dishonor our marriage in any way,but I couldn’t deal with him when he was like this… Not being able to take control and check himself.

He tried to touch me; but I lifted both my hands and shook my head .

“Na ah don’t touch me now…”

” Honey bee I’m sorry okay , just don’t do this not now. It has been the longest two weeks of my life and I’ve missed you ,every inch of you. Even when you’re here it feels like you’re not.”

I walked out of the kitchen to the atrium; where my yellow suitcase was and made my way to the guest room. It took Brent 5 minuets to realize what was going on and what I was doing .

© #KCMmuoe -“>KC MMUOE #KCM

The Game Of Love BY – Kgali Claire Mmuoe

Chapter 21

Javier’s note to Iris

By. K.C. Mmuoe

For all the times I’ve searched and found nothing; but in you always knew I had something invaluable that could not compare to treasure.

For all the masks I’ve put on ; but with you I could never pretend ,and all the lies I’ve told to other people and myself… It was always in you that I found my truth.

For all the times I’ve come up short,felt lost or out of my depth… With you I was never at a disadvantage. Of all the mistakes I’ve made … You are by far the best.

Of all the beats and music I’ve heard. Your heartbeat has always been, and forever will be my favorite tune that coincides with my heart beat.

Always know this…The walls I put around my heart will only fall down for you. Know that every time I close my eyes ; I will know ,that my sun rises, and sets with you.

When I’m with you I am home. I will always be reflected in you and you reflected in me.
I will always and forever be found in you.»
© #KCMmuoe -“>KC MMUOE @->

The Game of love – By Kgali Claire Mmuoe

The Game of Love – By Kgali Claire Mmuoe

Chapter 20


Songs :
#SnowPatrol #Run
#EricBenet #MyPrayer

2010 Three months after the breakup with Javier
Bryce spotted Iris the minuet she walked in;he and his teammates were enjoying the odd round of shooters when she entered the restaurant dressed in a blue floral print knee high dress black leggings , black leather jacket and boots. Her hair was tied up in a playful ponytail and she looked really pretty.

She headed straight to the corner table by the window set up her notebook and started typing.
The restaurant wasn’t noisy , it was chilled and it was open for twenty four hours seven days a week.
Bryce had seen Iris almost every time he came in to get some food or have the odd beer. Iris hadn’t ordered anything , she had finished doing her work and it she was just looking at the blank screen lost in her own thoughts…Mostly she was thinking about Javier and wondered how he was doing . Since she didn’t even say goodbye to him or tell him the secret she had been keeping She decided only Isabella deserved to be in contact with her and she was okay with that…
Iris quickly snapped out of her trance when the waitress brought her a slice of chocolate cake and coffee. She looked up and saw no one around her she looked at the time and it was almost midnight she hadn’t realized how quick time had passed by .

She had been struggling to sleep properly in her own bed since she came back home from Spain.
She either fell asleep watching a movie or a series and was woken up by her phone.

Every time she tried to go to sleep properly; she would either wake up feeling bereaved or in a panicked state of mind. She would close her eyes and all she would see was Javier holding her and then the trauma of losing someone so dear by accident would sink in. She would wake up in a cold sweat feeling nauseous, and couldn’t go back to sleep…

She was never one to talk about how she felt but was always kind and focused. Closing her notebook she took a sip of her coffee and just as she was about to take a bite someone sat opposite her …

” You know most people wait a couple of months before sharing a midnight snack together . I had to wait a couple of hours…”

” And the award for the most creative pick up line ever goes to … The nameless dude whose sitting across me . Thank you for the snack… Sharing is caring so. Do you want some or is it not part of your eating plan ? ”

” Well when it comes to you any eating plan doesn’t exist. You are worth every minuet of my cardio workout.”

“That doesn’t sound right… “.

Iris smirked an looked mischievous. She faked a cough to conceal her laugh”

Bryce threw his head back and laughed . He then looked at Iris and smiled.

“Wow and I thought I was the one with the dirty mind… Now you got me all hot and bothered. ”

Iris slouched on the chair and hid her face from embarrassment.

“Earth swallow me right now.”

Iris slid up with all the dignity she had left put her hands on the table ,looked up, and saw Bryce who was grinning from ear to ear. His eyes were like emeralds reflected in light.

” I see you almost every second day I come here and it looks like you never leave . Do you ever sleep.”

Iris winced at Bryce and he picked up a hint of melancholy in her eyes and instinctively reached out and held her hands.

“I need to recover from that interesting exchange of words. To answer your question … I struggle to sleep. Nameless and funny.

” Your hands are cold. Nameless and dreamy eyed. ”

“The coffee you ordered for me is helping… ”
He looked at her and instantly felt a warm fuzzy feeling.

” I’m Bryce Taylor.”
Irises heart skipped a beat and she smiled at him.

” Iris Baker.. . I’m not about to waste a delicious slice of cake ” she held up her fork and took a bite.

” So if this was about cutting the cake…”
Iris laughed

” Or having coffee in the morning … which I am thankful for by the way Bryce.”

She took gulp of her now almost luke warm coffee .
” Then coffee and cake with you is always a privilege.”

“Okay now you have mucky mind .”

” Iris I love how your mind works… You haven’t told me why and stop evading the question.”

“I’m dealing with a lot right now… But just so you know . I haven’t laughed so much in while … Thank you”

” Just so you know miss Baker , I love the effect you have on my heart and I want to see more of you.”

” Oh please you see me every time we have class stalker.”
Iris scowled at him and they both laughed

“Always know this if we ever meet like this again… ”

he takes her phone punches in his numbers an
calls his phone .
“It will be more than just cake or coffee .”

“I can’t wait to see what that twisted mind of yours has planned.”

Iris had a curious look on her face

“Iris curiosity killed the cat.”
“The. Cat died satisfied.”

Bryce took her hand and kissed it. She took her hand back and finished off what was left of her coffee.

“The weird things men do after midnight … No wait in general. You are the captain of the rugby team; you can have any girl you want… You had a plan all along didn’t you?”

“Yes . Did you think I wouldn’t notice you. I’ve liked you for the past three months . I was just afraid to admit that to you.”

“Okay now that you’ve got that off your chest do you feel better?”

“Much better.”

” I understand ”

” What are you doing here today? ”

“Nothing … Weekend off…”

“This right now is me declaring you are mine . Officially , exclusively in an empty restaurant .”

” I’ve known how you felt for a while now. People talk… What took you so long?”

“Good old fashioned fear of rejection…”

” Well captain fear not …”

Bryce gave Iris a proper kiss and Iris kissed him back.

“Officially mine ?”
Iris cracked a smile
“Officially yours.”
Present day

It had been the longest three days of Javier’s life. He wouldn’t leave the hospital no matter how hard everyone tried he just wouldn’t . He was lucky they were on a break , but pre season was coming up soon ,training, and the the tour . In between that he had a wedding to attend ,since he was the best man; however the maid of honor was laying on a hospital bed with a cast and a head wound.

He wanted to be with Iris . There was a lot to be said and a lot to forgive. He believed she had to wake up there was no other way.

On the evening of the dinner Javier hadn’t expected what happened to happen. When he whispered in Irises ear “tree house ” they both knew what it meant . Their first date, first kiss,first fight , and first make up session was in the tree house cabin .

Three nights ago when Iris got shot; she walked in on Gina straddling and kissing Javier. He couldn’t get over the look of betrayal on her face; no matter how hard he tried all he remembered was the hurt he saw in Iris’s eyes. He had an explanation for what she saw.

By some sort of miracle Iris started breathing on her own. Javier had gone back to the hotel to wash and change.

Javier told himself he just needed to close his eyes for a bit ,but as soon as he finished getting cleaned up and dressed he hit lights out hard for ten hours straight.

Santiago wasn’t due to come back until the next day.He forgot to tell the nurse in charge to let him know if Iris woke up. Alfred and Max had already been sent home too ; which meant Iris knew no one and had no one to ask what happened if she woke up.

There had been no sign that she would come around , the memory of the night Iris and Bryce decided to be an item felt real to Iris. She actually thought they were an Item .

Until everything that had happened to her up to this point played like a movie in her head.
She felt like an outsider looking in .

Out of nowhere her eyes shot open.
She inhaled a sharp breath and tried to breathe out calmly.

The first person she saw , wasn’t the person she expected . She felt achy all over and overwhelmed, she knew something had happened to her but what…
She tried to talk but the person inside her room hushed her gently. He held her hand and kissed her knuckles and then palm .

“Don’t speak hush… You are in the hospital . I came as soon as Martin told me what happened. You are going to be okay. You are awake that’s all that matters right now.”

The sun was still shining it was late afternoon when this guy arrived. He moved from the chair to a seated position facing Iris. Iris scanned the room again and saw lots of roses; mostly white and yellow her room smelt like roses. Then she saw them a deep pink and white bunch at the foot of her bed on the table.
She remembered every time Javier came from a game or was away on camp he would send her a bunch with a message. She also remembered the last day she saw the same bunch of flowers.

Tears started streaming down Iris’s eyes . She for some sort of odd reason was missing a man who was nowhere in sight . Sounding groggy and mastering all the energy she had , the first words that came out of her mouth were;

” I want Javi he has to know what happened to our child. He has to . It was an accident… ”

The guy in the room hugged her and gave her his shoulder to cry on.

“I didn’t bring you all the roses …”

“I know … You always got me tulips or lilies. Javier must have sent them. Why isn’t he here ?”

“I’m going to call the doctor okay I will be back. I promise . ”

He leaned over to wipe her tears and kiss her cheek.

” Okay… ”

As soon as the guy walked out Javier came in ;they missed each other by three minuets had fallen back to sleep.

Without noticing the leather jacket , Javier sat on the bed facing Iris. He was still feeling guilty for over sleeping. He held her hand and started talking .

” Hey I’m back . I need you to come back to me please. I miss you … I forgive you and I love you ”

Iris opened her eyes and for a moment she was thankful .

“yo te extrañe mas Javier.”

Javier started to cry too

“Why didn’t you tell me about our son it would have changed everything …”

© #KCMmuoe

The Game of love #scripted

At the restaurant both Iris and Melanie talk and Brad and Javi talk to

Melanie: hey are you good angel
Iris: Yeah (playing with her food pushing it around the plate)
Melanie: Iris I am not Jonathan and we go way back and your playing with your food… and you have your squeeky voice on
Iris: I got home last night only to find Javi asleep on the couch
Melanie: that’s a good thing right?
Iris: so I thought when I got up this morning he was gone (wipes a tear off her eye) gone
Melanie: that is strange he wanted to make things right with you he looked so worried yesterday he was all red from crying clearly
Iris: wow so much for believing that my dreams would come true , this whole thing was just too good to be true. I mean when I came back this morning and I found him on the couch I was like , hey wait he might just be the one , he gives me the stability I need and he is supportive then day came and he was gone . It’s that feeling that you get when you think you have a good thing with someone and then all of the sudden your whole world is turned upside down and you are seconds away from heartache before it reaches heart breaking point and then you are back to square one dreaming with a broken heart and waking up becomes a mission and eating is a chore
Melanie: and Bryce?
Iris: he called this morning I sent it strait to voicemail , I am so angry at him he is the last person who I expected to do what he did and if I go anywhere near Jonathan he might just smooch me again and Javi will think I have made my choice
Melanie : well you can’t blame Bryce for wanting you back the break up should have never happened but he cheated again so he had it coming and who do you really want to be with ,wait who does your heart belong to and be honest
Iris: Javi, Bryce broke my heart too many times
Melanie: call him ( gets a message from Brad telling him he is with Javi .)
Iris: I am so afraid (Melanie senses Iris’s fear ) what if he says that he doesn’t want me , I do not take rejection too well and this is our second fight . I don’t want to change him I love him just the way he is I just want to understand why he didn’t tell me about this whole debacle( Iris gets a news flash message) she sees the headline reading latest soccer transfers
Melanie: sees it too) we should get going
They both start walking back to their lofts. (C)


scripted version snipet of The game of Love

Scene 3

Breakfast with Javier

Javier goes down to the guest room quarters and knocks on Jonathan’s door and he gets info as to where Iris is staying ,he tells him and Javier goes to the hotel and knocks on the door, she answers the door in her pajamas

Javier: good morning Iris (smiles)you smell like caramel

Iris: (rusty voice) hey have we met before

Javier: goes in and gets breakfast ready) yes last night at the tree house the secret hideout.

Iris: still a bit out of it) Javier something you’re the dude at the tree house (closes the door)

Javier: yes so do you take coffee, tea or juice

Iris: I need coffee after the night I had (eyes heavy,) I totally forgot we have a breakfast meeting

Javier: Date, how many sugars

Iris: one (climbs back into bed) meeting Javier meeting,I’m so tired

Javier: welcome to the party capital (sits next to her and gives her coffee and a peck on the cheek) here drink up so my guess is you were out with Maria’s brother, who I don’t get along with it’s a miracle he gave me your current address

Iris: why don’t you get along with him his the friendliest guy I know (takes a sip and she wakes up)

Javier: can I be honest with you and don’t hold it against me

Iris: easy Javier you said breakfast I said yes that was it what are you doing loading me with a lot of stuff at 9am in the morning

Javier: I know, sorry I just need to clear the air so that I get a fair chance or shot at being good friends with you or more, so friends

Iris: well you at the moment I can regard you as a friend, now tell me why you and Jonathan don’t get along

Javier: My ex treated him like dirt and I rejected him out of my circle he said he forgives me and I need to prove to him that I have changed

Iris: and have you

Javier: yes and I think I like my new friend
Iris: looks at Javier) me too so what’s for breakfast buddy?

Javier: I thought you would never ask(he brings the trey over) fresh fruit , yoghurt, cereal and an omelet with mushroom and strips of pork I made it myself to I stay here sometimes so they allowed me to bring it in

Iris: wow you cook too

Javier: yes (Iris digs in so does Javier) one of my many talents besides what I do for a living

Iris: what is it that you do?

Javier: travel a lot and play with different people from around the country and the world? You?

Iris: write and I am a DJ oh and present a show, this omelet is really good and I invest

Javier: faces Iris) yes and I think we have all day to get to know each other one rule can we not discuss work when we are together, I have had about as much as I can take I have had a good term with bad effects if I’m making sense

Iris: Best idea stop thinking, you think too much. I get what you mean when you get to work hoping everything is going to go okay and something that you didn’t expect to happen happens. I am meeting Maria at 1pm so no we don’t have all day.

Javier: in the state that you’re in?

Iris: well I am having breakfast aren’t I and I’m a bit tired but I’ll recover. ©

The Game OF Love – BY Kgali Claire Mmuoe #TBT Script

The Beach

Maxamillian: what is it with you and the sea it’s like you and Javi love the same things I mean before a game he looks at a pool that’s if he isn’t swimming in one and it’s kind of cold we don’t want you getting cold  .(He gives her hot chocolate )

Iris: looks at him and takes the hot chocolate ) wow there is two of you I only know Max Javier’s crazy friend

Maxamillian: well this is Maxamillian Javier’s friend (laughs) not Max the star just me .Are you okay?Javi should have never said what he said
Iris: I have had better days and thank you so much for helping me duck the press
Maxamillian: my plesure I have experience in that department. I’m sorry I knew Ricardo was up to something but this was a low blow for you and low of him

Iris: takes another sip of her hot chocolate) well he succeeded in  breaking  Javi and I up I’m not even sure we can come back from what happened I didn’t know he signed for the club I helped rebuiled.I bought  it way before he signed for the club and I was just making an investment. If I had known I would have told him .

Maxamillian: I can talk to him

Iris: I have accepted we are over (fights back the tears)the only thing that was keeping me here was Javi to an extent but I have created beautiful friendships and I love it here so I’m not going to leave cause of a broken heart 

Maxamillian: for what its worth I’d love for you to stay I really like you and I can see why Javi is in love with you still is  .

Iris: correction was(shows her hand with no ring it starts to get colder and they start walking back) and whith a child on the way the last thing he needs is me he made it clear he doesn’t want me to have his kids

Maxamillian: you are so wrong . You are so needed. His world stands still when he looks at you ,the mood in the room changes  . I can’t explain it so it’s safe to say it is love still is if you give him a chance for me.
Iris:what do you know Maxi
Maxamillian: well not long from now Javi is going to get a call comfirming something , your ex and if you take him back your significant other need to know your not just a pretty face(he walks her to her door

Iris: yeah your way of saying I will know soon.

Maxamillian:(at her door he hugs her ) yeah and Javi is smart he knows when to hold on or let go
Iris:hugs back and goes in Javi sees the hug  ) thanks for making me laugh see you when I see you bye

Maxamilliam: take him back
Iris: wow. Your really on your friends side you should trade in your soccer boots for pom poms and a skirt , you have the legs for it.

Maxamillian: charming. Ha ha  Ha

Iris:Night Max

Maxamillian: night sweety(he leaves she walks in to find Javier sitting on the couch with his leg propped up on pillows awake.)

Iris: Javier. What are you doing here . Are you here to return the key I gave you ?
Javier: calm and all emotional) no look at the dinning table

Iris: the key you gave me, I thought I gave it back to you since we are not a couple or engaged .

Javier: I don’t want it back

Iris: it’s yours you broke up with me remember in front of the whole world Javi we are not engaged nor are we anything to each  other you closed that chapter and you did it so dramatically oh gee it also ended up on every entertainment news channel. 
Javier: don’t say that okay ,don’t. I still want you .

Iris: oh really, Javi I tried to explain to you and I told you I didn’t know if I had found out earlier I would have told you.

Javier: I know that my half brother was responsible for what happened and I lost my cool at the wrong person you . I want to unbreak our break up.

Iris:I trusted you , I opened up to you but that wasn’t enough ,you called off our engagement anyway. You know what this might work out for the best may be  there is good in this goodbye . You have a child on the way who will need all your attention.Gina and you can get back together the it couple, she can give you what I can’t …

Javier: I’m not getting through to you am I. Can you listen to me.  ( Iris Sits on the other side. Of rhe couch ) Iris the baby isn’t mine .Bryce is the father and I want you back , hell my house  wouldn’t feel like a home if your gone. I’m sorry I messed up.

Iris: well so am I (wipes her tears) I’ve tried to be as understanding and as patient as can be with what we had and the baby being Bryce’s doesn’t change what you said and did.

Javier : all I’m asking Is that you take me back I will so make it up to you, think about it if you walk Ricardo would have won and Gina would have succeeded in breaking us up .You trusted me and I didn’t believe you

Iris : this isn’t abaout you, you broke us up (phone goes off)but then again your the Mega star who just screwed up big time and lost.

Javier :looks at his phone and sees the article comfirming the engagement being off ) I lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me ( he takes his cruches walks to the door). (c)


Same Difference – By Kgali Claire Mmuoe #sample 2



I was once told;every season has a reason , nothing lasts forever ,the sun always follows the rain, and if things don’t work out the way you want them to… They will work out the way the universe intended .

If what I just said was true; why the hell am I in pain every time I go to sleep? Not physically though but emotionally.
I try to forget the day I fought with Brent but I can’t… The day burns at the back of my memory . Hell maybe I should just take him back and tell him ;let’s give it another try .There has to be a perfect reasonable explanation for what we are going through… We can try again. #CR #KCM


The Game of Love – By Kgali Claire Mmuoe #KCM #TGOL »

The Game of Love -By Kgali Claire Mmuoe

It was a lovely

winter summers day in the city of gold; the August cold fronts had started to

blow in and pass through but it was beginning to look and feel like spring

minus the icy cold weather .Besides everybody trying to keep warm, there was

work to do, the traffic was horrendous as always if it wasn’t an accident or a

stationary truck, it was traffic backed up for a kilometer cause of traffic

lights being off , getting to work or school was a mission for anyone whether

they made it in time or late ,by the end of the day the same scenario repeated

itself with less buzz around stalls

opening and stores closing. Only this time it is a mission getting back home.

Iris hosts a show with

Jonathan called the sports show with a difference she is a well know writer,

presenter on screen and on the airwaves she knows her market and enjoys her Job

she has never woken up not loving what she does.

She has a pretty

normal life. Like any other woman she has her in securities but she hides them

very well. So well you would think she had no problems.

The day started

normally for iris as like any other day if

there was a task to finish she completed it ,if there was a show to

shoot she rehearsed and shot it ,if there was a script to write she wrote it

and if there was a show to present she presented it. It was all in a day’s work

for this independent woman who had a man who complemented her and not complete her;

cause she was complete and content.

Iris was a perfect

example of a woman who has everything going for her; you could say she was

content with the way things were in her life. Though life wasn’t easy when she was

growing up, she kept positive and worked hard. She understood the value of hard

work and accepting that things may not work the way you hoped they would but

they work out in the end they way they are supposed to.

Falling in love for

Iris was simple; she didn’t think about it the feeling was either there or not.

She wasn’t one to just fall in and out of love, she was friendly and accepting

,but kept her heart guarded for fear of

getting hurt or rejected. All that

changed when she grew up …

Chapter 1

It was 4PM at the

radio station, Iris was about to start her sports show. Besides doing a million

and one things during the day; her favorite part of the day was doing what she

loved most, giving her audience what they want, having fun while doing it and

oh not to mention doing her job with perfect execution.

Iris switched on her

microphone and began her show.

“A very good afternoon listeners my name is

Iris and you are listening to, the sports show with a difference. On the show

today we are discussing the La Liga ,bundes

liga and the EPL games taking place this weekend. As you can hear today I am

flying solo my co-host decided to get the flu bug that is going

around; get well Jonathan love you lots buddy. Let’s get this show started.”

Iris got the show

started and finished. She got back home thinking that she was going to find the

house empty and all she was going to have was a toasted ham and cheese sandwich

and off to bed, but to her surprise she found her fiancé cooking…all she

could think of was sleeping, she had a long day at work and the last thing she

wanted to do was start a fire that she couldn’t put out.

Bryce was an

international model and actor, he had brown hair and dreamy hazel green eyes,

he had a Spartan built type of body, which drove women wild and made other men jealous

he had poster boy looks that could easily sell anything; that is why he was the

most in demand actor and model locally and internationally.

This pretty hot boy

however had eyes for one woman .Bryce loved Iris with his heart they both had

the perfect relationship privately and publically; they were the it couple and

the envy of every struggling couple. They were almost just too cute together

and they did complement each other in such a way that when you looked at them

you would almost get a warm fussy feeling that made you want to fall in love

all over again.

Iris entered the house and she could smell

dinner, an infusion of lamb stew and red wine filled the air with freshly baked

bread just out of the oven, the house smelt like a restaurant, that serves only

homemade meals and when you taste the food you can tell just from the first

bite that the meal took time and was made with love.

Bryce was quiet the cook, problem is he only

cooked when he wanted to make up for doing something wrong or when he wanted to be all romantic and

charming and treat Iris to dinner on occasions like their anniversary or

valentine’s day ;but it was neither and that set off an uneasy feeling in Iris’s

heart and gut. Iris closed the door hung

her bag and coat and took her phone with her.

“Bryce? Honey I know

your home” Iris called out

Bryce answered” in

the dining room! “

Iris ran to the

dining room with excitement and wonder

‘Bryce? “

She called out in

song, Bryce ran to give her a hug and a kiss, the moment was so sweet and innocent

and filled with nostalgia, kind of like the moment when you have your first

kiss and all the butterflies, nervousness and all that jazz is there. She

didn’t realize how much she missed him until that moment he held her close and

kissed her. Bryce ached to hold her it had been too long and he hated the last

time they said goodbye to each other.

“I missed you welcome

home; how was work? “

At that moment Iris

got off Bryce and she sensed something was not right .For her it felt like she

was coming home to someone totally different

never mind that he had changed his hair color to black he was strangely

doggy he made little to no eye

contact and he was all over the place. This

was unlike Bryce, because he was direct and forthcoming.

See normally when you

have known someone for a long time like the back of your hand you know

everything there is to know about the person; what turns them on or off, how

they feel and the looks they give when they don’t like something or pretend.

What Iris felt was a gut feeling that told her something wasn’t right.

“Work was okay Jerry loaded me with double the

workload since Jonathan was sick but I managed. Why didn’t you tell me you were

coming home early what’s going on?’

Iris inquired with an antsy tone; she sounded

very tired but she tried to look excited and since Bryce was so pre occupied

with his thoughts, he didn’t even notice that something had changed with Iris.

‘If I told you it was

not going to be a surprise now was it”

Bryce’s’ heart was pounding as fast as a

runaway train for fear of Iris finding out what he did when they took a break

from each other, to sort themselves out .They both had gotten into the mother

of all arguments before Bryce went to shoot a movie for five months. The

argument was about an important ingredient to every relationship formed; Bryce

had done something that had made Iris question his loyalty towards her and

whether or not they were wasting each other’s time and should move on.

“No sneaky, very


Iris realized that Bryce was not being

charming he was coming across as apologetic and that in turn sent off alarm

bells, she could feel it something did not add up. Bryce was home early and she

knew that he loved to put in a lot of effort when his working on a campaign or

playing a character if not change or redo a scene he is too much of a

perfectionist and subtly domineering.

Bryce retaliated by


“That is not the word

I was going for babe”

He tried so hard to

sound calm but he was burning inside and although it was cold outside the house

was definitely heating up

“Unexpected? I don’t

know what else to say”

She shrugged her

shoulders not knowing what to say obviously a bit confused.

‘No spontaneous

dinner is served’

He took out the food

and everything was on point, presentation, table setting, and aroma. Iris

wasn’t really hungry she was actually tired from the hectic day she had at work

all she wanted to do was sleep, besides being emotionally tired. The drive back

home to Bedford took the last bit of energy she had.

Iris commented on the

meal she had to find a way to get him to open; even if she said something


“Wow you have really out done yourself that

was really spontaneous of you” she

put emphasis on spontaneous just to

make a statement.

she took a seat as calm as ever cause she knew she was about to open a can of worms and this time a

great meal would not solve a thing. Bryce

sat down across the table from her and looked at her

“Dinner is served enjoy,

I should do this more often”

“Thanks for dinner

but before we eat, honey can you tell me what is going on? I kind of don’t know

why you went out of your way to cook a gourmet meal, when you never do. You

didn’t need to go out of your way to cook…”

“What’s going on with

what; and why are you acting suspicious? Like I have done something wrong are

you going to bring our last argument and rub it in my face! “

Bryce snapped out the

blue and lost his cool he always acted angrily to try and cover up what he was

feeling or really thinking it was second nature to him but he never did that

with Iris he was always gentle and open.

To him it felt like

he was losing grip slipping and he was

blaming it on someone who did not deserve it, his one true love.

“I told you nothing

why the hell are you pushing yes I’m back earlier than expected and well I am

here so do you have a problem with that?”

As shocked as Iris

was from his reaction she knew that she was on to something and being the

journalist she is she was not going to let it go. She knew that if she let it

go she would not sleep it would bug her all night.

“No sorry I asked; why

are you being so mean to me?”

“I’m sorry here you

are trying to create conversation and I’m being a jerk. “

Bryce licked his lips

and dropped his knife due to sweaty palms and he was still on edge .Immediately

Iris knew that when someone licks their lips when they are being questioned

they are about to lie or try cover their tracks and Bryce was doing a poor job

at concealing what he had done.

“your behaving

strangely you never cook, I mean if anything I’m thinking you’re about to tell

me something serious and I get the feeling that I’m not going to like what I’m

about to hear”

Her phone rang which annoyed Bryce so much so

that it was tradition in the house that she switch her phone off when she walks

through the door ,if not Bryce would do it .

“Please don’t pick

up…how many times do I have to remind you about that phone, if it’s not

Jonathan, it’s probably Jerry and you’re asking me what’s wrong…

Bryce was a

courageous man but however, what he was about to say even put him out of depth

and if there is one thing he hated it was being put out of depth.

“Never mind my phone.

What is it then? If you do not tell me I’ll find out soon and then I will be

angry and we don’t want that now do we?

I can go on all night and trust me I will find out ,it is just a matter

of calling a contact of mine overseas or better yet call someone who worked

with you and get them to give me the information I need.”

She said it in a

serious tone so serious that it flicked a switch in Bryce’s conscious and he

had to tell her the truth there was no other way. She knew him all too well

lying to her would be like telling a friend that you are fine when you’re not, she

could see through him. He hated what he was about to divulge.

“I slept with Gina,

are you happy now, I dishonored our engagement by doing the one thing I said

I’d never do again…”

Bryce’s heart rate returned to normal and he

was overcome with some sort of relief miraculously he was not on edge anymore

and it felt like a weight being lifted off his perfectly ripped chest which was

covered in a white, v neck shirt paired up with dark blue jeans .He looked so

remorseful and couldn’t believe what he had just said.

As hurt as Iris was

she had to ask the difficult question, she didn’t know what to say she just

stood there numb and in a split second it felt like hear whole

world was about to fall apart including

her heart . She came to a realization that; the man she once knew as the love

of her life had betrayed her in the worst possible way again she had been in

this kind of situation before, she never thought in her wildest dreams she’d be

in the same situation again all too soon with the same man

What had led to the

first argument they had was what led to the second one. Could this spell the

end to their relationship, or was there more.

“How many times Logan?

Cause I know you so well “ She closed her eyes and took a deep breath .

She force the words

out she had seen the look in Bryce’s eyes, the look that said it all the look

that said I have just gone and messed up what we had and It’s killing me that I hurt you the way I


“Five times” Bryce

paused for what seemed to be three seconds his eyes were about swell up but he

held back and told himself he should be man enough and be honest because Iris

deserves to know the truth he also had something eating at him which led to his


“What; wasn’t I

enough for you? What did I do? I just said we needed a breather and that we

should rediscover ourselves not jump into bed with the next person.” Her voice

went all husky as she also tried to fight back the tears that were burning at

the back of her eyes and she could feel a lump in her throat.

Bryce replied “I

didn’t want to cheat on you it just happened I was drunk she was drunk we just

had the mother of all fights on the phone and during the 5 months we were shooting

we comforted each other, hell she was going through a similar situation, her

significant other was being an impossible man she came to set crying, I cannot

watch someone suffer like that and hell she gave me a shoulder to cry on when

we were on the verge of ending it all.”

Bryce knew that it

was a weak explanation , he did not want to be explicit he couldn’t bear the

thought of telling Iris what really

happened at the same time he was having

flashbacks about the five nights of passion with Gina.

Iris gained her

composure and tried regaining her self control as well as emotional control.

“I know I haven’t been the easiest person to

come home to but really Bryce how could you ,fine we didn’t talk and we were

not broken up we just hit a hiccup, that doesn’t mean that we are not engaged

or it’s over.”Iris paused and that only made the suspense of what she wanted to

say kill Bryce slowly. “How could you do this to us, who else did you shag

during our little hiatus “Iris replied sarcastically.

Bryce flipped and

discovered a side of himself he never knew, something switched on in him and he

retaliated with a vengeance, this however was for seeable.

“Yeah right you were

not the easiest person to come home to, you were always moody, if not

irritable, and I put up with that. I was there for you okay I get that you work

but ,you came home late ,left early, hell it was a miracle if I ever saw you I

was hurting .”Iris’s phone went off again and it was work; she hang up as she

is no mood to deal with her nosy boss who probably wanted her to fill in for

someone during the weekend she put the phone on the table.

“Why the hell didn’t

you call me yes fine I get that I’m sometimes moody, it’s just me deal with it,

you’re not Mr. Perfect. I was there for you, there during the 5 months we took

a break where you couldn’t even bother to pick up the phone and call or even

try and understand what I was going through. You just left with no warning”

Bryce came to a

realization that Iris was keeping something serious from him something that

could break them or give their relationship more character whatever the reason was

he was going to push.

“You couldn’t tell me

what was going on and yet you had frequent doctor’s visits. I asked you

countless of times what was going on you just up and left ,what was I supposed

to do , I couldn’t take it anymore, and every time I called the hospital I couldn’t get through to you why was that ? .

A lot of assumptions

went through his mind and he started thinking a lot of things he got more fired

up and infuriated. His face registered anger. His body was burning with furry,

he wanted to throttle someone, kick or punch something that’s how angry he was

like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

“I did not want to

put you through what I was going through please try and understand. It happened

too fast, if I had told you then you were going to drop the movie role and stay,

I couldn’t do that to you “

Fear crept over Iris

like an unexpected ice cold breeze on a summers day, besides being confused she

was afraid, afraid that she might have pushed

Bryce too hard, afraid that she didn’t know the man she was looking at

,but even more afraid that she might have sparked something in Bryce that might just set him off on a tirade

or worse make him go rouge.

The Phone rang again;

Bryce grabbed it and threw it against the wall with extreme force and fury he

let out a roar out of frustration. The phone didn’t break but it switched off,

he couldn’t remember the last time he was so furious and hurt at the same time.

“You’re scaring me”

Iris said with tears

in her eyes and a quivering voice because she knew what she had done

“I don’t know what

the hell to think! wait, wait were you pregnant and had an abortion for the

sake of your career” He was about to cry too at the fact that he was angry and

shocked that he just lost it.

“What was it then

Iris what cause if that’s the case you’re not the woman I fell in love with “

In disbelief Iris answered

Bryce she rolled her eyes and threw her hands in the air

“No I would never do

that to you”

She stood up and looked outside the window; it

was a beautiful view of the sunset kissing the city goodnight. There was a haunted house silence in the room

so silent that you could hear a pin drop and it would be so loud.

“How could you even

think that?” She took a deep breath and looked at Bryce with sad eyes and he

looked back with hurt and anger.

“Iris tell me it

kills me that I hurt you and the way I did it was unfair to you ;we used to

speak without words communicate so well .I want to fix us. “


had calmed down and he started being doubtful, what was so huge that Iris

decided to keep this secret from him if it wasn’t a child then what was it?

What could it be? Who could it be? Who was the woman standing in front of him?

He even started questioning his own questions.

“What’s the use you

slept with Gina. Not once but five times, five times”

She repeated lifting up her hand signing the

number five. Iris Picked up her phone and got her car keys; she felt like

leaving running even well disappearing for a while until the fight she was

having with Bryce fizzled out like bubbles in a glass of coke light, but she

had to bite the bullet, grab the bull by the horns tackle the problem at hand

head on, she started the fire after all

Bryce dismissed her

comment and tried to dig and push harder he wasn’t going to go down quietly or

without a fight, if their engagement meant anything to both of them they would

be able to work out the problem that they were facing; but that was wishful

thinking Bryce knew he messed up but he had to know, he wanted to know, he

deserved to know the truth.

“We will deal with that;

what were you doing for 3months at the hospital Iris; no contact no nothing

what was I supposed to think”

Bryce wiped a tear

off his eye and he looked remorseful he was filled with confusion and hurt “don’t

you think I deserve to know?” his voice cracked at the last word.

“Remember the first

week when I told you I wasn’t okay and I went to the hospital”

Iris gained back her

composure and decided she was going to jump in head first she had too there was

no other way, he deserved to know the truth even though he hurt her.

“The week we hit the

rocks and you were way too evasive and I got the call from work and decided to

go without telling you “Bryce responded quickly he really wanted to know what

really happened, so he could make sense of how they got to that point they were

at now.

“yeah the week you

found me difficult ”she walked to the kitchen got a glass out of the cabinet

drank some water and she took a deep breath. Bryce got even more impatient.

“Just tell me already!

Or what do you want me to walk out again; I will walk out on us this engagement

if you don’t come clean with me” Iris took another big gulp of her water and

relived, what she wouldn’t wish even on her worst enemy.

“I was attacked on my way to work. I was stabbed someone

wanted to send me a message and I got it loud and clear.” She took a deep

breath although it hurt to breathe she knew how to handle the pain.

“ I was afraid! I

didn’t want to put you through a lot. Jonathan was there for me, he helped me

cover everything up only because I asked him to I take full responsibility, I

didn’t mean to hurt anyone least of all you okay.”

“You’re lying! I

don’t believe you Iris, that’s your, story? ”

Beyond disbelief he gave Iris a look that she

hadn’t seen in a while; she had seen it when they were dating back then and

that was when he was in a dispute on the pitch when he played full back for the

university rugby team. He managed to land himself a suspension but it was overturned.

If he could only overturn the mess he was in he’d be a pro at overturning bad

into good…

“you honestly think I

can believe you after what you and your

so called best friend did … he was there

for you and I was denied the chance to, yes I would have dropped everything

hell if I did that, I wouldn’t have warmed up to Gina ,we wouldn’t be in this

situation at all “

Iris walked to the

stair case even more hurt and angry and upset at Bryce’s reaction to her it

felt like he just committed relationship suicide.

‘yeah I thought it

was best you did what you loved and it

was a terrible accident in case you were

wondering and I didn’t want to get you back here for something that wasn’t that

serious. Since you don’t want to believe me fine, you just pulled the last

straw and oh gee guess what its short… you know I let this slide once but I am

fed up with you and your bull I’m not

doing this again.”

‘I don’t trust you at

the moment and what if you staged this whole attack thing just to spend time

with Jonathan, cause it clearly seems like we are all in a three way

relationship, he is married to Sasha his wife ,yet he is constantly at you beck

and call how selfish, no wonder she left town for a while thank goodness she is

coming back this week, and maybe just

maybe set proper boundaries between you and Jon will be set.”

“ you are a fine one

to talk after what you just did with Gina she is engaged she has a fiancé probably

pregnant with their child but you don’t care don’t you , have you any Idea how

much damage you have caused ,besides ripping my heart into shreds .”

Iris bit her bottom

lip to hold back a curse she felt like slapping Bryce across the face, but all

she could do was lift her hands up in the air in surrender ,only this time

Bryce had no control over her .

“oh go to hell” Bryce

retaliated trying not to touch her; he hated not being in control .

At that point Bryce

had felt a surge of heat moving through his body causing his blood to boil, he

was usually a man who loved to be in

control , a man who had self

control at some point and a man who was

loyal and faithful. He only messed up that one time and promised himself

that wouldn’t slip up but yet again it seemed like history

was repeating itself ,and once again he

couldn’t deal.

Iris got more hurt and

upset she decided that she had enough of the relationship and Bryce. When Bryce

told her to go to hell she fought back in her defense.

“oh I’ve been there

for the past two months and you know what the devil sends his regards”.

Tears started

streaming down Iris’s face she looked so hurt. ‘I can’t believe you just said

that, I cannot believe this is happening.”

Bryce felt so bad for

what he just said he couldn’t imagine doing to anyone what he just did.”Iris I

did not mean that, I really didn’t “.

Bryce cursed himself

for what he had just said he had hoped Iris would get that he didn’t mean it

but she didn’t …

“oh just like you

never meant to sleep with Gina and my boss and then tell me that I lied about

going through a stabbing incident that nearly cost me my life”

As hurt as she was she had racked up the

courage to do what she never thought she would do. It was to convince the man

she loved with her whole heart that she

wasn’t fibbing. She lifted her shirt up and Bryce saw the scars. what he saw

broke him it reduced him to tears how

could he not believe the woman he has loved so deeply for so long was he just looking for an excuse to blame

her for his indiscretions .

“Believe me now hah?

Who are you because the man I’m looking at now is a total stranger “

Bryce sat down on the

chair for him it had felt like he had just twisted the knife he stabbed Iris

with in the heart and killed their relationship even worse their engagement.

“oh my goodness” at that moment Bryce ran out of breath and

wished he could turn back the clock and take back what he had said and done .

“Iris please don’t go

stay, we can work this out I know we can get through this okay; I just erupted

blew a fuse but I love you”

Bryce tried to walk

to Iris and hold her; but she was too quick for him.

Iris ran upstairs and

started packing her overnight bag, while all this was happening Bryce was

banging on the main bedroom door that she had locked. When he had finally

managed to pry the door open without breaking it down, he went in thinking he’ll

find Iris sitting on the bed crying but she wasn’t there, he then headed

straight for the bathroom he still couldn’t find her, and then it dawned on him

that she must be in the closet. Bryce tried to open the doors but they were

locked too.

“Iris please open

these doors “He said so in a stern voice for a man of his stature he sure knew

how to get his point across. Without trying too much, Iris heard his vibrato

voice vibrate through the closet doors and it stopped her in her tracks.

“I have nothing to say to you. I really have

every right to end our engagement” She had already packed her bag and she was headed

to the bathroom for her essentials, but not before she ran straight out of the

closet into Bryce’s chest and somewhat secure arms.

Bryce cradled her

head with his hand and held her close with the other one, he said nothing; all

Iris could hear were sniffles she dropped the blue and white striped duffle bag

on the floor and hugged Bryce back.

“I am so sorry “

His voice had gone

all raspy when he held her then he realized that something didn’t feel right,

he was holding the same woman but she was skinnier. When or how it happened was

the next thought that crossed his mind. Bryce sat Iris down and held her close just

to calm her down, he was an expert at getting Iris to see things differently or

calming her down when she was about to go over the edge he knew how to touch

her which made it harder for her to fight.

“Oh my word; you have

lost so much weight, honey what really happened on the night of the attack?” He

looked in her dark brown eyes and saw anger, fear and hurt.

When Bryce had

loosened his grip and her arms slid of his back she headed for the bathroom in

panic mode and started packing.

“I can’t do this… it

was a hit Sasha put on me I ignored her, I ended up with stab wounds, Jonathan

probably figured

out what she did so he came to my rescue and well he stayed with me

through it all, I know I should have told you what was going on . I didn’t want

to. It seemed like the best decision given the situation”

Bryce hit back with a

clever remark.

“You do sports not

investigative journalism, Sasha’s brother is a sportsman that’s the only person

I know…. “

Iris stood at the

door of the bathroom with her vanity case in hand.

“Well genius; what is

the one thing sportsmen fear besides losing and not performing at an optimal


Bryce sat on the edge

California king size bed.” Being charged with unruly behavior?” He shrugged his

shoulders up and down.

“No the one thing

that can cause the downfall of an epic sports career” she walked to her bag and

put the case beside it only to lock eyes with Bryce.

“I could have lost

you and all because you were trying to tell the world, the truth about Mark

Smith, he did it at school but I couldn’t have predicted he and Sasha would try

and shut you up. I’ve known but he was my friend and I was sworn to secrecy”

At that point Iris

sounded nasal and bit angry at Bryce he could hear it in her voice.

“You knew and you

didn’t tell me. He was your friend, hell he was everyone’s friend, Sasha knew somehow ,I found out when

I went to give Jonathan his coffee beans and I saw blood …” she held her

mouth to cover a scream

“never mind what I saw all I remember from

that night when I got attacked was a blade stuck on the side of my chest ,I had

a couple of bruises on my arm and someone knocked me out cold, not before I saw

Jonathan running my way . You knew all along“

Bryce walked to her

…”show me your scars “

“Besides the one that

you inflicted on me which is invisible at the moment? Or do you need validation

for what I just told you since; you’re having trouble believing me or anything

I say” Bryce walked towards her direction and stood behind her.

“Iris I want to see

what they did?” he said softly

Iris reluctantly

lifted up her pony tail revealing a white bandage. ” I have shown you too much

When she turned

around they were facing each other again only this time there was no tension.

She stood on her toes in her black knee high boots and gave Bryce a kiss

goodbye; she was wearing blue skinny jeans, a blue and white stripped long sleeved thermal top paired up with a

black leather jacket and a navy blue chunky scarf. She twisted off her

engagement ring and put it into Bryce’s palm and pushed back his fingers.

” I have to go Logan “she

picked up her vanity case and swung her duffle bag on her shoulder.

“Don’t do this not

now not when we have so much to say to each other “Bryce said with a worried

tone and a face that was full of tears that almost tore Iris apart.

“Bye Logan, I will come get the rest of my

stuff later. Oh and the sooner you can accept that your buddy Martin is guilty ,

maybe just maybe we can find a way to fix this mess. I cannot believe you kept

such a secret away from me besides Gina… I am afraid I don’t know the man I’m

looking at. ”

She walked out the

door and ran downstairs out to her car in the drive way. She opened the boot

threw her bags in, closed the boot, went inside the car and put the key inside

the ignition and sat back looking at the

house she once called a home .She took a

deep breath started the car and drove away crying . The last time Bryce had

cheated on her she had mastered the art of both crying and driving at the same

time this time however was different in so many ways. The last time Bryce did

what he did, he begged her to take her back, he proved to her that he was a

changed man and he even went as far as getting professional help; which is hard

for a man like him because he always loved control, and could sort most things

out himself. None of what he did before to prove his loyalty could ever make

Iris take him back this time.


The Game Of Love -By Kgali Claire Mmuoe

The Game Of Love -By Kgali Claire Mmuoe @->

Chapter 19
#Veritas #Truth
#JasonWalker #Echo
#Coldplay #TheScientist

By the time Iris was put in recovery ; Maria and Isabella were caught up in the same road block , which meant that they would get to the hospital two hours later than expected.
Alfred and Max were booked in for over night observation. So Javier was left alone in the waiting room. All he could think about was , what happened yesterday and the last time he was happy with Iris before he did what he did with Gina in the tree house.

Santiago spotted Javier who looked worried and tired ; the good news wad that Iris had made it through the morning but it would take a bit of time for her to come around but she was safe.

However Santiago was keeping something from Javier.
The reason behind their bad blood for the past couple of years had been started by something that was misunderstood; it involved Gina, Iris and a lie Gina told to keep Javier.

Javier looked up when he saw Santiago and knew something was up ; he could tell by the way he was looking at him.

“Tiago what’s going on?”
Santiago sat next to him.

“Javi there is something you need to know… I’ve kept this from you long enough but it’s time you knew the reason I was with Iris the day you broke up with her… When she was supposed to meet you at the tree house.”

Javier raked his hair back and tied it up he was mess cause he hadn’t slept but when he usually did that with his hair he was preparing for something that could sway him either way.
The same kind of move he repeats before every game; he ties his hair up in a man bun cause he has important ant business to attend to, but right now he knew Tiago was about to come clean about something he didn’t know…

“What the day she was coming to tell me some “news ” but never showed up , instead I found her in your arms crying on your shoulder and you kissing her tears away ,telling her all will be well… I forgave you for that day.”

“Yeah I know but you didn’t want to talk to me. Iris had gone through a terrible au deal , the only way to get to you was through your mother but you were stubborn .”

” I remember she got injured on her knee and she wouldn’t tell me how it happened.”

“Gina. She pushed her down the stairs , I had just heard about my uncle and had no one to talk to. When I went in search for her cause she was the only one who got me and had been a great friend , the both of you actually … That’s when I saw the attack and brought her in. You had gone home earlier and were ignoring my calls.”

“Yes I had gone home earlier after practice,to get thee tree house cottage ready and decorated.”
Javier smiled remembering the day .Santiago massaged his shoulder which was what he usually did to comfort someone who was regretful or sad .

” You have got to be the craziest dude ever cause Ricardo’s tree house was a proper man cave . Your tree house however was like your own apartment. It might as well be another house on the property. Gina’s father was the dean she was untouchable we all knew that. Given the situation with you and your step father… ”

“You know how Ricardo senior and I were. We never got a long. He wasn’t my father but my mom kept me grounded. Friend … Tiago stop beating around the bush. What is it that I need to know.”

“Iris had news of her own on that day .I had spent time with her in class so I would notice if she wasn’t well or a bit offish. Remember the month when you were playing in the tournament?”

“Yes the month I was on the road and on the phone with Iris almost everyday cause she was sick.”

“Then before the home match she feinted and you were worried?”

“Yes I was. For someone who is as energetic as Iris is and active. I was surprised when she was feeling fatigued .
We had been going out for a year and a half and I wanted to ask her to marry me cause she was it for me.”

” I knew that …”
Santiago’s eyes started welling up, which in turn made Javier wonder what he knew. He had never seen him like this all scared.

“Santiago why did Iris leave six years ago. She’s not one to just throw in the towel. ”

Javier had a panicked look about him that set off bad vibes in Santiago

“Iris was … Iris was .”

“Say it . She was cheating on me with you . What , what was it tell me now.”

“She was …”
Santiago went quiet, he didn’t notice that Isabella and Maria walked when he was telling Javier the truth.
Maria was in shock and Isabella had to tell his son the truth she also had waited so long .

Javier’s head turned at the sound of his mothers gentle voice , the look of grief , remorse and agony on her face said it all. The last time he saw the same look was when his step father;Ricardo’s father had died , and when he asked her about his real father.

” Mama what’s is it ? ”
His eyes shot back and forth to Santiago and his mother. His mother took a deep breath and said what she needed to say.

” You know I never liked Gina but I loved Iris like my own child . She turned you back into the boy I raised and regardless of how badly you performed or how well you played she still supported you. Which is less than I can say for that troubled girl Gina.”

Isabella and Maria sat down across Javier and Santiago . She took Javier’s hand and said what he had to know.

“Son Iris was pregnant with your child when she was hurt by Gina . She didn’t sleep with Tiago. She left cause she couldn’t face the pain and well you loving Gina.”

Javier took his hand back stood up and ran towards the door .

“I don’t believe you ! Any of you.”

Maria stopped him

” Javier its the truth. She lost the baby after the fall she wasn’t the same when she left ”

As shocked as Javier was he felt like going to see Iris but he still thought she was in theater.

“I want to see Iris now Tiago! . Get her out now. Mom I am so sorry for all the pain I’ve caused what I’m feeling right now is my punishment for being such a fool , then I deserve to feel this way. ”

Javier started wiping his tears with his palms.
Isabella looked at him with a face full of tears .

” Son no angel you don’t . ”
Santiago stood up and walked to Javier.

“I will take you to Iris.”.
As soon as Javier walked in he went to Iris’s bedside sat down held her hand kissed it . She had a breathing mask on her face so he couldn’t see her . For the first time in a long time he took out his rosary and started praying for everything. He prayed for forgiveness and redemption … But most of all he prayed for Iris to wake up . He needed her to wake up…

*A/N This is a work of fiction the characters and scenes are my own original they exist in my world not the real world .* 🙂


The Game Of Love – By Kgali Claire Mmuoe Chapter 18

The Game Of Love -By Kgali Claire Mmuoe @->

Chapter 18

#Then and #Now

#Adele #AllIAsk
#Coldplay #In my #place

5 years ago

Iris was chilling in her room going through her notes doing research for an article she had to write. First of all she felt out of her depth ;the topic she was given was interesting it was sports . She usually covered the arts and events . She needed a bit of a challenge so she came to study sports communication, which meant that she would be out of her comfort zone, away from family, and friends. Except she was staying with Maria at her family guest house.
She hadn’t gone out for three days straight.

Javier had called her ten times when he got a break from training, but she let it go to voice mail just like all her calls. When he finally called Maria and got through; he asked where Iris was . She told him Iris was sick and needed a break from everything . He asked her for the house address and she gave it to him . Within fifteen minuets Javier walked in the house and straight up to Iris’s room. He knocked on the door …

“Iris … Babe honey”

“Go away… I don’t want to talk to you. ”

Iris sounded very nasal and was almost done with her articles when Javier came through. She did a quick edit and hit send , closing her note book she heard her phone vibrate on the night stand without a second thought she picked it up and answered.

” This is Baker ?”
She still sounded all sorts of un well and sick. Javier didn’t believe Maria first but now he did and he was starting to worry.

“Let me in and let me explain. ”

Iris curled up on the sofa in fetal position with phone in hand .

“Okay fine explain to me why your childhood sweetheart has it in for me … We’ve been going out for a year and she’s on a serious campaign to break us up.
She kissed you after the game last week well the last three games that you had ,in front of me and everyone. ”

“Iris I can’t talk to you from outside , please let me in so we can talk properly. Its been the longest three days of my life . Don’t let Gina get in the way of what we have, she screwed up any chance we had when she disrespected my mother. The kisses meant. I didn’t kiss her back… ”

“I know ;but you know how she operates she inflicts fear in you and gets her message across by making you afraid .”

Javier hung up and continued to knock.

“Iris come on you are acting weird, you never fear anything , you take every challenge that comes your way . You’re a free spirit one of the many reasons I love you. Either you come out or I’m coming in , I will break this door if I have to. ”

Iris stood up from the couch and unlocked the door only to be met by an embrace from Javier.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to do it”

“I’m not mad hun . Do what ? ”

Javier walked in closed the door and tried to let her go gently but she wouldn’t let go she held on to him.

“I can’t. ”

Javier caught a glimpse of Iris’s face on the mirror and took her arms from the back of his neck gently , but she looked away.

” Would you look at me? Please ”
Iris slowly lifted her head. She had a black eye and a blood stain on the side of her lip that seemed to be healing .

“You have a crazy ex… Not just crazy she’s obsessed. ”

” You are too kind Iris.That’s why she’s constantly targeting you ”

“Hey. Whose side are you on?”

Iris got off Javier and Sat back on the bed she was wearing grey sweats with a white top and she was walking around in socks it was a tad bit cold outside.

Javier was in shock and livid at the same time.He snuggled up against Iris. Iris responded by granting his request for him to hold her by letting him hold her and comfort her by massaging her back with her head on his pectoral again. .
Javier kissed the top of her head .

” Your side .I’m sorry angel.”

“Forgiven babe”

“See too nice , why don’t you ever give me a hard time ?”

” Its not in me to do that…Grill you for being there for me and being honest. I’m sorry for the radio silence and not being home for the past four days. How was training?”

“It was okay. I missed you most of the time. I know what happened to you . It doesn’t take much I always hear your heart. Gina will not be a problem I should have set boundaries like you said and I will ,I promise.”

“You always wear your heart on your sleeve. You always get me in more ways than one.”

Javier laughed .

“That’s because you make it easy for me to love you.”
Iris lifted her head to kiss Javier and he kissed her back .She looked into his eyes and spoke from the heart

” Javier Te amo con todo mi corazón. Yo bendigo y aprecio el día que te conocí y le doy gracias a Dios por ustedes.”

“Me siento de la misma forma en que mi ángel .My corazón late a un ritmo diferente cuando estoy contigo ”

Iris untangled herself from Javier and scratched around her bag for a wallet photo found it and crawled back into bed and resumed her previous position looking at Javier sitting crossed legged opposite him. She gave Javier the photo and smiled .

” I know your birthday is coming up soon but I wanted to give you a pre -Birthday present”

Javier looked at the photo and smiled affectionately at Iris . He took out his wallet and put the photo in the photo compartment and put it back in his duffle bag.

” You’re the best girl in the entire world and I see why my mother loves you. I’m going to frame it . That was the day my heart fell for you”

” Yeah and that’s when I decided I will stop running and it stops with you… Does that make sense.?”
Javier opened the comforter to invite her back in to the bed .

” Makes perfect sense to me . Come back inside I’m getting cold; I also have reason to believe we have some serious catching up to do.”

Iris slid inside and turned to face Javier.

“Yeah I kinda like have a blue eye and a cut lip which is like sort of healing.”

“I love your blue eye . It will fade and even if it looks like a facial tattoo. You still look hot .”
Iris threw her head back and laughed

“Sweet talker…”
“Wait until I get you in a docile state ,then we will see who the sweet talker is …
Present day…
The ride to the hospital was the longest Javier had to make. He had passed a dodgy club to get there quicker , but he was held up in a roadblock.

To pass time he switched on the music player on his car , he had forgotten that he’d. Let Iris program some of her favorite artists in . When he pressed play Adele’s – All I ask came on . As the song came on he started having flashbacks of what happened five years ago when Iris gave him the photo he still kept in his wallet and box of stuff at home. Iris had the photo laminated and for some sort of odd reason he laughed to himself .
He was snapped back to reality when they searched his car then let him go. He made it to the Hospital and the E.R waiting room, only to be met by Max his team mate who had scratches and bruises and Alfredo the family driver who also had bruises. What he didn’t expect. Though was to see Gina in handcuffs been led out the hospital.

He ignored the situation his only focus was on Iris and the past two days. Besides been riddled with feelings of remorse and guilt ,he wanted to look into Iris’s chocolate browns and just feel at home again.
When Javier walked in;Santiago came out in scrubs looking all sorts of uncomfortable and grim.

“Santi where is she?”
Santiago sat Javier down and explain what had happened and that they would need to get a blood transfusion for Iris ,or she wouldn’t make it. They were busy testing to see what blood type she was.

“Javi when Max and Al were brought in they were treated for scratches and bruises as you can see. Iris took a bullet for someone the only two people that know are those two over there and the gun was traced back to Gina. I have to go .”
As Santiago was turning around to leave Javier called out to him.

” Santi I know what blood type she is. I will deal with Max and Al later . I can save her .”
Max snapped his head back.

” Javier how the hell do you know ?”
Javier looked angry and powerless at the same time. He closed his eyes and when he opened them tears started streaming out.

“Alfred will fill you in . Al call Maria and my mother . Santiago take to the room where you donate blood . I will explain everything there. ”

As he turned and walked with Santiago; Alfred started talking.

Santiago looked at him and gave him a hankie

“Dry your eyes , she’s a fighter . She will make it . As for Gina she’s gone too far. She shot Iris with intent to kill…”

“What no na ah . The hell is wrong with that woman ?”

“There is something you need to know too … Iris almost died on the table tonight… She came back by some sort of miracle and what ever it was … I’m thankful”

Javier wasted no time in getting ready to donate blood ….

The Game Of Love By – Kgali Claire Mmuoe @->

The Game Of Love. By Kgali Claire Mmuoe
Chapter 17

#Rudimental FT #BeckyHill #Powerless
#TheSript #Talk #you #down

Javier was surprised ; he looked like someone had knocked the wind out of him . First of all Iris was angry at him and secondly he was upset that Iris had walked out on him twice. Which meant that she didn’t fully trust him and he knew she was running .

He walked to Iris who was still in her robe and put his hands on her shoulders and looked down at her; her eyes were full of fury and fear.

“Iris I need you to trust me again. Heaven knows I’m not worthy of anything right now… Your trust, your love, hell even you. Gina and I are over, that I can assure you of she’s in the past. I want you… If last night and this morning was anything to go by… I never want you to feel like you have no where to run or no one turn to. I want you to run to me, turn to me and let me love you again. I guess all I’m asking for is another chance. Will you ?”

” How . I have already forgiven you for what you did . Last night and well this morning was amazing . That’s it .”

Iris scratched her brow, something she always did when she didn’t want to disclose how she really felt .

“That’s it; what’s that supposed to mean ? Your are doing that thing with your brow Iris . Don’t you dare hold back on me .”

Iris’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped.

” Stop pushing .”

“I’m not hell I haven’t even started . I answer a call to tell Gina I can’t talk to her and you walk out .”

Iris threw her hands in the air and rolled her eyes.

“Exactly that , we were in a middle of a conversation and you paused everything else to take a call from Gina .You know what that screams ? ”

Iris walked into the vanity room.
Javier sat down on the chair and looked at the vanity room door.

“Manners I can’t leave someone hanging.”

Iris peaks her head out with an incredulous look.

” Are you serious , manners,manners . Wow Javier just wow .”

Iris retreated back and started un coiling her hair.

” Well what does that mean, or scream ?”

Iris continued with her hair .

“Oh well let me see. Iris last night was just physical it meant nothing… Oh and this morning too , it meant absolutely jack . I need you to know that I remember us , oh yes I do but right now Gina matters…”

Javier ‘s blood was starting to boil. He was getting frustrated cause part of what Iris was saying was true.”

” Iris you know you’re starting to antagonize me right .Please stop it. ”

“I know I am but I’m not the same as I was and I’m not going to play second fiddle. You had the choice to let it just ring or hang up. You chose the latter ”

Javier walked to the door to try cool off. He thought of just leaving but he couldn’t.

“You were my first choice still are . What would it take for you to trust me.”

“Less contact with your ex.”

” No .”


“Its complicated.”

“Un complicate it. What happened? You never give in to anyone’s demands or threats. Will you tell me what’s up? ”

“I can’t . ”

Iris walks out the vanity room looking angry

“Get out !”

“Why ?”

” I opened up to you; and the minuet I alert you to a problem that you are part of; I get accused of holding back. I bared my mind, heart, and,my soul to you. Level with me. That’s all I’m asking. You are not telling me what’s going on. I’m not going to play guessing games with you.”

” No puedo hablar contigo cuando estás así.”

“Fine. Then try this on for size don’t talk to me.”

Javier swung the door open and slammed it making Iris flinch.

Her phone went off when she saw the screen she picked up with no hesitation.

“Maria… hi .”

“Iris I’m sorry to drop this on you , but you are going to have to come through with Javier he will come by your room in fifteen minuets so be ready by then okay.”

” Okay sure will be . See you in a bit. I have a bone to pick with you ; I know what you did.”

“I know what I did see you soon bye bestie.”

By the time Iris was done getting ready she still heard nothing from Javier, she went out to the terrace and looked out into the beautiful garden that had a pond reflecting the building.

Javier didn’t take long to get ready he had his stuff moved to Iris’s suite . It took him ten minuets to get cleaned up and five to dress up . He checked his phone and saw a message Maria sent him. He replied and agreed to do what she asked..he looked around for Iris and finally located her on the terrace.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Iris.

He fell in love all over again it felt as if there was a switch in his veins and couldn’t bring himself to stop starring.
She was wearing a navy blue knee high long sleeve dress with long black boots a white leather jacket , her hair all curly and grey scarf looking lost in her thoughts. Javier’s voice went all raspy with emotion when he tried to call her.

” Iris we should get going.”
Iris said nothing. She darted a look of betrayal to Javier and followed his lead outside where he had parked his Jeep GC SUV. Javier was dressed in navy blue chinos, a white polo shirt, and a grey hoody paired up with white sneakers.

He had also tied his dark blond hair back rocking the man bun,which made his eyes pop with color and his face looked much more cleaner; he decided to also shave.
Javier looked dashing enough to make any girl swoon with minimal effort.

They both made it in time; although the drive from the city to the farm was the longest they both had . The music helped ease the tension but still Iris was as mad as hell at Javier . When they both arrived they were seated at the family table. Jonathan ,Sasha , Martin ,Bryce ,Maria, Ricardo and Javier’s mother were at the same table .Iris was by “mistake” placed in between Bryce and Javier and to make things even more awkward Gina had also shown up. The night went smoothly and Iris had never been so quiet she would usually talk; however she said nothing to Bryce or Javier.

“So are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

Bryce whispered in her ear . Iris turned around to look at Bryce who had a concerned look on his face. The look she knew too well that he wasn’t going to stop. Iris looked at him and replied calmly .

“Bryce its nothing . Even if there was something. You can’t do a thing.”

“I can try to get you back.”

“I’ve long moved on and so should you.”
Bryce looked into Iris’s eyes to try gage what was up.

“Your eyes always betray you. Even though we have broken up ;your eyes are telling me you’re in love but you are in agony. It doesn’t have to be like that come back to me.”

” I can’t . Although you are spot on .”

Javier instinctively took Iris’s hand and kissed it and intertwining it with his. Looking over he gave Bryce a warning look.

” Bryce is it ?”
Javier stretched our his free hand to shake his.”

” Nando Javier Mendez. I’m a fan.”

Bryce shook his hand. Javier slid his arm around Iris’s waist and pulled her closer to him and whispered something in her ear.

“Glad to know. Bryce enjoy the night. ”

Javier smiled lovingly at Iris and he kissed her .

” Bryce see you around. Excuse me I have somewhere to go.”

Iris went to Isabella who knew and loved like her own sat next to her and they shared a warm embrace and talked for a bit. Iris understood Javier’s evasiveness and Gina issue this morning. What Isabella told her made her almost cry . With one final embrace for the evening she went looking for Javier.

Iris took one of the golf carts parked outside the tree house. She ran upstairs angst to break the silent treatment and tell Javier she understood.

When Iris opened the door she couldn’t believe her eyes….Her heart rate spiked up and her breath went shallow. Everything inside her told her to bolt run for the hills but she was in freeze mode … When Javier’s head shot up the look on his face was one of guilt and regret…

With all the courage Iris could master all she could say was;

“Really … Wow. ”

“Don’t go I can explain.”

Iris turned on her heal walked out and drove back as fast as she could to the main house to get a driver and just leave …

Javier didn’t say a word to anyone when he left. He just drove out and went looking for Iris. He didn’t mean for Iris to see what she saw it was an error of judgment on his part and a stupid mistake.

He tried to call but all he got was voice mail, after 3 hours of searching he went back to the hotel suite in hopes that she would return there, but he ended up passed out on the couch all he could remember was the reason he broke up with Gina and how much he wanted Iris back.

He wanted to tell her everything let her in; but the chances of that happening seemed bleak…

At three am Javier’s phone vibrated on the coffee table . He jerked up and answered it without looking at the screen.

“Iris ? Where are you?”

” Javier its Santiago speaking.”

As sleepy as Javier was before he was fully awake and panicked.”

“Tiago what’s wrong is it my mother?”

” Na ah she’s okay …”

Javier had a sinister feeling that something must have happened to someone he knows. Santiago would have already told him the minuet he picked up what was going on . He was stalling after five seconds of silence he continued to probe.

“Tiago we’ve been friends since we were in diapers .what’s going on?”

“Something happened to Iris. She was brought in with Max and one of the drivers … It’s serious .”

“What the hell was my teammate doing with my girlfriend ?”

“Just get here as soon as you can bud.”

“I’m on my way.”

Javier put on his hoodie and ran out…

The Game Of Love By Kgali Claire Mmuoe

The Game Of Love By Kgali Claire Mmuoe
The Game Of Love By Kgali Claire Mmuoe
Chapter 16
#Adele #Remedy
#JamesBay #NeedTheSunToBreak

Iris and Javier sat across each other. She was sitting with her legs crossed in the middle of the bed wearing Javier’s white crew neck t-shirt and black PJ shorts . Javier was leaning on the head board topless with his grey yoga pants on smiling.

” You know my white V neck looks better on you than it does on me. ”

“Crew neck babe its round at the collar. Although I wouldn’t be able tell the difference too ;cause the shirt is wearing me .”
Javier played around with the hem of the sleeve, which exposed Iris’s shoulder; he saw the scar that chilled him to the bone.

” I thought all t shirts were V necks besides you look good in anything you wear… Thank you ”

“For what ?”

Iris tucked her hair behind her ears and looked at him smiling.
The kind of look that made his heart skip a beat. She had always that effect on him even when he had the most horrid day ,seeing her erased any traces of sadness. He always felt like he was in a non judgmental zone;secure ,wanted and loved around her.

“For not being afraid and showing me your scars…and your forgiveness Your version of events were scary to be honest and messed up.

Javier knelt in front of Iris and put both his hands on her waist.

“I’m alive that’s all that matters.”

When Javier looked at Iris; his face was riddled with guilt and remorse.

“I should have been there…”

Javier started to cry and Iris unfolded her legs knelt in front of him and wiped his tears. Javier held her for what seemed to feel like a long time.she leaned back to look at him.

” How were you to know. Half the time I tried to contact you after what you did; to tell you what had really happened , I got threatened . I stayed in contact with your mother cause she knew the truth.”

“I got angry every time she mentioned you or talked about you . Then she told me she would try and accept my relationship with Gina cause you have moved on . Her heart was breaking on the day she told me she won’t bring you up in any conversation.After I told her I won’t come home if she was going to guilt trip me .”

“On the night I talked to her; I decided to go out to a party and that’s when Bryce and I happened. He and I clicked. It felt good again to feel rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns inside my heart and smile again. Before I knew my heart started beating properly again it wasn’t just pumping blood.”

“Gina changed me and not in a good way.My heart ached when you left. I wanted to tell you that I forgave you and that I believed you.”

“But you didn’t instead you broke my heart even more when you threw me out in the cold. I wanted to go back to the loft go talk it out with you ,tell you what you saw wasn’t what was really happening. Tiago needed a friend . He was our friend. ”

“I didn’t kick you out.”

Iris threw her hands in the air calmed down and folded her hands in def fence . As relaxed as Javier was before he became all tense again.Iris stood up and moved to foot of the bed .

“You did . What do you call having my bags packed by Eva and telling her to tell me that you never want to see me again and that I should find somewhere else to sleep cause I wasn’t welcome anymore, oh and to add insult to injury. Gina walked out in your sweatshirt only … And you… You came out …”
Iris was pointing at his body . It took a minuet for Javier to realize what she meant.

” Oh yes … I remember now but I didn’t see you. Why didn’t you alert me. I was in my boxers cause my joggers had gotten wet with hot chocolate. I didn’t tell Eva that. She’s been my minder for years hell she loved you she sill does.”

“She wasn’t herself that day… Whatever Gina said to her must have struck a cord. Cause she was cold . I had never seen her so afraid and on the edge.”

” She wasn’t the same after you left. She went back home to the wine farm. My mother gave me an ear full about Gina ,but still … I wouldn’t budge and well I went down the wrong path. I’ve been mending broken relationships for the past six months. Except for one that still eats at me ”

“Which is…”

“The one with you. Hell you even forgot that I existed .”

“Javier being kicked out in the cold having to find a new place to in a foreign country is pretty traumatized. Luckily I had back up. I booked into a guest house and stayed there till I could book a flight back home.”

” I’m so sorry, I truly am… It’s always been you”. Javier cleared his face again and began to walk after her after her. Iris had t. he door half open when Javier’s phone rang and with a quick glance he saw who it was and answered .

” Not now Gina . I’m busy. ”
When he looked up Iris had gone to the next room. He knocked on the door but there was still no answer . He opened the bedroom door and. Saw his t-shirt folded neatly with Iris’s other stuff he heard the shower running and decided to wait until Iris got out which was 30 minuets later.He was still in his yoga pants.

When Iris walked out only to find Javier in her room she went about her afternoon getting ready for dinner and ignoring him. She was again livid at him and he knew why.

“Iris are we going to this again. I said I’m sorry.” Iris gave him an impassive look and still kept quiet.
“The silent treatment isn’t going to work. You are going to have to talk to me at some point . We are going to dinner .”
Iris broke her silence…

“You can go with Gina. I’m done with this …”
Iris sat down on the chair and saw Javier’s somewhat peeved reaction on the mirror.
She still had an impassive look on her face

” No you’re not. You’re not running. Not this time . You always run when you refuse to acknowledge your feelings , or admit that something is wrong …”

” Oh yes and you’re Mr know it all right… ”

“Iris stop .Stop it with your sarcasm.”

” What is it that you want from me? ”

“For you to stop running.”

” I don’t think that’s possible considering you aren’t done with Gina “…

The Game of Love By -Kgali Claire Mmuoe #TGOL #C.R. #KCM @->

BY Kgali Claire Mmuoe
Chapter 14
Song #Years&Years #Shine

Iris pulled up the sleeves of the hoodie and looked at him. His eyes looked like the ocean blue and beautiful. They somehow had a calming effect on Iris and she couldn’t explain why she felt at home.
As fast as her heart was beating before it was beating faster and in a good way.

For Javier it was a totally different feeling ; he was captivated by Iris in more ways than one…

The flight was an hour and a half long and given the time they left ,they would be in Madrid by nightfall. For the first half of the flight, Javier filled Iris in on the night they first met at the new years party in Bilbao.
Javier brushed a lock of hair off her face and continued to help her remember…in a very unconventional way.

“You know; ever since that night you disappeared I’ve wondered where you were?. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you board the plane…you were here on assignment but left without saying goodbye.”

“Oh is that why you thought causing a scene about the window seat would get me to remember who you were. I hate goodbyes. ”

” No I really wanted the window seat but you and your stubbornness won.”

” Ha ha okay so you’ve jogged my memory for the first part of the flight and I remember the party very well now thanks to your muscle memory trick it worked wonders .”

“Do you want me to smooch you again? You know I don’t mind right? Its one of my favorite pass times”

“Don’t push it ”

Iris cracked a smile ,slid back comfortably in her seat,and looked outside. Her moment of lull was disturbed by Javier brushing her cheek with his knuckles .

“What happened? Baker you’re not the same carefree friend I remember. You might be smiling yes, talking yes, but your eyes tell me a different story.”
Iris turned on her side and was met by Javier’s concerned face . He looked worried.

“How is it that you are able to see what most guys aren’t able to…”

” Well I’m Aphrodite’s half man demi whatever son and I have super natural powers which make woman fall at my feet and call me other things … Like greek god maybe ?”

Iris burst out with laughter and sounded like a little kid who was laughing at something slapstick.

” Ha ha I think the correct term you’re looking for is demi god and I wouldn’t put it past you.”

Javier’s face returned to normal and he was at ease again. He winced at Iris held her hand.

“I heard the most scariest story a couple of months back. A sports reporter was shot in her own house; by an athlete who was friends with her boyfriend ,she uncovered the truth that the athlete who shot her wanted to stop her from telling the world what was really happening. The dude was using gym candy… Turns out the boyfriend knew that she knew all along. My sister in law to be told me the story.
You came to mind but when I called you I went through to voice mail and then I let go”

Iris’s throat went dry … The story sounded all too familiar, she went silent and all traces of joy that where on her face disappeared. She closed her eyes and turned her face down in hopes that Javier wouldn’t see the tears that threatened to spring from her eyes; but it was too late no matter how hard she tried to hold back her tears they flowed out.

Instinctively Javier lifted her face up and wiped the tears off her face and hugged her and she let go and hugged him back . There was something so secure about his arms that made her want to stay in them for a while .

“That is so sad and scary. I’m sorry I… Wasn’t there to pick up the phone. Something happened on my way back to work a couple of months back… ”

Her tone was somber and she let go broke all physical contact with Javier. Iris looked away and slid her glasses back on to hide her eyes.

Her eyes always betrayed her when it came to coming clean about anything. She remembered her last conversation with Jonathan; how they sorted out their differences and how they both truly felt .Through out the whole conversation he had to turn her chin to make sure she looked at him.

The difference with Javier was that he didn’t have to try. Iris was comfortable with him… But how ever open and forthcoming Iris was; she had a tendency of being withdrawn and cutting out others.

The air hostess passed through the isle gingerly when she got to their seat row. She gave them a genuine smile.

“Please buckle up we are about to land ”

Both buckled up and said nothing to each other.

Javier sensed that something was wrong again. See doing what he does for a living he was able to tell what’s what with regards to the way people reacted , then again his world was all about instant gratification, and fun.
Iris turned around to make sure everything was alright. She had taken her scarf off mid conversation with Javier on the plane and forgotten that she had his hoodie on . Her hair was tied up in a coiled bun. Most of Irisis’ stab wounds had healed and the scars were fading the wound on the lower back end of her neck left a nasty scar. She had forgotten about it. In a way it had become a part of her . When Javier saw the scar ; the first thing that crossed his mind was ; how and when did something sinister happen to Iris.

The plane landed and everyone stood up and got off .
Javier somehow lost Iris in the crowd. One minuet they were walking together the next she just slipped out of his hand. His first initial thought was to find the nearest taxi stop . Iris wouldn’t be hard to spot . After all she was wearing his favorite jacket .

He made it to the stop and saw Iris board a taxi.Call it a hunch or a feeling he went to go get his car and drove to the hotel nearest to the art gallery. He remembered Iris loved Art and nature from the time he spent with her when she visited a while back.
He programed Hotel Ritz on his maps and found the quickest rout.

When Iris checked in and connected to WIFI, the first message she received was from Maria. It simply read ; “please tell me where you are staying so that I can send someone who will drive you around and get you where you need to go to. Fernando my husbands brother might be on the same flight he can also come bring you .
Love .Maria.

Iris got cleaned up changed and headed for bed. She was about to turn off the lights when Cortana reminded her to call Maria. She picked up her phone and called.

“Hey Maria just got your message. I’m just checking in. What’s going on ?”

Maria took a deep breath. Which set off feelings of apprehension and angst.

“Martin was released on probation and his also coming to the wedding , well his here with Sasha so he won’t harm you .”

“What the hell?! He tried to kill me.”

“He wants to make peace. ”

Iris stood up from the side of the bed to the balcony just outside her room overlooking the gardens.

“Sasha had me stabbed, his brother shot me for what; for not knowing about Bryce and his past. On top of that he was doping… ”

“Iris call me selfish or naive but I’m sorry. I truly am sorry for all the pain and hurt you’ve gone through. Can you just at least put all that aside for my big day . We have two weeks ,and you’re my best friend and brides made… Please ”

There was something about the way she asked that made her remember why she could never say no.

Iris walked back inside and closed the door . A summer storm was brewing and she was getting the chills in more ways than one. Here hotel room bell rang. She had ordered warm milk and cookies.

” Maria can we discuss everything tomorrow? I need to rest.”

“Sure Iris. I love you like my own sister.”

“Love you too Ria .”

Iris opened the door without looking. She was busy busy switching applications off .

A familiar baritone voice vibrated through the walls of her suite .

” I never take no for an answer. I don’t get why you’re constantly running away from me. I’m not the enemy. I’m your friend ”

She looked up and let out a chuckle.

“Why is it that you always have me at a disadvantage?”

“Home ground advantage has its perks …”

Iris looked up and saw a familiar face; with a warm smile and beaming blue eyes.

“Let’s not forget that you are also a demigod.”

Javier closed the door and locked it. He walked towards Iris and kissed her forehead. They both sat down on the bench at the edge of the bed facing each other .

“Iris… You got it all wrong . It is you who has me at a disadvantage … Always” he wispered the last word

Iris stood up and put her phone on the night stand slid into bed unintentionally only to turn around and face Javier.

“Where do I start Javi ?”
Javier rolled down the covers and turned on his side to face Iris.

” The scar on your lower neck. How did you get that?”

“I was stabbed. Someone wanted to send a message and they succeeded. ”

Iris started crying again as she was starting to remember the day. Javier pulled Iris into his warm arms. He didn’t mind that his t-shirt was getting wet with Iris’s tears.

” Tell me everything we can talk for as long as you want even if you want me to lay next to you. I will do that… Let me in… I want to make you feel safe,wanted and better.”


THE GAME OF LOVE BY -Kgali Claire Mmuoe #TGOL

The Game of Love by Kgali Claire Mmuoe
#song #LadyAntebellum -It aint pretty

Begin again

When you let go of what doesn’t serve you good; you come to the realization that there wasn’t a lot to hold on to at the first place. To love is to let go to fear is to hold on .

8 weeks later …
Iris and Jonathan didn’t watch a movie that night he came over to her loft. Instead they spent all night talking and getting back to being friends.

Sasha had pleaded with Jonathan to stay and told him she was sorry . Jonathan being the guy he was took her back even forgiving her for almost killing Iris.

Everyone was en route to Madrid to the wedding everyone was on the same flight. Everyone except for Iris.
She decided to take a connecting flight from Billbao to Madrid.

Maria was getting married and had all the help she could get from both families.
What was missing or rather who was Iris . She wanted to “explore” Bilbao.
When Maria asked her why?
she simply just said; she loves the sea and the culture.

She had been there on new years day and bought property… She wanted to see the finished result. The unit was done everything was perfect.

She booked her plane seat in advance so she could have the window seat first class. She expected her trip to Madrid to go smoothly with no glitches or disturbances . She was listening to Lady Antebellum – Golden in fact the whole album…

She slid on the chair by the window seat and before she could put on her headphones there was a bit of noise in the plane ; there were ,oohs and aahs and oh my word sign my shirt ,oh can I get a hug and oh my friend is so gonna be jealous.
She rolled her eyes and slid back down on her seat and continued with he routine of making sure she buckled up and she was comfy. She was just waiting for the plane to lift off.
Goodbye -Town started blasting in her ear holes and she was starting to get into the rhythm of the song when someone nudged her shoulder and signaled to her to take her headphones off .

“Excuse me hi you’re sitting in my seat.”

Iris looked up and saw a pair of Oakley sunglasses . She realized what the fuss was about but it didn’t phase her. He looked like a greek god. He had black shorts on , shaved legs , a cyan crew neck shirt and a pair of white superga sneakers. He was a sight for sore eyes no doubt.

” Excuse you ;I booked for this seat. Unless your name is Iberia and surname is airlines then by all means ”
Iris pointed to the vacant seat next to her.

“Ha ha very funny. Can I have my seat now?”

She shook her head.

Javier threw his hands up in the air. The air hostess was making sure everyone was seated.

“Wow. Do you know how many girls would kill to be in the position you’re in right now ?”

“The window seat… Amazing . How does it feel knowing you can’t have everything you want”

“Do you know who I am ?”

“You should know who you are. Or better yet if you can’t remember ;I know a very good doctor who can help you recover from your amnesia”

Javier couldn’t help but laugh and point at her in an accusatory manner, give her an incredulous look and laugh.

“Ha ha very funny. I know who I am . Where are the hidden cameras . ?”

“Nowhere. I’m not moving. I have a ticket proving that I’m supposed to be seated where I am. Na ah you’re not getting your way not today.”

Javier was completely thrown out of his depth; he was in a leadership position in his profession after all . He didn’t expect a woman who was a novelty to him to fight him back.
For the fact that she wasn’t what he would usually go for… He was beside himself and holding up the whole plane ;but none of the passengers didn’t seem to mind they were enjoying the show.

” All I’m asking is that you give me that seat. Please. Don’t make me beg.”

He took off his glasses which was a first . He was notorious for never removing his sunglasses in public.

When Iris locked eyes with Javier. She was left breathless. He did have sun kissed skin, a gorgeous jaw line, not to mention his chiseled features but his puppy pale blue eyes and pout tugged at her heart strings.

Iris looked up at Javier again from where she was sitting and held her own.

“Oh my word… You really want the window seat. You poor thing . You know charm is deceptive ; so my answer still remains.”

Javier finally sat down next to her turned to look at her raked his hand through his dark blond hair, looked up, and was met by a pair of Ray band sunglasses .

“I get that its useless to campaign for the seat but I have an insane fear for sitting on isle seats. Please.”
Iris took a deep breath and took off her sunglasses . She then looked at Javier and again felt a jolt of lighting move through her body . She touched his Javier’s jaw and he froze.

“Mr Blue eyes , I am so sorry about your insane fear of sitting by the isle seat . What ever happened must have scared you, and scarred you. Now I don’t want to get kicked out the plane . Neither do you so please can you just sit down.”

When Javier looked in her eyes his heart did an instant somersault he for the first time in a while felt all warm and tingly . Javier had seen security from the corner of his eye headed his direction . He had already caused trouble and was in trouble he just needed to get to the farm in one piece. With no hesitation ; he held Iris’s hand, he sat down and to his surprise and hers kissed her and whispered in her ear.

“Whatever security asks you tell them you are my girlfriend.”

With no protest Iris played along . She hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. Talking back for the fun of it and not to mention being kissed by a total stranger . Which was weird and exciting in a fun way .
She was also in a foreign country. Away from everyone .

She looked up and saw two men in black . Airport security was alerted by someone and she put the two and two together.

“Officer hi”

“Ma’m are you okay or is this man harassing you?”

” Nope I’m okay thank you. ”

“Mr Mendez anymore trouble and we will kick you off the plane.”

“I’m with my girlfriend. She really knows how to bring me down to earth”

The officer looked at her pensively .
“Are you South African ?”

Iris squeezed Javier’s hand and he squeezed her hand back

“Yes I am .”

Javier kissed Iris again and she kissed him back.
He looked at the officer and smiled. The officer turned on his heel”

“Safe trip to Madrid”

” Estamos en serio lo siento. ”

The officer looked back and cracked a smile .

” You two love birds take care. ”
Everyone was buckled up and ready to go . After take off. Javier broke the awkward silence.

” So I’m. Javier Mendez… I really like you…”

Iris let out a chuckle which made Javier smile

“I’m Iris… And when the plane lands. This thing you think we have … Ends when we touch ground .”

” Wow . Usually girls throw themselves at me. There is something about you Iris.”

Iris settled back on her seat and didn’t respond to
Javier .

“Fine if you really don’t want to say anything. I’m sorry for what I did and for the record you’re … You… I mean…”

“Javier please don’t say anything . I’m still in shock . I don’t have the energy to argue and tell you what I think. We are mid air . I might get the sudden urge to throw you out.”

“Slap me if it’ll make you feel better , I admit that I like you and want to be your tour guide. When the plane touches down I’m not letting you out of my sight ”

“No. I’m just here for a wedding”

“My brother is getting married and I need a date . You are perfect.”

“My best friend is getting married. I don’t have a date.”

“Guess that makes us two peas in a pod. I want to get to know you better.”

Javier took her hand and kissed it. He didn’t want to let her hand go.

“I wish I could say the same.”

She took her hand back . She was feeling cold all of the sudden and instinctively hugged herself. She didn’t see it but Javier was carrying a grey and white hoodie with some team emblem on it when he came in.


Iris turned around to face Javier she had un- clicked her seat belt
“Javier? ”
She was still shivering

Before she could protest or do anything to counteract Javier he had but his hoodie over her shoulders

“It tends to get cold in the evenings but I’m used to the weather.”

Iris slid her arms inside the sleeves

“Thank you.”

” I will take it back when I find you and I will find you again and when I do my
Hoodie. Will be the perfect excuse to see you.”

Iris looked in Javier’s eyes

“In a perfect world I’d be head over heels already. I just can’t remember where I know your eyes from .”

” I’m willing to try if you will. I haven’t forgotten about our kiss last year . I remember you but you don’t remember me . My now ex didn’t know a thing. You had a LBD on with navy blue boots not heels and red chunky knit scarf.”

“I don’t remember what happened that night. All I remember is Gina and never mind. I can’t do this not now ”

She turned and looked outside the window. She remembered everything and the sent on Javier’s sweater brought back new years eve

“Okay. I will respect that . I won’t push. This conversation isn’t over”

“I take back what I said.”

She leaned over to hug him and he hugged her back

” Its okay Baker. Iris Baker. ”

She leaned back to look at him.

“Javi …?”

“You remember me .”

“I do .”

” For the record I never kiss women I don’t know .”

“For the record I don’t kiss sexy guys I don’t know.”

” Full of compliments now are we.”

Iris looked a bit embarrassed

” Sorry. I’ve been through so much. ”

Javier hugged her again.

“We have a lot to talk about Iris.”

The Game OF Love – By Kgali Claire Mmuoe Chapter 12 LET’S BE FRIENDS AGAIN

The Game OF Love – By Kgali Claire Mmuoe

Chapter 12

The hardest part of letting go ;is accepting that the decision you made was right, and although you don’t know how you’re going to continue … You just have to take the leap of faith and hit the ground running.

When Iris packed her bags for the second time … She promised herself that this would be the last time and it was a promise she intended on keeping.
Before she was out of the house she had called home for the past 5 years,the complex , and done with Bryce. She had to deal with a half broken man and calling in Caleb for back up.

Bryce pleaded with her to think things through, but she didn’t want to hear any of it. The truth was Bryce had omitted the truth from her not once but twice
When Iris got home to her loft she stood by the kitchen counter, drinking a glass of Moet and looked at her somewhat unchanged space. Everything was the same. Her coffee table, books, couch and shutters were the same the only thing that had changed was her carpet. She sat down took a deep breath and closed her eyes . All she could see was a ghost picture of what had happened a month ago , how angry she was at Bryce , how scared she felt and the only person she could think of was Jonathan even though Bryce got to her first the night she was shot.
She was snapped out of her melancholic memory by the sound of her phone ringing she had forgotten that she changed her ring tone to Calvin Harris ft Haim -pray to God .

“Iris speaking… Hello ”

” I’m going to need to pray to God after doing what I am about to do,” there was a long pause on the other line . “Iris , I know you are home , I come baring gifts. I had a dream last night . I was running…”

“Running away from or to?”

“Running to you , as fast as I could to your door.I knocked and you opened the door; before you could say anything, I kissed you.I kissed you and you kissed me back.It felt as if my heart was going to burst from all the pent up feelings of love I have for you . ”

Iris walked to her door and swung it open locked eyes with Jonathan,hung up, and put her phone in her pocket.

“Then you woke up and realized it was only just a dream.”

Jonathan had a black and gold box and coffee beans.

” And if you believe in dreams ,they have a tendency to come true you know?.”

Iris gestured to Jonathan to come in . It was as if he knew where she kept everything . Iris had an organized cabinet similar to the one he had. By some sort of coincidence. They were a couple before she met Bryce. She sat across him silent.Watching him occupy her kitchen and work it like his known it for years

” Iris say something cause you are silent. Or should I start since I called this meeting.”

“By all means the floor is yours.” He opened the box , he smiled , and flashed his pearly whites at Iris.

“Who are you and what have you done with Iris.You would jump at the opportunity to speak your mind first and challenge what’s being put before you.”

“I would .Thing is that I have gotten tired of trying to justify anything lately . So my nonchalance is warranted . What’s in the box anyway ”

He moved so that he was sitting on the stool next to her. He he gave her another glass of wine and made himself some coffee.

“Your favorite and before you say anything; I made sure they made them just the way you love them , with a chocolate filling inside .”

“Wow I’m surprised you even remembered. Okay what’s what?” She took another long sip and dug in the cupcake. Jonathan had bought 6 he always did that, buying more than he should or giving more than he should.

“I’m ending things with Sasha and I was hoping to begin again with you. I don’t care how this not being friends and only professional buddies happened . I want you back. ”

“Wait … Did it take almost losing Sasha to make you realize this , I’m confused? Or did it take you three years before you decided not to lie to yourself anymore.”

” You want to know why I decided to keep my distance for the past three years ,besides the wedding you didn’t want to attend but attended anyway cause your now ex was invited.”

Iris put her glass down and walked to the lounge area that had a gorgeous view of the sunset and sat on the carpet .Jonathan followed and sat next to her with her glass of wine and the cupcakes..
She turned around and leaned against the edge of the couch and faced Jonathan the raise of the sun was shining through the window ,spreading some much needed warmth since she neglected to switch on the air conditioner.

“I tried to tell you about your wife.She was playing dirty. Nothing happened and then you decided to to pull the plug on us and well our friendship. Like; Jono why ? I get that you were angry but did you have to hurt me like that?”

“I believe you Iris ,I do okay and I know you and that dude did nothing. Sasha was so adamant that you were being unfaithful and barely a month after I ended things you ran away or better yet fell in love with the rugby captain. There were times when I wanted to just pick up the phone and call you and tell you I didn’t mean all those nasty things I said. I left messages but you didn’t get back to me when I did.”

” Na ah I did . I got all of your texts and calls. When I tried to reach you Sasha answered . She made it clear to me that you had moved on and so should I. ”

” She told me you said; you never want to speak or see me again. She made sure she was there pretending to be my friend. Then to add insult to injury she broke the news that you and Bryce made the front page for the couple to watch out for. Then I saw you at the station. Even after three years of not been able to talk properly with you and getting to see you almost everyday ; reminded me how much I pretended it didn’t bother me; but everything came back to me. ”

“Yes and still your wife continued to attack me.The stabbing , Martin shooting me … I don’t want to deal with her crazy methods of trying to keep you and ”
Jonathan leaned over to kiss Iris before she could say anything. He kissed hard and when he went easy… She kissed him back with as much hunger and intensity.
Iris got off Jonathan and had guilt written all over her face.
She knew deep down she was hiding how she truly felt… She felt all giddy like she was falling in love for the first time. The kiss reminded her of the first time her and Jonathan had their first date. He had taken her to a spot by the lake underneath an oak tree and had made a pick nick basket and had found out from Maria that she loved chocolate ganache cupcakes with extra chocolate filling. Both lost track of time talking and Jonathan took her home. Since it was late and his house was nearer she spent the night and Maria loved it when she was around.

” Dreams do come true afterall.Can we put that behind us. I want us to be friends again”

“We can’t … Friends don’t kiss friends that way”

“Iris does that mean what I think it means”

“Yes but you are married and I’m not about that life. I know Sasha too, she will resort to dangerous things.I know crazy; but she is crazy with padded walls . ”

“She won’t hurt you. Friends just friends until I can figure something out . I can’t lose you again.”

Jonathan gave Iris a hug and she hugged him back.

“Friends .”

” I told myself as soon as I could hold you again I won’t let go.”
He hugged her tighter.

“We said friends; not friends with benefits… Can’t breathe”

Jonathan let go and looked at Iris .

“So. Peace offering accepted ?”

“Yes coffee beans and chocolate ganache cupcakes do qualify.Besides three years is very long time so I rate it should be a weekly thing”
Iris laughed and Jonathan beamed.

“I really missed you… I rate for old times sake we should do a Movie? ”

“In my house?”

“Ha ha yes. In your house. Tell you ”
What you can pick .”
Iris reached out her hand and Jonathan held it.
“This way cupcake …”

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SAME Difference New story I’m working on #sample

I started playing with my wedding band and twisting it around. It was as if Brent knew I was about to make an impulsive decision. I always fiddled with my ring when I was infuriated with Brent, it was a telltale sign that I had enough.

He pointed that out when we has a dispute with regards to problems that we talked out. He could sense my aggression or frustration and he didn’t need to say anything cause he could hear my heart. Brent knew me so well… And I knew him too.

I always felt him before he walked to where I was. In the house,or at a party. It was almost an instinctive feeling I had that told me to look up … And when I did he was there looking at me too.

The feelings that followed were almost like fireworks that were ignited through my veins . They were volcanic. He would always stop what he was doing , smile at me , if who he was talking to was an important contact. He would leave a conversation with his friends just to keep me company or steal me away from a group of friends just to either sneak in a kiss or just hold me cause he missed me.

He was the man I had for the longest of times prayed for…



Next Diary entry comming soon… all I’m asking for is a little less #Drama…

I am #crushing on a guy I have no #business crushing on it just happened… We are from two different worlds he is not what I would go for… And that’s the exciting part. I gravitate towards Artsy brains ,sports and tech guys .

“I didn’t ask you to walk in on a Thursday Morning looking like you just woke up and walked out of a GQ magazine cover shoot and talk like you partied all night…
(Making my heart work and at the moment not in a good way, cause I’m not in your circle therefore non existent in your world )

No dangit. No I can’t purge you out of my thoughts now …

*Full story coming soon

Chapter 10 The Game OF Love By Kgali Claire Mmuoe .@->



“I thought I made it clear to the both of you that I don’t want you coming without informing me.”

“Well when you switch off your phone including the house phone ,its pretty hard to communicate anything to you”

“Oh I didn’t switch my house phone off .Its always on what are you talking about . I might have changed it yes, but have you ever heard of asking.”

Bryce’s face registered anger and frustration. First of all he was angry that Maria and Caleb showed up unannounced and his fustrationn was triggered by not knowing where Iris was.The only feeling he could understand was fear of the unknown.

“Bryce do not take that kind of tone with Maria.
You don’t want me on your case again. We never liked the fact that you were with her. None of us did part of me is glad that your engagement is on the rocks. Its only a matter of time before she walks out on you for good this time . ”
Caleb gave bryce a smutty look. Which set Bryce off in a bad way. Being calmer and alert and just out of bed he managed to control his reaction and took a deep breath. He sat dowm on the Kitchen stool and took a sip of his coffee.

“Caleb it was an error of judgment and I acted out of character. It took almost losing the woman I love to realize that, and don’t look at me like that Caleb . I know the both of you didn’t like the fact that I was with Iris. ”
Maria cleaned up the mess and for the first time in a long time actually felt sorry for Bryce.

” She almost died cause your best friend.”
“Who happens to be Maria’s brother in law. Caleb where are you going with this?”

“You and your lies of omission caused the accident . If you had let Iris know about Martin . None of this wouldn’t have happened.”
Maria followed the blood trail without Bryce and Caleb noticing .

“I couldn’t goodness for crying out loud. Now that I know what I do know I don’t want to lose Iris.”
Bryce sat down on the kitchen bench and put his coffee on the table and Caleb saw him looking all sorts of remorseful .

“Bryce you might be all that rich and famous… But your past is your past and trying to run from what happened isn’t going to make things any better . Did you tell Iris what really happened that night of the accident … When your father died, or anything about your true identity that you are the son of …”

” Get out Caleb, get out of my house.Iris knows everything .”
Bryce was starting to fume up and he knew that Caleb was pushing all the wrong buttons
“Yeah she sure does now sleeping with Jerry then Gina… Dude you have a knack for screwing up people and ruining all your good relationships. I won’t let you do to Iris what you did to Katherine. That girl adored you even Martin gave her up so you could have her.”

“Iris doesn’t know about her ,and you utter a word about her I will never forgive you. You can’t help who you fall for, Maria is getting married and I can see it in your eyes its eating you up.How long can you put it off for”

Caleb scratched the back of his head and took a seat opposite Bryce whose eyes were red and clouded with tears .
“Taylor I am so sorry. ”

“Its okay Caleb. I couldn’t bring myself to tell Iris ,why Martin went crazy on her or why she was subjected to so much hate from him.Truth is I love her so much with all of my heart and I can’t bare the thought of losing her. Iris and I were not an item when Kate decided to take her own life. It was first my father and then my girlfriend followed.”

Bryce wiped the tears from his face , he was too distracted to notice Iris and Maria in the room.

“I will not tell Iris.”

“You do get that she has been the first girl that had made me believe that life isn’t all that bad . That I can live again and love again.I was a broken man she accepted me for me and she didn’t know I was a rich boy who had everything. I’m a better man since I’ve loved her. You do know I was too broken to fix before her.”

“Yeah you were a walking time bomb. ”

” All I’m saying is give me time to tell her about Katherine . ”

Maria and Iris had been standing at the door. Watching their argument and exchange of words. There was a moment of silence before Iris spoke. Her wrist was bandaged and she couldn’t
believe her ears. She gave Maria a hug

” Maria thank you we will talk later. Caleb please leave .”

Her nonchalant look and tone gave away her feeling of betrayal.

Without protest Caleb left with Maria and by the time the door closed Iris had occupied the seat that Caleb formally sat in and looked at a man with a face full of tears.”

“Iris …don’t just don’t look at me like that”

“You and your lies of omission …”

The look in her eyes said it all…

“I wanted to tell you… ”

“I covered that story . I just couldn’t understand why and then and then all of this happens … The doping and the shooting …”

Bryce tried to touch her hand but she moved it away.

” I wanted to tell you . She was pregnant with our child . I didn’t know . I had just lost my father and I was in a bad space. The night we met at that Sports party . I just wanted to forget about my triple tragedy . My own mother didn’t know …”

“What were you afraid of … Caleb knew! … Wait so did Jerry. Were we ever real or was I just someone you used to get over stuff. ”

“No ,no and no okay. I love you with all of my heart”

Iris moved from the bench and made her way to the stair case . Bryce started having flash backs of the night she left…

Iris turned on her heel and shot Bryce a look of betrayal and he instantly felt a jab of disappointment.

“I want to so hold you right now and be here for you and tell you everything will be okay . That I am so sorry you lost so much in a short space of time and I wasn’t there to make the pain go away. Instead you found solace in the arms of Jerry and Gina instead of calling me . I would have dropped what I was doing to come running to you . That should explain my coldness towards you right now. The fact that you denied me the chance to be .”
Iris turned around and wiped a tear from her eye.
She was about to and make her way upstairs when Bryce Caught her by her ankle and pulled her down causing her to sit and face him.

” You are not running away this time …”


DIARY OF A SOMEWHAT EMPLOYED EDUCATED 27 YEAR OLD I AM NOT. MY JOB (Don’t bully me , just cause I don’t fight back doesn’t mean I don’t feel. Still waters run deep.) “A nail that sticks out will be hammered down” Japanese proverb….)

(Don’t bully me , just cause I don’t fight back doesn’t mean I don’t feel. Still waters run deep.)
“A nail that sticks out will be hammered down” Japanese proverb….)

Just cause I’m doing me better than you’re doing you, doesn’t mean you can take shots at me . I wasn’t the one who told you to follow the current you took that choice,and just cause I break the mould and go against the current doesn’t mean that you can treat me like scum.

It’s never easy when you are constantly called out for being either different or never one to conform or fit the mould.
I’ve grown a year older from my last post and I’ve gained a couple of skills that I have never thought in my wildest dreams I would acquire . Then again anything that is learned or gained through any situation good or bad is never a wasted opportunity .
Earlier on this year I went through something that I’ve been through before . Getting shots fired at me for either telling the truth or giving a balanced analysis as to why something went wrong .

There was an event that happened at work that I was scheduled for . A good old freshman party.Now the brief was to get video pledges from students and submit videos .
Being in 3 colleges before and having had my fair share of freshman parties 3 times . I knew that the only way to reach target and complete task , was to go early , when students are less inebriated and there is less cacophony. Also a contingency plan will work since we were traveling. No one listened to me .
Instead of doing what I said ; just cause I’m just a “brand ambassador” they ignored my suggestion.

Instead quiet the opposite happened. We had less video pledges , which meant target wasn’t reached , more background noise ,more drunk students who didn’t want to be on video oh and well mother nature opened the flood gates and let it rain. My supervisor at that time didn’t gage the gist of what was going on and blamed us his crew for things going wrong…

I get that things go wrong . That’s why we have “contingency” plans ,but if you as a leader blame your team for your mess up instead of taking responsibility and saying that things went wrong and this is what should have happened let’s move forward and learn, but instead you find excuses and shift the blame instead of owning up to your mistake … That is when I as your subordinate don’t take you seriously and file for request to be moved to another team, cause it’s elementary that you as a leader first of all failed listen, delegate and oversee the operation and execution of the task and blame us for not completing the mission.

Instead of telling my agent who has never treated me with respect at all and not available when needed if not bully the shit out of me and make me feel inferior . Not mention to treating me like I have no education whatsoever ,I kept quiet… and gave balanced report as to why things went wrong to a member management; who asked what happened?. I am more courageous and direct when I don’t feel threatened or belittled in anyway and I am able to not only explore but also be taken seriously when I see fire and everybody gets burned cause they didn’t listen.

Lately my agent has been a bully not only towards me but to my other colleagues . I avoid conflict wherever possible, but to what extent . I don’t think keeping quiet is helping anymore.
They tell me to let it go… When I laid a complaint of harassment and unfair treatment, her boss swept my case under the rug… It took all the fight in me to try and make her see the problem, but she brushed it off. Its as clear as daylight that she is protecting her cause when I escalated the matter ,still they didn’t take me seriously .
I’m most likely the one they would never suspect of snaping or just turning ,cause I have learned to deal with any situation as intelligently and as balanced as possible with minimal harm. I’m not going to turn and harm myself . That would be stupid and dumb if not cowardice and I’m much smarter than that . Its not worth it.
All I know is that I have had enough . Just because of my inability to be mean or volatile doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say ,and because I go quiet it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to fight back. I just have self control.

I am not my job … I might be old money who has fallen on hard times… But I will bounce back . I am my own brand and I wear it with pride and a pinch of craziness. As I said in my previous blog post . Scars are just scars , they fade . You were not built to break but to endure and triumph. 😉

#Hectic post but has to get stuff off my chest.


I read somewhere that when things fall apart they are actually falling into place …
The comes a time in life where you get tired… Tired of ; losing, dealing, fighting ,talking ,hell you even get tired of feeling.
There are events or things that happen in life to either ground you , make you learn ,make you stronger ,or discover a side to yourself that was always there but you never bothered to use it cause you never saw the need to … Until something flicks a switch.
You haven’t lived until you’ve loved and lossed, or better yet lost everything. In the end any experience of loss of any kind cuts out the clutter in your life.
I recently had a month and I mean month that came from hell. You think you can take anything life throws at you cause you’ve survived the worst in your opinion , but nope you still have a lot to learn … I can’t tell just yet what happened but I’m thankful to God.
(Others have it worse way worse so be #‎thankful‬)
A couple of weeks back I was busy with laundry and I had run out of pegs . I kind of have a habit of clipping the pegs on the side of my shirt;they are easier to access . A pegs accidentally fell on the ground… Not being aware of my surroundings cause I had my earphones on,and I was focusing on the task at hand … I bent over picked the peg up and as I was on my way to standing up straight when I hit the side of my head on the edge of the open window .
I have tolerance for pain and I always say ;it may only hurt for that moment , you might bleed ,get a scab,scar,graze or bump but what the hell they give you more character, you are human and yes you bleed but you were not built to break but endure and triumph.
However it was due to my unawareness that I hit my head and the pain was unbearable, it felt like someone hammered a nail in my head and they weren’t stopping.
I got up walked inside and sat down, took a deep breath and had one hell of a crying session because I was in pain.
Once I pulled myself together,it then dawned on me that there is no one to cry to call or tell,that I was hurt but it wasn’t serious,I couldn’t think of anyone .
I’ve always been privileged to have family around me growing up. If I fell off my bike ,tree or just happen to trip and fall face down ,I would have someone tell me that you’ll be okay ,try again or my favorite line… Your stubbornness and rebelliousness is to blame. I stopped my sobbing and cleaned up my cut.
I have never felt so alone … I learned a lesson on that day. To sharpen my awareness always be alert.
See stuff in your life happens to prepare you for what’s coming… Yes winter is coming and so is spring ,summer and autumn and seasons change.
Maybe you might be going through something rough but there is always light in the end , cause any adversity prepares you for great things to come.Keep the faith.

Diary of a Somewhat Employed Educated 26 year old

Well happy new year, and to the year that was, I’m not sad that you have ended… I am just happy you happened. So in first week of the New Year, the ATM swallowed my card, I have had another run in with the cops just today, this time for my protection because some creep just doesn’t want to back off, even when I tell him dude you need help the clinic has therapy for free go, I’m not the one, you’re not my type God has someone special just for you… The cops saw that I was trying to tell him to stop following me around and reprimanded him. Oh and I have to change my rout now for my “safety”. This has been quiet the year already…
Last weekend I went to go watch The Best of Me a movie based on a novel alone, I was crying none stop after the movie even the staff told me I should come again and not pick a sad movie to watch alone. I’m going to watch The Seventh Son and Annie soon so no sobbing …
 I love the New Year… No really I do. One of the reasons I love it is because; you get to review a lot of stuff about, your personal, professional and normal life. I took a well deserved break for a while and well, I’m back to y old self now.

I have some friendships to slowly end and some new ones to begin.
 Last year someone I trusted betrayed me, or well let me just say played me for a fool. I have my; meek, weak, loving, and caring heart to blame for that and I don’t think it’s ever going to change.
This friend of mine lied to me about someone saying something that wasn’t true about me. I have a flaw I tend to be a bit impulsive but if I’m wrong and I know that I am at fault, I will apologize. What this friend did however was to make me look like I have issues with everyone, when in fact she was trying to stir up trouble.
Since I trusted her, I took her story to heart and reacted without thinking. Now you see if someone lies they will try all they can to cover it up, including asking everything about your day when they never do that.  What gave it away was when she was acting a bit off then I knew something was up.
 I have a journalism background and one of the things you are taught is that there are two sides to a story, and having a Gemini for a mother   I’ve been taught how to be fair and not make mountains out of mole hills.  When I asked the person who was accused of talking smack about me, he plead not guilty, and then I asked someone who worked with this dude before and just for backup I asked a friend who has also worked with him and I got the same answer… Dude is not the type to talk behind people’s backs, he is chilled and genuine.  
I’m a team player and I also have a passion for people and I’m friendly. Can I back what I said up?  The jelly beans I can.  Had a customer come in the other day to buy a phone for a family member did my job I even spoke a foreign language he understood (in this case French. I can speak a bit of the language, I learned the swear words first) after I did everything setting up the device and explaining everything, I got given money out of the blue and was thanked for doing a good job… I had money and I’m well paid, I was in shock.
Turns out I needed the money after all because someone needed my help and I’m that friend that always helps when I can .Even today I am still in shock but #Thankful. God works in mysterious ways …
So what’s going to happen to that friend that lied…?  To be honest I don’t know cause, I can’t hate anyone  or hold grudges for long and I don’t have the heart to be vengeful  or mean spirited ,I have too much love in my heart to do that .
I read somewhere that you should trust people and unless someone gives you reason enough not to trust them … turn your back and never look back.
In this case I don’t want to let go, but I have to. My friend has given me plenty of reasons to walk…

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The Game of love by Kgali Claire Mmuoe

The game of love
Chapter 5

Back at the hospital…

Jonathan was in the Safe Zone and was cleared to go home as soon as he woke up from much needed rest. There was still no word on Iris . When Jonathan finally came around , the first word that came out of his dry mouth was unexpected, although Maria didn’t think it was… She knew all along .

“Iris … Got to save Iris from Martin” Maria thanked God that her brother has made it through and the minuet his eyes flew open and he saw his sister ,everything that had happened the night before came back to him.

“Need I remind you big brother , you are married to Sasha and Iris is with Bryce .” Maria spoke to him calmly and stroked his hand . ” How are you feeling”

“Better now that you are home .”He mastered the strength he had given the medication he was given that made him all heavy headed and drowsy, he gave his sister a hug.
“Oh my word thank God you are here. I missed you so much.” When he broke the embrace and rested his head back on the pillow and looked at his sisters eyes he saw something , that told him his sister was worried about something.

Maria was busy holding on and letting go of her her left pinky with her right hand. She winced at Jonathan
“You should rest Jonnie. I don’t want you damaging that voice of yours that all the girls love”

“Oh Iris once said that my voice was as soothing as a cup of chamomile tea and he pointed out a habit that you do,which I only knew of since we were kids and that’s clasping your left pinky with your hand when you are keeping something important from someone.” Jonathan then gave her the tell me what I need to know look .

” Anyone ever tell you that you look high and yes , you are on to something .”She answered him calmly, took a deep breath and closed her eyes and started talking.

“My sister in law , your wife who you married even though I was against it, cause I’ve always known you had deep feelings for Iris … Is in a comma she had a head trauma and the next 48 hours will determine whether she makes it or not.” She bit her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes in hopes that tears would not start pouring out.
“Iris … Iris is ” After a dismal attempt of trying to hold her tears she burst out crying inconsolable, in turn making Jonathan unsettled”
“Maria what’s going on with Iris ” Jonathan also started to cry . ” Please don’t tell me that she is gone I will never be able to forgive myself…”
Maria cleared her face and dried her eyes.”That’s just it Jon”
“No she can’t be! No way. Caleb! Caleb! ” Caleb was on his way to his room when he heard him shout he rushed to Jonathans’ room. He was his best friend since pre school and knew his friend all too well
“Jonathan calm down ” he had walked in to Maria looking all sorts of sad and Jonathans’ eyes red , he knew what he wanted to know ,hell what everyone wanted to know. Was Iris alive or not ?… Caleb looked at Jonathan and Maria . He first gave Maria a hug , a kiss on the forehead and a glass of water . Once he had done that he looked at his friend took a deep breath and spoke.
” Jonathan Iris was shot . We tried all we could …” Jonathan was getting annoyed and he gave Caleb a dagger look . Caleb knew the look all to well .
” Caleb you are my best mate tell me, I can handle it”

“Iris is in ICU with an exit wound that could have killed her ,we did all we could as I said the rest is up to her she needs to fight and knowing how stubborn she is … I pray she will pull through?

“My wife?” He said coldly
“She will come out of the comma too ,I’m positive of that . The reason we put her in that state was to help the swelling on her brain go down . She is a lucky woman to have a guy like you.”
Maria interjected
“I doubt she is lucky . Jon has always loved one woman and it comes as no surprise whose name he called out when he woke up.”
” Where is Bryce ?” Jonathan asked.

“He is in the psych ward he will come out soon just give him time to simmer down.”
” Can I see Iris ?” Maria asked looking antsy.
“Follow me ” Caleb took her hand and led her to the ward. When she saw Iris she couldn’t believe her eyes she was all pale and lifeless. She wanted her so badly to open her eyes. She sat by the seat on her bedside and held her hand. Her hand was cold and she was hooked on multiple machines that only doctors could understand.

Maria sang to her a song they both loved as friends in through,high school and colleges didn’t know what to say so she sang.
“All this feels strange and untrue, and I won’t waste a minuet with out you. My bones ache and my skin feels cold and I’m getting tired and so old. The anger swells in my guts and I won’t feel the repercussions. I want so much to for you to open your eyes , cause I need you too look into mine.Tell me that you’ll open your eyes.”

Iris squeezed her hand and opened her eyes. Just as she curved her lips into a smile and was about to say Maria , the machines started making loud sounds as soon as the staff heard the machines go ballistic and a different doctor was called in with a code red alert . Caleb had pulled Maria away from Iris as she watched them try to revive her. She was taken out of the room and found herself sobbing on Calebs shoulder …

*A/N* I love my alternative rock it dominates my play list. I needed to find a fitting song for this chapter and -Snow Patrol open your eyes- was just perfect 😉

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Diary of an Unemployed (somewhat employed) educated 26 year old

Diary of an Unemployed (somewhat employed), educated 26 year old continuum   
Love … what the jelly beans?
 On  more than one account ,I have asked myself the question , how can four letters and one word, confuse, screw up , cause people to go completely bonkers if not turn them into lunatics, or better yet . How can something intangible bring out the best and the worst out of people and at some point drive them to suicide? 
I’m no expert on love, but it tends to be the only one true thing; that tends to turn people into honest creatures, if not expose their true nature in the most explicit way.
I can’t say that I have never fallen or felt some sort of affection towards someone, or cared deeply in such a way that forsaking all else, I believe in the person and I will be loyal …however long you need back up ,support ,or a friend. I guess anyone who has ever worked with me, or hung out long enough with me, will tell you that naturally I’m a caring soul. Though I tend to be moody at times or seem oblivious intense at times or troubled. I am actually a thoughtful, understanding, loyal and loving friend or colleague.
 These days love is all about money, looks, stance and status. I can concur with the statement I just wrote. For the past year , I have had no guys ask me out, and when they do they would ask me ;if I work and how much do I make. As a result, I throw caution to the wind, if any guy asks me out, or if we are just getting to know each other. A wise man once told me that a man’s most open actions have a secret side to them.
-What have I leaned?
Never give your heart away unless you are sure and I mean absolutely sure that , the one who has your heart knows how to take care of it as well as you do
It is okay to nurture your fear of falling again after you have been hurt. Just don’t brood over what might have been or what if… life goes on and you will love again
When you fall in love with someone, fall in love because you love the person for whom and not what they are.
Be rooted in love and if love isn’t your religion. what do you believe in
Have your significant others back no matter what. We all go through rough patches but, the sun always follows the rain. The one thing I always do is reward loyalty for loyalty.  
Stop looking for prince charming or you will miss out on king everything and more.  
It is okay to fly solo for a while… Discover yourself, fall in love with yourself and figure out what works for you. You love who you love.
Above all be rooted in love , we have all heard that the saying that “The greatest gift is to love and be loved in return”
Love also still has a lot to teach, give and take away.
As single, as I am… I do believe in love and I am rooted in love. Although I do a perfect job of hiding how I feel… I’ve lost guys who could have complemented me in more ways than one… But I am thankful because I follow my heart and gut … it has saved me a lot of magnum PI work.
If it doesn’t feel right and you’re being honest with yourself. Don’t do it.
Next up faith

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The reason I keep a diary /journal; is to remind me never to make the same mistakes again and learn from other peoples mistakes,because past behavioural patterns have a sneaky way of reappearing in the future, PACKAGED differently, and they are like timeless trends that keep popping up when you least expected.

Before I burst from all these thoughts and opinions in my head. Let me start from the Beginning …
Well it all started after school well high school to be exact. After enduring 4years of discrimination, classism ,prejudice,bullying and being a pair of socks in a world full of stockings and not forgetting faking a serious illness to stay away from school.
I seriously wonder how on earth I made it through hell- (therapy and prayers) . Well I did and I’m glad and thankful I made it alive considering being labelled with BPD, which I don’t have but acknowledge it exists … I’m perfectly mentally healthy ,there’s nothing wrong with me… Or is there?

The first College I went to was totally fun; within a month I made friends with people from other classes and gained popularity status along the way . I’m a Gemini/ cancerian it doesn’t take me too long to make friends and know what’s up and whose who. As a result of not having any friends in high school except for one who was committed to a psychiatric hospital;I read a lot mostly about why people do bad things to other people . It was a no brainer when I chose journalism and being the “safe” experimentalist ,I am I lost and made new friends along the way. No regrets except for a heart that I broke, that I didn’t mean to break.

Needless to say I left the college cause it wasn’t recognised, every university or FET institution I went to didn’t know about the college I was attending.
After the first term I left. Not long after that, the college made it on to the evening news for not being registered and cheating people out of their money. Leaving the first college I went to was not a decision I took lightly as I was a bursary recipient, in the long run my parent understood why I had to leave; because at some point I knew I had to pay my dues, that meant studying for two years for an unrecognised diploma, and working another year paying them back . I ended up paying the college what I owe them and cutting all ties with them .
On the bright side; all the subjects I did came in handy especially, business communication ,public relations and journalism law . I applied for a position at a high end retail store and got hired a day after I applied.

What did I learn:
1)It is very important to be an individual in college ,you will come across as authentic, not fake and not be that chick/ dude.(I made a lot of friends cause I’m friendly and inclusive by nature. I didn’t hang with the “exclusive crowd ” although I talked to them from time to time)
2) Make as many friends as you can,so you can know what’s going on and who to talk to when you don’t understand how things work.
3) Don’t try to change yourself to fit into any cliques . You’ll either end up lonely or have to pretend. Find a group that loves you for you.
4)Ask questions if your lost.
5) Try see things from other peoples perspective ,you might be doing something to offend someone without noticing it .
The first job … Well make it third job I landed.

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The Game of love sample #2 Think what I wrote is self explanitory…

“It’s that feeling that you get when you think you have a good thing with someone; and then all of the sudden your whole world is turned upside down and you are seconds away from heartache before it reaches heart breaking point. Then you are back to square one dreaming with a broken heart , and waking up becomes a mission and eating is a chore.”

sceenplay sample

Kgalalelo Mmuoe

It was a lovely winter summers day in the city of gold; the August cold fronts had started to blow in and pass through but it was beginning to look and feel like spring minus the icy cold weather .Besides everybody trying to keep warm, there was work to do, the traffic was horrendous as always if it wasn’t an accident or a stationary truck it was traffic backed up for a kilometer cause of traffic lights being off , getting to work or school was a mission for anyone whether they made it in time or late ,by the end of the day the same scenario repeated itself with less buzz around stalls opening and stores closing. Only this time it is a mission getting back home.
Iris hosts a show with Jonathan called the sports show with a difference she is a well know writer, presenter on screen and on the airwaves she knows her market and enjoys her Job she has never woken up not loving what she does.
She has a pretty normal life. Like any other woman she has her in securities but she hides them very well ,she recently had a health scare which she kept from her boyfriend; who also had a secret of his own and if it came out it would put an end to what seemed to be a perfect relationship publicly and privately .
The day started normally for iris as like any other day if there was a task to finish she completed it ,if there was a show to shoot she rehearsed and shot it ,if there was a script to write she wrote it and if there was a show to present she presented. It was all in a day’s work for this independent woman who had a man who complemented her not complete her, cause she was complete and content before she met her significant other.

Iris was a perfect example of a woman who has everything going for her; you could say she was content with the way things were in her life. Though life wasn’t easy when she was growing up, she kept positive and worked hard. She understood the value of hard work and accepting that things may not work the way you hoped they would but they work out in the end they way they are supposed to.
Falling in love for Iris was simple; she didn’t think about it the feeling was either there or not. She wasn’t one to just fall in and out of love, she was friendly and accepting ,but kept her heart guarded for fear of getting hurt or rejected. All that changed when she grew up …

Chapter 1
At the radio station Iris starts her show without her co host Jonathan who happens to be her best friend Jonathan. Jonathan is the perfect measure of a best friend any girl can ask for and Iris was blessed to have a friend like him. The two were old college buddies who had grown fond of each other and had a pretty solid friendship a kind of friendship most people dream of.

Iris switches on her microphone and begins her show. By the time she does the radio show she has done a million other things which needed to be done and she was very much disciplined in her execution.
‘a very good afternoon listeners my name is Iris and you are listening to, the sports show with a difference on the show today we are discussing the La Liga and the EPL as you can hear today I am flying solo partner decided to get the flu bug that is going around. Get well Jonathan love you lots buddy. Let’s get this show started.

Iris got the show started and finished. She got back home thinking that she was going to find the house empty and all she was going to have was a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and off to bed, but to her surprise she found her boyfriend cooking…all she could think of was sleeping she had had a long day at work.
Bryce was an international model and actor, he had brown hair and dreamy hazel green eyes, he had a Spartan built body type, which drove women wild and made other men jealous he had poster boy looks that could easily sell anything; that is why he was the most in demand actor and model.
This pretty hot boy however had eyes for one woman .Bryce loved Iris with his heart they both had the perfect relationship and got each other but what seemed perfect and immaculate on the surface was about to have a stain which could ruin what was once pure and untouchable.
Iris entered the house and she could smell dinner, an infusion of lamb stew and red wine filled the air with freshly baked bread just out of the oven, the house smelt like a restaurant, that serves only homemade meals and when you taste the food you can tell just from the first bite that the meal took time and was made with love.
Bryce was quiet the cook, problem is he only cooked when he wanted to make up for doing something wrong or when he wanted to be all romantic and charming and treat Iris to dinner on occasions like their anniversary or valentine’s day ;but it was neither and that set off an uneasy feeling in Irises heart.
“Bryce? Honey I know your home; question is where are you?” Iris called out

Bryce answered” in the dining room! “

Iris ran to the dining room with excitement and wonder ‘Bryce? ’ she called out .Bryce ran to give her a hug and a kiss, the moment was so sweet and innocent and filled with nostalgia. Kind of like the moment when you have your first kiss and all the butterflies, nervousness and all that jazz is there.

“I missed you welcome home “ at that moment Iris got off Bryce and she sensed something was not right .For her it felt like she was coming home to someone totally different never mind that he had changed his hair color to black he was strangely doggy he made little to no eye contact and he was all over the place. This was unlike Bryce, because he was direct and forthcoming.
See normally when you have known someone for a long time like the back of your hand you know everything there is to know about the person; what turns them on or off, how they feel and the looks they give when they don’t like something or pretend. What Iris felt was a gut feeling that told her something wasn’t right.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home early what’s going on?’ Iris inquired.

‘If I told you it was not going to be a surprise now was it” at that moment his heart was pounding as fast as a runaway train for fear of Iris finding out what he did when they took a break from each other, to sort themselves out .They both had gotten into the mother of all arguments before Bryce went to shoot a movie for five months. The argument was about trust; Bryce had done something that had made Iris question his loyalty towards her and whether or not they were wasting each other’s time and should move on.

“No sneaky, very sneaky.” Iris realized that Bryce was not being charming he was coming across as apologetic and that in turn sent off alarm bells, she could feel it in her gut that something did not add up. Bryce was home early and she knows that he loves to put in a lot of work when his working on a campaign or playing a character if not change or redo a scene.

Bryce retaliated by saying “that is not the word I was going for’

‘Unexpected?’ she shrugged her shoulders

‘No spontaneous dinner is served’ he took out the food and everything was on point, presentation, table setting, and aroma. Iris wasn’t really hungry she was actually tired from the hectic day she had at work all she wanted to do was sleep, besides being emotionally tired. The drive back home to Bedford took the last bit of energy she had.

Iris commented on the meal ‘wow you have really out done yourself’ she took a seat as calm as ever cause she knew she was about to open a can of worms and this time a great meal would not solve a thing.

Bryce sits down across the table from her and looks at her ‘Dinner is served enjoy‘

“Thanks for dinner but before we eat, honey can you tell me what is going on?”

“With, what and why are you acting suspicious?’ Bryce snapped out the blue and lost his cool he always acted angrily to try and cover up what he was feeling .
To him it felt like he was losing grip slipping and he was blaming it on someone who did not deserve it, his one true love Iris.
‘I told you nothing why the hell are you pushing yes I’m back earlier than expected and well I am here so do you have a problem with that?’
As shocked as Iris was from his reaction she knew that she was on to something and being the journalist she is she was not going to let it go. She knew that if let it go she would not sleep it would bug her all night
‘No sorry I asked why you are being mean to me.”

“I’m sorry here you are trying to be supportive and I’m pushing you away “Bryce licked his lips and dropped his knife due to sweaty palms and he was still on edge .Immediately Iris knew that when someone licks their lips when they are being questioned they are about to lie or try cover their tracks and Bryce was doing a poor job at concealing what he had done.

“your behaving strangely you never cook, I mean if anything I’m thinking you’re about to tell me something serious” her phone rang which annoyed Bryce so much so that it was tradition in the house that she switch her phone off when she walks through the door ,if not Bryce would do it .

“Please don’t pick up…There is no easy way to say this” Bryce was courageous but however , what he was about to say even put him out of depth and if there is one thing he hated it was being put out of depth

“What is it then? If you do not tell me I’ll find out soon and then I will be angry and we don’t want that now do we?’ She said it in a serious tone so serious that it flicked a switch in Bryce’s conscious and he had to tell her the truth there was no other way. She knew her all too well lying to her would be like telling a friend that you are fine when you’re not

#To Yourself Be true and authentic* Part 1- Why knowing yourself before going into any relationship is important

Every one has dreams desires,and goals, most of them realistic and well some of them just need a little face lift.
We all go into relationships for different reasons,to discover ourselves , feel something , get the feeling of purpose that there is something and someone worth living for. All in all ;it’s about giving love and being loved in return and discovering each other and working as a team . Which brings me to my point of knowing I yourself,the good,the bad ,the scary and ugly.

Going into a relationship hoping to discover yourself is a huge mistake ,you cannot discover another person without knowing yourself at all that’s a big NO NO. It would be like trying to sail a ship with no stars or gps. Self Identity therefore is an important ingredient to being true to yourself and the one you love.

If you are blessed to have someone who loves you enough to give you time to discover yourself and who you are; you are incredibly lucky and blessed; sad truth is that most people subject themselves to emotional if not physical abuse because, your other half would find you weak and easy to pick on and you would begin to hate being in love because it was not your saving grace or what you needed at that point in time.
It is simple learn to know yourself in detail “self education” your strengths , weaknesses what makes you tick ,moody, happy and sad; so that when you begin to experience life and love with your significant other it will be educational ,fruitful, unforgettable &that you work through stuff together as a team.

Your significant other should compliment you and not complete you.


#Part 2; How to communicate and knowing the difference between being loving and being possessive


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For the longest of times Ellie had an obsession about becoming a wife and mother. More importantly she has for a very long time planning her wedding . She knew what dress she wanted, centerpiece, cake ,theme ,and venue amongst other things that came with planning a wedding . Ellie believed in true love and she believed that she had found it with Dexter. He was always the safe choice for her. In her heart and mind Ellie believed that she had made the right choice by choosing Dex ; even when he didn’t have a regular nine to five job. He was a lawyer and she was in the PR industry. Even though they were from different worlds, their differences made them a balanced couple.
Ellie met Dexter at a Pent house party she was invited to downtown for a launch party the magazine she worked for held. It was exclusive and he handled the law side of the magazine. Their romance sparked after lots of requests from Dex asking her to be his girl. Dexter’s efforts paid off on Valentine’s Day when he invited her to his hotel suite for a romantic dinner, that ended in them being an official couple. They both kept things professional at work and when they were together; they did things that couples did when they are in love except have sex.
Ellie had her reservations about sex before marriage… Dexter didn’t. It wasn’t until Dexter proposed to Ellie and asked her to move in with her that she agreed to do something she would never do, and that was to sleep with a guy to prove to them that she loves them. When she suggested to Dexter to go for; marriage counseling, and attend TOB classes together, he agreed.
Fast forward to a year later and Ellie had been given;(The head of digital )at the magazine . A job that she worked hard for and a job that paid more than Dexter’s job. Ellie decided to keep her salary a secret and put aside money . So half of her salary would be debited monthly and the other half would go to what she was investing, bills and what she needed . She was still paying her bond for her property that she didn’t want to let go. Something in her told her to keep the property and the account she was saving half her salary in . Call it a gut feeling, but something in her thought her safe choice was unstable.
Dexter didn’t seem interested in planning the wedding. He wanted a lavish wedding , but Ellie wanted a wedding with close friends and family. When Ellie suggested that they both plan separately and come together to compare prices . Dexter gladly agreed.
Ellie had a diary where she organized her wedding and marriage. She wanted to be a spring bride; have a fairytale themed wedding by the coast , dress fitting, house hunting , china buying and only close friends and family would be invited . It would take her another year because she still didn’t want to touch the money she saved unless she really needed it .
On top of everything else she had a prenuptial contract drawn by Maria a friend of hers who worked for a firm Dexter always wanted to work at . When Dex saw the contract and wanted both Ellie and him to share everything, but Ellie didn’t . They shelved the contract and compared notes. They did agree on one thing though where to host their engagement party. The rest they would just have to figure out as they went . Ellie was both certain they loved each other and that was all that mattered.
It was a week before the party and Ellie wasn’t stressing as much as Dexter was . They were meeting Dexter’s parents for dinner and she had met them before. Dexter’s Mother loved Ellie but his father had indirectly accused her of being a gold digger. Dexter had defended her by telling his father that; they are marrying for love and out of everything else property wise… but his father hated Ellie even though they were the same skin color but her religion was in question. She still held her own by balancing out the pros and cons , and taking him on in a gentle manner . Dexter’s father didn’t scare Ellie. They were meeting them downstairs in the hotel restaurant. Ellie was running a tad bit late with regards to getting ready; she was stuck in traffic, and there was nothing to do except to wait it out. Dexter had informed his parents that they would be thirty minutes late and they agreed to wait. Ellie had noticed something was off with Dexter on the way downstairs, but brushed it off.
They were on their way down to the dining area when the elevator stopped abruptly. It was them, and two other couples. Everyone stayed calm and waited until the generator kicked in. Ellie took it as an opportunity to talk to Dex who was far away.
“ Dex is everything okay babe?”
“Which part Ellie ?”
“That’s a loaded answer. “
“ Why didn’t you tell me about the head of digital position .”
Ellie rolled her eyes and took a deep breath.
“I was going to tell you when I felt ready.”
“ Oh you also forgot to mention that you get paid more.”
“ You have bad timing … and what’s that got to do with anything. You are a lawyer.”
“I am your husband to be .”
“Who is being a jerk. What’s going on?”
The lights came back on and the lift started moving and Dexter clasped Ellie’s wrist so hard she dropped her purse. Never not once in their three years together has Dexter ever been physical towards Ellie or man handled her in any way.
Overcome with shock; Ellie winced in pain wishing that the torture could end. She didn’t notice it before but Dexter smelt of vodka. He Dexter tightened his grip and whispered in her ear;
“A whole year Ellie and a half . “
“We signed an agreement at work never to let the other party know what’s going on. You knew the NDA had rules. You are hurting me.”
Ellie stepped on Dexter’s foot prompting him to let go of her arm .She picked up her purse and held it with her other hand to avoid causing anymore pain to her hand . They both walked out as if nothing happened. Even the other couples didn’t notice a thing .When they approached the table Ellie was a bit confused because; Dexter’s father was sitting with Sandra, and they were getting on like a house of fire with his mother too .
At first Ellie thought that she was having a bad dream… however something in her told her that she was about to be served with embarrassment for starters ; with a bit of shock for the main course, and heart break for desert . Her arm was starting to bruise from what Dex did earlier, but she was good at hiding her hurt physically, and emotionally.
Sandra was Ellie’s cousin who; since they kids were believed that, Ellie didn’t deserve to be happy.The only people who saw right through her were; their grandfather, Ellie’s mother who was travelling, and her first love Maxwell Jeremiah Blackwell. It came as no surprise that Sandra was the one who hooked her friend up with Maxwell in the final year of High School, causing Ellie to leave town for good and never look back because it hurt too much.
Even when the holidays came she found an excuse not to be part of any family gathering, because she knew Max would be there. Even though she didn’t stay in contact with Maxwell, she kept in touch with his twin siblings, Blake and Billie, and on a monthly basis Janet. Max’s sweet mother, who loved her like a second daughter…
As soon as she took her seat, she covered her wrist with her dress sleeve, which was long enough to hide the bruises. She was wearing a black cotton wrap dress for her body type, paired with elegant pump heels, to shape her legs. Her cousin was showing off her baby bump in the dress she wore. As soon as she got comfortable she saw a look that Dexter gave her cousin that she knew too well… Only this time unlike many times, his feelings were reflected in his eyes. The waiter came to take everyone’s orders but she didn’t order anything. After a lengthy silence she looked at everyone and twisted off her engagement ring put it on the table and started walking away. Dexter walked after her.
The scenario was a set piece. Ellie knew how it would play out , and how it would end.
“Babe I can explain. Just don’t walk away. I didn’t know why my parents invited Sandra.”
Ellie pressed the elevator call button and looked at Dexter infuriated.
“Oh I know why. Dexter we are a team. If there is something wrong we always communicated to each other. We don’t jump into bed with other people. What the hell?”
“We signed an agreement at work. I knew the terms but then ,you drew the prenuptial agreement, I felt neglected .”
She gave Dex an incredulous look and they both walked into the lift. Ellie pressed the top floor button .
“That’s an excuse and you know it. “
The elevator closed and they continued to talk;
“ Ellie why didn’t you tell me. I looked like a fool in front of my colleagues.”
“So what you went and fucked my cousin and got her pregnant three months ago .”
“ I am sorry.”
“No you are not. You insisted that we use protection every time we made love. Not once did you mention you wanted to start a family. You haven’t touched me for four months. I thought you needed your space.”
“ Yes. The thought of being married and raising a family with you just didn’t sit so well with me . I don’t know what happened but somewhere somehow I fell out of love with you. Then when I met Sandra. She changed everything. “
They both walked into the house and Ellie opened the fridge to take out some water to drink . She didn’t even bother to take out a glass she just drank from the bottle.
“ Oh okay. You Knew she is family . Why?”
“A that point I thought she would be the most amazing mother and you’d fail.”
“Wow just wow. I need to go pack. We don’t have an engagement or relationship anymore .”
“Where are you going to go? “
“Like you care. “
Dexter’s Phone rang and looked at it .He took a deep breath and looked at Ellie remorsefully.
“Just don’t leave yet without me saying goodbye to you first. “
Ellie ‘s world was falling to pieces and she couldn’t believe what was happening the only thing she wanted to do was ,go home to her apartment and forget that this day ever happened.
“ I won’t I promise.”
Ellie wanted to believe what was happening was a dream , but it wasn’t . As soon as Dexter left to go to dinner with his parents and cousin,she packed her belongings, left a note for Dexter and moved back to her apartment .



#WednesdayWisdom #WordPress #wattpad #Inkitt #quotegram #heart #words #story #love #writersofwattpad #SouthAfrica #writersofinstagram #relationships #writersofSouthAfrica #amwriting #design #writing #amwriting #writer #Storygram #bookgram #FatedCollision #selfworth #selfpublishing #KCMmuoe #content #book #instawriter #words #writersofwattpad #read #content #writersofinstagram #writergram We only appreciate something after it has been taken away from us. We are often told to be thankful for every little thing, and I always say; being thankful should be habitual. Sometimes we don’t know how good we have it until something happens, and your world is turned upside down. I have a theory . “Tragedy” has a way of bringing things into focus. The process is there for a reason and however long it takes; you will learn the lessons that help you either elevate your levels of perception and trust your sixth sense, or open up a door to more questions that lead you to the right answers, and hopefully you can find a way out of the maze you have been trying to navigate. We are here on purpose. Sticking to the task at hand is a given, the only time we falter is when we focus on other peoples blessings instead of ours. Success comes in different phases and forms. Learn to wait your turn and trust in God’s timing… he is always on time. The saddest thing I have come to realize ,and always see is that; some people only see the value of something after it has been taken away from them. Only the lucky know how it feels like to have something taken away from them, realizing the value, and then getting back what was lost or taken away. When things change for better or worse, some sort of balance happens. Nothing lasts forever; we sometimes think what we are going through, be it good or bad is meant to happen. You have to be without in order to make room, and appreciate what is coming. All Rights Reserved © #KCMmuoe


ESCAPING THE CEO2 Chapter 59 ( penultimate chapter )

Chapter 59


Braxton Hicks… I didn’t know anything about it , until Cleo happened. To be honest when Nina was pregnant with Gio ; I was absent … until the birth and the lie I refused to believe when I was told Giovanni wasn’t mine. I have a fear that has haunted me for years. I wasn’t on edge or “weak” . I used to be strong. Something happened to me and I guess it affected my mother more than it affected me. She has no reason to hate Cleopatra or my kids. I am thankful that Cleo is okay ,and another thing I am thankful for is that I get to spend time with her. I have been working from the resort. If ot means staying with Cleo and the twins in a remote area in the country , that is not even locatable on the gps… then yes I am staying. It was already Wednesday and by this time in the week Cleo is done with everything regarding Client lists and shipments. Even scheduled posts.
Last night Daniel and Izzy came through for dinner and the twins loved them . I wanted to tuck in Pio but he pointed at his uncle and Pia the only loyal kid I have stayed with me. I love them both but I sometimes feel like PIo is indirectly hurting my feelings but I still love him. I wanted to tell Cleo something important a couple of nights ago but I never got around to doing it because she needed to be pampered and well taken care of. She wasn’t exercising like she did previously when she was pregnant with Pio and Pia. When I woke up this morning she was in lala land sleeping . I wanted to stay with her like that for a bit longer . I was also feeling sleepy because of last night. I want to open up to Cleo. I have this burning feeling in the pit of my stomach that If I don’t tell Cleo what happened and why I am the way I am, I will lose her. Monday she was busy in her study , making space for me. When she was finished I set up shop and started working. She only needed to remove her notebook from the desk and magically I had space. Abra cadabra . Tuesday Morning she brought me up to speed with other things that needed my attention at the office. She said no to being my personal assistant. Her exact words were; I need to grow and do my own thing. I have to admit her ability to start something without keeping me in the know , kind of knocks me off kilter . On Wednesday morning both the twins were spending the day with their uncle . My father had been with the family lawyer too . I so hope Cleo and I are having a girl. I can’t tell yet…
I was looking outside and the ocean view was beautiful. Cleo went out for a swim in the pool. She had been out for a while. The weather was playing along and I wanted to go join her but I had to finish off my work. I didn’t know she could swim. I knew she had moves but she keeps on surprising me. She told me that I was predictable and methodical… she was politely telling me I was boring. We actually had a serious talk over breakfast about her relationship with Marc. He wasn’t boring according to her but she came out and said that she didn’t want to get caught in a fight. She affirmed that she loved me and that we can try new things now and then… Like being spontaneous.
I had just finished with the final authorization for the day and when I looked at my watch it was already two in the afternoon. Cleo knocked and opened the door .
The smell Of freshly baked pizza hit my nostrils .
“ Blue… The last time you didn’t eat you passed out. I just made pizza .”
“You made Pizza?”
Cleo laughed .
“no silly I ordered it . I just wanted you to say; oh my word you are great in the kitchen.”
“Well you are great in the kitchen, and bed too.”
Cleo placed the food and six pack of sparkling water with non alcoholic wine.
“ You are amazing in bed.”
“Thank you .”
I went to go wash my hands; We sat across each other, and said grace. I plated a slice for her and myself.”
“ You aren’t boring . “
“wow does being pregs also come with psychic abilities .”
“Nah you just had that over analyzing look that makes you look sexy and doable.”
“I love it when you talk like that.”
“Ha ha you know what I mean.”
“ Hmm.”
“What’s on your mind ?”
“ My mother wasn’t always this crazy.”
“Left field. Does this have to do with the other night?”
“ I am listening.”
“ I went to go kill someone.”
Cleo went quiet and looked at me .
“ Who?”
“ The person who pulled the trigger that we thought killed Daniel.”
“The same person who tried to kill you and Carl took a bullet for you?”
“ My mother and I were captured; tortured , and abused …”
“ When did it happen? I am so sorry.”
“ Its okay.”
“ A month before the accident that made her fly back to South Africa .”
Cleo blinked and wiped her tears.
“Hey I am okay.”
She held my hand and I kissed the back of her hand and wiped a tear.
“ You don’t have to tell me if you aren’t ready.”
“ with you I am ready for anything . I can even relocate here.”
“ we should.”
“ I will talk to my father.”
“ Okay.”
“ I love you.”
“Ti amero.”
“ I was forced to do things as a teen.”
“ Things like what ?”
“ I am not a good person. You should have listened to my mother .”
“ What did you do blue?”
“ I killed my sibling. It was an accident .”
“ What?”
“ I am messed up .”
“ You’re a beautiful mess.”
“I killed my own cousin. He was the last living relative from my mother’s side of the tree. That’s why she doesn’t want us together. I took out someone who was family …”

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Chapter 58
I don’t know what happened one minute I was talking to Blue, and the next it felt like I was in labour. The last time I felt like this was a couple of months before I gave birth . This pain however felt severe . It was sharp and it also had me worried. Daniel was a doctor by profession . When I looked at Angelo he too also looked afraid as I felt. He didn’t cry in front of people but he was close to tears . The resort had a hospital inside. It was a thirty minute drive from where we were. I knew the twins were well taken care of. I was worried about our baby. Angelo was in confession mode the whole ride . He told me that he was eves dropping and he was just making sure his ex wouldn’t seduce me . On the other hand I was all emotional and I was crying . As soon as we went into the maternity ward a full check up was done. When Dan stepped out to go get my results Angelo came in looking all sorts of worried. He sat beside me and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and took a deep breath to calm down. The last time we were like this was when we found out, we were having two instead of one kid. I pulled back and he kissed me. I kissed him back and pulled away to look at him. He placed his hand on my tummy and looked at me.
“ How are you both doing?”
“I don’t know .”
“ What did Daniel say?”
I looked at Angelo Calmly and spoke;
“ We can’t have sex .”
Angelo ‘s eyes went wide and he wiped a tear that had trickled down and took a deep breath
“ for how long ?”
“A while .”
“ I meant what I said.”
“I know.”
“I am committed to us and our family.”
“so am I .”
“Is Daniel sure about the no sex thing?”
I nodded and giggled.
“ Cleo don’t do that .”
“ what you just did . I am going through a lot of emotions right now. “
“ Tell me?”
“ Na ah you need all the positivity I can give you.”
I lifted up my left hand and winced
“ It will have a ring.”
“ Yes ;only when you open up.”
“ no fair.”
“ Fair enough I am not Nina . “
“I know . I am feeling bad for eves dropping.”
“ and?”
“ I realize I might have hurt you by doing what I did and it might cause you to doubt what you’ve had faith in.”
“ I need more Angelo.”
“Why do you know me so well?”
“Why did you ask me to marry you if you ?”
“ You are what makes sense to me. The last time we were like this was when we found out that we were having two babies instead of one.”
“ If I told you that I have feelings for Marc and that I needed a break from us what would you say?”
“ I kind of knew you’d say that .”
Angelo gently caressed my cheek and he placed both hands on my tummy.
“ You are all I have after what I did.”
I felt a bit uneasy
“ What did you do Blue?”
“ I am not going to blame you .”
“Wow that rhymes .”
Angelo kissed me and I kissed him back and our baby started kicking . A smile spread across his face and he placed a kiss on my tummy and started talking to it .
“ I love you and your mommy . I missed both of you . “
Angelo looked up and kissed my forehead. He left his one hand on my tummy and with the other hand, he held my hand and kissed the back of my hand.
“ We missed you. The twins included.”
“ I don’t buy what Daniel said. “
“You never buy what anyone says .”
“I chose you over Rosa .”
I shifted my focus from sitting still to hugging him.
“ You chose us?”
He held me close and I kissed the crook of his neck , and placed my head on his shoulder.”
“ You love her,”
“Loved ;until she came after you and the twins.”
I heard sniffles and knew that my baby love was crying.
“Blue .”
“ The past two weeks felt like eternity. I want you and I am learning to trust you completely.”
“My loyalty has always been with you Blue.”
“ You’ve given me more than I could ask.”
“ You’ve done the same for me. Because of you I have the twins… and we have another baby on the way.”
The baby started kicking again and he pulled back to swat the tears off his face.
“ She agrees.”
“ He agrees .”
“ So what are we naming the baby ?”
“ Cleangelo.”
Angelo burst out laughing.
“ seriously?”
“ For now until we find out the sex.”
“Do you want to have a boy or girl?”
“I will tell you.”
“ Luigi was in stitches when I told him you put his name in the hat.”
“Did he get the super Mario joke?”
“ Yes and he told me you once nick named yourself super Mario. “
Angelo smiled and chuckled.
“There is something I also need to tell you.”
“ I am all ears.”
“ I’ve been keeping a secret from you. My dad just found out a couple of days ago I kept quiet.”
“ No judgment zone .”
Angelo gave me a peck on the cheek and smiled.
“ Thank you.”
He looked at me all serious and took another deep breath. He was reliving something in his head because he started shaking .
“Blue I am here .”
“ I didn’t always swing both ways. “
“Something happened to me and only Luigi knew. I wanted to tell you.”
The door swung open and Daniel walked in.

“Cleangelo ?”.

We both replied

“Yes “
“ Cleo you might be my sister but no please don’t name your baby Cleangelo .”
We both burst out laughing and Angelo squeezed my hand. I squeezed his hand back too… he spoke:
“What’s wrong with Cleo and our baby?”
“ Did I interrupt anything?”
I looked at him
“ Yes but we will talk. What’s wrong ?”
“Was .”
“ You do have what we call…”

All Rights Reserved © #KCMmuoe

All Rights Reserved © #KCMmuoe

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Chapter 57


As a kid I used to love dinner parties; because I used to take alcohol, not steal because I drank with Luigi. We were and still are partners in crime. Even though we fought and still fight , we are two peas in a pod. On Thursday night dinner was awesome. The even had non- alcoholic wine. My shock wasn’t as severe as before when I saw Daniel, and spoke to him. He looked like the male version of Cleo who I was still missing so badly . There was another dinner on Friday night and I didn’t feel like going . Luigi talked me into going and he even gave me his suit. He was Daniel’s half brother . I had to wrap my head around the bomb he dropped and I had only agreed to go to the dinner party , on condition I wasn’t going to be left alone, because there was alcohol and my demons were itching to come out and play.
The thing addiction is that you can’t really get it out of your system . Addiction replaces addiction. When I had a talk with Daniel he asked me ; if Cleo was my drug? After thanking him for saving me , I told him ;no. I even made an analogy between what I feel like around narcotics and how I feel around Cleo. I had also seen a pissed off Marc walking out to the terrace. I just hope the person his anger is directed to is ready for battle. The look he had on his face was a look he wore when he was denied what he wanted. Dinner was at eight thirty and it was only eight . As soon as I wrapped up my conversation with Daniel who told me that Cleo should be around I followed my gut and walked out to the terrace . Besides the fact that I was beyond happy that my twins and their mother were okay. I had the sudden urge to walk towards his direction . I was within ear shot.
“ I kissed you. Does that mean anything to you?”
“No. I am in love with the father of my babies you selfish man.”
The woman’s voice sounded raspy and I couldn’t Identify it
“ Fine I am selfish but I want you back in my life.”
“ We are friends .”
“I want more.”
The tone in Marc’s voice was definite.
“No you had your chance .”
“ I know I messed up.”
“ You more than messed up. You broke my heart, and you did it on purpose and intentionally.”
“ You forgave me .”
“ I did and oh just so you know our baby girl was buried opposite the hospital Amber was in. “
“ So Angelo knows and I don’t ?”
“ Blue knows. He remedied a pain that was hard to handle.”
“ Well he’s got competition . “
“I am going inside .”
“No you’re not . “
“You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do.”
“You’re beginning to sound like Amber . I don’t want to get in this with you. I am four months pregnant and … Oh .”
“ Cleo…”
“ I just need to sit down I feel dizzy.”
I needed to be sure that Cleo wouldn’t cheat on me with Marc.
“I am sorry Cleobear.”
“ The last thing I need is to stress .”
“ You really love him don’t you?”
“ With all of my heart .”
“ So you’re no longer seeing my face when you’re making love to him.”
“ I cut that cord properly . I don’t want to trigger Angelo.”
There was a long pause
“ Did he suspect that the baby wasn’t his?”
“Yes but…”
“ Nothing .If he doesn’t love you right he will lose you. You left me without warning … and just like you loved him without hesitation , you are prone to leave. Without hesitating. You are hard wired to run. I have known you longer than him.”
“Marc. Angelo is trying. He might have messed up but I cannot leave him and my babies. He is human and he has his demons.”
“So do you.”
“ I made peace with them. “
“ I can’t help but feel guilty. “
“ Don’t. Marc.”
I started feeling all sorts of guilty to and I walked out from where I stood. Only to see Marc hugging Cleo.
I wanted to break out in a fit of rage but I didn’t want to scare Cleo.
“ Why do I get the feeling that I am going to be friend zoned?”
“That’s because I have already friend zoned you Jasper.”
He pulled back and gave Cleo a peck on the Cheek. I just stood there and looked at them. Cleo looked beautiful. She looked up and locked eyes with me and my heart did an instant back flip
“Bella .”
She let go of Marc and ran towards me , and gave me a hug
“ Oh my word please tell me I am not dreaming .”
“ You’re not . Are you okay ?”
“hmm. I missed you .”
I hugged Cleo back and held her close maybe Marc will get the message that Cleo belongs to me not him.
“I missed you too . my babe. How are the twins.”
“ Asleep . You have four hearts that miss you and love you unconditionally.”
Cleo pulled back and looked at me . I was almost close to tears but I couldn’t let mark see me cry. I have never cried in front of him. Marc rolled his eyes and I smirked. He then spoke;
“ Cleo we’ll talk later .”
“Okay bud .”
“ Remember to save a dance for me .”
Cleo smiled and before she could speak I spoke;
“Don’t bet on it .”
“ Goodbye Massa.”
“ Jasper.”
I turned my attention to Cleo and she looked at me and closed her eyes, She took a deep breath and sat down again. She clutched her tummy again and out of nowhere a tallish lady came walking by.
“Cleopatra are you okay ?”
“ Izzy hey . I … I .”
“Cleo honey we don’t have to stay for dinner .”

Cleo look at me, but her eyes reflected pain and fear.


My heart sank when Cleo shook her head and couched her tummy .

“Izzy get Daniel something’s wrong …”

All Rights Reserved © #KCMmuoe

All Rights Reserved © #KCMmuoe

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Chaphter 56
This has been the longest two weeks I’ve ever had. The kids seem to like it here because they fall asleep easily and they stick to their play schedule. Pio and Pia love my brother. When I went over to go fetch them , they didn’t want to come back with me to the house . I have already met Romano who told me that I should work for him on a part time basis . I would be doing the same work I did at Massa but with more pay. I could still work for Massa and him at the same time. To be honest this is the first time in a while that; I could hear myself think clearly and feel at peace. I even asked myself if I really wanted to be with Angelo after what we’ve been through …
On Thursday night there was a dinner party and I didn’t feel like going. Izzy convinced me to go to tonight’s dinner and I was honestly feeling fat. We went shopping and I found a shift dress that was printed with flowers. The dress was black and the flowers were purple . It looked like the Iris’s on the dress were painted on. I also bought black pumps the heel wasn’t that long but I could walk in it. I also needed to do my hair so; I had it patted into corn r rows. My natural hair had already grown , and the last time I had my hair like this was a year ago when I was Ruth’s assistant . I had left the twins with Luigi and my brother. Luigi looks like a replica of Angelo only lighter. He had blond hair and green eyes .
The other night when he came over with a peace offering, he brought ice cream and cheese cake. Luigi told me stuff about Angelo that I didn’t know. He had told me that ; he had once ended up in hospital with a broken arm after he fell off a tree thinking hr was superman . He even told me about the stitch scar he had on his left arm. He also told me about his stash . All in all he is a cool guy. By the time we were done with my hair I was already feeling tired, so I slept in the car on the way back. I was woken up by Izzy and as soon as I went inside the house I went through to the nursery . The twins don’t trust people they don’t know . They are well behaved around strangers but I don’t want them around people I don’t know or don’t trust fully. The two ladies Dan had helping me taking care of my angels were experienced and professional. I had gotten friendly with Izzy and Daniel had told me she was trustworthy . She headed the team that was watching me. By the time I had already finished feeding the twins and spending some time with them , they fell asleep at the 6:45pm. After getting cleaned up and changed for dinner I had some time to kill because dinner was at eight fifteen. I was about to call Angelo when I heard a knock on the door and the doorbell go off three times. I knew who it was because he always did that, when he came to fetch me for a date. My heart did an instant somersault and I wanted to cry. I only had double ware foundation which was water proof and I had stained my lips iris purple. The boutique I found my dress at had lipstick shades and make up, that go well with the outfit you chose. I had left my heels at the door because I was going to be in them all night. I swung the door open and there he was … My hormones were all over the place but I had to try and exercise self control. He looked at me and kissed my forehead.
“ Cleo pregnancy suits you.”
He came in and we went through to the kitchen. I sat down and he made me a sandwich.
“ How did you know that I was pregnant.”
“ I know you . I have had you; multiple times . That baby may not be mine ; but its mother still has my heart in ways I cannot express. “
“ You broke my heart I didn’t . I forgave you and let you back in.”
“Not in the way I wanted.”
He placed the sandwich in front of me and winced.
“We can’t always have what we want.”
I took a bite out if the sandwich. He had made me my favorite .
“True but we have an undeniable connection.”
“who says I am single ?”
“Who says I don’t care about Angelo and the Massa squad ?”
“You don’t . You’ve always done what you wanted regardless of the consequence.”
“ You don’t have your engagement ring on. “
I washed down the rest of my sandwich with the apple juice he gave me. I was hungry and less nauseas.
“ I talk to Blue every day.”
He bit his bottom lip and smirked at me .
“ The same guy who hate fucked you for no reason ?”
“ Give him a break .”
“No I want you under me; screaming my name ,I want to own you the same way I did when we started going out. “
I locked eyes with him and he was on fire in more ways than one .
“ Are you ?…”
He walked around to sit on the kitchen bar chair next to me and spun me around to look at me properly. He placed his palm underneath my chin and his other hand on my thigh .
“Do not look at me like a doe in headlights . It does things to my body ,I can’t even begin to explain.”
“ My brother …”
“ He likes me and he is so in love with Izzy. Stop looking for an excuse .”
“ I am looking for a valid reason Jasper .”
Marc leaned over to kiss me at the same time his hand was moving up. I wanted to hold back , but I couldn’t . He tasted like and felt like I remembered and he was the same structure as Angelo. I pulled back when I felt his fingers playing with the hem of my undies , and stood up. He was breathing rapidly and I knew him well he wasn’t going to stop until he did what he wanted.
“ Cleo don’t do that .”
I slid my dress down and shook my head
“ I am not going down that road with you again. “
“ I thought I was okay with us being friends, but I was wrong.”
I started to cry because this was happening all too fast and all I could do was cry.
I sat at the corner of the blue L shaped couch and he sat next to me
“ What are you saying Marc.”
“ Cleo I have fallen back in love with you. I want you back in my life…”
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All Rights Reserved © #KCMmuoe

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Chapter 55

Two weeks later

It’s already October and by no I thought I; Cleo was going to have my last name, and I would make up for messing up with our first pregnancy. She already caught me out when we found out she was three months pregnant , when I indirectly insinuated that she was cheating on me . Even when I knew she would never do what Nina did. I woke up this morning feeling sad. I was now staying with my father and working from home. After Cleo called me I when I was at Carl’s , she made sure I was okay and that I wasn’t going to do anything stupid.
If I was the old me I would have already been with another girl… I can’t and I won’t disrespect my relationship with Cleo. I love her and I don’t want anybody else. Everything I do reminds me of her. She has been calling everyday to make sure I am okay, and keep me in the loop about what’s going on with the kids.. I even got to talk to Pio and Pia. As far as baby talk goes I am almost getting it. It took a a couple of days to wrap my head around the fact that I didn’t kill my brother in law to be. When I asked my father about our truce with the Luca’s , he told me that they were good friends and that they still are. I wasn’t opening up to him when I came back to the villa . Only when I started talking did he give me the info I needed. It was Thursday , and I would usually take Friday off to focus on Cleo and me without the kids around , but my father had told me that we had an important dinner meeting to go to out of town ,and it was important that I attended with him. Our men were changed after they got attacked at a beach house they thought Cleo was in but wasn’t. They were all Fabio’s men. My father also told me to pack for a week. We going to a resort but it was an invitation. By eleven in the morning we were on our way to the airport and he was using the family jet to get to where we were going. Nicolai and Carl were staying behind . I kept my phone on me incase Cleo would call . I miss her and she explained everything , which made me miss her more . I am actually sad and lonely to come think of it and I cry when no one is around because I am strong . I am lying I am far from it. The only person who knows how sensitive I am is being kept away from me and my mother’s anger is directed to her. My father was doing better and his scar had healed. He was back to being himself.
As soon as we arrived at the resort we freshened up and I decided to cook for us instead of going out. The water on this side of the ocean was warm and we had a whole beach front to ourselves . I hadn’t swam in a while , except for the pool the estate which triggered sad feelings because, I was teaching my kids how to swim , I hadn’t gone near a body of water. It was partly cloudy and a thunder storm was predicted for later on but for now I wanted to go out for a swim … My father wanted to watch the rugby and I told him I was going out for a swim . As soon as I dove into the water and started swimming all I could think about was my family and how choosing between them and my mother. I followed my heart and my father respected my decision. I was about to turn around and swim back when I felt a sharp pain on my leg . It felt as if a hot knife had stabbed me on my calf . I tried to swim but I couldn’t . The next thing I knew I was submerged under water struggling to move my left legs or arms. The last thing I remember was water coming in my ears , nostrils and mouth … then nothing . The last thing that flashed through my mind was Cleo smiling at me with the kids. I also flashed back to what happened in Italy and how I almost died. Carlo saved my life. I’ve been having nightmares about that day. Cleo was the only one who had the power to chase my demons away. It felt as if I was getting pulled out of the darkness and when I opened my eyes I was in a sterile room . My first initial thought was to scream my lungs out and get the hell out . I did exactly that and the door opened .
“Michel calm down!”
“Fuck you. Get me the fuck out of these restraints.”
It felt as if I all the rage I’ve felt towards the person that opened the door was coming out.
“ No. I don’t know how Cleo handled your rogue side but it’s a miracle she said; yes to you .”
“ You don’t know anything about her !”
“oh yes I do . Now calm the hell down.”
I roared with anger towards this guy and he was still calm.
“ You scream just like your son when he screams for his mother.”
“What the fuck did you do to them! Get me out of here.”
“No so you can beat the living daylights out of me. You have bulked up since Italy .”
My calf stung but it felt better but the pain was nothing compared to how I felt.
“ Luigi !”
“ That’s our grandfathers name . “
He smiled at me and opened a glass bottle that he emptied into a glass . I was thirsty and my voice was starting to fade .I took a deep breath and rested my head on the pillows.
“ I am sorry.”
“It’s okay Michelangelo .”
“Thank you for pulling me out .”
“You can thank Daniel. “
“What he also cleaned your wound up and oh told me to take care of you when you wake up.”
“ I don’t want to fight .”
“ Me too but uncle Claudio was right . You do have pent up anger towards me . “
“ Did. I already forgave you .”
“ Thank me again.”
“What do you want me to kiss your feet?”
“… And other parts too.”
“You’re disgusting.”
He moved the straw towards my mouth and I drank the contents.
“you have a dirty mind. I’m glad to see that hasn’t changed .”
“It takes one to know one.”
“ I told Cleo about your stash .”
“ I just calmed down don’t make me go rogue . My leg hurts .”
“Give it a day or two it will heal.”
I took a deep breath.
“ I missed you Luigi .”
“I missed you too.”
He put the glass down and untied my one arm
“ I want you back .”
“Your dad didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“ I am a Luca .”

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