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SAME DIFFERENCE -BY KGALI CLAIRE MMUOE Chapter 11 All rights reserved © #KCMmuoe 2016

June 30, 2016

Chapter 11
All rights reserved
© #KCMmuoe 2016

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There are times when you feel like the person you are with is not really the person you should be with . I call it the wrong kind of right .
Dare I say Luke Stevens … Of all the guys I’ve been with and mistakes I’ve made when it came to love, he is by far a lesson I’m still learning. Not taking anything away Brent … We almost lost each other. If Seppi and Seppi junior didn’t intervien ,then all would have been lost. I’m not comparing Brent and Luke but if wasn’t for Carlo aka Seppi junior talking me down on the night we had the mother of all arguments. I would have taken the decision to raise Andy alone and annulled my marriage .

It happened six years ago… I still remember it like it was just yesterday.
It was three months after we lost Andrea and I’d been sick all week. No seriously; I wasn’t feeling well that week …I was nauseous , dizzy , and my iron levels were super low which was weird cause I always watched what I ate…

The day before I was supposed to go home, out of nowhere I picked up an ear, nose and throat infection so I checked in at the local hospital. Turned out I had a mild case streps . I had initially thought I had an ent problem but it was my throat acting up and I was feeling feverish. I was given amoxil and told to rest…I could speak but it kind of hurt to swallow. The media conference had ended on that day and I was due back home the following day, but I didn’t have the energy to travel or do anything the following day . I called front desk in the morning to extend my stay, luckily the company had booked two extra days, my then boss Mr Rossi was a darling , he still is . Over the years we had developed a father daughter like relationship. Even when I resigned and started my own consultancy company he called me in when he needed help. He always made sure that they extended any trip in case we needed to submit reports or go exploring. I woke up late monday afternoon with a mild headache and I was hungry … On top of everything else, I was moody , irritable and missed every text , DM, tweet , post and call from Brent… I had a valid reason as to why I had pulled the radio silence card on my husband. When my phone rang , I picked it up without looking to see who it was. I was outside on the balcony eating my branch and enjoying my view, which was a lake reflecting the mountain, clean air , quietness and sounds of nature. It was already three in the afternoon and my body felt like it had been through the ringer. I answered it with my groggy voice.
” Clara speaking.”

“Hey… Its about time.”

The moment I heard his voice ; I knew who I was talking to .I took a deep breath remembering the date and day.

“Hey… I’m so sorry. ”

“Where are you? Your flight just landed and you were not on it. I’ve been waiting for more than two hours and you haven’t returned my any of my calls , answered any of my messages and you didn’t call to say good morning . What’s going on? I deserve to know.”

“Please don’t get angry at me. I know I was supposed to be home three hours ago. ”
I was starting to sound worse by the second and my voice was fading.

“I checked into the hospital last night… I switched my phone on silent when I was getting checked and didn’t bother to switch it back on.”

“What was wrong?”

“I had streps… It still hasn’t cleared up. I took some amoxil I just woke up thirty minuets ago.”

” This is unlike you. Are we okay ? ”

“Yes we are. Why wouldn’t we be unless you are being suspicious … And if that’s the case; I would like to know why?”

” You are in no position to be asking me anything right now.”

“Brent I just told you what happened and I am still feeling horrible . Listen I don’t want to argue or fight okay babe… I just miss you. The next plane leaves this evening and …”

Brent let out a sigh of frustration and it sounded like he was pounding something

” I don’t care when the next plane is leaving. I needed you last night and you weren’t there . I needed to talk to you. ”

” Where are you right now?”


“I don’t want you to hurt yourself and call it a hunch if you will but I get the feeling that you are near by?”

“Clara.Are you having me followed?”

“No just a feeling. A gutt feeling to be exact. Which is never wrong”

” Who is he ?”

“Who babe ?”

“The guy you’re with ?”

“No one … Brent what’s wrong? ”

” I just panicked and I was afraid something might have happened to you. Luke called me. He said I should enjoy the time I have with you cause he wants you back.”

“What has he got on you?”

“The fact that I’m a Perelli and that he will ruin me . Our families haven’t exactly gotten along with each other .”

” I know … What’s going on ?”

I heard a knock on the doo,r putting my now cold cup of tea vanilla chai tea down. I paused for a moment , killed the call cause I knew my husband like the back of my hand and opened the door to a battered and bruised Brent he had fresh cuts on the side of his eye and a busted lip. With no hesitation I hugged him and he hugged me back. Walking into the room he sat down looking angst. I went to the mini bar pulled out the ice tray popped the ice onto a mini towel and by the time I turned around he was sitting on the edge of the bed with the towel on his eye .As talkertive as he was before. He said nothing , until I sad beside him crossed legged on the bed and played along .Five minuets was all he could take. He turned around wrapping his arms around my waist , kissed me breathless and he spoke…

“I lost all self control when Luke insulted me lastnight. We ended up in a fist fight outside. Carlo stopped me before I could break his arm…”

I looked into his eyes and so something I hadn’t seen in a while … Fear and regret.

“Brent … What happened next?”
Brent put both his palms on his hands and started sobbing , which in turn set off alarm bells that something serious might have happened

“Raphael saw everything and had me suspended.”

“You’ll get something. You are a good O.P. What made you snap.”

I touched his bruised jaw and he flinched .

“Luke said he saw you and Carl together and that you and him were more than close . On top of that he said you two used to date. Is that true?”

Brent looked half betrayed and half angry.
I slid off the bed stood up and paced back and forth in front of him

“Back in first year we had a thing. Nothing major . We both agreed to be friends and never bring up our dysfunctional relationship again .”

” He still has feelings for you. He asks how you are doing and if we are okay. Do you still love him?”
Brent stood up and stopped me midway from pacing, forcing me to look at him.

All of the sudden I felt light headed
” I love you. I married you. What he and I had is in the past . My future is with you. I cannot believe that Lu…”
Before I could finish my sentence I hit lights out.

I woke up in a hospital room that was all pink and machines beeping. Brent was brooding which wasn’t a good sign at all. I could tell cause he was fiddling with his watch . Right on cue a resident doctor came in all bubbly and cheerful . With what I thought was an ultrasound machine.

“Good you’re awake . How are you feeling Mrs Perelli .”
Brent snapped out of his broodey mode and focused on me ,then the doctor .
“I’m fine…”

“She’s okay what’s wrong with my wife… Or should I call your director and ask her…?”

“Brent stop. You’re being mean … ”
I shot him a disappointed look his grip on my hand tighten . He was afraid but hid it so well.I could see right through him. His eyes were blood shot red .

“Teresa what’s going on why am I here.”

“You passed out , and your husband almost lost it … But he calmed down . I’m going to double check if the results are saying what I think they are saying.”
She lifted my shirt and squirted some blue gel on my tummy. It felt cold and slimy . She moved it around and we heard it … The sound that changed everything … Our lives as we knew them were never going to be the same…
Brent looked at me stunned … Teresa was smiling and I was elated. The infestation of joy that was inflicted my soul was out of this world . It was like falling in love again…

Present. Day
My husband was still in the private room I had been transfered to . The minuet I opened my eyes I saw him with our baby girl we both spent time with her before Andrew and Carl came through .Andrew still mad at his father . Brent told me that he dreamt I was talking to him and they both kissed and made up, but it was a far cry to what I knew my son was thinking. He was sitting with Carl playing a game on his tablet when his eyes shot up and he saw I was awake he came running to my bedside and Brent helped him up. He kissed my forehead as a sign to let me know he was thinking of me.

” Mommy . I love you”
He gave me a hug.
“Andy . I love you more angel. ”
He looked at me about to cry.
“What’s wrong. You know you can talk to me ?”
“I know that Brent left you when you were pregnant with me.”

“Andrew Joseph,James Carlyle Perelli. ”

Andrew gave me oh jelly beans I’m in trouble look.


” His your father . You don’t address him by his first name.”

“I’m sorry Mommy … I’m sorry daddy.”
I brushed back his curls with my hand and soothed him with my other hand .

” Its okay son I still love you .”

“I know dad. Uncle Carlo told me you almost died for me.”
I lifted his chin and looked at him .

” Your daddy was afraid angel . He didn’t know how to react and aunt Jen was feeding him lies.”

“And daddy ate the lies .”

“More like almost believed them.”

“So he came back , and was with you when I was born.”
“Aha he even took a bullet for you . ”
Andy looked at Brent in shock and remorse
“How come he has never shown me the scar…?”

I looked at Brent and he nodded

“When you’re old enough to understand . He will tell you. ”
Carlo stood next to Brent .

” Seppi your dad is a hero.”
He turned around and held his hands out to Brent.

“I’m so sorry daddy . I just didn’t understand.”
Brent picked him up and gave him a hug

“Its okay gooner I still love you . We all do and its never going to change. ”

“Even with Andrea?”
“We love you both the same Seppi .”

I smiled at Brent and he winked back…
I mouthed I love you to Brent and he whispered back;
“I love you with all of my heart.”

*A/N I still haven’t told you about six years ago… I’ve only told the story in bits and pieces. The full story will be told. Thank you for reading 🙂 any feedback is always welcome*

© #KCMmuoe



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