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May 24, 2016


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© #KCMmuoe 2016

Chapter 9

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Just as Timothy was about to tell me what was going on. Andrew came running down the hall . I picked him up and gave him a hug . I love my boy and his mother so much. To think I almost lost both of them six years ago , triggers feelings of melancholy. He sat down on my lap and talked to me with a very serious face.”

“Daddy I have a bad feeling.”

“Yeah I’ve also had it too Andy. I’m so sorry we left without saying goodbye to mommy. ”

“Apology accepted. Just as long as I get to see her soon. Where is she?. ”

“She was on her way with uncle Carlo. ”

“What do you mean was? She should be here my App says she is here.”

I went into my pocket and showed him ,his mothers phone which was gray.

“Okay dad then if you have her phone you should know where she is right?”

“Uncle Carlo had it when I saw him.”
My son looked at me with curious and confused eyes .

“Was he with mom?”

“No my boy… Remember the accident you saw when you were on the way here?”

He got off me and out of the blue he snapped at me crying and he raised his voice . Which was unlike him.

“Mommy … No no it can’t be. I hate you for this morning, I hate you for being with aunt Angela when you were upset with mom! …
I hate you so much for walking out on mom while she was pregnant with me …”

He put his hands on his mouth to show he said something he shouldn’t have but said it eventually and ran to Gio crying. I gathered Angela must have told him about. What happened six years ago .
I shook my head and started crying . We’ve been on good terms lately and knowing how he felt at the moment hurt me to the core. I tried to touch him but he wouldn’t let me he ran behind Gio.

“Andy where is this coming from? ”

He closed his eyed and peaked behind Gio’s leg.

” A very angry place in my heart . I don’t feel like talking to you. I want uncle Carlo …Gio take me to him . I’m very sad at daddy.”
Gio did what he wad told. I sat back on the chair, put my palms in my face and started shaking and crying. That little episode my son just had was a first, I was hurt by the fact that he found out I walked out on his mother… When she was nine weeks pregnant with him. What matters is that I admitted to screwing up badly and made it up to Clara in more ways than one.
Angela is devious… His outburst must have triggered something in me , cause the next thing I knew I was having flash backs of my fight with my parents….

Monday May 8 1995

It was a normal evening in the Valdez household I had soccer practice and I had great news. I couldn’t wait to tell the family. At first I was shocked that I got picked, but what made more sweeter was that, they picked me.

I was running a bit late cause I had missed the bus that would ensure; I got home put my dirty clothes in the laundry, get cleaned up and have dinner . I had gotten into the habit of doing my homework in the bus since I was always the last to get dropped off.
By the time I got home I thought it was way past dinner time and it usually meant I would actually have to eat dinner alone. Mom wouldn’t let me sleep on an empty stomach. Call it hunch but something felt offish when I stepped into the house.

“Mom, Dad, Laura I’m home!”

“Don’t call me that you are no son of mine!”

It suddenly dawned on me that my father had been drinking and he was drunk. There were days when I would avoid him, but as soon as I went through to the kitchen to go get my dinner which I assumed was in the warmer, I was really hungry and I knew I missed family time.

Next thing I knew I was pulled by my soccer jersey and punched in the gut. I remember the anger in what I thought then was my father’s eyes .

“You are no son of mine . You look like him.”
I was thrown against the pantry door and bumped my head so hard everything went blank.”

I opened my eyes again and my mother was telling my dad to get out and that if he doesn’t not only will he lose his daughter but her as well. My dad left and my mother helped me up and gave me a pack of frozen peas for the bruise on the side of my forehead. She gave me a hug and looked at me with a tear stained face. It was right then and there that I decided I would never be the man my father was. He was the perfect dad until a couple of years ago when he decided to turn to the bottle .

Just the other night I had thrown a punch at him and aimed for his eye. With success I managed pry him of my mother who he was beating up for no apparent reason.
Laura was in and out of the house with her boyfriend so she never noticed anything . In her head everything was fine. When I told her what was happening she just simply said ; couples fight and mom and dad are no exception they are just going through stuff a phase to be exact. Phases pass this one stayed and got worse.

On Tuesday I woke up to a quiet house. Mom had been making pancakes and the cereal was already on the table . She looked much more relaxed and calmer than yesterday. While we were eating breakfast I tried to lighten her mood.

“Mama I made the soccer team yesterday I’m sorry I was late for dinner.”

She kissed the top of my head and smiled at me. It was the happiest I’ve seen her in a while.

“I’m so proud of you my boy.”
“I also made captain… I hope dad will be as proud of me as you are and call me his son. Why does he think I’m not I don’t know. ”

My mother gave me a serious look. I knew the look all too well. The question was did I want to hear what she wanted to say …

“Maxi… Your father is… He is not…”

My mother was about to tell me something before we were interrupted . My skin crawled with fear and my heart started beating so fast I started gasping for air.
“That’s enough . Shouldn’t you have school to get ready for Brent? ”

My mother held my hand and winced at me .

“Yes sir good morning. I was just saying goodbye to mama .”
I ran upstairs; picked up my satchel, and duffle bag. When I ran back down I was met by my mother at the door. She walked me to the bus stop and helped me fix my tie ,knelt down and looked up at me with both hands on my shoulders…

“Maxi … Whatever happens from here on out. Know that I love you with my whole heart and its for the best okay?”
I hugged my mother and she hugged me back

“I love you mommy . ”
“I love you too son. I’m going to ask you a tiny favor .”
“Anything .”
She looked at me closed her eye and shed a tear. Automatically… I wiped her tear and smiled. She smiled back.

” I know you have the position you’ve always wanted and worked hard for… But I’m going to ask you to say goodbye to all of your friends.”

“Why mom?”

“If we stay any longer with your dad … I’m afraid you’ll become the man he is and worse.”
I started to cry shaking my head .

“I’m trying to understand but I can’t.”
“I’ve already packed some of your stuff Mima will be here when you get back from school.”

I took a deep breath and saw the bus coming from the corner of my eye. I was gutted but I knew deep down she wanted the best for me and my sister .

I kissed her goodbye and went inside the bus crying.
She waved goodbye and I waved back . I could never be angry at my mother ever . So I did what I was told and when midday struck instead of class I was transported home… By my fathers’ partner and what I saw changed my life forever…I was never the same after that day.
All I remember was saying sorry kneeling in a pool of blood next to my mother . I should have been there , I should have been there to protect her . He shot her, why didn’t I stay?… I’m so sorry mama I truly am…
*end of flashback*

-Present day

I was shaking and crying saying I was sorry when Timothy shook me still. Once I came back he gave me a hug and a cup of tea…

“Tim I have become what I feared the most, what my mother feared. My own son hates me right now.”

I took a sip of my tea and a deep breath.

“Brent he was going to find out sooner . He snapped that’s all. You can’t keep stuff from a boy like him. He is also like his mother, and even though Angie told him out of spite Andy always looks at both sides. He will come back to you.”

“What’s going on? Give me some good news please . Anything. ”

“Before you say anything more. You need to stop blaming yourself for your mother’s death… It wasn’t your fault . You couldn’t have predicted that your step father was a monster, to put it lightly . As long as your biological father is still around ,any memories you think you might lose or have forgotten abut your mother, he won’t hesitate to fill you in . He is a wonderful man. That I do know cause he helped our family when all seemed hopeless .

“Timothy where is my wife?. You are beating around the bush. ”

“Which bush? ”

I couldn’t help but chuckle . Tim was my sounding board , no wonder I picked him as my best man he knew how to get to me . He was like a brother in more ways than one.

“The elephant in the room.”

“Oh you mean your sexy elephant who isn’t an elephant? Regardless you know how to pick and you picked the right one.”

“Hey. I love her .”

I lightly punch him on the shoulder.

“Get up I need to show you something. A miracle…”

I got up and started walking feeling all sorts of feelings; hate,love,regret and gratitude. We were walking into the maternity ward. We walked into the pre mature birth section we stopped by a baby with light brown hair and blue eyes she looked like … Me and the unmistakable birthmark on her tiny big toe…

“Am I an uncle, did Carl have a baby?”
I was pulling Tim’s leg… I am in awe.

” No.Congratulations . You have another baby and she looks just like her mother … However she has your blue eyes and its safe to say this one … Is also yours.”

“Don’t start… ”
I looked at her through the incubator, she was so tiny … My precious princess as much as I was overcome with joy I was missing my wife and I wanted to see her .I looked at Tim and he nodded .

“Theresa is with her. She’s one hell of a fighter that one. A few cuts and wounds but Carlo saved her and your princess , Angela is the casualty. ”

Without hesitation I headed to where Clara was … And behold Andy and Clara were talking. I stood by the door and just watched .

“So you mean daddy didn’t mean to leave.”
“Yes angel.”

“Then why?”

“He was afraid of a lot and he had just lost Andrea. ”

“I thought daddy was a tough .”

“Even everyone including heros are entitled to a bad day.”

“I don’t want to be mad at dad.”
Andy gave Clara a hug and she hugged him back. I walked to where they were and I planted a kiss on Clara’s head and Andy hugged me too.

“Daddy I’m so sorry. I was mean. I don’t hate you. I love you too.”

The infestation of joy in my soul was increasing and I just had to tell Clara. I put Andrew down and he went to Gio.
“Its okay my boy . Uncle Carl and grandpa are here, you want to go say hello?”

“Aha see you soon daddy.”
“See you soon my boy.”
As soon as Andy left I locked eyes with my wife.

“The last time you had your hair like that was before Andy was born, I like…”

“You do?”

“Aha and Andy is starting to look like you.”

I sat down on the held her hand and kissed it.

“I also know someone who looks like you too…”

Clara threw me a confused look

“Hah who on earth?”
I smiled and kissed her and she kissed me back. Instinctively she touched her tummy.

“I know what we have, and not having.”
I saw panic set in Clara’s eyes and she started to cry.

“Where’s our baby … Perelli what the hell happened. ?”
I hugged her held her close and soothed her.

“Hush my babe its okay our baby girl is okay… All is okay.”
She lifted her head kissed my jaw and looked at me . She was worried . I knew cause she was searching my eyes for answers .

“Your brother is okay. He saved me , he saved our baby … What aren’t you telling me husband…?”

I raked my hair back , and looked back at Clara who gave me the tell me all I need to know look.

“The person who tried to kill you died. ”
She got off me and started sobbing on my shoulder .

“I don’t feel like being alone. I’m so glad you are here .”

“There is no place I’d rather be …”

© #KCMmuoe2016


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