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May 15, 2016

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Chapter 8
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I was heading towards the maternity ward feeling excited, when my phone vibrated and I saw that Clara had sent me a message. Just as I was about to open it Andrew called me .
When my son calls he usually has something interesting to tell me , ask about something or remind me of something I might have missed…
His Birthday was in four months September 7 and he is turning  six years old.
He was starting to look so much like me. I couldn’t believe how fast he was growing .Just the other day Clara and I took him home . He was a so small and now we both went to go get the same hair cut two days ago.His unrully curls needed a trim and my hair was long enough so we both opted to cut our hair short and leave our curls wild .
He looked like the younger version of me apart from his eyes , that reminded me of my wife who I need to see and show my new cut to. I haven’t had my hair this short for a while. Six years to be exact was when I started growing my hair, and the last time I had my hair like this was when Clara was pregnant with Andy.

Without hesitation I tapped the answer button
“Hey Andy. ”

“Hey dad is mommy with you ?”

Andrew sounded worried and his voice was shakey.

“She’s on her way to see me . What’s wrong?.”

” I saw aunty Angie today when we drove off and she’s been following mommy . I saw her at the toy store too and at school. ”

“I believe you. Why didn’t you tell me? ”

I was starting to have ill feelings. I was feeling guilty for not making sure my family was safe before we left. Everything was going fine and my wife was almost due in two months .  

“Mommy is in trouble . I had a bad feeling all day daddy . We didn’t say goodbye this morning and I really wanted to make her a new sandwich I came up with.”

“I know and I’m sorry buddy , but look on the bright side we get o show her our new matching hairstyles and we get to find out if you are having a brother or a sister. ”

“Will you call me when you see mommy, cause she’s not picking up hence I called you. Gio came to pick me up . We are stuck in traffic on a Tuesday … Can you believe…”

“That’s odd. Did you call uncle Carlo too?”

“Aha and he too isn’t picking up.”

Carlo and Clara should be here by now. They are not sleeping together, he’s my brother and he loves her like a sister. I tend to get so jelous. I don’t want to lose Clara, although she has assured me she isn’t going to leave me and she hasn’t given me any reason to doubt her.   

“How far are you angel?”

” We just passed an accident we will be there now now.”

“Okay my boy , Daddy loves you.”

“Okay daddy your son loves you too.”

As soon as I hung up I tracked down my wife.When the phone located her I breathed a sigh of relief, the phone said she was here in the hospital. I finally made it as Andrew was just walking in with Gio, he ran and gave me a hug. I saw Tim who was headed towards our direction. I picked up Andy who didn’t want to let me go and met Tim half way.

” Hey Andy, How are you buddy? ”
Andrew turned his head and smiled at Tim. Gio had followed us as per instruction.

“Hello Uncle Tims. I’m feeling  iffy.”

Tim caouldn’t help but laugh

“Wow Andy why is that?”
He climed off me and looked up at Tim who stooped down to his level .

“I just miss mommy that’s all I want to see her , have you any Idea where she is ? ”
Tim closed his eyes ,opened them and  grimmaced . He knew something but what…my mind started racing . She can’t be stuck in traffic she should already be here. 

“I’m sure she is on her way, the traffic out there is hectic.”

Andrew shook his head and threw his hands in the air. Giovanni had an iffy look too…

”  I was just telling daddy that it was so unbelievable. Like two cars banged together and it looked like one drove into the back of an SUV there was glass everywhere . I saw air bags in bot cars . ”

“That is totally insane .”

I wispered in Gio’s ear to take Andy to the play room. He nodded .


Andy turned around to face me

I’m going to ask you to go with uncle Gio to the play room okay ?”

I knelt down to give him a hug ,kiss the top of his head and looked at him .

“Why , where is mommy dad?”
I winced at my son . If he knew what was going on in my head. He’d be in tears by now . I need to protect him. Who knows what that crazy woman is planning Angie is a mad one.

“I’m going to find her. Keep your phone on you and stay close to Gio okay.”

” Okay dad . Uncle Tim do you want to come ?”

“I will join you just now Andy.”

I watched as Gio walked with Andy to the hospital  day care room as soon as they were in I focused my attention on Timothy. He had a look I hadn’t seen in a while. A look I knew too well. I could feel it in my bones. 

” Come out with it. ”

“Have you located your other half ?”

I took a deep breath and looked at him

“No … The app says she’s here but she isint. Which means either her phone was stolen or she stepped out ”

“With Carlo around . I doubt .”

“What’s gotten you worried? ”

“Its unlike Carl or Clara to not communicate .”

My phone rang and Clara’s name flashed on the screen I smiled and and picked up the call.

“You have us all woried , stop playing hind seek babe. Come on now , come out ,wherever you are … Clara doe?”

There was dead air at the end of the line and knowing my wife She’d either be playful or hit back with sarcasim .

” Maxi…”
My brother ? What the heaven?

“Carlo what’s going on, where is my wife?”

” I don’t know how to tell you…”

I got a tad bit annoyed and impatient.

“Then can you tell my son your nephwew where his mother is cause his been asking all day?”

Carlo took a painful deep breath I could hear he was having difficulty breathing .

“I’m sorry Maxi. I’m so, so, so, sorry.”

I started getting anxious but I had to maintain seld control given the fact that I was at work.

“Carl please tell me what the hell are you sorry for ?”

I must have sounded angry cause the next thing I knew ,Carl was crying. He never cried easily except where family is involved. He did cry at Dads funeral and Andrea’s .So this must be serious.

“There’s been an accident I’m in the ward next door  and Clara… Is … Clara is … ”

When he said the first twelve words my whole world fell apart. I hung up and ran to as fast as my feet could carry me to where Carlo was. My phone had pin pointed him to a part of the hospital I officially hated.The logical thing to do was to find him and ask him what is really going on, so I could react properly and not lose it.

I pulled back the blue curtain and  saw a sight that tore me apart .
Carlo was covered in bruises all over his  arms ans face. He  had a mild concussion by the looks of things, but that wasn’t what caught my eye.  His white dress shirt was stained with blood and he also had dried blood on his hands ,looked shaken to the core and his face registered remorse.

” Maxi I’m so sorry I tried everything .”

I sat down and it felt like the air had been sucked out of my lungs.

“Carl what happened where is Clara?”

He coverd his face and within seconds he had a face full of tears , spit ,snot and all. I took out a hankie and he wiped the tears and cleand his nose . I had to stay calm.
He took a deep breath and started talking. He knew I wouldn’t care if he was in pain. Just as long as my wife was okay… Okay I would care he is my brother and we have come so far…

“It happened so fast… One moment we were laughing , the next we were hit out of nowhere ,there was glass and Clara oh my word Maxi Clara . ”

As soon as Carlo mentioned they were hit I knew that he was in an accident and Clara was caught up in it. Goodness this is starting to hurt … My sweet loving ,faithful and loyal better half was caught in the cross fire.

” Clara just texted me she’s okay … Whose blood is on your hands.”

” Clara’s I tried but she wasn’t moving.”

In denial I shook my head she has to be okay

“I don’t believe you . She’s fine …”

“Angela… Attacked us. ”

“What oh my word no , no .”

As fast as this was happening I was wrapping my head around the situation at hand Teresa walked in without looking she spoke , she does that when she’s unsure or has no control over a patient or situation.

“Mr Perelli you seem to be okay , I just need to give you pain medication and you can be on your way. As for Mrs Carlyle I can’t tell you anything. Her husband works here and I will tell him when I know what’s going on.”

When she looked up her jaw dropped. I talked very calmly

“Teresa whatever you want to say say it now… His family.”

“Brent hey.I don’t how to tell you what’s going on…”

“Start from when Carlo was brought in… Before I turn this hospital upside down looking for my wife and answers.”
I started getting fired up fiddling with my watch strap and rapidly breathing . I was getting angry

Teresa took a deep breath and ran out.

“See what you did now we have no feedback Brent.”

“Carlo I’m sorry … I will have you booked into a private room so you can clean up. I’m going to find out what’s happening with Clara.”

I stood up and walked out the hallway and spotted Teresa talking to Timothy. She looked strained and Timothy looked worried. I walked towards them and Tim met me halfway.Teresa dissapeared before I could ask her what’s what.

“Brent there has been an accident and a casualty and miracle.”

He gave me a serious look.What is so bad that he can’t tell me that’s also shaken him up.

“Timothy who is the casualty , mirracle and survivor? ”
I looked at him pensively searching for answers…

© #KCMmuoe 2016 💠

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