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May 10, 2016


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Chapter 7

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I’m not perfect .I’ve always said that; perfection isn’t perfection unless there are imperfections visible… So we are all imperfectly perfect .

There are some moments in life when you feel undeserving of what you have or like a total loser.I’ve had many of those days and weeks ,when I sometimes feel like I’m not being a good enough mother to my son , or perfect wife to my husband . When you wake up in the morning and wish you could fall back to sleep cause you hate feeling like you are failing at a role you should perfectly fit into cause you’ve had enough practice, however you still feel like you are always falling short .

I guess we all are entitled to have a bad day … At some point our super hero masks and capes come off and surprisingly enough we discover what we suspected all along, that we are human.
Brent has a way of getting me out of the black hole I sometimes fall into. He has experience in that department . I could be so quiet ,calm or cheerful and he always sees right through me. He won’t push me , he would give me time to sort my feelings out , help Andrew with his projects, and then focuses on us.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks . Brent was working at the sports injury center again, and he was happy to be doing what he loved. He had left before cause of an incident that happened that was beyond his control.

I on the other hand was elated he was doing what he loved. He had all but decided orthopedics wasn’t his passion and he was wrong. I think he decided that after losing Andrea.
He goes all dark and moody towards her birthday, and most of the time I have to get him to open up and talk to me over the years it has gotten easier we just talk and celebrate her life.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the shattered window incident . Thank goodness everything has calmed down. Work wise I needed to talk to Carlo about the design of the fitness facility on the land that Kat and I bought just an hour outside town .
Carlo and I haven’t had time to just sit and catch up as friends. We became friends after the weekend Brent asked me to move in with him. His practically family now my brother in law to be exact ,and although his older than Brent who is five years my senior he is an amazing guy and like my husband a chef in the kitchen and a cool guy.He has the same modality as my husband; they were both fixed ,inflexible, loved fiercely ,protective and loyal. Difference was that Brent was a water sign and Carlo an earth sign.

I understood Carlo and he got me. I remember six years ago when he was giving Brent a lecture ,about walking out on me and treating me unfairly. I’ve never seen Carlo angry but he was fuming on that day he confronted him .
Brent had messed up so badly I wasn’t even sure I was going to take him back but Carlo talked me down. It took three months for me to come around and I had cut all contact with Brent … It hurts just to think about that low point ,when I was ready to call it quits… But I can’t think about that now. Its bad for the baby I have to think happy thoughts …

When I arrived the restaurant wasn’t full . It was just after mid morning on a Tuesday afternoon and Carlo knew that the gym wouldn’t be as full. As soon as I went through I took a seat and just as I was about to send a message to Brent to remind him of our visit to the doctor … I was distracted by someone I didn’t expect to see.

“Oh my word are you a sight for sore eyes.”

“Well you are a sight for sore eyes too.”

” I guess congratulations are in order…”

“Thank you .”

“No ,no I’m the one who should be thanking you and Andrew.”

“Why? ”

” You have an amazing son . He showed me something that I didn’t recognize at first but now I do.”

“Slow down … What did he say?”

“He told me about you and Brent and how the both of you sort out problems. I tried the method he gave me and it worked… ”

“So can you explain punching my husband?”

He looked embarrassed and remorseful

“He was drunk and kissed my girl. I try avoid violence whenever I can but Jen and I have come so far. Even after kissing Brent who she told me was her ex fiancé she made it clear that she feels nothing for him. ”

I cringed and took a deep breath, I was feeling a bit of discomfort on my tummy but everything seemed okay , I was in pain but I knew how to hide and handle it well.

“I’m so sorry.”

“No don’t be you have nothing to apologize for. Brent said sorry. Why he has you I don’t know. When I saw you, with him I actually felt sorry for you cause it must be hard to wrap your head around that my girlfriend used to be his. ”

” I know and she is a hard limit . ”

I had a feeling that my husband wasn’t okay . Call it a radar but I could always sense when Brent was in trouble.

” Is that going to affect any of our chances of being friends?”

“I don’t know but I’m not up for another round of Jen James being an issue in my life especially now.”

I hit the send button on my phone and dropped it in my cyan blue tote bag

This guy took my hand and kissed it then looked at me. I sat back and took a deep breath. Why am I catching warm feelings for a guy who isn’t my husband. I love Brent. This guy he is trouble, big trouble.

“I understand and its okay.I just feel like we don’t need to miss out on being friends just cause of our partners. ”

I took my hand back and placed it on my heart. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw Carlo from the corner of my eye charging towards us .

“I love my husband, he for some reason , maybe Jen … doesn’t trust you . He thinks you are out to get back at him for smooching Jen.”

“Clara you helped save my relationship. I cannot not be friends with you. There has to be a way. Brent isn’t a saint you know and he isn’t what you think he is.”

I winced at him and shook my head

” Juan you are an amazing guy ;but I can not take this… Whatever you want to call it any further. I knew that Brent kissed Jen before I met you at the roof top, and for the first time in a long time I have the man I married back. ”

“You honestly don’t feel the fire between us? I can see it in your eyes… Even when you were with Brent. You felt something for me. ”

“I can’t answer that but I did feel something. I felt pity for you. Jen has wanted Brent back for a while now, and she is struggling to accept that he is married to me . She backed off after an incident at the hospital. She is Brent’s half sister. He didn’t know but found out.”

My eyes weren’t playing tricks on me after all. Carlo made it to where I was sitting he looked distressed.

“Good afternoon Carlo ”

“Juan hello.I’m happy to see you are you well?”

“Yeah I am and I was just leaving. Clara it was good to see you. Hope to see you again.”

Carlo sat next to me slid his hand around my shoulder, kissed my temple, and looked at Juan.

” You two know each other?”

As calm as Juan was, he became unsettled in a jittery kind of way, like he had to run as fast as he could.

” Yeah I met her at the hospital when your sister was giving birth.”

“How is Jen by the way ?”

“She’s ok speaking of my wife to be, I have to go meet her for lunch. Clara keep well and Carlo talk to you soon.”

Juan couldn’t get away fast enough … I turned around to look at Carlo.

” What just happened?”
Carlo looked at me and smiled

” Let’s just say Juan has special powers that can make any woman go ga ga over him and I don’t want you to fall for his charms. ”

” Wow and you don’t possess the same kind of powers ?”

I looked at him quizzically

“Well… When it comes to you all self control goes out the window. We all can’t explain how my brother ended up with you but he loves you. When he introduced you at the braai. I knew …”

” Knew what?”

“You were the Doe at the mask party. ”

“I thought…?”

“Brent wasn’t the only guy you danced with . Yes you were all upstairs but you came down to help Raphael with something …”

I started to remember the party, which by now was a blur.

“Oh I remember he sent me a text to watch the bar for him while he went to sort out the kitchen. It was fun.”

“I wanted to make my move then but my brother…”
I put my right hand on my tummy and lifted my left hand

“Who is now my husband . What is it with you men today first Juan now you. Telling me all this … Is there something in the water ? ”

Carlo laughed and held my hand

“. Ha ha no. I just think Brent is a lucky guy. I also see why he chose you. ”

I put my hands again on my tummy rubbing it in circular motion . It felt like a contraction only this time the pain was unbearable.

” Aaah! Oh my my word that hurts. ”

Carlo got all panicky .

“I’m getting you to the hospital.”

“Nah ah I’ll be okay. Ouch!”
The pain came back stronger this time

“Then I’ll drive you home… After I get you to the hospital and you are not going to argue with me.”

” I have to go fetch Andy from school.”

“I’ll have one of my drivers pick him up and bring him to us. ”

Carlo picked up my bag ,slid his arm underneath my knees and carrie me to his car . Not taking any chances he put me at the back of the car and drove to the hospital. We had reached a four way stop when I got a call from Brent.

“Carlo did you call your brother?”

“No but he called and told me this morning to keep an eye on you . He had an uneasy feeling. His had it all morning .”

I smiled and answered the call

“Hey honey bee ?”

“Hey babe are you okay . I’ve had a terrible feeling all morning . ”

“Maybe its because you woke up and didn’t kiss me goodbye this morning. You owe me big time.”

“You looked peaceful I didn’t want to disturb you. Are you driving?”

“Nope I’m at the back of your Carlo’s car his driving me to you… I’m putting you on loud speaker .”

“Hey Carl what’s going on bro?”

” Your wife is in pain and she says its nothing .”

“It’s braxton hicks.”

“She was screaming…”

Carlo was so calm … We were fifteen minuets away

” I got your text my babe . I can’t wait to find out if we are having a girl or boy”

“Me too I can’t believe we waited seven months… No thanks to you not wanting to know.”

” I have to go check up on a patient. Love you much see you soon .”

“Love you more . I’m missing you so much we are only ten minuets away.”

“Aww babe I can’t wait to see you … Carlo see you soon and thank you.”

“No problem bro .”

I hung up and sent another text to Brent.

” See Carlo I’m okay.”

” Ha ha braxton hicks ?”

“Hey they are painful.”

“Brent adores you, you are his life . I’m so happy he has you .”

“I’m so happy he found you.”

“Will it ever happen for me ?”

I smiled at him looking at the mirror

” It will just keep the faith. God has someone for you. You just need to trust that it will happen at the right time. ”

Carlo took his eyes off the road and smiled back at me

“I’m thankful for you.”

“Me too…”

We had reached the final block and four way stop when I heard screeching tires and smelt burning rubber. Behold Angela’s car was speeding down the road. It was her car cause it had her name and our surname on the number plates . The last thing I remembered was Carlo looking to see if the coast was clear so he could swerve but the traffic had already increased on both. sides. I managed to un click the seat belt but by the time I tried to move it was too late … All I remembered was Angela’s angry face and Carlo screaming Clara watch out . I remember an air bag blowing up and white light…

© #KCMmuoe


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