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April 29, 2016


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©#KCMmuoe💠 2016

#Chapter 6
Song : #EllieGoulding #army

How do you know?
How do you know that you are with the right person ?
The answer is simple . You just do.
Then the question that I should be asking is …when do you know?

I knew it when I asked Clara to be my friend ,she didn’t know me at all but gave our friendship a shot.I loved being around her and talking to her after a long day .If she was too busy or out of the country I’d leave her a message and before sunset she’d get back to me. She as a friend showed up , gave sound advice and was always there when I needed her. She became the best thing I never knew I needed.

On the morning we both admitted to having feelings for each other , which didn’t come as a surprise. I knew .
We had both fallen in love at the same time. I knew when Andrea talked non stop about her , when she wanted her to stay over ,when I dreaded Monday mornings and didn’t want her to leave. I’d look forward to watching her sleep or waking up with her in my arms.

I knew it when I thought I’d lost her before she moved in with me and six years ago when I snapped at her for not knowing she was carrying Andrew and suspected her of doing the unthinkable. I lost control… She took me back even though she had   every right to end us … She forgave me. 
I knew on the Friday night when I came home to find her bags gone , her key that I gave her on the counter and the message I got when I switched on my new phone. I knew that I wanted her and only her.

*Flash back. Saturday 10 June. 2009*

On the night when I was going to ask her to move in with me, she left,  I couldn’t sleep that Friday night. She  had left me a message saying it was okay if I wanted to call it quits.I didn’t want to. I loved her so much . My heart was breaking .To make matters worse … It was raining on that evening. I was craving something that I had and lost . It was the worst feeling ever.  I needed her that night. I had a run in with my ex. I don’t know how she heard about Clara and I being a couple, and her not knowing about her being my ex. She was really sure that when she found out about Jen and me it will all be over .
I had a dark  past yes but I have change. I have to tell Clara that was the one thing I hadn’t discussed  with her in detail…my past  

The sky  cleared up well in the morning  and I needed to find my girl. I left multiple messages on her phone cause she had switched it off . None of my text messages even got through to her. I even went as far as alerting my squad on whatsapp to call me if they see her , it was a matter of urgency.

I would normally take the stairs but something in me told me to take the lift, when the doors opened my heart skipped a beat it was as if I was dead and I was brought back to life again . My Clara doe standing with Carlo . Ignoring my friend I hugged my girlfriend and held her close.
I remembered that day like it was yesterday.

“Brent Wolf .”

“Clara doe . I love you . I’m not breaking up with you. ”

When she go off me she looked at me impassively and stood next to Carlo

“Then why the secrets  Brent ?”

“I wanted to surprise you . I ended up making you doubt your love for me and for that I’m sorry. There’s something you need to know that I haven’t told you  ”

Carlo interjected; given the time and area it was warranted. I was an extremely private person and the gym was about to get full and my face was on the papers for all the wrong reasons.  

“Brent do you two want to use my apartment upstairs?” 

” Yeah sure thanks . Clara ?”

I gave her my famous puppy eyed look , I must have looked like hell cause I hadn’t slept, she got in and I punched on the code to the ‘ pent house Carlo owned . 

“Clara please say something.”

The doors opened and she walked in the lounge dropped her gym bag by the entrance  and took a seat by the couch. When she looked at me she had her disappointed face on.

“First of all I am livid . ”

“You have every right to be. ”

I sat next to her and she moved to the other end of the couch and crossed her legs facing me , she created  distance between us  cause  she knew me too well .

” You leave without saying goodbye , ignore me all day, have my bags packed and then I read a news flash telling me you are back with your ex. ..the one you didn’t want to talk about when I asked …”

“I’m so sorry.” 

” No you’re not. You would have told me about your past freely. We’ve been together for what a year.”

“Yes a wonderful year. I woke up this morning and you were fast asleep and I didn’t feel like waking you up to tell you goodbye.
I wanted to wake up to you every single morning , to not just  say good morning, I love you, I’m going to miss you and goodbye.
I want wake up and say good morning and not have limited time to do the things I want to do   tell you how much I love you, and see you when I get home. I wanted you to move in with me.”

I locked eyes with Clara only to be met with a pair of dark brown eyes that were red and full of hurt. She folded her arms which wasn’t a good sign at all.

“You know exactly what to say to get me to stay. I believe you . Carlo told me what I needed to know…
I would have said yes if you had asked me or woken me up in the morning no fancy stuff needed  … Why didn’t you tell me about Jen?”

“I was afraid you’d leave me . I have a dark past. I’m not the man you think I am. ”

“What makes you say that?”

” The reason I could not tell you what I did.”

I went all silent and started to remember the night Laura died and the fight we had.

” Brent. What happened , what won’t you tell me?”

” Laura wasn’t happy with me marrying Jen. She repeatedly told me she was bad news and I should stay away . Her family was somehow connected to our  parents murder.
Being the guy I was I confronted Jen before the engagement party . She claimed she knew nothing , but she was lying. ”

“Then why go ahead with the party ?”

“She somehow convinced me that my sister was unhappy for the both of us and that she loves me and only me .
I introduced myself as Carlyle not Valdez to her parents . Upon doing a background check on me, Joe James found out I was a Carlyle Valdez.”

” Wasn’t Joe James the leader of some gang that got caught ?”

“Yeah . The night Laura and her family…my died in a planned hijacking , my grandmother was all sorts of angst. She was also against me marrying Jen.”

” Then why have your parents and sisters killed ,but keep you alive ?”

” I’m a combination of both my mother and father?”

” I don’t understand ?”

“Joe James loved my mother at some point , before he built his somewhat clean empire. My mother was going through a rough patch at home with Laura’s father . He was out all night and would sometimes leave before sunrise. Joe had an affinity for my mother and they both ended up in bed together a couple of times .Since it was a small town , they made sure no one knew .”

” You can’t cheat in a small town .”

I looked up again and Clara had unfolded her arms and moved next to me. She was willing to give me a chance to explain myself.

” Laura’s father got a transfer up coast. By that time my mother was pregnant ,Mima knew who the father was but both kept quiet.”

” Did your parents make up ?”

” Eventually they did . When the child  was born,he  was named; after his grandfather and he was also given another name… Maximillian.”

” Growing up I was confused. I had my mothers eyes but looked nothing like my father . I even went as far as looking through old family photos and Laura looked like dads’ mother I looked a bit like my mother and had nothing not even a birthmark except for the one on my foot. Which my father didn’t have .”

I started getting all emotional, but  Clara needed to know the truth .She held my hand with both her hands  and squeezed it.

“If its hard to talk about I’ll understand and give space and time.”
I cleared the tears from my eyes kissed her forehead  and continued.

” I love you so much right now and I will   do whatever it takes to  show you that you are worth the fight…
On the day my father killed my mother and then turned the gun on himself I was in shock.
Laura was fighting with both of them before she dropped me off at school   before break I was called in the office . It was twelve thirty in the afternoon. I was driven home by one of the cops that worked with my father .When I got there Laura was in tears . I snuck past everyone to go inside. I was six years old I was curious . I tripped on a foot in the kitchen and landed in what I thought then was warm tomato sauce . I looked at my mother and then my father and I prayed , I’ve never prayed so hard in my entire life . Laura pulled me away from the scene after then what I had realized was that I saw my mother dead and the person who I thought was my father dead too. It felt like my whole world had caved in and as I grew up I realized I wasn’t a Valdez . I used Carlyle cause it was my mothers surname.”

” Wait so on the night you met Jen’s dad you didn’t feel any connection.”

“Not at first . Until I saw him barefoot . Jen was his second wife’s kid he loved her like his own .I don’t know what went down before we left but as an act of rebellion Jen told him she was going to mary me . Joe James had family pictures and I spotted a picture of him and his father as a kid . I was a spitting image of his father , the younger version.  ”

” After Laura died in what was said to be an accident . Mima finally told me the truth and what I suspected all along.”

I lifted my face up and I had a face full of tears.
Clara held me in her arms as I cried. She was massaging my back when I totally broke down and sobbed uncontrollably.

“You are Carlo’s younger brother. You are Joe James Pearelli’s son… And Jen threatened to tell me if you didn’t do what she asked. ”

I lifted my head from her now soaked t shirt on the side of her shoulder .

“Spot on .  I trust you with my life . I don’t know what kind of supernatural power you have… But it soothes a part of me that I have always been afraid to unleash.”
Clara kissed me and smiled .

” I think its you who has supernatural powers . You’ve been through hell and back , but still you keep going. I don’t know what did I ever do for you to love me the way you do. You’ve seen me at my worst and yet you still come back. The last guy who was with me before you bolted when I told him about what I went through… You stayed. I’m so sorry for making you lose sleep last night… ”
I hugged Clara and held her

“I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner . ”

When she looked at me she wasn’t as mad as she was before
“Brent …”
“Yeah honey bee ?”
” The supernatural  power has a name.”
“Really? ”
“Aha . ”
” Do tell .”
“Love .”
“Ti amero Clara mia.”
“Ti amero Maxi . Aren’t you hungry”
We walked half way to the kittchen cause we both had the same thought.

“I am but the chef can take care of breakfast , however I have a different kind of hunger. ”

“I think I know what you’re talking about, but you have to eat first doctor Carlyle .”

“Oh I think food can wait .”
“No . Come on . We are going to live together after all and I took Monday off .”
She took my hand and led me to the resturant downstairs. I was hungry and hadn’t eaten at all… And was I glad that we had food before we started with catching up.
After our conversation… That’s when I knew
*end of flash back*

#Present day

I was sitting in my least favorite place in the hospital … The waiting room . Clara and our baby was okay . I was just shaken cause someone accidentally shot through our kitchen  window . The couple across the road were arguing and a gun went off . For a minuet I thought we were being attacked but it was a false alarm. Clara had hit lights out she only got bruised . Our dishwasher had burst into flames when both couples started shooting at each other.I thought I saw blood but it was a red paint ball bullet . As soon Clara was given the all Clear I went to her room .She was still asleep so I sat there and watched her . I was feeli #ng panicked and thought of changing where we live. She had said she had a sports center and a house built so I think I should ask her when she wakes up…

©#KCMmuoe 💠2016

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