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April 23, 2016

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Chapter 5.5

#Song #JamesMorrison #Don’tstoptherain
  *Flash back continued*

I woke up  feeling cold I had drifted off to sleep with earphones in my ears . I had a play list for rainy days . Songs that could make you cry and soothe you at the same time. I peaked at the time and it was six thirty in the morning . I has slept through most of the night thinking what happened yesterday was just a dream… Fact of the matter was that it wasn’t . I got up , cleaned up and made my way downstairs to the lobby. I hadn’t eaten anything and I was craving something I couldn’t have  …   Brent’s famous breakfast , which had everything good in it…in fact I missed his cooking , he is a chef in the kitchen and he knows how to whip up a great guilt free meal without fail.
Why the hell am I talking about someone who isn’t even mine to call anymore… I need to go run and sort my feelings out.
I walked three blocks to the gym , even though I had a transport service at my disposal .
Brent never went  to gym he had his own home fitness facility so I wouldn’t  have to worry about bumping into him… I’m sure of that.
On a serious note I needed to get my own place   
Timothy and Katherine were getting serious and I felt like a distraction .
I’ve got most of my clothing and essentials . Can I not think about Brent …
I’ve never felt so betrayed and hurt. Jen James out of all people. Don’t get me wrong I’m not insecure but he should have told me. Yes I’ve worked hard to get where I am but wow just wow… 

The right signs where there , he hadn’t stopped calling me since our first date, he came to visit me every chance he got , he would call me in the morning when he woke up , kept  telling me how much he missed me, how he   can’t wait to see me, and send me texts telling me he was thinking of me .He even introduced me to his friends as his girlfriend at a braai we were invited to . He declared , he protected, provided (even when I told him I was okay), he guided and loved with passion. He did everything right . So at a point where my … I don’t know what to call him right now, but he started acting all secretive Thursday night, he would normally take Fridays off so I knew that I’d be spending the weekend at Brent’s , with him and Andrea.

A part of me thought that I was being impulsive cause I hadn’t heard Brent’s side of the story. I just assumed and left… Or did I?

Brent didn’t call that  Friday morning , he just up and left . He has a habit of watching me sleep it creeped me out in a good way though… 

He also sent a mid morning message and all I got was a call . He would normally ask me how my day was going , what am I wearing  and what he was thinking.
Brent was direct and honest . He was the kind of guy who meant what he said and said what he meant . He proved it by deed too .  On Friday when I picked up the phone feeling all sorts angs and bereaved he only said; he wanted to spend the weekend indoors . When I asked him if he was okay and what was going on he cut me off . I called him back and it went directly to voice mail. I left a message asking him what’s going on ? Was it something I didn’t do ? I even went as far as telling him; I have to know what’s going on with us cause his behaving offish…
I had finished my jog and clocked in fifty kilometers. I hadn’t realized how fast I was running until I stopped the tredmill and got off. I hadn’t had anything to eat so I was feeling a bit light headed . I took a shower an I was still fine, my legs felt wobbly , but I was fine. The gym had a breakfast bar that had a view that was breath taking, and since there was a thunderstorm last night the air smelt clean and I had time to kill and just be.
I ordered breakfast which consisted of steal cut oats with cinnamon, berries , juice and yogurt. While I waited I took out my phone and switched it on . Everything seemed relatively okay until it start vibrating non stop. I left it on the table and looked around for my waitres who clearly disappeared . He returned fifteen minuets later with my breakfast and Carlo Perelli. Brent’s friend… Who was making his way over to my table . I had a mouth full of oats when he took the chair and sat across me.

“Clara mia good morning.”
I swallowed the contents in my mouth took a napkin, wiped my mouth clean and took a gulp of my orange juice and smiled.

“Carlo. How are you?”
He took my hand kissed it and looked back at me with his brown eyes.

“I’m fine. I’m just not sure about my best friend. He’s been going nuts on our whatsapp group.   ”

“I forgot you managed this branch . Which best friend?”

“Your boyfriend .”

“Ha ha but you just called me your Clara…”

” I know , you might as well be since we know a bit about you from Brent .”

” Aaah Brent. Who went mia on me and was photographed kissing another woman… His ex fiancé Jen James. Who he didn’t reveal. Have you any idea how betrayed I feel . ”

Carlo raked back his hair took both my hands and kissed them.

” He is going crazy . I have never seen him like this . Tim is the one who can calm him down  his not available this weekend . I am struggling . Its been twenty four hours and he won’t stop crying . You left him undone . Only you can stop the trauma his going through. Jen did nothing… You brought our friend back, he started smiling since you, you calm a part in him that used to be so rouge.   ”

I looked at Carlo with tears in my eyes.

” He doesn’t want me anymore. What do you call having my bags packed and avoiding me all day. I called him back to ask what was wrong, the phone rings and goes to voice mail… ”

He took out a hankie and wiped my tears. He cradled my face with his hand then leaned over and kissed my forehead he then looked at me .

“If you were mine… I wouldn’t let you out of my sight , I’d worship the ground you walk on , let you know every minuet of every day that you are the most important being in my world and that I’m grateful to have you in my life… ”

” Why do I get the feeling that you stole those lines from Brent?”

“That’s because they are the exact same words he said last night and more when he was calling you, his phone dropped in my fish tank yesterday morning after he called you. He wanted to call you. ”

I shook my head

“Carlo I don’t pick up numbers I don’t know.”

“He told me that hence he couldn’t reach you. There was another reason he came to see me.”

” Since I helped him design his gym , he wanted me to help me with his house closet.”

“To do what exactly . I’m confused.”

“He packed your clothing so it shouldn’t get dirty . He was planing something… Last night when he broke down he came clean.”

“Please tell me . What’s going on with the man I love ?”
“He was going to ask you to move in with him and Andrea . ”
Carlo smiled at me
I  covered my mouth to stifle a scream
“What … Oh where is he”
“Upstairs . I’ll take you . ”
He took my hand and led me to the lift as the doors opened… behold a broken man.

“Brent Wolf .”
Brent jumped out hugged and held me and wouldn’t let go

“Clara doe . I love you . I’m not breaking up with you. ”

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