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April 17, 2016

All rights reserved
© #KCMmuoe 2016

Same Difference -By- Kgali Claire Mmuoe
Chapter 5



I heard Brent call my name but I couldn’t move… What was happening …
My whole body was riddled with shock , my head started to hurt out of nowhere… The last thing I remember was walking into the kitchen and something flew right threw the window shattering the glass I dropped the cup and all I heard was the smoke alarm . We live in a safe area and we have state of the art security on the complex. What the hell was going on … I was on the floor . All I remember was something painfully piercing through my clavicle . Oh hell no , no , no ,no … Our Baby … Brent has been through hell he can’t go through losing someone again let alone two people. I thought they caught the guys who killed his parents and sister. It was related to something in his family … Every time I asked him about it he just got all agro. When I told him six years ago that I was pregnant with Andrew … He snapped and went Hulk angry… I can’t think about that now.

I sent up a silent prayer … God please let our baby and Brent be okay . Please let me get through this…

“Clara! No no ! Not you, come on now, come back to me you are not going to leave me… I will die.”

Brent I’m not leaving you. Why can’t I respond … Slowly I started drifting away.

“Fight come on babe … Don’t you dare leave me. Andrew needs you, our baby needs you, Clara doe I need you, Open your eyes … ”

Oh fudge sticks dipped in mint chocolate its happening again … I’m fading away…


© #KCMmuoe 2016


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  1. Thank you angel . I saw your blog. It made me cry. #awesomeness

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