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Same Difference -By- Kgali Claire Mmuoe

March 28, 2016

Chapter 2


Kat came through again to get Andy in the morning.
We had spent the whole night talking about how he got the name Andrew funnily enough I was remembering the time I fell in love with Clara and out of love for good with Jenifer.

I had everything going for me. My soon to be wife Jenifer who was wild in more ways than one ,was busy with our wedding plans . We had already come up with a color scheme .I think the color was silver an red. Everyone and I mean everyone asked what I saw in her. I simply replied and said I’m in love and she rocks my world. I guess the one thing that attracted me to her was her party all night sleep is for the dead attitude. As “cool” as she was; my grandmother had called a couple of times to express her displeasure at her behavior,and her lack of regard for others . The conversations always ended on a sad note.
Did I care … Nope. At that time it was all about me, my life my rules, and Jenifer means well she’s been through a lot.I mean party kind of trouble that involved cops .
She was well off ,always been. She never had to work for anything literally always got anything she wanted. When I asked her out she said yes . Imagine the elation I felt when she said yes.

It was during the rehearsal dinner when I got the call .
My sister Laura and her family were due to come through an hour before we began… But failed to pitch . Andrea was in an out of hospital the whole week . I even had the chance to see her when I took time out from the Sports Center. I was sad she couldn’t make it but I called her before.

Mima made it to the dinner but she wasn’t herself. When I asked her what was wrong . She shook her head and told me something didn’t feel right. She told me that my big sister wasn’t answering her phone. Laura was usually quick when answering phones . Be it when I was in trouble or needed a lashing or attitude adjustment , she wouldn’t go to bed until she had talked sense into my thick skull or talk to me .

I had switched my phone off cause Jen didn’t want me to be distracted. I told her I had to keep it on in case Laura might call for directions since the venue was secret . She still insisted I switch it off. I remembered I left my phone in my blazer and it was upstairs in our room.

I dialed Laura’s emergency number . I only had it since what happened, when the unthinkable happened. She didn’t pick up. We had talked earlier on in the day. She also asked me if I really wanted to marry Jen cause she was playing mean and she was horrible to Andrea.

I said yes we had and argument which led to Mima calling me and telling me what she thought. Then again I was stubborn.
I rang the number again for at least fifty times… Still nothing .
I had been outside for thirty minuets when I saw Mima start to cry. Which in turn set off an uneasy feeling in my gut…
I rushed back inside and to give her ,the phone. When I found my blazer upstairs I fished my phone out of the pocket. I had a red dress shirt on and black slacks. Jenifer didn’t realize my absence but as soon as she came in, I was on the phone. I still remember the look she gave me when I told her ; I think we should postpone the wedding … She lost it as in went crazy . She even went as far as warning me if I left she would never forgive me . On that night I packed my stuff and left her . As blind as I was when I fell in love with her … My eyes were wide open….

The months that followed were the darkest I had ever had . Make that the second at that time.

If you’ve ever gone through something tragic or lost someone close to you … The pain is unbarerable … The only feeling you want to feel is the feeling of being numb . Not feeling anything is good actually cause I don’t have to worry about the hurt that comes with the realization of loss and the fact that… The horrible fact that you are never going to hear that person , laugh again ,Speak , smile , tell you everything will be okay, remedy any sort of pain you’d be in ,and most of all tell you how much they love and cherish you unconditionally.

There is a saying that my sister used to use it never made sense to me after we lost our parents … I remember it so well … And on my wedding rehearsal dinner night it made total sense to me. We fought earlier in the day I was angry at her, she was annoyed with my behavior. I wanted to call her and tell her that I’m sorry and maybe she was right … I shouldn’t be rushing into marriage with a woman who doesn’t really like my family .

The drive to the hospital that night was the longest . Mima was fast asleep in the back of the car. She had requested I drop her home first cause she was tired and needed rest . Before she drifted off we made peace . When we reached the house . She thanked me and told me to straighten up and fly right and that she was happy to have the old me back.The hospital was fifteen minuets away from the house.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to be told and what was going to happen. When the doctor told me the news about ; Laura, Caleb and Brendan, my whole world stopped turning . All I remembered was what Laura said…
“Brent you don’t miss the water till the river runs dry.”

In the midst of everything falling apart and in place at the same time. I fell out of love with Jenifer, started flying right , became a father and mother to my niece . Married a woman who changed the way I saw things.
Lost my niece a year into our marriage and almost lost my wife and my son due to my issues and now … Now I’m praying to God that my wife wakes up so I can make things right with her …

Out of curiosity and needing to know what was really going on . I reached for the medical chart that was at the foot of the bed. Before I decided to pursue the arts I was in the medical field so understanding what was on it , was like understanding why humans breathe and absorb air.
I couldn’t believe what I saw… I really wanted my wife to open her eyes … I sat back down and held her cold hand,kissed it and looked back at her. I kissed her forehead before I went out to get coffee and a bite to eat . I knew if she found out I wasn’t eating she would guilt trip me with good reason.

When I returned I came back to an empty bed and her stuff gone . I asked the nurse in charge what was going on and she told me she was gone.

” What do you mean gone. Hah what? Gone as in gone home or as in moved .”

“Moved to another room sir . A private room.”

“Then show me where she is. Now! ”
The nurse flinched at my response and showed me . I ran inside and she was awake and smiling at a bird flying on to her windowsill.

” Hey bird fly free pigeon please don’t harm me .I’m scared of you .”
My wife had ornithophobia … A severe case in fact. She was afraid of birds. What surprised me was that she was talking to what scared her …

“Honey bee?”
I ran and in and gave her a kiss and she kissed me back.

“Hey husband .”
She pulled back and looked at me …
“I’m sorry.”
I said trying to hold back the tears
” I love you .”
She said to me and I smiled back
“I love you more.”
Loving Clara was easy its always been easy. I am thankful for everything right now.

” Brent all of the sudden I feel like having one of Andrew’s peanut butter and jam with banana and jelly beans Sandwiches.”
I stroked her arm the one that didn’t have a cast on .
“I know . ”

“I was going to tell you”

“I’m sorry for pushing”
I started crying. Clara wiped my tear .
“Don’t be I love it when you push harder.”
She cracked a mischievous smile and I kissed her again .
“Ha ha ;this is a dream right ? Cause I’d like to do more than push …”

Clara pinched me

” Ouch ! Okay I’m not dreaming. ”

“Glad you realized that smarty… We need to talk.”
“Eight weeks ago? Are you trying to …”

“Yes. Brent Carlyle Rosaneri.”

“Mrs Carlyle Rosaneri…”

“I’m pregnant…

© #KCMmuoe


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