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March 9, 2016


Brent’s #POV continued

“Brent I can’t. I can’t tell you. Clara has to tell you herself . ”

“Kat please . I’m begging you . Tell me anything, something, anything.”

I sat down and leveled with her and looked at her strait in the eye. She closed her light brown eyes and looked at me .

“She wasn’t feeling well before she left, I made her promise to get checked out. The day you had an argument about that model was the day she found out. She told me about the fight you also had when she got back. When Tim called me and told me what happened with Andy. I came down only to find out about the fall. I’m so sorry. Clara sent me a file which I sent to you and by the looks of things… you haven’t opened it.”

“You’re still not telling me what I need to know kat.”

“You are a smart enough Carlyle.One gem of a guy, an awesome father and as much as you pretend to be all tough and unbreakable … You are a sensitive caring softie… Read your messages. Open the file I sent the answer you seek is there.”  

” She’s lost weight and she opted for tea this morning instead of the usual cup of coffee. She also slept longer than usual.”

Kat stood up walked towards the door and turned on her heel.

“You’re very observant…”

I took out my phone and downloaded the Mp3 file I hadn’t checked my phone since I fought with my wife
I stood up and looked at Kat again.

“I know I tend to get impulsive at times. I just hate not being able to prevent bad stuff from happening.”

“She loves you she really does. Whatever happens please don’t give up on your love. I’m going to check on Andrew and explain what’s going on. Help him make sense, not that his confused but he needs to understand the situation. ”


I sat down and listened to the file through my earphones. It sounded like a heart beating very fast and when I checked the date, it was the day Clara and I had a screaming match over the phone and on skype later on… Whose heart beat was it cause Andy’s birthday was in September…

I couldn’t take being in the waiting room any longer and I really didn’t want to start crying in front of people I didn’t know. I ran to Tim’s office into the bathroom, cleared my face and made my way the ICU. I had a feeling… call it some kind of connection I had with Clara but we always knew when we need each other.

How do I tell her how the only thing that’s plaguing my mind is the look on her face when she told me she needed air .Her tear stained look… and the fall.     

I made it to the room she was transferred to. I had waited long enough and the Dr told me a couple of things.

First of all my wife was out of danger, she had a broken arm and a couple of bruises. Her skull was okay it was okay she didn’t lose a lot of blood as initially thought from her cut. He congratulated me again.  

I said thanks but why?
The fear of not knowing got to me because he wasn’t saying anything.

 I asked him again and he massaged my shoulder as a gesture of comfort, all I got was a grimace he said he was sorry they did all they could. The rest is up to Clara.
I walked into the room where they kept Clara all I could see was her body lying motionless, she had a bandage around her head and a pink cast on her arm. The only motion on her body was the rise and fall of her chest. She was breathing on her own which was a good sign. I was about to switch off phone when it vibrated. I had a message from my agent and the notification that my file was complete.

He had told me that there was an audition today that he thought I could ace. When I texted No he replied by saying I could kiss my career goodbye. I told him I could care less. My wife and son are in the hospital.
I texted back again that; he shouldn’t bother calling me his fired.

Eight weeks ago we came from holiday and we were okay as in we needed time away from everyone and everything. Our son stayed with both his grandmothers.
We had fun as a couple it felt like we were on our honeymoon again.

To come think of it she was sick after date night before she left two weeks ago for work, and. She looked pale when we were fighting over skype. A tear escaped my eye as I thought about all the hurtful things I said and what a scum I was…

I turned away from the window only to see Andy about to cry standing by the door with Kat holding his hand .

” Daddy what happened to mommy ?”
He ran to me and I sat down with him on my lap. ”

“Mommy got hurt but she will be okay my boy.”
He looked at me again and was about to cry.
Kat left and Andy and I were alone with Iris.
I wrapped him up warmly with the scarf I found in Clara ‘s stuff.

“Aunt Angie said you are never going to be my dad again and that I am mistake. I called mommy and she made me feel better.”

” I love you my boy. I will always be your daddy.”
I gave him a hug had he curled back into my arms. After 10 minuets he asked me something I hadn’t noticed.

“Daddy we support a team that wears red and has a gun picture why does mommy have a Chelsea scarf?…”
“What ?.”
He showed it to me and laughed
” Look dad Chelsea..?”
I took the scarf off him and gave him mine

” Son…”
“We do not support that team . Blue is a very depressing color.”

“Then why does it smell of mom?”

I chuckled
“That’s the million dollar question angel.”
Where did she get it and what happened at the roof top was the next thought that crossed my mind…

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