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March 6, 2016


I tried to get Clara to come around she wasn’t budging. All I saw was her body in an unnatural state . She turned around but lost and lost her balance. Fell over the banister, and landed on the floor. Angela had accidentally knocked her over when she walked out the bathroom door .

 The moment I saw her fall was the moment I realized how much she has always meant to me. Everything that has happened and everything that we had been through flashed right before my eyes.

All I did was run after her. I shouldn’t have worked her up or pushed her to tell me what she was keeping and why was Andy in on the secret.


Angela was standing there looking scared that she might have done the unforgivable. I screamed my lungs out I screamed so loud for help and Angela ran out and called for assistance. In no time Timothy came through and called in another doctor. A minuet ago she was okay there was nothing wrong. How could things go so wrong so fast? I was only trying to get my wife to tell me what was going on.

I couldn’t get the image of how she fell out of my head.

She was pushed over the banister hit her head mid fall and fell on the floor.One flight of stairs one too many .


I have never been so scared in my life. I could only name one incident but I had two major things that were preventable happen.
Clara was transported to the O.R. and I had to wait outside Tim was around and he was trying to make as much sense as I was of what the hell just happened. Numb … That’s the only feeling I felt .

Tim stood in front of me and winced 

“Brent I don’t know what to say or do.” He gave me a hug and all I could do was cry on his shoulder.

“My wife… was okay… just a while ago. How? How could all of this happen when all was okay.”


I was speaking in between sobs and I was so thankful my friend was there.


“ Andy is coming around you should go be with your son Carlyle .Any news on Clara I will let you know okay and you can use my office to clean up and get on a fresh set of clothing .

I have shirts and jeans. Katherine and I are not fighting again I’m just giving her space. She is busy with some project and I’m at the guest house. Andrews’ condition wasn’t as worse as we initially thought. He did react to the penicillin but recovered. He has a recurring lung infection. He must have picked it up from school. He will be okay. I know cause I’ve had a patient his age come in with the same condition. I wanted you and Clara to stop fighting hence the lie”

“Wait you said it was serious. Please take me to my son. When my wife wakes up and she will pull through. I need to give her good news.
I can’t do anything cause, I know she is getting the best care all I can do is wait. I’m not leaving this place without her she is my life.”

 “I understand before we go I found this…”
“Wait she still had has this…”
“Yes after all this time. ”
“I gave it to her when we first started going out… Well when we had our first fight.”

I took it from his hand and put it in my pocket

“I remember… For some sort of odd reason you thought she picked Nathaniel over you, and you she played you . When truth was …”

“She had asked Nathan to make us matching bracelets with the words love endures. Love never fails.”

“Yes Brent . We knew that Nate was good at what he did and you moved out of your way just in time.”

“Clara is it for me .”
Timothy gave me a hug and I remembered why we were always the best of friends.

” Yes. She has always been it. She will pull through … She has to .”

I wiped a tear with the back of my hand and followed Jonathan to the pediatric ward to go see Andy.
I could not explain the surge of relief that rushed through me when he opened his dark brown eyes as I walked into the room. I sat beside him on the bed and gave him a hug and a kiss. His face wasn’t pale and he was breathing on his own. Tim walked out and gave me some space with my son. 

“Andy you scared me half to death buddy.”

Luckily he pulled through. I was half happy not fully happy cause my wife was in ICU. How do I tell my son that his mother is seriously hurt cause of me.

“I’m sorry daddy. I love you. I forgive you. ”


I sat down on the chair next to his bed held his tiny hand kissed him on the forehead and looked at him.

“It’s okay son. I love you very much and don’t keep anything away from daddy even if you are mad at me okay.”

Andrew nodded his head and closed his eyes for three seconds and then looked at me. He had his mothers’ eyes a jab of guilt pierced through me…
“Daddy mommy and I had something to tell you. Where is she? I miss her. Isn’t she supposed to be back? I thought I heard her come in my room…”

I knew this was coming. How do I tell my boy that her mother is hurt and I put her in danger. I started crying again and he continued… He started stroking my other hand with his tiny palm 

“Daddy it’s okay don’t cry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
 Mommy and I were going to tell you good news. Where is she? I want to see mommy.”

I let go of his hand momentarily and cleared my face by with my palms before I noticed a handkerchief with a calligraphy letter K on it sewn. I took it and wiped my tears with it. To my surprise it was Kathy. She came in the nick of time.

“Hey Andy” she smiled and my son smiled back at her.


“Hey Aunt Kathy; dad doesn’t know a thing about the surprise, where is mom? I promised. She said she had two she told me one”

I shot Katherine a confused look.

She sat down on the other side of the bed and Andy turned to face her. 

“I know both angel but she has to tell you the other one. We can tell your dad.”

Andrew nodded and turned to face me.

“Daddy; mommy built a new house.” My son cracked a smile and I had blank look on my face. That is when Kate stepped in.” 

“We both bought an estate Brent. Clara was working on something. Something to help you… she noticed how upset you were and how discouraged you were feeling“

“Wait a minute what?”

“We both own a business at home. She left the job and we started to work together on a project. She takes care of the Sports and events side while I manage corporate functions.”


“Mommy said not to tell until we are together. Where is she?”


My phone vibrated in my pocket and Tim’s name was on the message banner that appeared on my screen. It simply said .Clara is okay congratulations. I would come tell you in person but I’m needed at the O.R. Katherine will be there soon. I love you bro.

I put my phone in my pocket and kissed my son on the forehead, and stood up. 

“Katherine we need to talk outside. Andy daddy loves you my boy don’t you forget that.”

“I love you dad. Thanks Aunt Kathy”

“Welcome Andy. See you soon. Get some sleep .Your daddy isn’t going anywhere” Andy nodded okay and we both walked out to the waiting room ,there  were  only two people . The only noticeable guy was the dude my wife smiled at.

“Brent what is it? What’s going on?”


I sat down to gain composure cause I’ve been through a lot in a short space of time. From almost losing my son, to my wife falling and oh wait being congratulated for what… That was the confusing part.


“Having Andy was nothing short of a miracle. Clara almost died but she made it.

How long have you known ?”

“What are you talking about ?”

“Don’t do this … Not right now when I need clarity…” 

Katherine sat down and took a deep breath . This wasn’t going to be good , she was the most strait forward tell it like it is , this is what you need to know now ,and I don’t care if you like it or not person… But she was acting evasive.

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**A/N * Chapter one is coming soon..



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