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February 22, 2016

I needed to check on our son before I hit lights out. He was asleep when I passed by his room on my way up to the guest room. I didn’t want to wake him up he was probably tired from the day’s activities, and by the looks of things he was reading and fell asleep. I tiptoed into his room. Switched off his night lights and put his book by the table.


I decided to take a shower and change into my pajamas. I unlocked the door only to find Brent trying to fight off sleep, but he was clearly fighting a losing battle. He looked so adorable. I have to admit; I missed waking up to his gorgeous face every morning since I was away.


When his eyes flew open he leaped off the bed, walked towards me, and  he gave me one huge hug and I hugged him back.


“I don’t like fighting with you, let alone argue with you. I guess I’m afraid of losing you. I missed you. ”


With my head buried in his chest I muffled back


“Me too … I missed you more.”


I lifted my head looked at him… I saw worry in his eyes. Brent isn’t one to just worry, even though I have a bit of O.C.D he never worried unless there was good reason to.


“Andy went to bed earlier he said he was tired. He said he didn’t feel like talking to me. Something is wrong. I don’t know what Angela said to him, but he was too quiet and that’s unlike him cause we raised him to speak his mind and tell us how he feels always.”

“He clearly doesn’t feel like fighting with you. You know how he gets when he feels you have done something wrong. He face timed me yesterday before I got on the plane back home.  “


“Then  you should know what’s going on with our son because he normally waits up for you and sleeps an hour later, I didn’t even read him his bed time story.“

“He read to himself. He will come around and soon you will be buddies again.”


We both walked to the couch by the window. It overlooked the mountains and city lights. We sat down face to face like we always did when resolving matters. He held my hand and kissed it. For some sort of odd reason I felt butterflies in my tummy.


“I miss how you always smell of caramel and chocolate in the evenings.”


He nuzzled my neck and then kissed it.


“I miss how you always smell ginger and cinnamon mixed with mint.”

He lifted his head and stole a kiss, and then looked at me again. I could tell he was nervous about something.


“I’m sorry”


“There’s nothing to be sorry for. I love you and I get why you are frustrated .Give it time babe. That’s what we’ve done till now. We have Andrew as proof.”


“Honey bee…”


He sighed, and gave me a puppy eyed look which tugged at my heartstrings. He knew I couldn’t resist his sad eye look…


“Sugar…? What is it, what’s wrong?”


I looked at him gingerly …

“You are not sleeping in the guest room tonight you are coming to our bed with me.”


Ah as expected. Like I ever get to have a say in anything that happens in this marriage… Wait I do and I love playing my power cards when he least expects. Then again he is chivalrous …


“And what if I say no…? I’m not going anywhere…”


“I mean it honey bee. Don’t make me beg .”        

” Nope I’m not going anywhere. ”  

I thought I said that with as much conviction I could master .
He stood up and pulled me by the hand, picked me up with minimal effort and then he threw me over his shoulder.

“I never take no for an answer and we have a lot of catching up to do and I really want to show you how much I missed you.
Oh wow and we need to feed you . Where has the rest of you gone to ? ”

“Really? ”  

 He picked me up and carried me on his shoulder let out a chuckle while he walked us out of the guest room and en rout to our bedroom.

” I was going to spank your booty just for fun, but there is no butt to spank… and you are lighter than normal. ”

“The rest of my weight has gone to you , scaring the jellybeans out of me. The fight we had over the phone three days back wasn’t pretty. I couldn’t eat properly. Let alone sleep.”

“Am I forgiven?”

” Well, you have me over your shoulder upside down with your arm around my thighs…”

“Which are sadly slimmer.”


I stretched my arm and spanked him on his backside and he stopped abruptly. He returned the favor by spanking me back.

” Hey I do the spanking mind you wife”

“Well you spank like a girl mind you husband.”

“Clara answer my question…? Goodness you know how to change subjects at will.”

“All was forgiven when I landed. ”

Brent breathed a sigh of relief and continued walking.

“Thank you. Now we have some catching up to do… ”

“That we do husband… two weeks is a very long time. The list of things I want to do to you… wait are you building muscle? ”

” I guess you’ll just have to find out now won’t you.” 

“Sarcasm isn’t your strongest trait and my head is starting to hurt babe.”

“Almost there honey bee.”

We made it to the main bedroom and he closed the door, with me still on his shoulder.
He threw me on the bed, pinned both my hands on the side of my head, he then towered over me and I responded by wrapping both legs around his waist.

He started trailing kisses all over my jaw line and neck. He then stretched my hands over my head stood up at the foot of the bed and took off his long sleeve thermal top reveling his well ripped torso and the two tattoos underneath his left pictorial where my name and our son’s name were inked.
He got the first one when we got married and the second when Andrew was born . When he turned back I was sitting up with my legs crossed admiring the view.

“So you have been working out.”

“You like?”

“I love. ”
I walked off the bed and face him . Stood on my tiptoes put both my hands on his cheeks and kissed him . He kissed me back with more passion and hunger this time.
It was when we were back on the bed when started un- buttoning my PJ top that’s when I think I passed out…

Call it jet lag or exhaustion ,I was so tired and when my body gave in it gave in. I was in dream land before I knew it. The last thing I remember was Brent kissing me goodnight telling me that he loved me with all of his heart.

He did what he always did when I was upset, and that was kissing my blues away and making me feel wanted in more ways than one.
Of the all the times we almost called it quits, we always found a way to get back to each other stronger than before, call it a cycle if you will or fate we always found a way back to each other.


To tell the truth I had a feeling he wasn’t disclosing everything.

I guess the passed two weeks gave our marriage a bit more character.
I fell asleep peacefully in his arms only because I felt safe with him and only him.

No guy had the effect Brent had on me, no one in the world got me like he did. He has always been there. He shows up, protects, provides, and guides. Above all that I know him like the back of my hand. I am his and he is mine and that is also reflected in our son he is a combination of the both of us.

© #KCMmuoe -“>KC MMUOE

*A/N Brent’s POV is coming up soon…*

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