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February 21, 2016



I was once told;every season has a reason , nothing lasts forever ,the sun always follows the rain, and if things don’t work out the way you want them to… They will work out the way the universe intended .

If what I just said was true; why the hell am I in pain every time I go to sleep? Not physically though but emotionally.
I try to forget the day I fought with Brent but I can’t… The day burns at the back of my memory . Hell maybe I should just take him back and tell him ;let’s give it another try .There has to be a perfect reasonable explanation for what we are going through… We can try again.

” Clara come on you are over reacting okay. Angie and I were drunk; I told her a number of times that she wasn’t the one. I love you . We are married for love sake . I would rather take a stray bullet, or jump off a cliff than sleep with her.
We have a son . A beautiful, smart ,intelligent baby boy. I love both of you with everything in me, every cell in my body … Angie means nothing to me , we only kissed and I passed out that’s all.”

“Brent if that’s the case , then why the hell is she claiming that the kid she is carrying is yours. I want to so believe you , but I cannot after I found you two together … Three times Brent.
I get that I don’t have a normal nine to five job. You knew what you signed up for when we got together . I have been nothing but supportive and faithful.
I know its hard that your are not getting any work for now but things will look up. We are a team; I cannot believe we are having this conversation again…”

“You tell me things will look up… But how can they after what happened. I have become a stay at home dad. Don’t get me wrong as much as I love spending time with my son , I also want to provide for my family.
It has been six months since I can do stuff .Yes the family card is there and I can get whatever we need or want… But it isn’t my money . Well half of it isn’t ”

Brent fiddled with his watch strap. A habit he wasn’t aware of, but a dead giveaway that he was starting to either; get frustrated, or about to lose it, and do something he would later on regret.

” Babe you know what’s mine is yours, I would never make you feel inferior. I know it has been so hard for you to go through what your going through. If I could take the pain away or make you feel better … I would .I would do anything, but that doesn’t excuse your behavior. ”

I couldn’t hold back the hurt and pain I felt. It must have somehow reflected in my eyes because they were starting to burn with tears. All we were doing lately was fighting . I knew Brent wouldn’t cheat or dishonor our marriage in any way,but I couldn’t deal with him when he was like this… Not being able to take control and check himself.

He tried to touch me; but I lifted both my hands and shook my head .

“Na ah don’t touch me now…”

” Honey bee I’m sorry okay , just don’t do this not now. It has been the longest two weeks of my life and I’ve missed you ,every inch of you. Even when you’re here it feels like you’re not.”

I walked out of the kitchen to the atrium; where my yellow suitcase was and made my way to the guest room. It took Brent 5 minuets to realize what was going on and what I was doing .

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