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The Game Of Love BY – Kgali Claire Mmuoe

February 12, 2016

Chapter 21

Javier’s note to Iris

By. K.C. Mmuoe

For all the times I’ve searched and found nothing; but in you always knew I had something invaluable that could not compare to treasure.

For all the masks I’ve put on ; but with you I could never pretend ,and all the lies I’ve told to other people and myself… It was always in you that I found my truth.

For all the times I’ve come up short,felt lost or out of my depth… With you I was never at a disadvantage. Of all the mistakes I’ve made … You are by far the best.

Of all the beats and music I’ve heard. Your heartbeat has always been, and forever will be my favorite tune that coincides with my heart beat.

Always know this…The walls I put around my heart will only fall down for you. Know that every time I close my eyes ; I will know ,that my sun rises, and sets with you.

When I’m with you I am home. I will always be reflected in you and you reflected in me.
I will always and forever be found in you.»
© #KCMmuoe -“>KC MMUOE @->


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