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The Game of love #scripted

January 31, 2016

At the restaurant both Iris and Melanie talk and Brad and Javi talk to

Melanie: hey are you good angel
Iris: Yeah (playing with her food pushing it around the plate)
Melanie: Iris I am not Jonathan and we go way back and your playing with your food… and you have your squeeky voice on
Iris: I got home last night only to find Javi asleep on the couch
Melanie: that’s a good thing right?
Iris: so I thought when I got up this morning he was gone (wipes a tear off her eye) gone
Melanie: that is strange he wanted to make things right with you he looked so worried yesterday he was all red from crying clearly
Iris: wow so much for believing that my dreams would come true , this whole thing was just too good to be true. I mean when I came back this morning and I found him on the couch I was like , hey wait he might just be the one , he gives me the stability I need and he is supportive then day came and he was gone . It’s that feeling that you get when you think you have a good thing with someone and then all of the sudden your whole world is turned upside down and you are seconds away from heartache before it reaches heart breaking point and then you are back to square one dreaming with a broken heart and waking up becomes a mission and eating is a chore
Melanie: and Bryce?
Iris: he called this morning I sent it strait to voicemail , I am so angry at him he is the last person who I expected to do what he did and if I go anywhere near Jonathan he might just smooch me again and Javi will think I have made my choice
Melanie : well you can’t blame Bryce for wanting you back the break up should have never happened but he cheated again so he had it coming and who do you really want to be with ,wait who does your heart belong to and be honest
Iris: Javi, Bryce broke my heart too many times
Melanie: call him ( gets a message from Brad telling him he is with Javi .)
Iris: I am so afraid (Melanie senses Iris’s fear ) what if he says that he doesn’t want me , I do not take rejection too well and this is our second fight . I don’t want to change him I love him just the way he is I just want to understand why he didn’t tell me about this whole debacle( Iris gets a news flash message) she sees the headline reading latest soccer transfers
Melanie: sees it too) we should get going
They both start walking back to their lofts. (C)



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