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scripted version snipet of The game of Love

January 31, 2016

Scene 3

Breakfast with Javier

Javier goes down to the guest room quarters and knocks on Jonathan’s door and he gets info as to where Iris is staying ,he tells him and Javier goes to the hotel and knocks on the door, she answers the door in her pajamas

Javier: good morning Iris (smiles)you smell like caramel

Iris: (rusty voice) hey have we met before

Javier: goes in and gets breakfast ready) yes last night at the tree house the secret hideout.

Iris: still a bit out of it) Javier something you’re the dude at the tree house (closes the door)

Javier: yes so do you take coffee, tea or juice

Iris: I need coffee after the night I had (eyes heavy,) I totally forgot we have a breakfast meeting

Javier: Date, how many sugars

Iris: one (climbs back into bed) meeting Javier meeting,I’m so tired

Javier: welcome to the party capital (sits next to her and gives her coffee and a peck on the cheek) here drink up so my guess is you were out with Maria’s brother, who I don’t get along with it’s a miracle he gave me your current address

Iris: why don’t you get along with him his the friendliest guy I know (takes a sip and she wakes up)

Javier: can I be honest with you and don’t hold it against me

Iris: easy Javier you said breakfast I said yes that was it what are you doing loading me with a lot of stuff at 9am in the morning

Javier: I know, sorry I just need to clear the air so that I get a fair chance or shot at being good friends with you or more, so friends

Iris: well you at the moment I can regard you as a friend, now tell me why you and Jonathan don’t get along

Javier: My ex treated him like dirt and I rejected him out of my circle he said he forgives me and I need to prove to him that I have changed

Iris: and have you

Javier: yes and I think I like my new friend
Iris: looks at Javier) me too so what’s for breakfast buddy?

Javier: I thought you would never ask(he brings the trey over) fresh fruit , yoghurt, cereal and an omelet with mushroom and strips of pork I made it myself to I stay here sometimes so they allowed me to bring it in

Iris: wow you cook too

Javier: yes (Iris digs in so does Javier) one of my many talents besides what I do for a living

Iris: what is it that you do?

Javier: travel a lot and play with different people from around the country and the world? You?

Iris: write and I am a DJ oh and present a show, this omelet is really good and I invest

Javier: faces Iris) yes and I think we have all day to get to know each other one rule can we not discuss work when we are together, I have had about as much as I can take I have had a good term with bad effects if I’m making sense

Iris: Best idea stop thinking, you think too much. I get what you mean when you get to work hoping everything is going to go okay and something that you didn’t expect to happen happens. I am meeting Maria at 1pm so no we don’t have all day.

Javier: in the state that you’re in?

Iris: well I am having breakfast aren’t I and I’m a bit tired but I’ll recover. ©


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