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The Game OF Love – BY Kgali Claire Mmuoe #TBT Script

January 28, 2016

The Beach

Maxamillian: what is it with you and the sea it’s like you and Javi love the same things I mean before a game he looks at a pool that’s if he isn’t swimming in one and it’s kind of cold we don’t want you getting cold  .(He gives her hot chocolate )

Iris: looks at him and takes the hot chocolate ) wow there is two of you I only know Max Javier’s crazy friend

Maxamillian: well this is Maxamillian Javier’s friend (laughs) not Max the star just me .Are you okay?Javi should have never said what he said
Iris: I have had better days and thank you so much for helping me duck the press
Maxamillian: my plesure I have experience in that department. I’m sorry I knew Ricardo was up to something but this was a low blow for you and low of him

Iris: takes another sip of her hot chocolate) well he succeeded in  breaking  Javi and I up I’m not even sure we can come back from what happened I didn’t know he signed for the club I helped rebuiled.I bought  it way before he signed for the club and I was just making an investment. If I had known I would have told him .

Maxamillian: I can talk to him

Iris: I have accepted we are over (fights back the tears)the only thing that was keeping me here was Javi to an extent but I have created beautiful friendships and I love it here so I’m not going to leave cause of a broken heart 

Maxamillian: for what its worth I’d love for you to stay I really like you and I can see why Javi is in love with you still is  .

Iris: correction was(shows her hand with no ring it starts to get colder and they start walking back) and whith a child on the way the last thing he needs is me he made it clear he doesn’t want me to have his kids

Maxamillian: you are so wrong . You are so needed. His world stands still when he looks at you ,the mood in the room changes  . I can’t explain it so it’s safe to say it is love still is if you give him a chance for me.
Iris:what do you know Maxi
Maxamillian: well not long from now Javi is going to get a call comfirming something , your ex and if you take him back your significant other need to know your not just a pretty face(he walks her to her door

Iris: yeah your way of saying I will know soon.

Maxamillian:(at her door he hugs her ) yeah and Javi is smart he knows when to hold on or let go
Iris:hugs back and goes in Javi sees the hug  ) thanks for making me laugh see you when I see you bye

Maxamilliam: take him back
Iris: wow. Your really on your friends side you should trade in your soccer boots for pom poms and a skirt , you have the legs for it.

Maxamillian: charming. Ha ha  Ha

Iris:Night Max

Maxamillian: night sweety(he leaves she walks in to find Javier sitting on the couch with his leg propped up on pillows awake.)

Iris: Javier. What are you doing here . Are you here to return the key I gave you ?
Javier: calm and all emotional) no look at the dinning table

Iris: the key you gave me, I thought I gave it back to you since we are not a couple or engaged .

Javier: I don’t want it back

Iris: it’s yours you broke up with me remember in front of the whole world Javi we are not engaged nor are we anything to each  other you closed that chapter and you did it so dramatically oh gee it also ended up on every entertainment news channel. 
Javier: don’t say that okay ,don’t. I still want you .

Iris: oh really, Javi I tried to explain to you and I told you I didn’t know if I had found out earlier I would have told you.

Javier: I know that my half brother was responsible for what happened and I lost my cool at the wrong person you . I want to unbreak our break up.

Iris:I trusted you , I opened up to you but that wasn’t enough ,you called off our engagement anyway. You know what this might work out for the best may be  there is good in this goodbye . You have a child on the way who will need all your attention.Gina and you can get back together the it couple, she can give you what I can’t …

Javier: I’m not getting through to you am I. Can you listen to me.  ( Iris Sits on the other side. Of rhe couch ) Iris the baby isn’t mine .Bryce is the father and I want you back , hell my house  wouldn’t feel like a home if your gone. I’m sorry I messed up.

Iris: well so am I (wipes her tears) I’ve tried to be as understanding and as patient as can be with what we had and the baby being Bryce’s doesn’t change what you said and did.

Javier : all I’m asking Is that you take me back I will so make it up to you, think about it if you walk Ricardo would have won and Gina would have succeeded in breaking us up .You trusted me and I didn’t believe you

Iris : this isn’t abaout you, you broke us up (phone goes off)but then again your the Mega star who just screwed up big time and lost.

Javier :looks at his phone and sees the article comfirming the engagement being off ) I lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me ( he takes his cruches walks to the door). (c)



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