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SAME Difference New story I’m working on #sample

September 29, 2015

I started playing with my wedding band and twisting it around. It was as if Brent knew I was about to make an impulsive decision. I always fiddled with my ring when I was infuriated with Brent, it was a telltale sign that I had enough.

He pointed that out when we has a dispute with regards to problems that we talked out. He could sense my aggression or frustration and he didn’t need to say anything cause he could hear my heart. Brent knew me so well… And I knew him too.

I always felt him before he walked to where I was. In the house,or at a party. It was almost an instinctive feeling I had that told me to look up … And when I did he was there looking at me too.

The feelings that followed were almost like fireworks that were ignited through my veins . They were volcanic. He would always stop what he was doing , smile at me , if who he was talking to was an important contact. He would leave a conversation with his friends just to keep me company or steal me away from a group of friends just to either sneak in a kiss or just hold me cause he missed me.

He was the man I had for the longest of times prayed for…



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