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August 17, 2015

I read somewhere that when things fall apart they are actually falling into place …
The comes a time in life where you get tired… Tired of ; losing, dealing, fighting ,talking ,hell you even get tired of feeling.
There are events or things that happen in life to either ground you , make you learn ,make you stronger ,or discover a side to yourself that was always there but you never bothered to use it cause you never saw the need to … Until something flicks a switch.
You haven’t lived until you’ve loved and lossed, or better yet lost everything. In the end any experience of loss of any kind cuts out the clutter in your life.
I recently had a month and I mean month that came from hell. You think you can take anything life throws at you cause you’ve survived the worst in your opinion , but nope you still have a lot to learn … I can’t tell just yet what happened but I’m thankful to God.
(Others have it worse way worse so be #‎thankful‬)
A couple of weeks back I was busy with laundry and I had run out of pegs . I kind of have a habit of clipping the pegs on the side of my shirt;they are easier to access . A pegs accidentally fell on the ground… Not being aware of my surroundings cause I had my earphones on,and I was focusing on the task at hand … I bent over picked the peg up and as I was on my way to standing up straight when I hit the side of my head on the edge of the open window .
I have tolerance for pain and I always say ;it may only hurt for that moment , you might bleed ,get a scab,scar,graze or bump but what the hell they give you more character, you are human and yes you bleed but you were not built to break but endure and triumph.
However it was due to my unawareness that I hit my head and the pain was unbearable, it felt like someone hammered a nail in my head and they weren’t stopping.
I got up walked inside and sat down, took a deep breath and had one hell of a crying session because I was in pain.
Once I pulled myself together,it then dawned on me that there is no one to cry to call or tell,that I was hurt but it wasn’t serious,I couldn’t think of anyone .
I’ve always been privileged to have family around me growing up. If I fell off my bike ,tree or just happen to trip and fall face down ,I would have someone tell me that you’ll be okay ,try again or my favorite line… Your stubbornness and rebelliousness is to blame. I stopped my sobbing and cleaned up my cut.
I have never felt so alone … I learned a lesson on that day. To sharpen my awareness always be alert.
See stuff in your life happens to prepare you for what’s coming… Yes winter is coming and so is spring ,summer and autumn and seasons change.
Maybe you might be going through something rough but there is always light in the end , cause any adversity prepares you for great things to come.Keep the faith.


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