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Diary of a Somewhat Employed Educated 26 year old

January 10, 2015

Well happy new year, and to the year that was, I’m not sad that you have ended… I am just happy you happened. So in first week of the New Year, the ATM swallowed my card, I have had another run in with the cops just today, this time for my protection because some creep just doesn’t want to back off, even when I tell him dude you need help the clinic has therapy for free go, I’m not the one, you’re not my type God has someone special just for you… The cops saw that I was trying to tell him to stop following me around and reprimanded him. Oh and I have to change my rout now for my “safety”. This has been quiet the year already…
Last weekend I went to go watch The Best of Me a movie based on a novel alone, I was crying none stop after the movie even the staff told me I should come again and not pick a sad movie to watch alone. I’m going to watch The Seventh Son and Annie soon so no sobbing …
 I love the New Year… No really I do. One of the reasons I love it is because; you get to review a lot of stuff about, your personal, professional and normal life. I took a well deserved break for a while and well, I’m back to y old self now.

I have some friendships to slowly end and some new ones to begin.
 Last year someone I trusted betrayed me, or well let me just say played me for a fool. I have my; meek, weak, loving, and caring heart to blame for that and I don’t think it’s ever going to change.
This friend of mine lied to me about someone saying something that wasn’t true about me. I have a flaw I tend to be a bit impulsive but if I’m wrong and I know that I am at fault, I will apologize. What this friend did however was to make me look like I have issues with everyone, when in fact she was trying to stir up trouble.
Since I trusted her, I took her story to heart and reacted without thinking. Now you see if someone lies they will try all they can to cover it up, including asking everything about your day when they never do that.  What gave it away was when she was acting a bit off then I knew something was up.
 I have a journalism background and one of the things you are taught is that there are two sides to a story, and having a Gemini for a mother   I’ve been taught how to be fair and not make mountains out of mole hills.  When I asked the person who was accused of talking smack about me, he plead not guilty, and then I asked someone who worked with this dude before and just for backup I asked a friend who has also worked with him and I got the same answer… Dude is not the type to talk behind people’s backs, he is chilled and genuine.  
I’m a team player and I also have a passion for people and I’m friendly. Can I back what I said up?  The jelly beans I can.  Had a customer come in the other day to buy a phone for a family member did my job I even spoke a foreign language he understood (in this case French. I can speak a bit of the language, I learned the swear words first) after I did everything setting up the device and explaining everything, I got given money out of the blue and was thanked for doing a good job… I had money and I’m well paid, I was in shock.
Turns out I needed the money after all because someone needed my help and I’m that friend that always helps when I can .Even today I am still in shock but #Thankful. God works in mysterious ways …
So what’s going to happen to that friend that lied…?  To be honest I don’t know cause, I can’t hate anyone  or hold grudges for long and I don’t have the heart to be vengeful  or mean spirited ,I have too much love in my heart to do that .
I read somewhere that you should trust people and unless someone gives you reason enough not to trust them … turn your back and never look back.
In this case I don’t want to let go, but I have to. My friend has given me plenty of reasons to walk…

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