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Diary of a somewhat employed educated 26 year old

November 8, 2014

Diary of a somewhat employed 26 year old
#Be Thankful

So its been a couple of hectic weeks and days. I’ve been sick. Sick as in I spent my birthday running a high fever , been on antibiotics , pain meds , had blood tests done , specialist appointments and just this Monday I went in for an MRI. What I’m being told is that they suspect I have a stone in my
Wartons duct and I may be facing invasive surgery to remove it. Just after all that mayhem , last night I felt another stone this time on the other side of my mouth . Guess the Fighters song Wheels lyrics has some kind of significance to me this week …
But the universe has a way of humbling you and helping you put things into perspective. When I went into the waiting at the hospital ,I met a wonderful woman named Isabella ;she has a heart as beautiful as her name . I hadn’t eaten since 9pm the night before; she gave me a cereal bar after we got into a conversation about why she was going in for an MRI… Out of respect for her I will not say why ,but by the end of our conversation she reminded me that the world isn’t half as bad as we paint it out to be and not to make mountains out of mole hills.

I then met Andre a very old man in his 80’s who has gone through so much in his life, and still has the time to be hopeful,thankful to God and put a smile on any face he sees. What broke my heart and almost reduced me to tears was his story… He had no family growing up, he was an orphan . From the age of five he slept in grave yards and on the streets until the orphanage found him. He had gone through 13 different foster parents but always ended up at the orphanage .At some stage he was written off they said he was a hopeless case, cause he was a junkie, after joining the army straitening up and flying right , he met his wife who he still loves to this day , reason being that she changed him. There’s a saying that I love that goes along the lines of; “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Basically when your willing to move out of your own way and start taking responsibility for your own life ,you will see change. Andre got diagnosed with cancer in 1997 , he told me that his family distanced themselves from him he lost his wife and both his sons , not physically but because of cancer . I asked him about his grand children …a smile spread across his face and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes . He told me that they are his jewels ,he loves them to bits, they come visit him when they can . He told me I’m special and I told him his special too he can be my adoptive grandfather and that God has the most amazing plan for him . For a man who has gone through such a lot of strife in his life , not knowing his parents, been written off as a disaster waiting to happen, finding happiness , having a family, and almost coming close to losing it all… but still has the time to be thankful to God and spread good… He is an inspirational guy who has fought and still keeps on fighting . What I learned from him is that; people might write you off but where God has put a comma , no one can put a full stop.

Next door MRI is oncology … As scary as cancer is for an adult … It is 100 times worse for a kid who doesn’t understand what’s going on . I’m sensitive yes but I don’t care how strong you pretend to be or how strong you think you are … But seeing a child going through chemo or a hospital room full of kids who are fighting any sort of cancer , will reduce you tears… I went home sobbing ,I even sobbed the day after I went home and said my evening prayers …

Life will not give you what you can’t handle, and if it seems like there is no hope something will give and break even. This may sound like a cliche but they are there for a reason.
Don’t give up. ūüôā ūüėČ

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