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The game of Love – chapter 7 BY Kgali Claire Mmuoe

October 24, 2014

Chapter 7
To compose himself , Bryce took a deep breath quietly stood by the door and listened to what this man was telling his better half. His property . The woman he loved with every fiber of his being. He clenched his fists and remembered to keep his temper in check. He came so close to hurting Caleb the night Iris was shot and had lost control the other night Iris walked, he just stood there in freeze mode feeling numb,how could he have been such a fool to do what he did . How could he lose self control when he was a man of calm ,reason and cool.He was captain of his rugby team in university after all and how he and Iris met was nothing short of a miracle

“Iris I’ve always loved you,even though I married Sasha .my heart has always belonged to you. I guess it was out of anger and a moment of impulsiveness that I wanted you to hurt as much as I did when you decided Bryce was your man instead of me. I would have dropped everything if you had apologized, but then again you always hid how you felt and you did it so well. Remember … Remember that day you told me about Bryce. How much you loved him and how he just gets you, and how you feel safe and protected when your are with him… How he compliments you and how he would make a great father when you get married? I kind of wished you said that to me. ” Jonathan kissed her hand and cried a little. “Then again you cannot be mine. I married the chick who hated you. For that I’m sorry I’m sorry for what Sasha did and what Martin did too. I need you to pull through . Not only for your family,but for Bryce too he loves you. He screwed up yes but he was a broken man when he came to my house.”
Bryce had seen and heard enough he was close to tears . Iris had never told him what Jonathan had just said to her and what he just heard, he had been so busy with his career and Iris had been the most supportive and understanding girlfriend . Besides being independent in many ways ,she allowed him to lead and he had done a great job until he messed up.

“Jonathan … ” Jonathan had looked up saw Bryce, who had a face full of tears, he then wiped his tears with the back of his hand, Jonathan moved away from Iris letting go of her hand .

“Jonathan could you please leave I need to talk to my fiance whether I deserve her or not I don’t care please leave. ” Bryce had already given Jonathan his infamous dagger look which he knew all too well , the last time he got the look was when he almost kissed Iris at a year end function Iris was knocked out cold from the festivities, mainly cause she organized and saw the event through from start to finish . Jonathan was a bit tipsy and thought he was going back to his room that Sasha and him were booked in , right next door Bryce and Iris . Bryce made it just in time, what happened next made Jonathan respect Bryce even more as Iris’s significant other.

Bryce sat down on the chair beside the hospital bed . Iris wasn’t hooked on many machines ,for a moment he thought she saw her flinch when he touched her arm. When he leaned over to give her a kiss that was so sweet and tender… Her eyes fluttered open Bryce had sat back down on the chair and was in between sleeping, and staying awake when he felt something move on his head. His first initial thought was shock, the hospital was clean there were no mice and he was just from the psych ward ,he couldn’t possibly be feeling the sensation of someone’s fingers running through his hair and although it was an erogenous zone only one woman knew how to work it . He lifted his head and locked eyes with Iris.
“Hi… ” Iris smiled and waved
“You know you scared the living daylights out of me .”
“I’m sorry babe ”
“Don’t be . I missed you so much”
“What do you mean? I know I’m in hospital ,question is how and why? ”
” You were shot by Martin at your loft… This is the second time,I’ve come close to losing you… ”
Bryce was starting to relive the night Iris got shot, when Iris hit back by saying;
“Bryce it shouldn’t take you almost losing someone to find out how much they mean to you. I haven’t forgotten our fight.”
There was a loud silence in the room which made Bryce both greatful that Iris was awake and antsy that what had led to their fight was what led to Iris ending up in danger and in hospital…Bryce looked at Iris with a face full of tears and eyes full of fear and remorse
“Bryce … My babe what happened?”

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