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Diary of a somewhat employed educated 26 year old

October 13, 2014

Diary of a somewhat employed educated 26 year old

#Respect my hustle .#We all need  somebody

So today I went to the hospital, to go get my monthly supply of Iron tablets and vitamin C … For free yes you read right for free. .I don’t share too much; but there is a reason why I have become thriftier. Circumstances beyond my control ,maybe? Yes . But  I will save that for another post.  I went to the clinic today to go get checked out my eye was twitching uncontrollably, and oh my hand gets swollen occasionally when I take long walks or do stairs or resistance training  to keep fit .

I was waiting outside when I got into a conversation with a lovely lady, who was surprised when I spoke a bit of French with her. She asked me the same question everyone asks me when I speak English or any language that isn’t South African. Are you from South Africa?

Truth is … I am South African. I am half Gemini and half cancerian really. The next question that followed caught me completely off guard… She asked if I had a boyfriend, fiancé or husband. When I replied No , but  I met an awesome guy while I was working  he said he’d  love to have lunch with me , he confirmed the time but he never pitched… and its really rare that I click with someone or find someone who can keep up with my ever changing sides . Whatever the reason was I let go. She then asked me why am I single?

I told her I work hard, I’m an only kid and oh I have a sick Mother. So I never find the time, family comes first. She understood the family first statement. As for I never have the time comment, she said everyone needs someone even if it’s a friend  or significant other who holds you and tells you, everything will be okay…

Later on when I was in the line to go see the Doctor I met a woman from the DRC, who had come to South Africa for hope  of a better life . What she ended up with was with a beautiful blessing ,a baby boy named Patience  who means the world to her. The one thing she opened up to me about was about was his partner who is abusive. I told her she needs to get out of the relationship. The tension will affect the child and he will be unhappy cause you’re unhappy. The clinic can provide her with the right kind of help she should tell her Doctor. I then told her I grew up with an abusive parent. When  we got out of the situation it was on time cause I needed to heal. I told her to get out while there is still time. She said thank you.

We all need somebody at some point. As I said in my previous post… all human beings are poor, we need to work together and talk to each other. Who knows you might just have the same problem as the person you are afraid to talk to. You might just be someone’s blessing if you step out of your comfort zone for a change.


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