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August 15, 2014



Why Classism is taking over the world




 Why Classism is taking over the world


I read somewhere that in order to understand where you are and where you’re going, you need to know and never forget where you come from.

For some people it might be easier said than done. In my previous post, I said that love reviles a person’s true nature in the most explicit way and surprise, surprise the same saying applies with money…

Money doesn’t change a person it simply exposes their true nature. The need to possess and have leads to all kinds of dishonesty in many forms.

 You act out of integrity and not in integrity and you at some point pick up certain mannerisms and behaviors which may lead to you looking down on people who are not at your level … It happens and I have experienced it more than once . First with family, school, and work.


I first experienced it with family. I learnt earlier on that rejection of any kind is okay. I survived it in primary school, high school and hell at some point in college and work. Get over it, offload and vent to someone who cares about you or your friends, and move on. If you can’t cope see a professional.

I was at a family event not too long ago and everybody had somebody to talk to except for me. Granted that I was raised at home and was privileged enough to attend a private school and I have never lacked anything, cause all I needed God had provided. So my cousins were talking about “clubs” they went to and the stuff they did … I was from the car just walking out, I did what I always did listen to music read or wrote if nobody wanted to let me join in a conversation.  When I decided to take the plunge and comment … they cut their eyes at me. I am a very curious bugger so when you talk about something, I’m not familiar with I will poke you until you tell me. When they eventually told me about drinking, dancing and having fun… (Boring… I’d rather go find an organization to spend my time at doing my bit for the world) They looked at me and told me , I was not in their league and they have lost track of their conversation because of me and what the hell am I doing talking to them because , I’m working class . I deleted all of them from facebook as a result. I had had enough.


Since that day I let go of what had rejected me in some way and it rid me of a heavy load. It was not the first time I suffered rejection and classism from my family. I had finally reached a point where I needed closure, and stop chasing what doesn’t want me. Classism and rejection from loved ones might hurt   but you come out of it stronger.


With regards to classism at school; I was once told by my extra curricular drama teacher not to enter a cup section, from a festival I participated in. I aced my poetry performance and that was all I needed to enter the cup section. When I asked her why? She responded by saying that; the cup section is only for special people. She then allowed a girl who was of a higher stance than me to participate and she gave her my poem… It’s true “those who cant do teach” I would love to thank her… it made me just that much stronger.


I can not explain how many times, I have lost out on opportunities. Either because I was not thin enough, out going enough or some other paper thin excuses people give you when they have to  say no.

 I went to a screening this year and I had ironclad experience to back me up. I started with these guys this year and I had proven myself more than enough times. I know hard work takes time put it pays off and I am always up for a new experience never shy to roll up my sleeves and learn. When I waited   four hours for a campaign I really wanted to work on and got turned away because the client wanted girls with weaves and I didn’t fit the profile. I always want to know why, call it being impulsive…which I am at times but on that day I had a hunch I stuck around and it turns out everyone I worked with before on the same campaign  was picked except for me… I cried foul play and suspected classism was to blame.  It was partly… What the client wants is what the client gets .The guy who turned me away, who was screening later picked me out of the line later that week and I later found out he didn’t want to turn me away. I  later let him know that I respect him for doing his job properly … besides day dreaming about his boyish good looks and adorable  smile … I was very professional by the way.


What did I learn?

  • Classism is a form of discrimination against a person who is not of your class. Work hard and keep your head up. It wont be long till you get there.


  • It never baffles me why people don’t date people out of their circles … Why are there  even circles to begin  with… simple your not in their class. Move on


  • Never believe that you have to compete to be better. I don’t believe in competition. You do your best with your God give talent you have and hustle.


  • Failure happens. Try see the lesson, be thankful, and move on . Someone failed me on a test cause she didn’t like me. I had my test re checked and re marked and I was only one mark shy of passing. I didn’t clinch the gig , neither did the smart chick who failed . Although I have to thank her again if she didn’t fail me I wouldn’t have tried again and made it on two campaigns simultaneously.


  • You can be what ever you want to be don’t let someone who looks down on you tell you any different. Thank them and smile cause they need a hug … It gets lonely for them. Try and be understanding.


Next up Faith 😉














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  1. Geveza permalink

    Good read and a thorough view on classism. People tend to over look it and some end their lives because of it, while others continue trying to fit in and end up being second best to their true beings.. Big up

    • Thank you angel and thank you for reading. I agree with you hey ,authenticity and simplicity does go a long way , at the end of the day we are all the same regardless what class . 😉

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