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Diary of an Unemployed (somewhat employed) educated 26 year old

July 19, 2014

Diary of an Unemployed (somewhat employed), educated 26 year old continuum   
Love … what the jelly beans?
 On  more than one account ,I have asked myself the question , how can four letters and one word, confuse, screw up , cause people to go completely bonkers if not turn them into lunatics, or better yet . How can something intangible bring out the best and the worst out of people and at some point drive them to suicide? 
I’m no expert on love, but it tends to be the only one true thing; that tends to turn people into honest creatures, if not expose their true nature in the most explicit way.
I can’t say that I have never fallen or felt some sort of affection towards someone, or cared deeply in such a way that forsaking all else, I believe in the person and I will be loyal …however long you need back up ,support ,or a friend. I guess anyone who has ever worked with me, or hung out long enough with me, will tell you that naturally I’m a caring soul. Though I tend to be moody at times or seem oblivious intense at times or troubled. I am actually a thoughtful, understanding, loyal and loving friend or colleague.
 These days love is all about money, looks, stance and status. I can concur with the statement I just wrote. For the past year , I have had no guys ask me out, and when they do they would ask me ;if I work and how much do I make. As a result, I throw caution to the wind, if any guy asks me out, or if we are just getting to know each other. A wise man once told me that a man’s most open actions have a secret side to them.
-What have I leaned?
Never give your heart away unless you are sure and I mean absolutely sure that , the one who has your heart knows how to take care of it as well as you do
It is okay to nurture your fear of falling again after you have been hurt. Just don’t brood over what might have been or what if… life goes on and you will love again
When you fall in love with someone, fall in love because you love the person for whom and not what they are.
Be rooted in love and if love isn’t your religion. what do you believe in
Have your significant others back no matter what. We all go through rough patches but, the sun always follows the rain. The one thing I always do is reward loyalty for loyalty.  
Stop looking for prince charming or you will miss out on king everything and more.  
It is okay to fly solo for a while… Discover yourself, fall in love with yourself and figure out what works for you. You love who you love.
Above all be rooted in love , we have all heard that the saying that “The greatest gift is to love and be loved in return”
Love also still has a lot to teach, give and take away.
As single, as I am… I do believe in love and I am rooted in love. Although I do a perfect job of hiding how I feel… I’ve lost guys who could have complemented me in more ways than one… But I am thankful because I follow my heart and gut … it has saved me a lot of magnum PI work.
If it doesn’t feel right and you’re being honest with yourself. Don’t do it.
Next up faith

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