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Diary of an Unemployed educated 25 year old…somewhat employed just turned 26

July 18, 2014

Diary of an Educated uneployed 25 year old ( THE END. WHERE I BEGIN.)

“Somewhat employed  just turned 26“

Allow me to close the chapter, on what has been a treacherous,educational ,humbling and experimental year.I hate to bable andsound like I not getting to the point.So lets wrap up this last post before I start another series.

Ø  According to the big book of life at my age, I am supposed yo have a house, job ,car, a great circle of friends , a family and some sort of direction or vocation. I have only managed to tick two out the list that I  wrote.

We  live in a world that expects so much out of us or better yet a world that dictates what we should have or be doing . Going against the current or breaking the mold would be easy ,if we didn’t bow down to what  the media says and live life according to what you believe in .(in other words being an individual instead of being sheepish) …easier said than done .

I could type all day or talk all day about what  life is supposed to be like or what stage you should be at given the age you are . I am still learning and I haven’t stopped but  what I ca tell you is that;sometimes when you feel like all is lost and you’re a hopeless wonder and have no direction … it is not the end . It may be  the beginning of great adventure …


So what has life taught me so far …?  

Ø  Life

I still need to own every second that this life can give . So far I have done that.

I am not perfect . I have said it before and I will say it again.”perfection isn’t  perfection unless there are flaws visible . “what life has taught me so fare is that ,nothing lasts forever, you take what you’ve been given and make the most of it.Whether you have some sort of education or none at all you can still make it.  You just need to stay focused on your goal and also separate the difference between a passion , hobby and work . My passions are food and writing. Fitness,music and photography are my hobbies.What I do for a living is sales … I still  need to find a way to incorporate all of those in one and make a killing … Life still has a lot to give ,take away and teach . what ever may come I will take within my stride. So fare I have learned to take every challenge head on and with faith overcome and conquer… 

  In the words of my favorite band one republic .”I’ve got my mind made up and I won’t let go. I’m killing every second till it saves my Soul. I will bedoing this if you have a doubt till the love runs out. “

 “I owned every second that this world could give, seen so many places and things that I did , and with every broken bone I swear I LIVED”…


 I still need to explore life but I’m most definitely going to give my opinion on my next post on ;love  loss,faith and hope

Ø  Love


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