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DIARY OF AN UNEMPLOYED “EDUCATED” 25 year OLD. (Somewhat employed )

May 19, 2014

DIARY OF AN UNEMPLOYED “EDUCATED” 25 year OLD. (Somewhat employed )

Nay sayers … I love them they fuel my fire and keep it going. If I had bowed down to every nay sayer that told me no; for reasons unknown or just out of spite , I wouldn’t be the person I am right now .

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told that something does not suit my personality or I’m not cut out for something .
I was told in high school by a teacher not to pursue sports, or anything sports related. They told me I’m more suited for a 9-5 job.”Yawn” No offense to anyone who works, I respect work and the value of hard work. Given the economic climate there are a lot of people who would be thankful just for one day of work .

When I was told to pursue public relations instead of journalism , I took journalism one of my subjects was business communication and the business side of journalism is public relations/brand management ,it was also one of the subjects in my curriculum . I killed two birds with one stone.
We were also taught in journalism school we have to specialize in something or have a focal point to your writing. I love food and yes I’m a foodie, besides that I love sports and fitness. After a year of journalism I decided to do Sports Admin. Sports like any humanities subject is like drama. As much as there is a glitzy side to it there is also a technical side .
When I told friends and family that I was doing Sports Admin , they looked at and asked if I had lost the plot , or better yet lost my mind . After being told I was making a big mistake , I retaliated by saying it was my mistake to make.
When I started the sports admin course , everything was okay, until I realized I was one of the few chicks who was doing the course … Talk about being a pair of sneakers in a world full of boots . Most of my class mates asked why the hell am I doing sports -I was apparently too “preppy” for sports.Then the odd question your a girl why study sports ?
I get annoyed when I have to justify myself, when I have already made a decision and have to explain why I’m doing what I’m doing. It was my choice to do what I did . Do I regret it ? Nope … I learned more from sports admin in terms of understanding people and how sports can be an adaptation of real life and more.
Would I pursue sports again if an opportunity presents itself ?… Hell yeah in a heart beat
So dear nay sayers continue saying no , because you are driven by fear . The fear of knowing that we are going to do what you failed to do and succeed at it . Not to mention passing with flying colors .
If I wasn’t hell bent on doing sports ? Why did I land interviews at the two top gyms in the country ? Although experience was against me I proved to myself that no matter what people say if it feels right , go for it what ever happens will happen . If its meant to be it will go right , if not, learn from that failure gain humbleness and move on.
What did I learn:

– never give up on something just because someone said so. If it feels right in your heart and gut do it.

– Stop justifying yourself to other people. Don’t feel bad for telling them to stop being invasive. They should mind their own business

– Just because you don’t fit the profile for something , it doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed in what they said you can’t do.

– Affirmations rule in a world full of people who say no .
Say this instead; I can do and be whatever I want to be because, I am that good and I will succeed come what may I am ready!.
Next post .
I’m not crazy … Just being a natural born hustler.
“Respect my hustle”

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