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Being Patient and Waiting on God ( My long overdue post) ;)

April 30, 2014

kgalimmuoe's Blog

Issue: Being patient and waiting for God

God does not play hide and seek  with us. Everytime the topic of being patient and waiting on God comes up most people think that God is playing hide and seek with us, but yet waiting on God and being patient  simply means that God is preparing you for the battle ahead . Be it crisis, life problems,or work issues. 
 God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers .
It’s not about what people are saying or whose moving ahead in life . It is about  what you do during the time you are waiting for your turn. when you are constantly asking when is it my turn , you are counting other peoples blessings instead of your own. Seek first the kingdom of God he won’t play hide and seek he takes pleasure in blessing you.Take Job and  Paul in…

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