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I am a screenplay writer …this was an originally a screenplay decided to attept to write it as a Novel … very nervy

April 2, 2014









 Claire Kgalalelo Mmuoe




































It was a lovely

winter summers day in the city of gold; the August cold fronts had started to

blow in and pass through but it was beginning to look and feel like spring

minus the icy cold weather .Besides everybody trying to keep warm, there was

work to do, the traffic was horrendous as always if it wasn’t an accident or a

stationary truck, it was traffic backed up for a kilometer cause of traffic

lights being off , getting to work or school was a mission for anyone whether

they made it in time or late ,by the end of the day the same scenario repeated

itself with less buzz around  stalls

opening and stores closing. Only this time it is a mission getting back home.


Iris hosts a show with

Jonathan called the sports show with a difference she is a well know writer,

presenter on screen and on the airwaves she knows her market and enjoys her Job

she has never woken up not loving what she does.


She has a pretty

normal life. Like any other woman she has her in securities but she hides them

very well. So well you would think she had no problems.


The day started

normally for iris as like any other day if 

there was a task to finish she completed it ,if there was a show to

shoot she rehearsed and shot it ,if there was a script to write she wrote it

and if there was a show to present she presented it. It was all in a day’s work

for this independent woman who had a man who complemented her and not complete her;

cause she was complete and content.




Iris was a perfect

example of a woman who has everything going for her; you could say she was

content with the way things were in her life. Though life wasn’t easy when she was

growing up, she kept positive and worked hard. She understood the value of hard

work and accepting that things may not work the way you hoped they would but

they work out in the end they way they are supposed to.


Falling in love for

Iris was simple; she didn’t think about it the feeling was either there or not.

She wasn’t one to just fall in and out of love, she was friendly and accepting

,but kept her heart guarded  for fear of

getting hurt  or rejected. All that

changed when she grew up …






Chapter 1


It was 4PM at the

radio station, Iris was about to start her sports show. Besides doing a million

and one things during the day; her favorite part of the day was doing what she

loved most, giving her audience what they want, having fun while doing it and

oh not to mention doing her job with perfect execution.




Iris switched on her

microphone and began her show.


 “A very good afternoon listeners my name is

Iris and you are listening to, the sports show with a difference. On the show

today we are discussing the La Liga ,bundes 

liga and the EPL games taking place  this weekend. As you can hear today I am

flying solo my  co-host  decided to get the flu bug that is going

around; get well Jonathan love you lots buddy.  Let’s get this show started.”




Iris got the show

started and finished. She got back home thinking that she was going to find the

house empty and all she was going to have was a toasted ham and cheese sandwich

and off to bed, but to her surprise she found her fiancé cooking…all she

could think of was sleeping, she had a long day at work and the last thing she

wanted to do was start a fire that she couldn’t put out.


Bryce was an

international model and actor, he had brown hair and dreamy hazel green eyes,

he had a Spartan built type of body, which drove women wild and made other men jealous

he had poster boy looks that could easily sell anything; that is why he was the

most in demand actor and model locally and internationally.


This pretty hot boy

however had eyes for one woman .Bryce loved Iris with his heart they both had

the perfect relationship privately and publically; they were the it couple and

the envy of every struggling couple. They were almost just too cute together

and they did complement each other in such a way that when you looked at them

you would almost get a warm fussy feeling that made you want to fall in love

all over again.


 Iris entered the house and she could smell

dinner, an infusion of lamb stew and red wine filled the air with freshly baked

bread just out of the oven, the house smelt like a restaurant, that serves only

homemade meals and when you taste the food you can tell just from the first

bite that the meal took time and was made with love.


  Bryce was quiet the cook, problem is he only

cooked when he wanted to make up for doing something wrong  or when he wanted to be all romantic and

charming and treat Iris to dinner on occasions like their anniversary or

valentine’s day ;but it was neither and that set off an uneasy feeling in Iris’s

heart and gut.  Iris closed the door hung

her bag and coat and took her phone with her.


“Bryce? Honey I know

your home” Iris called out




Bryce answered” in

the dining room! “




Iris ran to the

dining room with excitement and wonder


 ‘Bryce? “


She called out in

song, Bryce ran to give her a hug and a kiss, the moment was so sweet and innocent

and filled with nostalgia, kind of like the moment when you have your first

kiss and all the butterflies, nervousness and all that jazz is there. She

didn’t realize how much she missed him until that moment he held her close and

kissed her. Bryce ached to hold her it had been too long and he hated the last

time they said goodbye to each other.




“I missed you welcome

home; how was work? “


At that moment Iris

got off Bryce and she sensed something was not right .For her it felt like she

was coming home to someone totally different 

never mind that he had changed his hair color to black he was strangely

doggy  he made little to no eye

contact  and he was all over the place. This

was unlike Bryce, because he was direct and forthcoming.


See normally when you

have known someone for a long time like the back of your hand you know

everything there is to know about the person; what turns them on or off, how

they feel and the looks they give when they don’t like something or pretend.

What Iris felt was a gut feeling that told her something wasn’t right.




 “Work was okay Jerry loaded me with double the

workload since Jonathan was sick but I managed. Why didn’t you tell me you were

coming home early what’s going on?’


 Iris inquired with an antsy tone; she sounded

very tired but she tried to look excited and since Bryce was so pre occupied

with his thoughts, he didn’t even notice that something had changed with Iris.


‘If I told you it was

not going to be a surprise now was it”


 Bryce’s’ heart was pounding as fast as a

runaway train for fear of Iris finding out what he did when they took a break

from each other, to sort themselves out .They both had gotten into the mother

of all arguments before Bryce went to shoot a movie for five months. The

argument was about an important ingredient to every relationship formed; Bryce

had done something that had made Iris question his loyalty towards her and

whether or not they were wasting each other’s time and should move on.




“No sneaky, very



 Iris realized that Bryce was not being

charming he was coming across as apologetic and that in turn sent off alarm

bells, she could feel it something did not add up. Bryce was home early and she

knew that he loved to put in a lot of effort when his working on a campaign or

playing a character if not change or redo a scene he is too much of a

perfectionist and subtly domineering.




Bryce retaliated by



“That is not the word

I was going for babe”


He tried so hard to

sound calm but he was burning inside and although it was cold outside the house

was definitely heating up 




“Unexpected? I don’t

know what else to say”


She shrugged her

shoulders not knowing what to say obviously a bit confused.




‘No spontaneous

dinner is served’


He took out the food

and everything was on point, presentation, table setting, and aroma. Iris

wasn’t really hungry she was actually tired from the hectic day she had at work

all she wanted to do was sleep, besides being emotionally tired. The drive back

home to Bedford took the last bit of energy she had.




Iris commented on the

meal she had to find a way to get him to open; even if she said something



 “Wow you have really out done yourself that

was really spontaneous of you” she

put emphasis on spontaneous just to

make a statement.


she took a seat  as calm as ever  cause she knew she was  about to open a can of worms and this time a

great meal would not solve a  thing. Bryce

sat down across the table from her and looked at her


“Dinner is served enjoy,

I should do this more often”




“Thanks for dinner

but before we eat, honey can you tell me what is going on? I kind of don’t know

why you went out of your way to cook a gourmet meal, when you never do. You

didn’t need to go out of your way   to cook…”




“What’s going on with

what; and why are you acting suspicious? Like I have done something wrong are

you going to bring our last argument and rub it in my face! “


Bryce snapped out the

blue and lost his cool he always acted angrily to try and cover up what he was

feeling or really thinking it was second nature to him but he never did that

with Iris he was always gentle and open.


To him it felt like

he was losing grip   slipping and he was

blaming it on someone who did not deserve it, his one true love.


“I told you nothing

why the hell are you pushing yes I’m back earlier than expected and well I am

here so do you have a problem with that?”


As shocked as Iris

was from his reaction she knew that she was on to something and being the

journalist she is she was not going to let it go. She knew that if she let it

go she would not sleep it would bug her all night.


“No sorry I asked; why

are you being so mean to me?”   


“I’m sorry here you

are trying to create conversation and I’m being a jerk. “


Bryce licked his lips

and dropped his knife due to sweaty palms and he was still on edge .Immediately

Iris knew that when someone licks their lips when they are being questioned

they are about to lie or try cover their tracks and Bryce was doing a poor job

at concealing what he had done.




“your behaving

strangely you never cook, I mean if anything I’m thinking you’re about to tell

me something serious and I get the feeling that I’m not going to like what  I’m 

about to hear”


Her  phone rang which annoyed Bryce so much so

that it was tradition in the house that she switch her phone off when she walks

through the door ,if not Bryce would do it .




“Please don’t pick

up…how many times do I have to remind you about that phone, if it’s not

Jonathan, it’s probably Jerry and you’re asking me what’s wrong…


Bryce was a

courageous man but however, what he was about to say even put him out of depth

and if there is one thing he hated it was being put out of depth.




“Never mind my phone.

What is it then? If you do not tell me I’ll find out soon and then I will be

angry and we don’t want that now do we? 

I can go on all night and trust me I will find out ,it is just a matter

of calling a contact of mine overseas or better yet call someone who worked

with you and get them to give me the information I need.”


She said it in a

serious tone so serious that it flicked a switch in Bryce’s conscious and he

had to tell her the truth there was no other way. She knew him all too well

lying to her would be like telling a friend that you are fine when you’re not, she

could see through him. He hated what he was about to divulge.




“I slept with Gina,

are you happy now, I dishonored our engagement by doing the one thing I said

I’d never do again…”


 Bryce’s heart rate returned to normal and he

was overcome with some sort of relief miraculously he was not on edge anymore

and it felt like a weight being lifted off his perfectly ripped chest which was

covered in a white, v neck shirt paired up with dark blue jeans .He looked so

remorseful and couldn’t believe what he had just said.




As hurt as Iris was

she had to ask the difficult question, she didn’t know what to say she just

stood  there numb and  in a split second it felt like hear whole

world was about to fall apart  including

her heart . She came to a realization that; the man she once knew as the love

of her life had betrayed her in the worst possible way again she had been in

this kind of situation before, she never thought in her wildest dreams she’d be

in the same situation again all too soon with the same man.


What had led to the

first argument they had was what led to the second one. Could this spell the

end to their relationship, or was there more.




“How many times Logan?

Cause I know you so well “ She closed her eyes and took a deep breath .


She force the words

out she had seen the look in Bryce’s eyes, the look that said it all the look

that said I have just gone and messed up what we had  and It’s killing me that I hurt you the way I





“Five times” Bryce

paused for what seemed to be three seconds his eyes were about swell up but he

held back and told himself he should be man enough and be honest because Iris

deserves to know the truth he also had something eating at him which led to his





“What; wasn’t I

enough for you? What did I do? I just said we needed a breather and that we

should rediscover ourselves not jump into bed with the next person.” Her voice

went all husky as she also tried to fight back the tears that were burning at

the back of her eyes and she could feel a lump in her throat.




Bryce replied “I

didn’t want to cheat on you it just happened I was drunk she was drunk we just

had the mother of all fights on the phone and during the 5 months we were shooting

we comforted each other, hell she was going through a similar situation, her

significant other was being an impossible man she came to set crying, I cannot

watch someone suffer like that and hell she gave me a shoulder to cry on when

we were on the verge of ending it all.”


Bryce knew that it

was a weak explanation , he did not want to be explicit he couldn’t bear the

thought of  telling Iris what really

happened  at the same time he was having

flashbacks about the five nights of passion with Gina.


Iris gained her

composure and tried regaining her self control as well as emotional control.


 “I know I haven’t been the easiest person to

come home to but really Bryce how could you ,fine we didn’t talk and we were

not broken up we just hit a hiccup, that doesn’t mean that we are not engaged

or it’s over.”Iris paused and that only made the suspense of what she wanted to

say kill Bryce slowly. “How could you do this to us, who else did you shag

during our little hiatus “Iris replied sarcastically.


Bryce flipped and

discovered a side of himself he never knew, something switched on in him and he

retaliated with a vengeance, this however was for seeable.


“Yeah right you were

not the easiest person to come home to, you were always moody, if not

irritable, and I put up with that. I was there for you okay I get that you work

but ,you came home late ,left early, hell it was a miracle if I ever saw you I

was hurting .”Iris’s phone went off again and it was work; she hang up as she

is no mood to deal with her nosy boss who probably wanted her to fill in for

someone during the weekend she put the phone on the table.




“Why the hell didn’t

you call me yes fine I get that I’m sometimes moody, it’s just me deal with it,

you’re not Mr. Perfect. I was there for you, there during the 5 months we took

a break where you couldn’t even bother to pick up the phone and call or even

try and understand what I was going through. You just left with no warning”


Bryce came to a

realization that Iris was keeping something serious from him something that

could break them or give their relationship more character whatever the reason was

he was going  to push.




“You couldn’t tell me

what was going on and yet you had frequent doctor’s visits. I asked you

countless of times what was going on you just up and left ,what was I supposed

to do , I couldn’t take it anymore, and every time I called the hospital  I couldn’t get through to you why was that ? .


A lot of assumptions

went through his mind and he started thinking a lot of things he got more fired

up and infuriated. His face registered anger. His body was burning with furry,

he wanted to throttle someone, kick or punch something that’s how angry he was

like a volcano on the verge of eruption.




“I did not want to

put you through what I was going through please try and understand. It happened

too fast, if I had told you then you were going to drop the movie role and stay,

I couldn’t do that to you “


Fear crept over Iris

like an unexpected ice cold breeze on a summers day, besides being confused she

was afraid, afraid that she might have pushed  

Bryce too hard, afraid that she didn’t know the man she was looking at

,but even more afraid that she might have sparked something  in Bryce that might just set him off on a tirade

or worse make him go rouge.




The Phone rang again;

Bryce grabbed it and threw it against the wall with extreme force and fury he

let out a roar out of frustration. The phone didn’t break but it switched off,

he couldn’t remember the last time he was so furious and hurt at the same time.


“You’re scarring me”


Iris said with tears

in her eyes and a quivering voice because she knew what she had done


“I don’t know what

the hell to think! wait, wait were you pregnant and had an abortion for the

sake of your career” He was about to cry too at the fact that he was angry and

shocked that he just lost it.


“What was it then

Iris what cause if that’s the case you’re not the woman I fell in love with “


In disbelief Iris answered

Bryce she rolled her eyes and threw her hands in the air


“No I would never do

that to you”


 She stood up and looked outside the window; it

was a beautiful view of the sunset kissing the city goodnight.  There was a haunted house silence in the room

so silent that you could hear a pin drop and it would be so loud.


“How could you even

think that?” She took a deep breath and looked at Bryce with sad eyes and he

looked back with hurt and anger.




“Iris tell me it

kills me that I hurt you and the way I did it was unfair to you ;we used to

speak without words communicate so well .I want to fix us. “



had calmed down and he started being doubtful, what was so huge that Iris

decided to keep this secret from him if it wasn’t a child then what was it?

What could it be? Who could it be? Who was the woman standing in front of him?

He even started questioning his own questions.




“What’s the use you

slept with Gina. Not once but five times, five times”


 She repeated lifting up her hand signing the

number five. Iris Picked up her phone and got her car keys; she felt like

leaving running even well disappearing for a while until the fight she was

having with Bryce fizzled out like bubbles in a glass of coke light, but she

had to bite the bullet, grab the bull by the horns tackle the problem at hand

head on, she started the fire after all




Bryce dismissed her

comment and tried to dig and push harder he wasn’t going to go down quietly or

without a fight, if their engagement meant anything to both of them they would

be able to work out the problem that they were facing; but that was wishful

thinking Bryce knew he messed up but he had to know, he wanted to know, he

deserved to know the truth. 


“We will deal with that;

what were you doing for 3months at the hospital Iris; no contact no nothing

what was I supposed to think”


Bryce wiped a tear

off his eye and he looked remorseful he was filled with confusion and hurt “don’t

you think I deserve to know?” his voice cracked at the last word.


“Remember the first

week when I told you I wasn’t okay and I went to the hospital”


Iris gained back her

composure and decided she was going to jump in head first she had too there was

no other way, he deserved to know the truth even though he hurt her.




“The week we hit the

rocks and you were way too evasive and I got the call from work and decided to

go without telling you “Bryce responded quickly he really wanted to know what

really happened, so he could make sense of how they got to that point they were

at now.




“yeah the week you

found me difficult ”she walked to the kitchen got a glass out of the cabinet

drank some water and she took a deep breath. Bryce got even more impatient.




“Just tell me already!

Or what do you want me to walk out again; I will walk out on us this engagement

if you don’t come clean with me” Iris took another big gulp of her water and

relived, what she wouldn’t wish even on her worst enemy.










I was attacked on my way to work. I was stabbed someone

wanted to send me a message and I got it loud and clear.” She took a deep

breath although it hurt to breathe she knew how to handle the pain.


“ I was afraid! I

didn’t want to put you through a lot. Jonathan was there for me, he helped me

cover everything up only because I asked him to I take full responsibility, I

didn’t mean to hurt anyone least of all you okay.”




“You’re lying! I

don’t believe you Iris, that’s your, story? ”


 Beyond disbelief he gave Iris a look that she

hadn’t seen in a while; she had seen it when they were dating back then and

that was when he was in a dispute on the pitch when he played full back for the

university rugby team. He managed to land himself a suspension but it was overturned.

If he could only overturn the mess he was in he’d be a pro at overturning bad

into good…


“you honestly think I

can believe you after what  you and your

so called best friend  did … he was there

for you and I was denied the chance to, yes I would have dropped everything

hell if I did that, I wouldn’t have warmed up to Gina ,we wouldn’t be in this

situation at all “




Iris walked to the

stair case even more hurt and angry and upset at Bryce’s reaction to her it

felt like he just committed relationship suicide.


‘yeah I thought it

was best you did what you loved and  it

was a terrible accident in case you  were

wondering and I didn’t want to get you back here for something that wasn’t that

serious. Since you don’t want to believe me fine, you just pulled the last

straw and oh gee guess what its short… you know I let this slide once but I am

fed up with  you and your bull I’m not

doing this again.”




‘I don’t trust you at

the moment and what if you staged this whole attack thing just to spend time

with Jonathan, cause it clearly seems like we are all in a three way

relationship, he is married to Sasha his wife ,yet he is constantly at you beck

and call how selfish, no wonder she left town for a while thank goodness she is

coming back this week, and maybe  just

maybe set proper boundaries between you and Jon will be set.”




“ you are a fine one

to talk after what you just did with Gina she is engaged she has a fiancé probably

pregnant with their child but you don’t care don’t you , have you any Idea how

much damage you have caused ,besides ripping my heart into shreds .”




Iris bit her bottom

lip to hold back a curse she felt like slapping Bryce across the face, but all

she could do was lift her hands up in the air in surrender ,only this time

Bryce had no control over her .




“oh go to hell” Bryce

retaliated trying not to touch her; he hated not being in control  .


At that point Bryce

had felt a surge of heat moving through his body causing his blood to boil, he

was usually a man who loved to be  in

control , a man who had  self

control  at some point and a man who was

loyal and faithful. He only messed up that one time and promised himself

that  wouldn’t  slip up but yet again it seemed like history

was repeating itself ,and once again he 

couldn’t deal.


Iris got more hurt and

upset she decided that she had enough of the relationship and Bryce. When Bryce

told her to go to hell she fought back in her defense.


“oh I’ve been there

for the past two months and you know what the devil sends his regards”.


Tears started

streaming down Iris’s face she looked so hurt. ‘I can’t believe you just said

that, I cannot believe this is happening.”




Bryce felt so bad for

what he just said he couldn’t imagine doing to anyone what he just did.”Iris I

did not mean that, I really didn’t “.


Bryce cursed himself

for what he had just said he had hoped Iris would get that he didn’t mean it

but she didn’t …




“oh just like you

never meant to sleep with Gina and my boss and then tell me that I lied about

going through  a stabbing  incident that nearly cost me my life”


 As hurt as she was she had racked up the

courage to do what she never thought she would do. It was to convince the man

she loved   with her whole heart that she

wasn’t fibbing. She lifted her shirt up and Bryce saw the scars. what he saw

broke him it reduced him  to tears how

could he not believe the woman he has loved so deeply for so long  was he just looking for an excuse to blame

her for his indiscretions .


“Believe me now hah?

Who are you because the man I’m looking at now is a total stranger “




Bryce sat down on the

chair for him it had felt like he had just twisted the knife he stabbed Iris

with in the heart and killed their relationship even worse their engagement.


“oh my goodness”  at that moment Bryce ran out of breath and

wished he could turn back the clock and take back what he had said and done .


“Iris please don’t go

stay, we can work this out I know we can get through this okay; I just irrupted

blew a fuse but I love you”


Bryce tried to walk

to Iris and hold her; but she was too quick for him.


Iris ran upstairs and

started packing her overnight bag, while all this was happening Bryce was

banging on the main bedroom door that she had locked. When he had finally

managed to pry the door open without breaking it down, he went in thinking he’ll

find Iris sitting on the bed crying but she wasn’t there, he then headed

straight for the bathroom he still couldn’t find her, and then it dawned on him

that she must be in the closet. Bryce tried to open the doors but they were

locked too.


“Iris please open

these doors “He said so in a stern voice for a man of his stature he sure knew

how to get his point across. Without trying too much, Iris heard his vibrato

voice vibrate through the closet doors and it stopped her in her tracks.


 “I have nothing to say to you. I really have

every right to end our engagement” She had already packed her bag and she was headed

to the bathroom for her essentials, but not before she ran straight out of the

closet into Bryce’s chest and somewhat secure arms.


Bryce cradled her

head with his hand and held her close with the other one, he said nothing; all

Iris could hear were sniffles she dropped the blue and white striped duffle bag

on the floor and hugged Bryce back.


“I am so sorry “


His voice had gone

all raspy when he held her then he realized that something didn’t feel right,

he was holding the same woman but she was skinnier. When or how it happened was

the next thought that crossed his mind. Bryce sat Iris down and held her close just

to calm her down, he was an expert at getting Iris to see things differently or

calming her down when she was about to go over the edge he knew how to touch

her which made it harder for her to fight.




“Oh my word; you have

lost so much weight, honey what really happened on the night of the attack?” He

looked in her dark brown eyes and saw anger, fear and hurt.


When Bryce had

loosened his grip and her arms slid of his back she headed for the bathroom in

panic mode and started packing.


“I can’t do this… it

was a hit Sasha put on me I ignored her, I ended up with stab wounds, Jonathan

probably   figured 

out what she did so he came to my rescue and well he stayed with me

through it all, I know I should have told you what was going on . I didn’t want

to. It seemed like the best decision given the situation”




Bryce hit back with a

clever remark.


“You do sports not

investigative journalism, Sasha’s brother is a sportsman that’s the only person

I know…. “


Iris stood at the

door of the bathroom with her vanity case in hand.


“Well genius; what is

the one thing sportsmen fear besides losing and not performing at an optimal



Bryce sat on the edge

California king size bed.” Being charged with unruly behavior?” He shrugged his

shoulders up and down.


“No the one thing

that can cause the downfall of an epic sports career” she walked to her bag and

put the case beside it only to lock eyes with Bryce.




“I could have lost

you and all because you were trying to tell the world, the truth about Mark

Smith, he did it at school but I couldn’t have predicted he and Sasha would try

and shut you up. I’ve known but he was my friend and I was sworn to secrecy”




At that point Iris

sounded nasal and bit angry at Bryce he could hear it in her voice.


“You knew and you

didn’t tell me. He was your friend, hell he was everyone’s  friend, Sasha knew somehow ,I found out when

I went to give Jonathan his coffee beans and I saw blood …” she held her

mouth  to cover a scream


 “never mind what I saw all I remember from

that night when I got attacked was a blade stuck on the side of my chest ,I had

a couple of bruises on my arm and someone knocked me out cold, not before I saw

Jonathan running my way . You knew all along“


Bryce walked to her

…”show me your scars “


“Besides the one that

you inflicted on me which is invisible at the moment? Or do you need validation

for what I just told you since; you’re having trouble believing me or anything

I say” Bryce walked towards her direction and stood behind her.


“Iris I want to see

what they did?” he said softly


Iris reluctantly

lifted up her pony tail revealing a white bandage. ” I have shown you too much


When she turned

around they were facing each other again only this time there was no tension.

She stood on her toes in her black knee high boots and gave Bryce a kiss

goodbye; she was wearing blue skinny jeans, a blue and white stripped   long sleeved thermal top paired up with a

black leather jacket and a navy blue chunky scarf. She twisted off her

engagement ring and put it into Bryce’s palm and pushed back his fingers.


” I have to go Logan “she

picked up her vanity case and swung her duffle bag on her shoulder.


“Don’t do this not

now not when we have so much to say to each other “Bryce said with a worried

tone and a face that was full of tears that almost tore Iris apart.


 “Bye Logan, I will come get the rest of my

stuff later. Oh and the sooner you can accept that your buddy Mark is guilty ,

maybe just maybe we can find a way to fix this mess. I cannot believe you kept

such a secret away from me besides Gina… I am afraid I don’t know the man I’m

looking at. ”


She walked out the

door and ran downstairs out to her car in the drive way. She opened the boot

threw her bags in, closed the boot, went inside the car and put the key inside

the ignition and sat back looking at  the

house she once called a home .She took  a

deep breath  started the car and  drove away crying . The last time Bryce had

cheated on her she had mastered the art of both crying and driving at the same

time this time however was different in so many ways. The last time Bryce did

what he did, he begged her to take her back, he proved to her that he was a

changed man and he even went as far as getting professional help; which is hard

for a man like him because he always loved control, and could sort most things

out himself. None of what he did before to prove his loyalty could ever make

Iris take him back this time.


Morning came and Iris

woke up to a familiar view, and it was not that of Bryce sleeping beside her

peacefully in snooze land looking adorable. 

When she decided to move in with Bryce a year ago she  didn’t sell her penthouse , she wanted  a place where she  could go and recharge or take time off when

she couldn’t handle being  around people.

She took her phone out of her bag and put it in the charger and enjoyed her cup

of coffee all she wanted to do was forget about last night. Her phone was off

and that’s all she needed to do and enjoy her eagle eye view of the city and

some me time; watching chick flicks eating unhealthy food for that day only

cause she wasn’t going to gain weight over her failed engagement.



When Bryce woke up midday

everything felt strange; See normally he would be woken up by breakfast in bed

or a cup of coffee from Iris. He looked at the time cause he was still wearing

his watch; he was hoping that last night was just a dream but as he walked to

the bathroom and threw water on his face and realized he was not wearing his

boxers only with a T-shirt ,but  he was

wearing yesterdays clothes and like water bursting through the banks of an over

flooded river , everything that happened last night  replayed in his head.


 It was like watching a movie that was

predictable in slow motion .He got out of his clothes cleaned himself up ,

dressed up , went downstairs and made 

himself breakfast ,and  called

Iris but it went straight to voice mail and he left a message.


“Hey it’s me I know I

screwed up okay and I should have told you and I shouldn’t have done what I… I did

and, wait screw this pathetic attempt of an apology I should just find you and

tell you face to face. Please tell me where you are staying and are you safe

where you are? I’m still in love with you.” He hung up and wrapped up warmly

and went out looking for Iris …










Chapter 2


By the time evening

came Bryce had already looked everywhere called everyone except for the last 3

people he wanted to see and one of them would know where to find Iris. It came

as no surprise to him. He was sipping on some rooiboss tea and hanging his car keys

in the key cabinet besides the extra house keys he noticed a key missing. The

key he never thought would leave the cabinet in a very long time .He picked up

his phone and speed dialed a number he never thought he’d need to speed dial .He

had given up all hope and prayed that 

the person on the other end of the line would pick up or he would start

feeling helpless and useless.


The phone rang and

the person on the other end answered.


“Hello hi”


Bryce nearly dropped

his mug but said what he had to say for fear of the line on the other side

going dead


“Iris I am so sorry,

I believe you and all those horrible things I said I didn’t mean them”


When she realized it

was Bryce she immediately felt a feeling she had never felt before a feeling of

anger, obsession and irritation. She was angry because  she felt betrayed and loyalty means the world

to her  especially from someone cared

deeply about. She obsessed because she 

believe what had happened to her perfect relationship, where did she go

wrong and what could she have done to prevent the breakup and irritated because

Bryce was the last person he wanted to 

talk to.




“What do you want Logan


 “To fix the mess I made babe”








” I am not hanging up

until we agree on something, if all else fails I will look for you until I find

you, and try to find some common ground”


“What you want some

kind of resolution, some kind of reaction.”


Iris blew a fuse; she

had been crying with her eyes swollen, her nose blocked, and she still sounded

nasal her nose was all red


 “You are so unbelievable after what you just did;

do you think do you think?”


Iris was at a loss

for word that’s how infuriated she was about to scream and throw her phone

across the room.


“Stop okay, I

seriously…Iris I love you, I mean it




“Really I do I’m

falling to pieces “


Iris felt a feeling

she had hoped she wouldn’t feel in a very long time “and whose fault is that

Bryce … I just don’t love you anymore, I mean it” She had ran out of fight and

had totally given up on what was once an important part of her life.


Bryce raked his

perfectly blow dried hair “you’re going to do this really”


Iris heard a knock on

her door and she was a bit iffy about answering it but she walked downstairs in

her socks, she had black jeans on and a white hoodie to keep warm since she was

at the highest point of the building she had not switched the air conditioner

higher than 20 degrees and she wasn’t expecting anyone.


 “Yes really I cannot do this anymore I’m fed





 “So I guess this is over “


She reaches her door

and unlocks it


 “yes it’s over we as in us , we do not

exist  anymore we have no partnership  relationship… am I getting through to you or

should I break it down  to you in simple

terms “


She opened the door

and who she saw made her skin crawl with fear and the hairs on the back of her neck

stand. The person she saw was holding a gun directed towards her chest. She

took a deep breath and stepped back


“Hey Rudolf; hang up

right now, I mean it or I strike” She saw anger and aggression in this persons

light brown eyes.


Bryce heard the familiar

voice through the phone, if he can only remember who used to use that line when

they meant business.


“Bryce I will always

care, you never know what player you are until you start playing on the field.

I guess you just lost this game for good.” Her voice was unstable and that in

turn set off alarm bells in Bryce’s head


“ we have put in fare

too many years Iris just to let it go to waste like this, Iris  it Just happened okay , wait you don’t sound

like yourself whose with you? What’s going on?”


“Hang up or I will

give you another wound to worry about “The person walked in the penthouse,

locked and closed the door.  She hung up

and put the phone on the counter


Iris‘s face

registered fear and shock, the person who had invaded her space forcefully, was

the last person she had expected to have her at gun point about to shoot her …




Back in Bedford Bryce

had driven up hill to go see if Mark was home ,so he would have a serious word

with him and maybe give Sasha a piece of his mind . He drove up carefully as

the road was notorious for having traffic congestion now and then and the odd

car accidents. He however knew how to navigate the territory when he reached

the gate he rang the bell and Jonathan opened the gate to the complex and Bryce

pulled up in the drive way .He stepped out of the car and knocked on the door;

he had been feeling terrible all day and had an uneasy feeling call it a gut

feeling if you will but he had to find Iris.


Jonathan opened the

door he looked devilishly gorgeous, besides having skin as soft as a babies

bottom, he had had brown eyes , short hair and unlike Bryce who looked like

hell , he was clean shaven and he had a red and black cardigan on paired up

with black  sweat pants  he was walking around in socks he had a voice as

soothing as chamomile tea that could melt any girls heart and make any guy

jealous .




“For someone who is

supposed to be sick in bed you look jolly good and my fiancé has to cover for

you at work. Dude that is so not cool” Bryce remarked when he opened the door


“For someone who is

always supposed to look all so debonair you look mucked up, what the hell



“Like you don’t know

“He gave Jonathan a disappointed look which gave everything away and he knew he

was in for a long night of explaining himself


“I am sorry I was

meaning to tell you when , you got back , which was supposed to be next week

Monday but your back early ,you look like you had a  hectic day and there is sadness in those

hazel green eyes of yours , the last time I saw that was when Iris was mad at

you for what happened with you and J“


“oh my word look who

decided to pay us a visit ,if it isn’t the cheater himself, too bad the boys I

hired did a sloppy job ,but I’m pretty sure your wife to be got the message and

I hope she will be okay ,and rumor has it that you two are no longer an item. “


Sasha had walked in

the kitchen and wasted no time in airing her views. Bryce however had self

control, and turned his attention towards Sasha who had colored her hair blond

and had green contact lenses on.


“Sasha how on earth

do you walk in those heels, the Sporty look requires a wedge sneaker, and your

wearing that wow what a fashion mistake, we should call the fashion police or

maybe we can get the cops to arrest you.


I really feel what

you did to my better half sucked, it was evil and nasty ,I hate what you did to

her ,I could  have lost the woman I loved

”  Bryce 

pointed at Sasha in accusation; Jonathan decided to interject by

standing in front of Sasha to defend her  .


“Okay can the both of

you stop it?  They both nodded their

heads in agreement “Bryce what are you doing in my house, what do you want?”


Bryce took a deep

breath and started to tell Jonathan what happened and how he had the worst

feeling in the world that something was wrong.


“Jonathan our last

conversation on the phone scared me she said something along the lines of you

don’t know what kind of sportsman you are until you start playing on the field,

oh and something about losing a game  “


“Was that all she said?”


 Jonathan looked worried and started to feel

antsy Sasha had gone and looked for the car keys since she felt bad about what

she did out of desperation to protect his brother and wanted to help Bryce find

Iris. She then saw a look Jonathan had never pulled before not even when she

was in trouble. His eyes were full of worry and concern about what he just

heard and you could almost swear he was about to lose his mind.


“yes and I know how

on edge Martin can get so I wanted to see if he was here with the both of you

but it looks like he isn’t  “ Bryce said


Sasha came out

running in her heels from the other end of the house, she had come to the

realization that his twin Brother didn’t take his medication which could lead

him to behave dangerously.


“During the call did

you hear something completely strange, like words along the lines of, do this

or I will strike?” Sasha was looking for her phone and found it and she was

searching for something in her tracking application.


All three looked at

each other and   became aware that Iris

might be in danger … if they don’t find her soon before Mark does she may end

up getting hurt.


“I looked everywhere

for her she must have …oh my word “Bryce said with a panicky tone “ I should

have known ;here was I looking in all the wrong places when I knew all along

where she was”


“I just sent you

Martin’s last check in point who is he seeing “she showed Jonathan and Bryce

looked at his Phone too.


“I have to go, thanks

Sasha and I forgive you and Jonathan we aren’t done I’ll see you soon.” Bryce

ran out of the house and made his way to where Martin was he knew that if

Martin had an episode and he had a target …The target would get hurt or

worse, they wouldn’t survive.


Jonathan and Sasha

also joined in the chase and since it was a 30 minuet long drive and they were

stuck in traffic which made it longer. Avery impatient Sasha who had the radio

on a tad bit too loud started singing to calm herself down while driving.


She was tapping on

the steering wheel and had forgotten to take off her platform heels


“What am I going to

do when the best part of me was always you and what am I going say when I’m all

chocked up and you’re okay? “


Jonathan had picked

up a vibe when they left the house and he was almost too nervous to ask Sasha

what was wrong, was it something he did or didn’t say; but being the gentle soul

he was he put down the volume and did what he always did, try and resolve the

situation as peacefully as he can.




“Honey I’m sure The

Script can hear your amazing vocal ability all the way in Ireland or wherever

in the world they may be “ He then proceeded by switching off the radio. “

Sweet Sasha please tell me what’s wrong honey?”


Sasha looked at Jonathan

then looked at the road; she remembered a short cut rout she saw on her phone

and decided to take it on the next off ramp.


“I am taking a  short cut 

the road is a bit dangerous at night but I’m an experienced driver .  She paused for a moment and the silence in the

car was almost loud.” Jon do you have feelings for Iris?”


The question caught

Jonathan totally off guard he was only worried about his friend who he cared

about; or did he care too much and was Sasha seeing something he didn’t notice.

Sasha increased her speed


“No at some point I

did that was back then; I married you didn’t I ,I chose you  and it wasn’t cause  I was mad at Iris when I found out about the

kiss; it was because I loved you and I still do”


“Then tell me; what’s

that look in your eyes that I saw when Bryce told you what happened “


She accidently drops

her lip balm container  and it gets stuck

underneath the accelerator  her foot gets

trapped since she decided to put on heels and drive in them.


`“Sasha slow down we

are on a hill for crying out loud I love you!” She looked at him accusingly.



always loved Iris you have this wall that you put up but you don’t see it ,and

somehow she is able to break it, which is something I can’t do clearly! I’ve

been lying to myself for the past three years” She let go of the steering wheel

losing focus and control.



watch out !“ In a split second she tried to swerve to avoid the dog ,the car

flipped  and everything from that moment

on went black for both Sasha and Jonathan.



Bryce reached the

destination where Jonathan was he was antsy; he had the same application on his

phone that made it easier for him to pin point where he could find Jonathan.

Since he had gone to Iris’s penthouse before, the security guards allowed him

to go through.


 Everything was quiet until he and everyone

heard two earth shattering earth sounds. The first one came from just down the road

and it had sounded like something had just crashed, and the second sound was

the one that put him on edge, it had come from the penthouse, before he had

reached the elevator; he was told to stay down at the lobby for safety reasons,

but when he heard the security guys say Barker he refused to stay and went with

the guards regardless.   Immediately there were sirens coming from both

ends of the street. When Bryce reached the top with security he pushed them all

out of his way and used his spare key to open Iris’s apartment, nothing, not

even his fear of water could have prepared him for what he saw…



five minutes the paramedics and cops walked through the door, the police

station and hospital were just ten minutes away so it didn’t take that long for

them to reply. Bryce was kneeling beside Iris trying to get her to wake up but

she wasn’t moving, the paramedics took her away and he followed them to the

hospital .The  person who had attacked

Iris was cuffed and thrown into jail .


  Bryce had made it to the hospital  and was sent to the waiting room , he had

found a chair at the corner of the room that had a window overlooking a garden,

he then sat  down and took stock of what

he had just seen and how afraid ,alone and worried he was feeling .


Bryce seldom cried;

the last time he cried was when he lost his father in an accident he blamed

himself for, and to this day still felt guilty. The accident happened two days

before his eighteenth birthday; there was an important rugby match that was

coming up at school that week all the talent scouts where going to be present

and they were picking players to sign into their teams. It turned out that on

the same day Bryce had a casting to go to and when his father found out all

hell broke loose. The Rugby guaranteed him a bursary but the casting didn’t. He

kept telling himself if he didn’t walk out, how different things would have been,

his father would have been alive … he didn’t mean to drive so fast. The police

classified the accident as a “freak boat “crash he made it and his father

didn’t; all he could remember was being submerged in water and being trapped

unable to breath and from that day on he never sailed ,or swam or went  near a pool or 

ocean. The whole incident and what had just happened played in his head.

It was a nightmare.




He was shaking,

sobbing and praying when he heard a familiar voice.


“Bryce what the hell

is going on? I go away to another country and come back bearing good news and I

come back home to this “ She looked at Bryce disappointingly which made him

feel worse , his hazel green eyes were all red and his face  stung .


 “Maria I’m so glad to see you. Thank God

you’re here.” He gave her a hug and she hugged him back she couldn’t get why

she was called to get to the hospital when her flight landed from Spain. What

was so serious who was hurt…?


Caleb walked in with

his scrubs looking grim


“Bryce, Maria? I have

news about your loved ones “


His face registered

shock making Bryce and Maria anxious…


“Maria welcome home I

am so sorry to burden you with heavy news .Your brother sustained minor

injuries, he had a slight concussion, and he is resting right now and will make

a full recovery as for Sasha she is in a coma.”


Maria looked relieved

but scared cause she knew that Caleb liked to deliver the good news first and

the bad news last. Bryce couldn’t bring himself to look at Caleb.


“How is Iris, what

don’t you want to tell me?” Bryce asked in a husky voice at that point he was

inconsolable he was on the verge of losing it …he grabbed Caleb  by his scrubs and shook him, he wanted to

know how Iris was doing and the only person 

with the answers wasn’t giving him any.


“Bryce stop your

hurting him, he did nothing to you” A couple of people in the waiting room saw what

was happening and ran to Caleb’s rescue


“No I want to know

how Iris is, I have to know!” He raised his hand and curled it into a fist when

he felt a prick on his neck and was knocked out cold.






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