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March 9, 2014



How do you begin again when you’ve come close to losing everything or better yet lost everything? How do you find yourself after you’ve lost all sense of self ? How do you begin to clean up the mess you made and find a way forward ? How do your endings start with new beginnings .
Fact is that you’ve messed up and I love mess ups; it not only shows that you have flaws and your human, but it also gives you a chance to start on a clean slate.

How did I straighten up and fly right ? …
When I left the college I was in for my own sanity and safety;I had lost all hope of becoming a journalist or a writer it felt like a switch had gone off in my brain and somehow my voice went mute . I managed to pass first year but since I had no job, and tried all I can to find a job to come up with half the money I needed for school, I came up short. The contract I had signed had a clause that stated if I have started a course and hit a financial problem ,I was allowed to finish the course and not get my diploma until I have paid them in full. The college still refused to take me back even when I had enough to register and learn.
So then again. I found myself on the unemployment line with a year of journalism and oh in pathetic state of despondency.
It is okay to feel self pity for yourself but not to the point where your pity starts annoying everyone around you, and you become a walking heart ache and a destructive human being. I don’t stay down for too long. I fight back no matter what the situation is, that’s just who I am . In that year that I took off, I straitened up and flew right , used the skills I learned and education I had to start writing for a community newspaper amongst other things and started only making decisions that would benefit me in the long run . I’m unpredictable by nature; and when I decided to study sports Administration, I was told to my face I was crazy only boys study sports… I’m a girl I should be doing PR.
I chose sports administration in the end and it was the best decision I ever made for me , not everyone else.


– It is okay to mess up ; as long you take responsibility for what you did and rebuild what you destroyed . Piece by piece ,brick by brick you will recover give yourself time.

– Don’t pay attention to what people say . People will talk and pass judgment ,its human nature . The only people you need to pay attention to and justify yourself to are God and yourself .

-When things don’t work out the way you hoped ;there is a devine reason as to why things didn’t work out let go and let God.

– Take each challenge as a chance to learn and grow ;you may pick up a skill or better yet discover a side of you that you never knew existed

-Have faith . You never know what kind of soldier you are until you go to war.
Next . Why. Studying Sports was the best decision I ever made ūüėČ

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