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February 26, 2014


Man I love college… NOT

Through every bad there is good, through good there’s bad and I said it before and I’ll say it again ; mistakes of the past have a habit of happening again if you don’t learn properly from the initial mistakes you made.They are like timeless trends that come back, only difference is that they are packaged differently.

The second college I went to was okay to an extent . I had a second chance to make a second first impression ,work hard and do what I do best. Again it didn’t take me long to make friends find a guy I like who liked me back ,join the debating team ,almost join a non exsistant netball team and keep a part time job at the CD/ DVD store I worked at .

Nothing lasts forever, every situation or “phase” is subject to change . During that year at college I got into unnecessary arguments and fights with a girl who always had something to say to me or about me . I’m a lady I don’t get into unnecessary arguments or fights. I was tough to deal with issues directly head on and diplomatically. Well given the situation my doppleganger came out to play and only close friends know that I fight back when threatened ,but when your out numbered and most of your friends are not around your bound to act out of integrity. The girl who harassed me ended up assaulting me and having no street fighting skills I ended up with a busted lip and bruised neck . When I was asked what happened I dismissed it as a netball accident … I never made it to the try outs nobody knew but they believed me.

Here’s how it works; you sign your name up for a couple of extra curricular activities, your name appears on the system and any time your not in class your either at one of the activities I signed up for three I ended up doing one. So as far as bunking class was concerned … The system said I wasn’t bunking class and the college “trusts” their system. (Old habits die hard ,I’ve bunked classes before and I knew how to cover up my tracks)
The months that followed helped me gain experience and growth meeting my doppleganger was scary but I learned to embrace it . I got retrenched, the guy I liked who liked me went out with my friend too before we met ,but it was my friend who convinced me that he was in love with her and wasn’t over her , I did some digging and found out they were still dating on and off, and when I confronted him he didn’t deny that he still loved her. I was direct and took a no nonsense approach when I approached him . I cut ties with both of them .
I got into arguments with lectures for a good reasons … I was always the student who had a question,who answered questions, who would annoy the lecture for fun oh and as far as the no eating during class rule was concerned … I ate , if you have classes from 8 -5 you need to snack healthily and keep your energy up .
In that year I learned to embrace my good and bad side and love my dopple ganger .I had mucked up so much that I took an inventory of my life . It took a near death experience to get me back down to earth.

What did I learn:
– never trust a guy who talks to you with his one hand in his pocket and the other hand rubbing the back of his neck

– If a guy likes you he will tell you directly he will not text . If he texts you about anything concerning your feelings for each other he is not serious.

– Never ask a guy out for a first date or you will end up paying for the date . He should be the one asking you out or you will end up footing the bill. You should know better than to ask a guy out .( I have never asked a guy out ever , guys are hunters by nature if he really wants to be with you he will move mountains just to be with you.)

– Don’t eat food from people you don’t know (I discovered a space bran muffin that year)
The cause: I was hungry and they were “raising funds”
Effect: later on when I went to weekday afternoon mass that day … I saw the statues talk to me… You don’t want to know what they said to me. To this day I sit far away from the statues in church.
-Be direct when confronting guys or you will not get the answers you seek regarding whatever

-Next… The end where I begin

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