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February 9, 2014



Fact… We live in a world that is media driven; what the media says we do and to some extent, no matter how much you try to avoid trends or swim against the current your bound to follow at trend . Where the difference counts is how you intemperate what’s trending to suit your personality.

Getting ill isn’t a fun experience, but I believe that any obstacle gives an opportunity to grow ,discover new things and know who your true friends are. I fell ill after months of working and not taking any breaks in between , I was like a machine at some point life was about work and church, before my contract ended at another store I applied for a job at . I worked at a CD store too during my gap year.
I remember the month and the year clearly , it was in 2008 and it was mid August was taking a well deserved break and decided to treat myself and go shopping… I was feeling a bit feverish but I brushed it off as stressing too much, I felt an itch on my neck
I thought a mosquito bit mental I was about to grab my bag and say goodbye to my mother and go out, she told me I wasn’t going anywhere I didn’t look well and I was not wearing enough layers for the cold weather outside.Reluctently I cancelled all my plans and stayed home . Turned out I had a serious case of chicken pox oh and my face was caught in the crossfire .
The weeks that followed were the hardest was looked at weirderly by my peers and so called friends ,treated like a social misfit and the hardest part of not looking the way you used to cause of the pox… Was people not looking at you face to face when you talked to them , being pretentious and as soon as I would turn around or leave everything would go back to normal and they wouldn’t pretend and act like I wasn’t even there.
I understand rejection and I get why people indifference other people ,but when what you read or wrote happens to you and you live through it… Not only are you reading the signs of the times well, but your skin grows thicker. After the whole au deal; I was able to cut off fake friends and stick with my real friends and in the process gained a new skill of seeing right through people.

My personality reflects who I am who I was mattered at the end of the day, and even if I had flaws ,I cover them up , but some flaws are more visible than others, you might have a physical,mental or spiritual flaw. what the experience taught me was that ; perfection isn’t perfection if traces of imperfection are not visible.

»What did I learn
– once the one thing your afraid of happens to you. Your not afraid of it happening again.
– Be unapologetically yourself , who you are defines you -not what you are
-Trends come and go but ,it’s how you define them that makes the difference

– see the fruit for the tree – you might think that everyone is friendly but make sure your always alert cause there are angels with devil horns among groups/ cliques.

– words I always live by… Well given the situation; be authentic, work hard , don’t assume or expect.

-Know your who your real friends are . I’ve seen a friend say something mean about me under her breath when she thought I wasn’t looking … People eyes and Body language never lie . If you have something to say to someone be direct say it . You might hurt their feelings but your also helping them grow by exposing ,what they might never have noticed is a FLAW.
Next…. Man I love College

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  1. vusiwe permalink

    oh wow. Beautifuly written

  2. Slindele Zwane permalink

    Wow. This is beautiful! Very inspiring story dear, I’m glad you made it through and conquered! I know all too well about experiences or au deals and situations that expose the type of people you once referred to as “friends” …… May God bless you with true and genuine beautiful friendships…. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Slindele from your lips to God’s ears. Stay blessed and thanks for reading my post .:)

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