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February 4, 2014


The first job … Well make it third job I landed.
The first person to ever teach me about; the value of money, being a hard worker,being three steps ahead of your competition and taking responsibility for anything you do right or wrong… Was my grandfather.

After I left college; I still knew what I wanted to do and be, but since the college I attended gave me the business knowledge and tools I needed to find a job, I tried everything they taught me and it worked. I decided to kick-start my “gap” year and need I say it was the best decision I ever took.

Landing the dream job at a high end fashion store might sound glamorous; but trust me when I say things aren’t what they seem .
When I walked into the store I asked one of the ladies at a make up counter,who do I talk to if I need a job? She sent me straight to accounts , when I got the accounts section I was met by a very kind lady .I asked her if they had any vacancies and she said yes and she took my cv, later on in the afternoon I received a call saying I should come in for an interview the day after tomorrow everything was confirmed I just needed to pitch there on time .
The day before the interview I researched the company I was going to possibly work for and imagined myself working at the store and being the best employee . I then went over my notes on how to handle yourself during an interview and prayed to God to help me get through whatever was before me, and what ever may pass and that I trust and believe he has my best interests at heart.

The next day I went to the interview ,it was successful and they told me they were considering me and that I have to go through a lie detector test and pass it ,in order to get hired top of the fantastic news I was then told that the lie detector test was the next day, and I should be at the store at 9am. To write a test and stand in line to go through . The night before the lie detector test I remembered something I read about in a book called (*Heal your self* simple steps to heal your emotion mind and soul) There was a section in the book called;Kinesiology testing, I had done it before only catch is that you have to drink a lot of water but it helped me calm down so did praying. I can’t tell you the key to passing a lie detector test ;but the body never lies.
So I clinched the job got the position that many wanted,I was the only one that “survived” by the grace of God.
Now when you get the position others wanted you get asked interesting questions like;how did you get the job and how did you hear about the position…I got so annoyed that I ruffled some feathers,you can only take so much and I got tired of justifying myself.
I have never done anything accounts related , I learned what I needed to learn and applied the skills my handler taught me.
I fell ill that year .I had a serious case of chicken pox. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to face…

» What did I learn:
– When your new at a workplace ,ask for what you need be direct and clear . ( when I first arrived at STF I asked for a locker and I got it. It turned out that some employees have been asking for lockers for months)

– Be honest about your finances . If you can’t afford the item, don’t buy it and then return it the next day . Stop lying to yourself . It’s okay to desire something it keeps the dream or goal alive just be realistic .
-Do not tell family or friends that you have a new job. Keep some things to yourself. You only have God and yourself to answer to at the end of the day. ————————————————————-

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