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January 31, 2014



The reason I keep a diary /journal; is to remind me never to make the same mistakes again and learn from other peoples mistakes,because past behavioural patterns have a sneaky way of reappearing in the future, PACKAGED differently, and they are like timeless trends that keep popping up when you least expected.

Before I burst from all these thoughts and opinions in my head. Let me start from the Beginning …
Well it all started after school well high school to be exact. After enduring 4years of discrimination, classism ,prejudice,bullying and being a pair of socks in a world full of stockings and not forgetting faking a serious illness to stay away from school.
I seriously wonder how on earth I made it through hell- (therapy and prayers) . Well I did and I’m glad and thankful I made it alive considering being labelled with BPD, which I don’t have but acknowledge it exists … I’m perfectly mentally healthy ,there’s nothing wrong with me… Or is there?

The first College I went to was totally fun; within a month I made friends with people from other classes and gained popularity status along the way . I’m a Gemini/ cancerian it doesn’t take me too long to make friends and know what’s up and whose who. As a result of not having any friends in high school except for one who was committed to a psychiatric hospital;I read a lot mostly about why people do bad things to other people . It was a no brainer when I chose journalism and being the “safe” experimentalist ,I am I lost and made new friends along the way. No regrets except for a heart that I broke, that I didn’t mean to break.

Needless to say I left the college cause it wasn’t recognised, every university or FET institution I went to didn’t know about the college I was attending.
After the first term I left. Not long after that, the college made it on to the evening news for not being registered and cheating people out of their money. Leaving the first college I went to was not a decision I took lightly as I was a bursary recipient, in the long run my parent understood why I had to leave; because at some point I knew I had to pay my dues, that meant studying for two years for an unrecognised diploma, and working another year paying them back . I ended up paying the college what I owe them and cutting all ties with them .
On the bright side; all the subjects I did came in handy especially, business communication ,public relations and journalism law . I applied for a position at a high end retail store and got hired a day after I applied.

What did I learn:
1)It is very important to be an individual in college ,you will come across as authentic, not fake and not be that chick/ dude.(I made a lot of friends cause I’m friendly and inclusive by nature. I didn’t hang with the “exclusive crowd ” although I talked to them from time to time)
2) Make as many friends as you can,so you can know what’s going on and who to talk to when you don’t understand how things work.
3) Don’t try to change yourself to fit into any cliques . You’ll either end up lonely or have to pretend. Find a group that loves you for you.
4)Ask questions if your lost.
5) Try see things from other peoples perspective ,you might be doing something to offend someone without noticing it .
The first job … Well make it third job I landed.

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