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#UCL Final

May 25, 2013


Bayern vs BVB

Who will it be “B”

This by far has been the most closely contested champions league season with shocking exits, own goals scored, questionable referee decisions ,racism claims ,no English clubs making it through the crucial stages of the competition and oh most importantly German football taking center stage and Spanish football playing second fiddle.I’m looking forward to a drama free no acting , solid good football final match

We have to admit though that this season In particular the Germans have being playing very attractive football.It only takes a spark to get the fire going ; Bayern Munich and BVB have taken German football to new heights .


Over view



(the cool geek boys of the Bundes Liga)

BVB ended the Bundes liga second they are obviously the underdogs in this final , but they shouldn’t be underestimated, the team is notorious for pulling tricks ;exhibit A they came back from behind during the game with Malaga to qualify for the semi finals exhibit B beating Real Madrid which is a huge achievement for any club. If Bayern lose even a bit of focus or concentration they will prey on them they will capitalize . The game would be interesting if one of the most talented attacking mid fielders in the Bundes Liga wasn’t out cause of an “injury”. Mario Gotze and Marco Reus were a dangerous duo and could have helped BVB possibly win ,but with Gotze being out and heading to Bayern in the next season, there might be hope, Robert Lawandoski ,Gundogan and Marco Reus.


Bayern Munich

(The popular boys of the Bundes Liga)

For Bayern Munich this has been a season of retribution and what an epic season it has been . As If it wasn’t painful enough losing to Chelsea in last seasons champions league final and BVB clinching the Bundes Liga number one spot. To add insult to injury they lost at home to Chelsea.

This season however Bayern were back with a vengeance and they were firing from all cylinders both domestically and in Champions league. As far as psychological mind games go they came out number one . First by securing the services of former Barca coach Pep Guadiola casting a dark cloud of uncertainty and doubt in the Barca camp , which made them predictable during their matches with Bayern . Therefore Bayern was able to capitalize on FC Barcelona’s predictability.

Secondly after beating Real Madrid with BVB “Mario Gotze “confirmed he was moving to the enemy camp from BVB to Bayern. As unexpected as the news is for any team losing one of their key players to the competition , this could spell trouble for BVB.

As far as getting their game strategy in order ,Bayern have covered their bases mentally and physically

Players to watch out for are ,Dante,Badstuber ,Boateng,Gustavo,Martinez,Bastian ,Toni kross,Roben ,Ribery,Muller,Gomez and Manzukic.

*clearly I’m a FCB supporter



Given this seasons peforances by both teams domestically, and in the #UCL competition . BVB should not be underestimated, however Bayern are more hungrier to win and they also have a score to settle with Chelsea if they win and go through the Super cup, and they look like a team on a mission .

So if I had to put my money on a team I’d put my money on the team I support Bayern cause we as the fans have waited long enough

Gehe Bayern München können Sie gewinnen. 🙂 😉



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