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February 6, 2013

AFCON 2013/ Bafana Bafana   – Do we still believe or not



 So after our pity parties and the I told you  so ‘s  or I saw it coming  and is this  the dream team ?….Bafana  Badfana have bid farewell  to AFCON and what a spectacle it was and still is at the moment  ,with that all said and done  here is why I believe that Bafana  Bafana has what it takes to be the best team in the world .


We have a  new coach who has just signed a new contract and yay!! oh happy day he  is the right man for the job.

The team he chose was very diverse and talented, at first when the tournament started I thought that the national team was just on the pitch for appearance not performance .To be honest it felt like watching a play on a presidium arch stage and the actors are there but they have no stage presence ,more  or less the case of  lights are on but nobody is home . Seriously, how many goals can you miss and fail when it comes to execution and commit so many fouls when you have home ground advantage. Usually it is the visiting team that is prone to making more mistakes than the home team, if the of them make mistakes then 8/10 the match may end up in a draw.

 We competed against Cape Verde in the first round robin fixture and I  felt that the team could have done better than get a draw   what seemed to be the problem is that they seemed to lose focus after getting their momentum  going. When the team played Morocco it was a case of playing catch up again we would have won the match if the team didn’t lose focus and stayed calm and concentrate until the match was over then go wild,  the same thing happened with Mali, the team had  the game they were  fired up and ready to take it but they just had to go lose focus again after they scored.

This is the recurring pattern I’m seeing on paper and psychologically the team are as good as Spain is. Talking sports sociology wise, I’m not the only one who is getting the vibe that for some players and not the whole team ,it is about personal glory and personal  pride and not  team glory or national pride. I stand by what I just said cause if you look at the post match interviews and a player says I am so proud of myself and all my supporters instead of  saying that the award is for the team and  even though I got picked and recognized for my hard work  but  this is a team effort. All in all it takes a solid unit and team to make a player and a good team player to be part of a team and if star players heads begin to swell up that’s when the hunger to win disappears and in soccer your only as good as your last game.


In the AFCON  tournament  the national teams performance only started  improving at  the second game  we began to see a squad functioning as a  team and one  unit ,which in turn makes us supporters  believe that the team can make it  and it’s not all about the “individuals “ in the squad but the team as a whole . A  team prays together  performs better  call it divine  providence  say what you want but it’s a proven fact . We think that   Bafana Bafana are on the right track we can only wish them the best and believe  as supporters, if we don’t believe in the team who will . It is the same as selling a product you don’t believe in if you’re constantly being negative about the team , so believe in the national team like you believe in the product your selling .so congratulations to the national team they  played like champions 


“You never know what kind  of soldier you are until you go to war with your troop  and you never know what kind of sportsman you are until you play the game individually or as a team.  You’re only as good as your team so be a team player.”

 I still believe. 🙂




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