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Body Language 101

January 6, 2013

Body language 101- part 1


Lip language – (Reading-lips)

What a guy is thinking without saying it


Ever heard the term the Body never lies and for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Well to prove what I just said true, which in all honesty it is; I came across an article that I read about how reading lips, can give away subtle hints about the person you are interested in or like and what they are up to and what their intentions are without them telling you a thing so here goes (in my own words from the information I read):


There are four types of lip styles; there is the lip biter, smirker, perma grinner, and the lip licker.


The lip biter

The lip bitter when it comes to guys who bite their lips; it is a dead giveaway sign that they are holding something back. You see this type of style with guys who are perfectionists, they hold back because they either feel an intense emotion of attraction or love, or they are afraid that they are going to tell you what they are feeling or thinking and it will come out all wrong .The lip biter type of guy is the type of guy who wants to express how they are feeling but in the best possible way, hence they are called “perfectionists “they want to say it right. In communication science and psychology we call these people Type A personality types.


The Smirker


Ever heard the term, wipe that smirk off your face, well this is my favorite smile, why? you may ask .The smirk is a classic smile either showing that I got you before you could get me or serves you right for doing me so wrong; kind of smile, in this case the smirk is described as the players trademark, when guys probably   give you the smirk they are telling you that they are playing you and boy are they going to have fun, if you’re wise you will run away ,run away as fast as you can . The smirker is heartbreaker waiting to break your heart and blow it into smithereens.





The perma  grin

This grin is known as the genuine smile and the people pleaser grin, how to tell the difference is easy , if he is grinning from  ear to ear ,shame the guy is as happy . If the guys smile goes towards his jaw, he is a people please normally these types of guys come across as fake and it is so easy to spot them they pretend.


The lip licker

The lip licker is exactly that … A lip licker and no its not because you have honey   or berry flavored lip balm and it tastes good no absolutely not. One needs to be very careful when talking to a lip licker; they can lie through their teeth and they are experts at fibbing. To any girl it might look sexy when a guy licks his lips after saying something, along the lines of “I would never hurt you”(and he licks his lips) he is going hurt you. This style is a also another classic move ever heard the term wiping the slate clean; a term  used when the truth is twisted or tainted and you want to start over. The same concept applies in this case but instead of wiping the slate clean you’re   wiping the guilt off your mouth.  Tisk tisk.


The body never lies   as I said with the third law of motion quote at the beginning same, thing applies with the boomerang effect. So  say what you mean and mean what you say if you’re  going to lie your body language will give you away .   J K.M



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